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Issue Nine

August 2011

A big thank you to everyone who rocked up to the latest club function! It was a great success with plenty of prizes being handed out and lots of participation. As it’s the club’s main fundraising event we managed to raise more than the Quiz Night last year. Thanks to Sandy and Mel for putting on the event and running it on the day. Also thanks to all the sponsors who put up the prizes: Hockey International

Bright Eyes Whitford City


Hogs Breath Café Joondalup

Good Guys Joondalup

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens

Getaway Outdoors

Chilis Restaurant

Beaumauris Sports Assoc

Hi All, We’re getting close to finals, with a lot of our teams looking like participating in September matches we need to make sure that everyone’s fees are all paid up. HockeyWA has said that any players with outstanding fees won’t be able to play any time in finals matches. So for your own sake, please ensure all your fees are paid up within the next few weeks. The Senior Windup has started being advertised on the facebook page and around the club. Please make sure you check out the ad later in this bulletin so you can save the date and make it to what is sure to be a great night. Good luck to every team in their last few matches and hopefully we can get a few more teams guaranteed of finals and even promotion. Don’t forget the BBQ on at the BSA every Saturday afternoon. Try and make it down, have a drink and meet some more people from around the club. Thanks again and best of luck to all teams in the coming weeks. -


Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Round 14 Joondalup Lakers 2 – OGMHC 0 7th August at Arena It was another game at the home turf this weekend, and a very warm afternoon for a very important game of hockey. We were all feeling very anxious about this game as we needed to win to get back above Guilford on the table. It was a bit of a sloppy beginning with girls running late all over the show, but by the time we had to go on the field we had a full team and that was all that mattered. We only had one sub this week, but that was thanks to Emily Ekert who had come up from the twos to help us out. It felt like a bit of a flat start for us, with Guilford getting the first of many short corners, and it took us a good few minute’s and a few close shots on goal for us to settle into our game. You could tell that the heat was taking a bit to adjust too, it hadn’t been this warm in a while and it was defiantly going to sap our energy this game. After the first 5mins we started playing some great hockey, using the space well and linking beautiful passes up the field, and putting a lot of pressure onto the Guilford defence, thus meaning we got some short corners. The first one went according to plan in the push out and in the hit but we just hit a Guilford player’s foot which lead to another short corner, and there was much the same result from this short corner, so we had a third try. Which was not a very pretty looking short corner, the push out didn’t go so well, not making it to the top of the circle so we had to scramble to get it back. The ball managed to get passed to Challen K onto the right side. She was waiting eagerly in the circle, then dribbled the ball forward and proceeded to slot it effortlessly into the right hand corner of the goal. Giving us our first goal and which lifted the game intensely from here.


Challen after scoring her 2 goal

Guilford now wanted their own goal so it was back down to defending our goal briefly as the attacked us furiously. Unfortunately for us Sandy Byfield made an accidental tackle with the back of her stick which resulted in a Yellow card for Sandy and another short corner for Guilford. However unfortunately for Guilford, our goalie Sophie Egan and our other full back Celeste Fitzgerald were having I think it’s fair to say, the best games of their season so far, and nothing was getting past them. Both of them were putting up an outstanding defence with fantastic saves! Shortly after this attack on our gaol the ball was cleared out and passed up the field to Challen K who continued on to carry the ball half way up the field, with many of our players sprinting up behind her for support, but she didn’t need us as she slipped the ball past 3players, and again with effortlessness popped the ball past their goalie to score her second goal of the game. We all were ecstatic as was Challen herself. During the half time break we were told not to back off, as Guilford like to come back strong and hard. So coming back onto field we tried to come back with the same intensity, but our coach was right and Guilford came back strong. Managing to get short corner after short corner against us, it felt as though for the first 10mins of the second half was spent defending short corners. But to no avail, our full and half backs were on fire this game. And Sophie Egan was outstanding and saved every shot that got belted at her. It was frightening and fantastic to watch and see how impenetrable our defence was. After 10-15mins of this I think we became very frustrated and we picked up the pace of the game and got stronger ourselves, sending some great balls up the wings and putting more pressure onto Guilford every time we got near their ‘D’. This was how the rest of the second half played out, with Guilford getting more short corners and us sweeping them away. So for us the second half was not the best in terms of attack and scoring goals, but it was amazing for us with defence. I think we all walked of the field with a sigh of relief and a smile our faces. Good work girls, let’s make it the same next week.

