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Priority 3 Inclusion Action Plan 2013-2014

Pupil Outcomes: • • • • • • •


Children identified on SEN register or as vulnerable are enabled to access all areas of school life. 100% of children identified on SEN record at SA or as vulnerable make expected progress of 4 APS in KS1 and 3 APS in KS2 core subjects in line with national averages 75% of BA and SEN pupils at SA make good progress of 5 APS progress in core subjects in KS1 and 4 APS in KS2 80% of pupils at SA+/St make at least expected progress of 4 APS in KS1 and 3 APS in KS2. 75% of these make good progress. Targetted Achievement 4 All pupils in every cohort make accelerated progress of 4 APS Attendance meets school target 95.5%. PA rates are at or above the national FSM average There are no significant difference for between pupil groups.

Achievement 4 All Dyslexia Support Training Develop Interventions EAL Review interventions/Measure Impact Inclusion Charter Mark Empowered Learning Attendance Success Criteria:-

Key Objectives:• Pupils achieve target outcomes • Structured conversations with targeted families continued and extended to other families • Rationalise interventions and timetabling • Use Pupil Progress tracker to support monitoring progress of children accessing interventions/target groups • Continue to Develop individual pupil provision maps • Continue to embed “SMART” IEPs • Standardised tests used to measure impact of time limited interventions • To achieve Inclusion Charter Mark 2014 • Achieve school attendance target at least in line with the National Average • Develop use of EALIP and Clicker 5 • Introduce FS/KS1 Talk Boost • Train additional TA – FFT reading programme (lower KS2 pupils) • Train additional TA – KS1 1st Class@Number - Lower KS2 1st Class@Number • Review Phonics and lower KS2 literacy interventions. Replace Direct Phonics with TELL programmes and ALS with Clued Up Spelling and Grammar. • RTI training and development – A 4 A coach support/Liz Smart role? • Develop electronic record keeping for SEND/vulnerable pupils. • Introduce Inclusion HLTA role to lead interventions, organize dyslexia support and provide admin support to Inclusion Leader. • Employ SpLD teacher x 1 day per week to train and coach support staff to deliver high quality interventions • Introduce Support Staff Development Leader TLR post • Enhance contribution of support staff with training/support from A4A coach. • Introduce Lakeside Learners – I in P (Hall X PELTS) (see Curriculum AP)

• • • • • • •

• • •

All children identified with SEN access full curriculum offer All pupils make targeted progress Progress is accurately monitored Children will be assessed and appropriate dyslexia interventions in place SpLD also children supported with class based strategies Quality of SEN provision evaluated through Charter Mark Pupil Progress Tracker supports effective data analysis to evaluate impact of interventions/inclusion strategies Upper KS2 children take ownership of learning through coaching and learning journals Support staff trained, supported and deployed effectively to maximise impact on pupil achievement. Interventions accelerate progress


Strategies/Action, including CPD

Success Criteria/Impact

Achievement 4 All • Roll over target children to new classes • Continue formal monitoring of target pupils Progress meetings/Lesson Study focus group • Include A 4 A priorities in 2013/14 appraisal • Employ 0.2 SpLD teacher to train/support TAs in provision of interventions • Introduce Response to Intervention strategy Y6 – Training by A4A coach? Delivery – 0.4 teacher L. Smart • Continue use of structured conversation with identified parents • Continue use of website to share information with parents • Improve access for KS2 parents – Activity sessions/workshops • Extend links with parents/social evenings/family learning (Health and beauty, crafts, gardening, cooking etc). • Involve learning mentor, PSA and ISA in promoting access to extra curricular activities for targeted children /Use of pupil premium to access clubs/breakfast club • Use of learning coach for targeted children if appropriate • A4A coach training for TAs – linked to appraisal audit

A4A coach to support action planning for Investors in Pupils – NPQML project

Targeted Achievement 4 All pupils in every cohort make accelerated progress of 2 sublevels Inclusive school culture supports learning for SEND/SpLD pupils

Parents are engaged as partners to support children’s learning through structured conversations

Lead Person



June 2013

Staff meeting/Disaggregated session x 1


Sept 2013


Sept 2013



Sept 2013


Ongoing – termly

A4A Coach 0.4 teacher - £15000 Supply x 6.5 days per term

SJ/All teaching staff JW/KS2 Teachers/L Smart

Ongoing Spring 2013


Ongoing Termly

Resources – PSA budget Pupil Premium

A Hall A Hall/MB/JW

Summer 2013 7.6.13 Autumn 2013 – Summer 2013

A4A - £3000 A4A - £3000


To evaluate impact of 2012/3 Provision Map Data analysis to evaluate progress of different pupil groups To update the Provision Mapping for 2013/14

Improve use of data analysis to monitor progress of interventions/target groups using Pupil Progress Tracker IEPs Continue to involve parents in IEP Reviews Information sharing on children accessing interventions. Embed IEP target setting – “smart” targets

♦ Provision map provides a working document with a comprehensive overview of provision and impact, to include all interventions taking place throughout the school year. ♦ Identified children make expected progress. ♦ Standardised test provide data on progress Pupil Progress Tracker supports effective data analysis to evaluate impact of interventions/inclusion strategies • Consistent reviewing and target setting procedure. Children and parents to become more involved with setting and reviewing their targets.

