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beautiful things for you and your home 10 & 11 November 2012 10am—5pm Weekend admission £5 | Under 16’s FREE | State pensioners £4


Bonita Ahuja 07532 090628

Rose Ellen Cobb 07803 711193

Hand-woven and embroidered textiles using vintage and new natural fibres.

Hand-crafted, porcelain jewellery set in silver.

Stuart Akroyd 0115 9106016 A range of vibrant-coloured, organic glass-wares made from 24% lead-crystal glass. Jane Bevan 01332 864077 07941 626452 Sculptures and small vessels made from natural materials such as silver birch and hawthorn. Jane Blease Design 07754 908447 Bespoke lampshades, framed artwork and accessories created from intricately embroidered walnut, oak and ash veneers.

L—R: Bonita Ahuja, Stuart Akroyd, Jane Bevan, Jane Blease Design, Rose Ellen Cobb, Christine Davies, Carly Dodsley, Samantha Donaldson

Christine Davies 07788 571109 Jewellery inspired by the geometry and interplay of linear structures in the urban environment. Carly Dodsley 07814 000631 Plates, mugs and jugs in printed creamware evoking the 50s and 60s. Samantha Donaldson 07719 971002 Dynamic sculptural glassware, sliced and polished to expose interior form and layering.

Ella Louis Doran 07846 767531

Deborah Forrest 07719 325724

Scarves, cushions and lampshades from bespoke handprinted fabrics using old and new printing techniques.

Jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques combined with mark-making using kiln-fired enamel.

Sally Falkner 07828 125829

Kate Gilliland 07749 933258

Mixed-media creatures using traditional toy-making techniques of winding wool on a wire frame.

Taxidermy and precious metals combined to create celebratory life-affirming jewellery.

Craig Fellows 07811 325874

Beth Gilmour 07950 021285

Colourful interior and fashion textiles, using a combination of traditional silk-screen and digital printing techniques inspired by the natural world.

Gold and silver jewellery with beautiful surface patterns and intricate detailing set with precious stones and pearls.

Florrie 07800 915103

Christine Gray 07779 355848

Knitwear made of the finest Scottish lamb’s wool, combined with hand silk-screen printing

Delicate, sculptural ceramics made from thrown and manipulated porcelain.

L—R: Ella Louis Doran, Sally Falkner, Craig Fellows, Florrie Deborah Forrest, Kate Gilliland, Beth Gilmour, Christine Gray

Jed Green 07973 516622

Catherine Hills 01892 540888

Innovative, contemporary and exclusively hand-made, lamp-blown glass jewellery.

Decorative and tactile jewellery inspired by natural forms.

Teresa Green 01392 271190

Hughes and Templin 0049 93 562601

Hand-printed functional textiles with a nostalgic theme illustrated in a simple, linear style.

Striking jewellery distinguished by its clarity of form alongside elegant and decorative tableware.

Steve Handley 07932 197237

Anna Collette Hunt

Furniture and interior accessories inspired by folk art, using recycled objects to create witty conversation pieces. Jessica Hewitt 07739 342088 Colourful, feminine jewellery in acrylic, resin and silver using floral motifs inspired by modern and vintage textiles.

L—R: Jed Green, Teresa Green, Steve Handley, Jessica Hewitt Catherine Hills, Hughes and Templin, Anna Collette Hunt, Bea Jareno

Ceramics that display excessive decoration, opulence and grandeur inspired by historical style. Bea Jareno 07830 159745 0207 731 8255 Jewellery inspired by the porcupine quill, using contrasting metals of gold, oxidised silver and polished silver

Angelika Klose 0049 30 6919886 0207 254 0254

Nicola Lidstone 07792 914283

Delightfully extravagant and wearable designer hats.

Wall-mounted fauna in porcelain clay overlaid with hand-screen-printed drawings.

Gilly Langton 01599 544755

Sarah Malone 07845 944288

Nautical themes and the changing colour palette of the Highlands reference jewellery that is minimal and dramatic.

Slip-cast, thrown and hand-built porcelain and earthenware, influenced by Japanese Inros or seal baskets.