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Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Cont. - Deborah Edmonds

Round 15 Whitfords 2 – Joondalup Lakers 0 13th August at Arena It was time to play the club rivals Whitfords again. Another warm afternoon and we had a full side with two subs. Thanks to Charlotte from the twos who stepped up to play for us. We knew that this game Whitfords were going to come out hard and try and get lots of goals away early on in the game, we were determined not to let this happen, we could take them on and give them a good run around. When the first half began we weren’t wrong, Whitfords were talking it up a lot and moving fast, plenty of pace on them and they were using their space well, with a few players that didn’t seem to hold a position which made it harder for us to mark. We weren’t having a bad half, but then we weren’t having our best either. We were making good leads and trying to use our space, but our passes were not going to plan. We were not looking up and would just pass in the general direction that we heard someone call from. This was resulting in a lot of unwanted turnover, which would put even more un needed pressure on our defence. Thankfully as always our defence was playing out of their skin and they were all having a great game. Chanelle Webster (Shorty) was having her best game of the season so far (in my opinion) doing some outstanding tackles and great leading work up the side, along with Kit’s on the right side. Whitfords managed to get a few short corners in the first half, but I think this late in the season Short Corners seem to be our specialty to keep us in the game and Whitfords only managed to get one of their Short’s in throughout the entire game. I think after this first goal went in, we all became a little bit more frustrated, because we were trying so hard to make everything work, but our passes were not linking up, and we were not getting to the 50/50 ball as much either, we were seeming a little slack, which made it worse because Whitfords were beatable. Once again there was a few bad passes and a bad tackle and Whitfords had a clean run into our D and then it was a case of a bit of ball watching and that’s all it took for Whitfords to get another quick goal away. Needless to say our half time chat was quite stern as it needed to be, Doc (our coach) said that we were letting ourselves down it one area that we normally strive in, our marking, we were giving them too much free run, we needed to tighten our marking up, and also watch our passing, make it work. The second half was a much better half for us you could tell we had taken into account what Doc had said. The width of the field was now being used very well by both teams, and the game had slowed down a bit as we had tightened our marking giving Whitfords less of a free run with the ball, and we were getting lots of runs into their D as well. Unfortunately we were unable to get a successful goal in, but we did make Whitfords work hard and hold them off from getting anymore goals in. Which for us was not as good as we had done in the first game against them, but I’m fairly confident I can say Whitfords would have liked to get more goals in and they didn’t so that was a good outcome for us. A much better game of hockey was played in the second half, good work girls. - Deborah Edmonds

Next Game Round 16 Joondalup Lakers vs Suburban 2.30pm Saturday 20th August Arena

Recent Results Mens Willow Bridge Cup Round 14 Joondalup Lakers 2 – Newman Knights 2 7th August 2011 at Arena This guy didn’t get it done on time....

Round 15 Whitfords 2 – Joondalup Lakers 2 13th August at Arena Once again we were up against Whitfords. Arch rivals, nemesis, worst of enemies, call them what you will, it was a derby. After winning convincingly 4-1 in the first round we knew Whitfords would be out for revenge. Needing a win after last week’s dismal draw we too were looking to put them away in similar fashion to our round six clash. We started off flat, second to the ball, losing 50/50’s and were getting beaten all around the park. 15 minutes in, Whitfords had a break away and we were outnumbered in the ‘D’ by 5 to 3. They ran the baseline and slipped the ball onto the spot where the ball was one-timed into the net, 1-0 down. We dropped our heads on the way back to the half-line, and, within the next 3 minutes, Whitfords had earned a short corner, which was converted top left via a drag flick. All of a sudden it was 2-0. It seemed this was the rocket that needed to be shoved up our.... to get us going. Quickly the tides turned and our want for the ball increased dramatically, creating opportunity after opportunity late in the first half. Unfortunately, even with numerous penalty corners we were unable to convert and went into half time 2-0 down, but with a bit of momentum. Leading into the second half with our renewed passion for the three points we started off well and within the first ten minutes, gained a penalty corner and Ali Roberts slotted home a drag flick. 2-1 and we were back in it. The game continued in the same vain with Whitfords getting only breakaways and the majority of the play in our attacking half. A few minutes after the goal, we were pushing forward in a breakaway of our own and Ali Roberts got into the top of the ‘D’ only to collide with a Whitfords half back. Ali dropped and was carried off the field. We later found out that he’d done his AC and may be out for the season. We used his injury as desire to get the job done. Fortunately we caused a short corner late in game just before the full time whistle went. The play was called and after a bobbling push out, Favil Singh trapped well, Andre Gabriel managed to gather the ball and fling it straight to Dusty Tame on the post who put the ball into the net. The game was over and a 2-2 draw had been gained. It was a bittersweet feeling, knowing that we should’ve won but happy that we got the draw instead of a loss. The push for second spot continues another week. - Tom Wallace