A Laity J Witton

Autumn 2013 Termly Review


A Laity J Witton

Autumn 2013 Termly Review Autumn 2013

Progress Tracker - £850 pa

A Laity All teachers

Termly Reviews

Inclusion HLTA cover for teachers for meetings. SENCO admin support time Pupil Progress Tracker

Continue individual pupil provision maps Develop electronic record keeping for SEND/vulnerable pupils Employ Inclusion HLTA to support SENCo with admin.

• •

Targets are specific and measurable Efficient system in place to record history of interventions accessed by individual pupils.

Inclusion HLTA time x ½ day per week


Develop interventions as per Provision Map Review Direct Phonics in KS1. Introduce TELL Tier 1 and 3 Review Direct Phonics groups in Y3/4. Introduce TELL Maintain FFT Wave 3 in Y1 – 2 TA led groups Train additional TA in FFT reading programme – LKS2 - LR

Targeted children make expected or better progress of 2 sublevels plus


TA Time Training and resources £500

DW/KS/LR Teaching Assistants confident and well trained/supported to deliver appropriate interventions.

Training & resources - £350 AL/K McC/SW/WJ

Continue Fresh Start Y5/6 – SW/WJ


Introduce FS/KS1 Talkboost – Train 2 teachers& 2 TAs (K Mc/JW & NC/KG)


Review ALS – Y3. Introduce Clued Up Spelling and Grammar LR


Fresh Start resources - £850 (Literacy Budget) Training & resources - £750


Training & resources - £350

MH Continue ERW (Rainbow Group) – Y1 DW/KS MH Implement Springboard – MH x 1 (Y5/6) AL/KD

Summer Term 2013


Sept 2013

Wave 3 Maths support group MH x 1 (Y5/6) Extend 1stClass@Number Training in delivery of interventions for additional support staff- 1st Class@Number – KS1 – AL, KS2 (Year 3/4) – KD Develop dyslexia support strategy– employ Specialist teacher support – 1 day per week and Inclusion HLTA Whole staff training, programme delivery, organisation of resources, use of ICT “Quest” programme Train and deploy inclusion HLTA to deliver interventions and support SENCO

Training and resources £650

SpLD teacher £8000 JW/AL

Sept 2013



JW/AL 1:1 tuition

Inclusion HLTA – 0.5 timetable for interventions

Rationalise interventions and timetabling

Pupil premium


To continue to develop process for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of SEN interventions. Baseline and exit assessments/use of standardised tests Identify & purchase standardised tests Monitor delivery and outcomes of IEP support through review of timetables and children’s work

Progress of children accessing interventions is measured Impact of/effectiveness of interventions is evaluated

A Laity J Witton

Autumn Term Termly

SEN needs are catered for in class teaching

A Laity

Spring Term

Children with IEPs access planned support

G Holland

Spring Term

TA appraisal – Monitoring and evaluation of interventions

SENCO/Support Staff Devpt Manager have full overview of SEN provision across school


SLT Leadership time

To complete Inclusion Charter Mark

Inclusion Charter Mark achieved Audit process identifies strengths and areas for future development

A Laity J Witton

Summer 2013 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 By Sept 2014

Empowered Learning/Learning Journals • Continue use of learning journals – Timetable learning mentor to review daily • Develop feedback on learning journals and transition for parents • Employ Liz Smart/learning coach. Extend strategies into other year groups

Y6 and targeted A 4 A children take ownership of learning through coaching and learning journals

A Laity J Witton

Ongoing from Sept 2013

U Can Shine funding £6000 Pupil Premium

“Drop Ins” to interventions/pupil interviews

Standardised tests – SEN & budget



Supply budget - £7000

Introduce Lakeside Learners –Link with I in P (Hall Cross “PELTS” project in Upper KS2 to enhance transition. see Curriculum AP).


EAL • Continue and extend EALIP – Train all TAs • Continue and develop use of Clicker 5 EAL resource – train TAs and staff delivering EALIP Effective Deployment of Support Staff Introduce Support Staff Development Leader TLR post to:-

• Audit practice in maximizing impact of support staff • Lead and manage support staff appraisal • Lead and manage support staff CPD with Inclusion manager/SLT • Coach and support TAs on T & L and assessment strategies and use of ICT. • Develop communication between classteachers and support staff.

Enhance progress of EAL pupils through EALIP programme and Clicker 5 resources

K McCrae/JH

Support staff trained, supported and deployed effectively to maximise impact on pupil achievement.


Access support from A 4 A coach with above, including visit to other school to identify best practice. Attendance See Family Engagement and JW and Inclusion • Continue to develop attendance and Attendance AP Team - JH/ST/NS punctuality incentives • Update Attendance Policy to reflect LA policy of no term time holidays. Communicate to parents. Monitoring When: Monitoring of planning/work scrutiny for differentiation Spring 2014 Monitoring of IEPs Termly Review of provision map/interventions following Progress Meetings Termly Review of Pupil Progress Tracker data for intervention/target groups Termly Termly review of attendance data Termly Collation of A4a data – target group Termly Evaluation When:

ST time x 4 sessions per week

Sept 2013


A4A - £3000 pa.


Pupil Premium Attendance incentives - £500




Inclusion action plan 2013 14 rev  
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