Jo Lavelle 0161 832 7249

Adam Marsh 07595 985312

Jewellery characterised by the use of multiple units clustered together to create pieces that move with the wearer.

Hand- thrown cups, jugs and pots in porcelain, terracotta and black stoneware.

Gillian Lee Smith 07738 069972 Whimsical creatures and objects that inhabit a world of storytelling, memories and dreams.

L—R: Jed Green, Teresa Green, Steve Handley, Jessica Hewitt Catherine Hills, Hughes and Templin, Anna Collette Hunt, Bea Jareno

Lucy Martin 0208 691 0637 Jewellery using mute-coloured gemstones and angular lines inspired by a cityscape of steel, concrete, neon and water.

Massey and Rogers 07877 940723 01332 293827 Hand-printed, textile designs featuring illustrations of garden birds, budgerigars and dogs alongside elements of vintage patterning. Jo Mcallister 07733 227127 Jewellery in fine silver and gold that is simplistic in form and painstakingly hand textured. Karen Mcmillan 07745 563407 Bold, colourful jewellery constructed using acrylic, resin and silver. Katy Mellor 01229 868189 Accessories using locally-sourced yarns knitted in the North West.

L—R: Massey and Rogers, Jo Mcallister, Karen Mcmillan, Katy Mellor Sara Moorhouse, Simon Mount, Julia Parry-Jones, Amanda Ross

Sara Moorhouse 07793 880246 Vibrant and bold ceramics, hand-thrown, turned and painted on a potter’s wheel. Simon Mount 07949 883626 Bespoke furniture and sustainable interior products using cork and FSC approved hardwoods. Julia Parry-Jones 07808 930694 Techniques of piercing, riveting, knotting and setting are used to create a jewellery range inspired by the treasure hoarding habits of the bowerbird. Amanda Ross 0208 469 1399 Exquisitely detailed botanical fabric prints inspired by the British countryside.

Charlotte Sale 07734 858129

Sarah Thirlwell 07947 316288

The versatility of glass is explored using a variety of techniques including blowing, lamp working and metal casting.

Hand-turned vessels and interior products combining natural and synthetic materials.

Julia Smith 01667 462742 Simple thrown and hand-built ceramic forms made with red earthenware clay, smooth white slip and intricately hand-drawn printed transfers. Hattie Startin 07739 344907 Extra fine, merino wool, hand-knitted accessories, inspired by the colours and patterns of European folk costumes. Andrew Tanner 01162 616899 Tableware and interior products celebrating the relationship between contemporary design and traditional manufacturing processes in the Potteries. L—R: Charlotte Sale, Julia Smith, Hattie Startin, Andrew Tanner Sarah Thirlwell, Diane Turner, Jessica Turrell, Sue Turton

Diane Turner 07914 066498 Jewellery using precious and base metal electroformed onto foraged wood. Jessica Turrell 07780 912900 Jewellery employing mark-making, text and an experimental approach to enameling. Sue Turton 0115 848 8962 Leather goods and furniture marrying traditional craft skills with laser technology inspired by travels to Morocco and India.

beautiful things for you and your home 10 & 11 November 2012 10am—5pm How to get here Lakeside Arts Centre is located at the south entrance to the University of Nottingham campus, just off the A6005, University Boulevard. If approaching by the M1, leave the motorway at junction 25 and join the A52 to Nottingham. Turn right at the third roundabout (Priory) from there the University and Lustre is signposted. Buses Regular bus services operate between the City Centre and the University South Entrance: Trent Barton from Broadmarsh Bus Station: Indigo (to Long Eaton/Derby) every 6-8 minutes during the day and slightly less frequently in the evening; 18 (to Stapleford) every 20 minutes during the day and hourly in the evening. NCT 13/14 ( from Market Square to Beeston/ Chilwell every fifteen minutes during the day and less frequently in the evening; 34 (City Centre/University Park Loop) every ten minutes. Term time only, MondayFriday daytimes only. For times and details please call Nottingham City Transport 0115 950 6070 or www., Trent Barton on 01773 712265. ot Traveline 0871 200 22 33.

