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MEET THE SUPERLEAGUE! The best superhero writers & artists draw live, talk about their work and present special film screenings. Featuring: Darwyn Cooke, Stuart Immonen, Jock & Dave McKean






Make mine manga with workshops, events, film screenings, a Japanese Café and with special guests from Tokyo and Kyoto

Comic artists, writers, animators and video game designers feed our imaginations, creating parallel worlds, giant robots, monsters & more...

Satire is alive & kicking; some may say we’ve never needed it more... Comics give it that extra punch through live draws, interviews & more...

Featuring: Akiko Hatsu, Studio Ghibli Screenings, Akira (subtitled)

Featuring: Antony Johnston, Kieron Gillen, Ian McQue & Benoit Peeters

Featuring: Steve Bell, Kate Beaton, Bill Morrison, Seth & Viz (again!)

WE’RE WELCOMING THE WORLD In our third year we’re proud to welcome more than 20 international guests from across the globe to our truly international festival. It’s fantastic to be developing partnerships with key creators and “players” in those countries which are leading the way in getting comics taken seriously as well as producing awe-inspiring work. We’re doing our best to up the ante here in the UK which includes commissioning new work by UK creators. This year they have included Jonathan Edwards, Louise Evans, Dan Berry, David Gaffney, Oliver East and

Joe Decie as well as original art by many more including Hunt Emerson. We’ve also commissioned our newest patron, Boulet, to create this year’s festival poster which pays homage to our Lakes Gang of mascots. Anyway we hope you enjoy the breadth of work, celebrate old favourites and discover new ones too and we thank you, the audience, for your enthusiasm and support without which, of course, there would be no festival..... Julie Tait, Festival Director and the entire festival team

JOE DECIE MURAL Earlier this year Joe Decie created a new comic, There’s No Bath In This Bathroom, for and about the Toronto Comics Arts Festival. Continuing this series, Joe will be creating a new work, live in situ here in Kendal, about his time at LICAF. Working on the streets of Kendal, Joe will produce a large scale mural about an eventful evening this time last year. Spray paint, house paint, charcoal, wheat pasted posters and prints will make up elements of his comic, exclusive to the festival. As yet untitled, come and watch the story unfold. Joe will be producing the murals at Yard 2, off Stricklandgate. He’ll start Friday afternoon and keep going until he’s finished! A LICAF commission

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The guide to The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.