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Lakeside Primary School SDP – 2013-14 2013/2014 Improvement Priority 4 – Numeracy Pupil outcomes:- Pupil progress across the school is good – 75% + make at least 2 sublevels progress in Numeracy. Area of Activity Success Criteria Planning • Review LT/MT plans in line with revised • There are cross curricular links and NC – genres/focus/emphasis/ARE opportunities for children to apply and expectations develop maths skills • Monitor effectiveness of Hamilton • Role play, problem solving and enterprise Planning/review planning for new 2014 activities will provide children with curriculum opportunities to develop maths skills, particularly understanding of money • Review Calculation Policy in line with • Children will make accelerated progress new NC • Continue to develop cross curricular • Stimulating home work will contribute to maths good progress • Continue to develop problem • Revised planning will lead to improved solving/enterprise rates of progress • Embed and extend use of Numicon • Appropriate resources contribute to improved progress • Continue to develop home/school learning opportunities in maths including through website Assessment and Feedback • Review assessment systems to reflect new NC. • Identify areas for development through optional SATs analysis • Continue to develop marking & feedback • Develop opportunities for children to respond to feedback • Explore factors influencing Maths assessment/coverage/familiarity with test/type of test

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Interventions • • Continue Max’s Marvellous maths – KS1 • 1st Class@Number training - KS1. Train additional TA Introduce Lower KS2 1st Class@Number – Train further TA • Develop use of Springboard/Wave 3 resources – KS2 to provide time limited boost to children to compliment class teaching

Staff use a range of day to day assessment strategies which are identified in and inform future ST planning Differentiated teaching is informed by ongoing assessment. Accurate and consistent teacher assessment in maths is confirmed through moderation. Teachers are confident using APP to assess in maths & use to inform planning Marking and feedback ensure pupils are clear about next steps in maths Staff aware of and address key areas for development BA children will make accelerated progress through interventions

Numeracy overview 2013 14  
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