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Issue Eight

August 2011

Sunday Session Coming up on the 7th of August the Arena is hosting Joondalup Lakers’ next club day. With five of our turf teams playing back to back, there’s more than enough reason to get down and show your support. The women’s first team starts the Sunday off with a tough match against bottom placed Old Guildford. After their first round win against the struggling side the girls will be looking to replicate their form of late which has seen them take it to the bigger teams. After the women finish up the men’s first team take on the newly promoted Newman Knights side who proved to be more than an easy beat in the first round when our boys went down 2-0 in a scrappy game. The men’s second side will be up against Newman’s second side that came back from a 2-0 deficit in the first round to draw 2-2. The men’s third side will be up against Wolves who recently competed in the Challenge Cup and will prove to be a tough test for the boys. Finishing off the day will see the men’s six’s take on Wolves sixth side also. The guys won 5-0 in the first round and will be hoping to see a similar result to boost their goal difference. Check out the full list below and be sure to rock up in your best purple!! 13:00 14:30 16:00 17:30 19:00

Match Times Lakers Women's 1s vs OGMHC Lakers Men’s 1s vs Newman Knights 1s Lakers Men’s 2s vs Newman Knights 2s Lakers Men’s 3s vs Westside Wolves 4s Lakers Men’s 6s vs Westside Wolves 6s

Kookaburras’ Recent European Tour The Kookaburras have saved their best for last, producing a 6-2 win over France in the final match of their tour of Europe at the 5 Nations Challenge in Paris, France. After a tour where the team has struggled at times, they were able to return to some good form during this match. Scoring two unanswered goals in the first half, the Kookaburras were well in control from the early stages. After several matches during this tour where they were unable to make the most of their scoring opportunities, they made no mistakes during this match, piling on four more goals in the second half. The only negative for the Kookaburras was the fact that they once again conceded two more penalty corner goals, an unfortunate trend from their previous matches were they also conceded three penalty corner goals to Argentina and four penalty corner goals to Korea. The team is now due to return to Australia having learnt a lot from these matches and will strive to improve their squad over the next 12 months ahead of the 2012 London Olympics. taken from

Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Round 12 Joondalup Lakers 1 – Melville 3 23rd July 2011 at Arena This was our second time around vs Melville and we were very hungry to get a win, it was going to be a good game, everyone was very focused. We had a full side with two subs on home ground. Melville started with the ball and they were just eager, attacking us strong from the beginning. We were playing good clean hockey, passes were accurate and trapping was good. We were using space well with good use of both sides of the field. Because we were finding the gaps and utilising the space on the field well we were able to get a few good runs on the field, one of them resulting in a stroke. Deborah Edmonds had a break away on the right side of the field, which lead to a one on one with the goalie, she dragged around the foot side of the goalie, and was taken out by the goalie in the process, thus awarded a stroke. Dominique Du Plessis took the stroke and popped it in with ease, which left us 1-0 up. I think we were all feeling quite high at this stage, first goal in and winning on home ground. But it was still very early in the game; needless to say this meant that we all step up our game a bit, having to refocus on the game and not the goal. We wanted and needed more goals. Melville players were not happy that we had the first goal in, and the pace of the game picked up once again. However we were not going to let them get any goals in easily, we were putting up a great attack and defence, with plenty of good saves and runs into their D with some penalty corners being conceded as well. Unfortunately Melville managed to slip in two goals by half time. Second half was just as intense as the first, we started with the ball and tried something a bit different instead of passing back to get the half started we turned and passed it forward which lead to an extremely close and unfortunate miss for us, and a good wake up call for Melville not to rule us out just yet. Sadly for us this was not going to be the only shot we missed. Throughout the duration of the half our backs put up a wicked defence and there was some great feeding of the ball up the side and up to the forwards, which in turn lead to plenty more breaks, and runs. There was more than one occasions were the ball was slotted perfectly to ‘spot’, and our timing was just off a fraction, causing us to sweep at air miss the ball and also our opportunity at some very easy goals which would have changed the outcome of the game completely, defiantly something for us to work on. As the game wore on our eagerness was still there, and we were putting up the fight, not backing off and trying to get another goal in until the very last seconds. However we were getting tired and it was beginning to show as our traps and passes were slowly getting less accurate. Melville were very lucky and snuck in one last goal, which cemented their win against us. Mixed emotions leaving the pitch, we had had a very good game, and played some of our best hockey, which made the taste of the loss all the more bitter, because it wasn’t the outcome we had hoped for, and it was certainly not the outcome that it should have been. Our trapping will be high on the list of things to practice for some of us, as that could have saved us at least 3goals. However girls, we played a good strong game as a team, we left it all on the field, until next week. - Deborah Edmonds