Next Game Round 16 Joondalup Lakers vs. Modernians 4.00pm Saturday 20th August Arena

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Round 14 University of WA 0 – Joondalup Lakers 3 7th August 2011 at Hale This was a game we had to win to keep our finals hopes alive. We started out slow, and had plenty of subs on the bench. Sarah Easson and Tam Watts scored two great early goals in the first half – Sarah's being a strike from the top of the D and Tam's being a classy tap in from the post. The back line was changed up, with Jamie Evans teaming with Morgan van der Heever at the back. Jamie took some great 16 yard hits, and provided the strength we needed when UWA made some quick breakaway attacks. Thanks to Morgan who came down from Metro Women's team (who aren't doing too badly themselves this season!) and helped us out in defence. In the second half, Emily Ekert scored a fantastic goal from her one-on-one encounter with the UWA goalie to seal the 3-nil win. We slowed down again towards the end of the game, allowing UWA into their attacking half. We started to play defensive, but fortunately we did not concede any goals. Considering the number of players we had on the bench, and the strength of our team compared to UWA, we probably should have won by more BUT the great thing about this game is that we put away the chances we had in attack, early. Our short corners are also becoming more consistent which is a positive sign that we are continuing to improve our game.

Round 15 Joondalup Lakers 1 – Dale 2 14th August at Arena This was our third game of the season against Dale, the top team in our grade. The last matches we played against them were hard fought, and we went into the game knowing that we would have to be switched on from the start. We respected Dale as a team for their team work and strength over the ball, and we were prepared to play an enjoyable, albeit tough, game of hockey. Dale came out hard, but their key attackers could not get past our defensive line up. Aoife Breathnach marked their main striker out of the game, leaving our forwards free to get on with their job. Half way through the first half, a brilliant goal was scored by a collective effort from the forwards. Dale were not happy to be losing, and we knew we were achieving our goal of getting on top of Dale early in the match. Then the blatant pushing and shoving began. A push in the back (for which a card should have been given), which was executed upon instructions from the Dale coaching staff, was just the start. It was merely a taste of what was to come in the second half. At half time, Doc instructed us to play to the whistle, maintain our structure and keep up the marking which had worked so well in the first half. We knew Dale would be even more intense in the second half, but we knew we were good enough to win the game. A breakaway from the backline early in the second half set the tone for the rest of the match. A Lakers player (who had been shoved in the back early on in the game) was blatantly tripped over and shoved from behind. Similarly, Charlotte Thomson was tactlessly hit in the back of the legs out of play. Whilst the 2s did not lose their cool, their 'fight' began to slipped away momentarily, which saw Dale make even more frequent attacks. The Lakers fullbacks made the mistake of trying to help a Dale player off the ground, who was about to be hit by a ball crossed into the D by another Dale forward. Amidst the confusion, the ball was tapped into the goals. This lack of concentration levelled the score to 1 all.

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Cont. Although there is some discrepancy as to whether the ball travelled 5 (or even at all) before it was hit into the D, it does not make up for the fact that our whole team had their backs turned to the ball when the free hit was taken. A similar, momentary lapse in our usually tight marking caused a scramble in the D, and we allowed Dale to score again – making the score 2-1. Even though we were pushed and shoved off of the ball, nothing excuses the fact that we did not put away the many chances we had in attack. Although we only dropped off for about 15-20 minutes in the entire game, this is when Dale scored their goals. The rest of the match was testament to our great team work, and our ability to make early and accurate passes. As the second half progressed, Dale got short corner after short corner. SJ (our awesome goalie), made some spectacular saves, and our desperation in our defensive D was great. They kept coming at us for more goals, and we kept fending them off. SJ single-handedly saved the game from being a 2 goal defeat; Turtle's mis-trap at the top of the D left SJ in a one-onone situation with the top goal scorer of the grade, who smashed the ball to the right hand corner of the goals. SJ's lighting fast reflexes caused the fast-paced hit to be deflected out wide for a long corner. Towards the end of the game, a Dale player tripped over their own stick whilst in play, and a Lakers player was met with some rather unnecessary expletives when she tried to help the Dale player off of the ground. This was the same Dale player who accused Lakers of time wasting when we were merely trying to help her find the ball so that she could hit out on a short corner, and the same player who verbally abused the umpires and our players throughout the match. If anything, this game made us grateful not to have anyone like that on our team. All of the Lakers players came off of the field battered, bruised, angry and frustrated. It was hard to be positive after the game but although we did not realise it at the time, there were so many aspects of our performance of which we should all be proud. I know everyone at the match was disappointed with the umpiring. I usually make a point of not commenting on the umpiring (or the opposition), because without umpires we would not be able to play every weekend. Umpiring is a tough job, and most of the time they do not get the respect they deserve. I will concede that a lack of confidence on their part allowed the game to get to a state which can only be described as vicious. However, the umpiring was not the cause of the game's 'nastiness'. Whilst I am not intentionally berating Dale (their Men's Metro team is lovely), the attitudes and tactics of some (not all) of the players during the match, were disgusting. I cannot commend the 2s enough for their attitude during the match. We did not stoop to their level, we did not abuse the umpires, we got back up when we'd been knocked down (literally!), we engaged in some friendly small talk with the opposition, we kept smiling and we kept playing good, clean hockey until the final whistle. We went out there to play a solid game of hockey, but also to have some fun. Not one player lost their cool, which cannot be said for the opposition. Needless to say, this loss makes our journey to finals a little more difficult. However, we are determined to win our next two games against Newman and WASPS (who are third and second on the ladder, respectively). Keep up the good work girls :)

