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VISION STATEMENT AND ETHOS “Ours is a happy, caring school where everyone is valued, respected and supported to aim high, achieve well and lead healthy, fulfilling lives as confident citizens.” EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! OUR AIMS AND BELIEFS AT LAKESIDE We aim to provide a child centred approach to learning, taking into consideration the child’s context and environment. Thus we can offer relevant learning experiences which are meaningful and motivating. Our purpose is to promote children’s confidence and positive attitudes to learning so that they gain key skills, knowledge and attitudes to reach their full potential in the next phase of education and future lives. We have high expectations of our children at Lakeside, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and promoting the qualities of independence, empathy, collaboration and creative and critical thinking. The education we provide encourages an open minded and positive awareness of each other’s individuality, gender, culture and race. This leads to self-respect and the respect for others’ values and beliefs. OFSTED described the school as, “a highly cohesive community with pupils of different backgrounds learning and playing together on a daily basis.” (2010)

Vision statement  
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