Round 13 – Bye

Next Game Round 14 Joondalup Lakers vs. OGMHC 1.00pm Saturday 7th August Arena

Recent Results Men’s Willow Bridge Cup Round 12 Joondalup Lakers 2 – North Coast Raiders 0 23rd July 2011 at Arena Prior to the match we were looking to improve our goal difference. Raiders provided stiff competition. Out team also helped their cause as our basic skills were poor. Trapping, ball control and passing was not up to our usual standard. As a result Raiders were in the contest. We scored two goals from penalty corners thru Ali Roberts and a deflection from Tom James-Wallace. Considering our lack of general play we were happy to take the 3 valuable points and focus on our next opponents. Round 13 Harlequins 0 – Joondalup Lakers 5 29th July 2011 at PHS-2 No Report Provided

Next Game Round 14 Joondalup Lakers vs Newman Knights 2.30pm Sunday 7th August Arena

Brian Saxby

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Round 12 Joondalup Lakers 0 – Ellenbrook 0 23rd July 2011 at Arena Going into this game we knew Ellenbrook's defence would be tough to beat. They have drawn many of their games this season and rarely concede goals. Over the course of the game, we matched Ellenbrook's defensive style of play, and gradually became more apprehensive about moving forward in attack. The full backs and half backs saw more of the ball than usual, but to their credit, prevented Ellenbrook from scoring. Although we played quite defensive, we once again had some opportunities in our attacking D that we did not make the most of. Our conversion rate of short corners is quite poor, and we are looking to improve this in preparation for finals. This game was tough, but it was definitely a game we should have won. Round 13 Victoria Park – Joondalup Lakers 30th July 2011 at Arena Although the game was at 8.30pm on a Saturday night, the girls were pumped and ready to secure a much needed win. We switched on immediately and were all over Vic Park for the entire first half. Our passes were sharp and accurate, and our marking was spot on. The forwards made some brilliant leads, and passing through the centre of the field was fantastic, resulting in a 5-0 lead at half time. We restarted the second half with the same intensity that we had displayed in the first half, and scored another goal at the very start of the second half. After the re-start in the centre, Vic Park turned over possession to us, and Emily Eckert took a shot on goal. The Vic Park goalie made a brilliant initial save, and our forwards were quick to collect the ball from the pads. The Vic Park goalie managed to save a couple of attempted tap-ins before collapsing in a heap on the goal line. Time was called, and before we knew it, Vic Park had forfeited and the game was over. Some of us came off the field frustrated that our chance at getting a really big win had been thwarted by fate, but you can't really complain with a 6-0 win! Although we still need to improve our goal difference, this score certainly puts us in good stead for up coming matches against the top three teams. - Michelle Pontre

Next Game Round 14 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs University of WA 10 5.30pm Sunday 7th August Hale Turf