- Michelle Pontre

Next Game Round 16 Newman Knights 2 vs Joondalup Lakers 2 5.30pm Sunday 21st August Arena If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you like to see in the Newsletter, please contact Tom Wallace at

Recent Results Men’s Promotion 2 Round 14 Joondalup Lakers 6 – Newman Knights 3 7th August 2011 at Arena After watching the 1’s have a dismal day at the office and drawing 2 all to Newman’s top team the 2’s went out firing, we had Newman on the back foot early and pressed hard, but alas no goals were forthcoming. Newman had a couple of break away’s and after having the team argue with the umpire instead of playing saw Newman go 1 up. Again we pressed and finally a goal, but with more disputes from players v umpires Newman got another break and goal. Half time 2 – 1 down. After some stern words from Bangers (the ultimate substitution coach)we came out with a new game plan, shut up, and from there completely dominated the game, apart from one moment of loss of concentration where Newman got 1 goal we pilled on 5 to take the game out 6-3. Bring on Cowan and the top 2 spots on the ladder. - Byf Round 15 Cowan Uni 1 – Joondalup Lakers 3 30th July 2011 at PHS-1 On a balmy 23 degree day the 2’s rocked up to play ECU at Hale turf @ 1.00pm. First of all what a crap time hockey WA, for anyone who works Saturday morning, but alas we played. We dominated quickly and had plenty of shots on goal. A Brad / Haggis combination resulted in the first goal early and we never let up pressure, but no more goals came……. Finally with 1 minute to go in the first half, Haggis another and into half time 2 up. We had 19 circle penetrations in the first hale so our talk at half time was consolidate our chances. Second half everyone forgot what we said at half time, we pressed & pressed but no goals were coming; Cowan had a break away and snuck in a cheap goal which put the wind in their sails. We continued pressing and after numerous short corners Brad got us some breathing space. Final score 3-1. Not shore how many circle penetrations in the game cause the stats man ran out of paper. This win means the two’s can’t get knocked out of first or second position. Bring on Mods - Byf

Next Game Round 16 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs. Modernians 2 5.30pm Saturday 20th August Arena Chili Tuesdays After men’s training on Tuesday follow the horde to Chili’s restaurant in Joondalup for some great food and hockey conversation.

Finals time just around the corner! We are rapidly coming closer to this very exciting time in the Junior Hockey Calendar. At this stage we’ve got a number of teams who are doing really well and have a good chance of making the finals. This year there are only 2 Finals Rounds: Semi Final – 1 vs 4 & 2 vs 3 Finals – winners of the semi finals play each other The following teams are sitting in the top four positions and we wish them the very best of luck as the season comes to an end!

J5/6B Girls (this group doesn’t play finals so the team on top wins the flag) J7/8B Girls J11/12B Boys Black J11/12B Boys Gold Important date to diarise – 24th September, 9:00am!

The Junior Windup will take place on Saturday, 24th September, from 9am. All players and their parents are encouraged to attend this event where our junior teams’ achievements over the season can be recognised. On this occasion important information and dates regarding our Summer Hockey Program and the 2012 Preseason Program will be available. Junior players are encouraged to take up the opportunity of developing their hockey and maintaining their fitness by joining these programs during the off season and bringing along a friend who is keen to learn the game. Details of these programs will be available on our website too.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Heartfelt thanks to the all the coaches who have worked hard during our season – testament to your efforts are the numbers of players who arrived ready for hockey every Friday afternoon, come rain or shine! Our numbers have broken the 100 member mark and next season is sure to be even more popular. Well done to all the players who have faithfully attended training and whose enthusiasm inspired the coaches and made the program so worthwhile!