1 Djanogly Art Gallery

4 Box Office

Angear Visitor Centre Gallery Café

Weston Gallery

5 Djanogly Theatre

2 Museum of Archaeology

Wallner Gallery

6 Pavilion Café

3 Djanogly Recital Hall

Bridgwater Amphitheatre

City Centre ad y Ro Derb A52

Top M1

W oo ds ide

GREAT HALL (in Trent building)

Ro ad

Abbey Bridge P


rd leva Bou rsity nive U 05 A60

A52 Clifton BVD

Car parking There is ample free weekend parking at University Park. Limited free parking is available in the Lakeside car park. Disabled parking For the Djanogly Art Gallery and Recital Hall please use the spaces on East Drive ( in front of those buildings). For the Djanogly Theatre or other venues located inside the D H Lawrence Pavilion there are two spaces in the free car park next to the Pavilion. An additional nine spaces are next to the lake (past the gatehouse/ barrier), then first left off East Drive towards the D H Lawrence Pavilion. All information correct at time of going to press. Front cover image: Sara Moorhouse (detail)

Lakeside Arts Centre University Park Nottingham NG7 2RD


Sonya Viney 07884 398061

Malin Winberg 07855 497881

Multiple and repetitive ceramic forms exploring the notion of still life.

Silversmithing and jewellery using traditional techniques and inspired by Finnish folklore.

Tone Von Krogh 07958 562689

Misun Won 07766 145752

Contemporary domestic ceramics influenced in both shape and colour by Scandinavian winter landscapes.

Silver jewellery based on Korean patchworks and fractal geometry.

Anna Wales 07709 497058

Suet Yi Yip 07773 445477

Pleasingly tactile jewellery combining felt with silver.

Ceramics inspired by the countryside and the innocence of childhood.

Waller Hewett 07872 560904 Artworks, products and installations that encourage tactile interaction.

L—R: Sonya Viney, Tone Von Krogh, Anna Wales, Waller Hewett Malin Winberg, Misun Won, , Suet Yi Yip


Young Meteors A selection of the finest young makers from East Midlands Universities

L—R: Brittany Delany, Dickens Carrie, Jennifer Dore, Louisa Finch, Natalia Kukiel, Laura Moore, Alexander Pearce

Brittany Delany 07786 925792

Louisa Finch 07855 324226 Cast glass sculptures inspired by dramatic landscapes.

Delicate ceramic ware with taxidermic references. Carrie Dickens 01509 890692 Desirable, tactile jewellery inspired by a metals reaction to manipulation. Jennifer Dore 07891 202078 Wooden and ceramic vessels that challenge our perceptions of traditional processes.

Natalia Kukiel 07857 421746 Hand-stitched illustrations of woodland animals on found materials. Laura Moore 07791 433728 Contemporary jewellery contrasting delicate detail with soft geometry. Alexander Pearce 07828 069720 Blown glass and forged metal consolidated into sculptural objects.

L—R: Anna Pope, William Rea, Karmen Saat, Jessica Steel, Helen Sutherland, Natasha Thorogood, Melissa Vogel

Anna Pope 07738 863110

Helen Sutherland 07976 589333

Jewellery employing traditional crafting techniques, incorporating elements of botanical form and detail.

Jewellery combining different metals and techniques that allude to urban decay and linear structures.

William Rea 0952 179353

Natasha Thorogood 07824 827179

Precious metal jewellery made by casting knotted cord and rope.

Archaeological finds form the inspiration for jewellery themed on fragility and transience.

Karmen Saat 07901 518064

Melissa Vogel 07816 311487

A conceptual approach to crafts produces objects that monumentalise the ordinary.

Glass vessels informed by current critical debate about environmental issues.

Jesicca Steel 07427 611210 Thrown ceramic vessels inspired by the colours and patterns found in Islamic art.

Home to the very best designers and makers from the UK and beyond experience.visit. Navigation Wharf, Carre Street, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England NG34 7TW Tel: +44 (0)1529 308710

Lustre 2012 Catalogue  
Lustre 2012 Catalogue  

Lustre is Lakeside's annual contemporary craft event. Whether you're revitalising your home, updating your look or seeking out that unique C...