Recent Results Men’s Promotion 2 Round 12 Joondalup Lakers 5 – North Coast Raiders 1 23rd July 2011 at Arena On a beautifully cold night at Joondalup a little bit of magic revealed itself to all that watched. With finally a full squad of players (& a fly around Kiwi) to run with, Raiders never stood a chance, we had the super sub/coach with a busted leg, and a cold beer, running the bench making classy substitutions every 4 to 5 minutes which in turn itself was a sight to see. Raiders were so far on the back foot from the start they had bathers on and were in the pool, we dominated them in all aspects of the game, great passing and movement up front, terrific ball control and switching in the back half and of course GOALS. Five to be precise and they were a delight to watch from Toms tap ins, to Haggis’s flick over the keeper at pace, to the short corner battery, (oh and what a battery). The defence held strong never letting Raiders come anywhere near Jaim, Raiders never even got a short corner. Praise must go to Ben Cowcher who after the game, when I asked who got the goals claimed 3, even though he got none, now everyone knows that a hattrick is a carton fine, so we look forward to drinking Bens unofficial hattrick, and no the goals didn’t go into Hockeynet for Ben. As for best players well there were a couple, but lets just say a great team effort. Round 13 Blades 1 – Joondalup Lakers 4 30th July 2011 at PHS-1 In what was going to be the showdown of the round the 2’s came up against a determined Blades, Blades were pushing for a top 2 spot and a chance to go back up to Willow Bridge. But we had other plans, this was a big game for us to take the 3 points and move into second spot, breathing down the neck of the pommy imported Lions. Blades pushed us hard from the start with their man on man style of play, and from the back we fell into their trap of hitting long. We gave away a cheap penalty corner half way through the first half and Bang down a goal. Rebounding like all the great teams do not 5 minutes later the scores were level. Half time came & went seeing the two teams deadlocked at 1 all. New game plan of passing short and some hard running off the ball saw Lakers dominate the entire second half putting away another goal with 17 minutes to go, not falling back in defensive mode we kept attacking and with 3 minutes left another. Even that wasn’t satisfactory for the forwards who kept pressing and in the dying seconds another. Final score Lakers 4 def Blades 1. It’s getting better….. -

Next Game Round 14 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs. Newman Knights 2 4.00pm Sunday 7th August Arena


Congratulations to the Men’s Provisional 3 Black as they defeated UWA by 3 goals to 2 in their Challenge Cup match!! Fixtures Next Round: (bold denotes home game) 3:30PM, 6th August @ LAK-1 5:30PM, 7th August @ Arena 4:00PM, 7th August @ Hale 7:00PM, 7th August @ Arena 2:00PM, 6th August @ LAK-1 2:00PM, 6th August @ SUBS-1 7:00PM, 10th August @ PHS-2 9:00PM, 10th August @ Hale N/A

Women’s Metro 2 Black Men’s Provisional 1 Men’s Provisional 2 Gold Men’s Provisional 3 Black Men’s Metro 3 White Men’s Metro 4 Master’s Master’s 2 Master’s 3

vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs -

Modernians 4 Westside Wolves 4 University of WA 6 Westside Wolves 6 Riverside Lions 5 Suburban 6 Riverside Lions WASPS 2 Bye

BSA Weekly Events Bingo Night Monday’s from 7.30 Happy hour is on Wednesday and Friday from 6 - 7 and Sunday afternoon from 5 - 6. On days when there is sport at the club they have pies, pasties and sausage rolls. You can even bring your own pizza or fish and chips down so make sure you head down!!!

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Any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated. Contact Sandy or Mel

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Get your table of 8 ready for the Joondalup Lakers “Minute to Win it” Fundraiser! Sunday night the 14th of August at the BSA, 6 Miami Beach Prom, Iluka $15 per person, Games start at 6pm There will be Auctions, Raffles and Great Prizes to be Won.

Purchase your tickets via – Sporting Pulse (Using the Quiz night as the event) Online, BSB – 306-051 Account No. 4164190 Or cash from Sandy Byfield, Melissa Harkness, Michael Byfield, Michelle Pontre (Turtle) or Sharon Mitchell at trainings or games.

This is our major fundraising event of the year, please come and support your club while having a blast. It only takes a MINUTE TO WIN IT!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the TV show, take a look at their website

The bar will be open for refreshing beverages, please bring along your own plate of food to share with your team. Any donations of prizes would be greatly appreciated! Send info to

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Lakers Bulletin Issue 8  

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