Hin2H Windup: 26th August, 4:30pm.

Our final session will take place on Friday, 26th August, from 4:30pm. We will meet in the BSA main hall and won’t have a hockey session that day. There will also be a sausage sizzle available, free for all Hin2H participants only.

Hin2H Carnivals: During our Hin2H season we’ve taken part in two carnivals. Those players who took part in the carnivals gained an enormous amount of experience and understanding of the game of Hockey. The players had so much fun during both carnivals and it was fantastic to see so many of our players taking part! Thank you to all parents who did all the travelling and got their children there ready for the time of their lives.

Rookey Carnival: HockeyWA This carnival is always the highlight of our season and once again it proved a great success for our players. Not many games might have been won on the day but the lessons learnt are immeasurable!! We entered 6 teams and after 4 games throughout the day everyone was ‘hockeyed out’. To the parents who so willingly helped a big thank you!! To the coaches who did such a great job with their teams – Well done! To the young umpires who came along to learn – thank you! To all the players – you were amazing stars who did us proud, well done!! Below are some photos from the day – these, and more, can also be viewed on the club’s website.

Relay for Life Hin2 Carnival: Iluka On Saturday, 13th August, Lakers hosted this carnival. Whitford Hockey Club brought across their Hin2H program for the morning and we had several teams playing modified games of hockey. It is planned that this event will become an annual fundraising event for the ‘Vets with Class’ – this is a Lakers team who has taken part in the Relay for Life since its inception. $500 was raised during the day by the teams, sausage sizzle and coffee machine. Thank you to Whitford HC and our Lakers’ parents who helped on the day! Again, the Hin2H players had a ball and learnt so much about the game as was evident in their hockey skills. Thanks must also go to Ryan Marlow, Sonet Coetzee, Ingrid Moolman, Mark Nolan, Kirsten Outrim and Dee Middlemiss who achieved so much with their teams. Well done to you all!!

Junior Development JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT HOCKEY WA ATHLETES PROGRAM (FORMERLY TALENT SQUAD) A BIG congratulations to the following boys who were selected for Hockey WA’s Talent Squad. Well done Boys!!! U13 Boys  Dane Gavranich

U15 Boys    

Justin Hendry Joshua Saunders Ryan Saxby Michael Turnball

UMPIRING CLINIC PIZZA NIGHT!!!! Thank you to all who attended the Umpiring Clinic!! We had approximately 23 attendees ranging from Junior to Senior, with a minimum junior age of 10 years old. I hope you all learnt something and came out knowing more than when you went in!!  Please remember you will all need to be assessed by either a Coach, Umpire coordinator or the Club President. We need these assessments to be completed by October. I will be emailing these forms out to everyone who attended the clinic so please be on the lookout for my email. A big well done to the following Juniors who put their newly acquired umpiring skills to use at the Hook in2 Hockey Carnival held over the weekend: Darren Meiring, Cailin Severn-Ellis, Emma Mitchell and Sasha Hendry. Well done guys I heard you did an awesome job!


Fixtures Next Round: (bold denotes home game) 2:00PM, 20th August @ LAK-1 7:00PM, 20th August @ Arena 2:30PM, 21st August @ Arena 4:00PM, 21st August @ Arena 3:30PM, 20th August @ WASP-1 N/A N/A 7:30PM, 24th August @ Hale 7:30PM, 24th August @ Arena

Women’s Metro 2 Black Men’s Provisional 1 Men’s Provisional 2 Gold Men’s Provisional 3 Black Men’s Metro 3 White Men’s Metro 4 Master’s Master’s 2 Master’s 3

vs vs vs vs vs vs -

Modernians 4 Old Aquinians 4 Old Aquinians 5 YMCC 5 WASPS 8 Bye Bye Victoria Park 2 Servio


Friday 23 Sept, 7pm– 12pm BSA, 6 Miami Beach Parade, Iluka Cost : $55 (Includes Japanese style 3 course meal and band.) Dress - Cocktail Theme - Wear Red, Black and/or White. Purchase ticket before Monday the 19th September using either – Credit card, via website go to Registrations/payments. You will need your username and password to log in and choose event Wind up. Print your receipt and bring on the night. EFT, BSB – 306-051 Account No. 4164190 Print your receipt and bring on the night. Cash, Sandy Byfield, Melissa Harkness, Michael Byfield, Michelle Pontre or Sharen Mitchell.

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