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Our topics this term are: Bears and what times are special to me? In Communication, Language and Literacy we will be: • Listening and responding to others in small and large groups. • Using talk to express our ideas. • Using imagination through role play, small world and stories. • Stories and Non-Fiction texts

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development we will be • Getting to know each other. • Making new friends. • Setting rules and expectations. • Looking at different cultures and talking about differences and similarities in how special times are celebrated.

In Mathematics we will be: • Counting and using number names in play, songs and rhymes. • Looking at patterns and shapes within the environment. • Using 2D and 3D shapes in play. • Addition to 10.

In Physical Development we will be: • Developing fine motor skills through threading, small world and malleable materials. • Developing gross motor skills in the outdoors. • Working with Mr Cullen our sports coach to develop our PE skills.

In Understanding the World we will be: • Talking about types of bears and where they live. • Learning about our school and the people who help us. • Developing an interest in programmable toys and computers. • Harvest. • Autumn and seasonal changes. • Looking at different festivals and how they are celebrated. • Looking at what times are special to us and how they are celebrated.

In Expressive Arts and Design we will be: • Dancing. • Painting. • Collage. • Modelling. • Singing. • Role Play. • Baking.

This term we will be going on Local Area Walks.

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Parents booklet inside f1 f2