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Issue Seven

July 2011

Challenge Cup This weekend two of our men’s teams have managed to get into the Challenge Cup. Both the two’s and the six’s will be competing for the mid-year prize of being the best in their comps. The games are played at a neutral ground and we’d appreciate it if everyone in the club could show some support by attending at least one of the games. It’s a general bye for all teams, so there’s no excuse. See the fixtures below and we’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

13:00 @ Hale 20:30 @ PHS -2

Match Times Lakers Men's 6s vs University of WA 7s Lakers Men's 2s vs Riverside Lions

Come down in your best dressed purple to show your support and scream for your team!

Are you between 9 and 12 years old? Do you want to learn how to get better at hockey? Then have we got an opportunity for you! Come to the...

Hockey WA SUPER CAMP Hockey WA is running two sessions at Joondalup Arena for budding hockey players of any level. Learn to perfect your hitting, pushing and trapping and pick up some great new fancy skills. COME ONE COME ALL Where: Arena Joondalup When: 19 & 20 July 9-11:00am To Register: Fill in the attached form HERE and fax it to 94585524

Women’s Champions Trophy Unfortunately the Hockeyroo’s only managed a 6th place in the recent 2011 Champions Trophy meaning they are out of automatic selection for next year’s Champions Trophy leading up into the 2012 Olympics. Here’s hoping the women can get an invite for one of the remaining 3 spots from the FIH.

Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Round 9 Joondalup Lakers 0 –Rockingham 0 26th June 2011 at Arena This weekend we were the home team, Rockingham was running late as they were stuck on the freeway, which was slightly annoying as we were all prepared, but by the time they were ready to go we had had a very good warm up. We had a full side even with a few subs on the bench as well. After two starts to the game because of a faulty watch we were away. Both sides were strong and from the beginning it was easy to see who Rockingham’s stronger players were. Getting into it Rockingham was spending a bit more time in our half, with shots on goal going away hard and fast, but our defence was impenetrable. After we had settled into the game things began to click for us, we used space well and had great leads and passing. The game became very even with equal shots on goal and we were beginning to dominate into their half. It was raining on and off which was very refreshing as the day was quite muggy. Second half was more intense with penalty corners for both sides which resulted with great shots on goal. Thankfully for our side JM had an outstanding game along with our goal keeper Sophie and between the two of them, there were many phenomenal saves that kept the score at nil all, and kept us in the game. Unfortunately with all our hard work we were not able to get a goal in either, it seems this is our area we need to improve on. We had plenty of opportunities but we couldn’t turn one of these into a goal. During the second half we had some torrential rain pour down on us, but that only added to the fun and intensity of the game. With the scores locked at nil all, the pace of the game was kept up for the duration of the game, only slowing down in the last 5mins as everyone began to tire. Overall quiet a good and different game for us, everyone was feeling relatively happy afterwards, just a little bit disappointed we couldn’t put away a goal, until next time Rockingham. Round 10 Joondalup Lakers 0 – Hale 4 3rd July 2011 at Arena It was time for us to face Hale again, the top side, and we all knew what a tough game lay ahead of us. We were prepared for this and were going to give the game a good go. We played Hale at the very beginning of the season, and we have improved since then, so we were hoping that the score would also improve. We were kicking off again with a full side and two subs on the bench which was an improvement from the first time we versed Hale. The game started out fast as we knew it would. Hale wanted to get as many goals on the board as fast as possible as they did the first time we played them. But this wasn’t to be the case this game, we were attacking back, and making many advances into their half. This actually threw Hale off their game a bit, they were not expecting us to attack their half with this much strength. We managed to hold Hale off for about the first 15mins of the game before they score their first goal off a short corner. This saw them lift their pace and we had to become that bit more defensive. They were getting shots away with extreme pace but once again thanks to our fantastic defence and fast reflexes from our goalie they couldn’t get them through.

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Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Cont... Hale were getting a lot of short corners, but our first runner Dominque Du Plessis shot down many of their advances mostly by putting her body on the line to stop them. Towards the end of the first half Hale were once again attacking our goal and one of their players from the top of the ‘D’ sent in a high ball, that our goal-keep Sophie couldn’t get a hand to fast enough but never fear as Sandy Byfield also has fast reflexes, so we learnt. As the ball was coming at head height her first instinct was to put her hand up to try and catch the ball to stop it getting into the goal. Completely against the rules, but quite a sight to see her fast reflexes and a rather good catch too. Unfortunately Sandy got a yellow card for this, although she already knew it was coming, this resulted in a stroke for Hale. The Hale player went for the bottom left corner and slotted it past Sophie. This ended the first half two nil down for us. Hale kept up the hard attack throughout the duration of the second half as well, and they got plenty of short corners, we lost count of how many they got, we were making them work hard for the goals they did get as they couldn’t get many shots through. Hale were trying many variations on their short corners mostly layoffs to either side. On one of their shorts corners they decided to do a straight shot, and Sophie couldn’t quite stop it fast enough, and the ball flew through her knees, which brought Hale another goal. For the rest of the second half we kept hale working hard and managed to get some very good break ways into their half, advancing on their goal. The game was now down to the final minutes, it was starting to feel quite good that we had held them off and were only 3-0 down, an improvement from the first game, but with about 10seconds left on the clock, Hale managed to sneak in one last goal. So once again we were defeated 4-0, but this game was much better for us, we made them work a hell of a lot harder for this win, and we would have been a lot happier with 3-0. However for the amount of short corners they had against us, this was a very good outcome for us. Good game ladies well played. - Deborah Edmonds

Next Game Round 12 Joondalup Lakers vs. Melville 2.30pm Saturday 23rd July Arena

Recent Results Men’s Willow Bridge Cup Round 9 Joondalup Lakers 2 – Rockingham 5 26th June 2011 at Arena Jaim is getting a massive fine for not submitting this match report - Jaim Hunt

Round 10 Joondalup Lakers – Bye Round 11 Peel Rebels 0 – Joondalup Lakers 1 9th July 2011 at Mandurah Hockey Stadium Lakers sat third at the halfway point of the season with Peel in second, so this was a match we were well and truly waiting to play. The preparation of the team for the match was one of the best and with the recent returns from injury by Brad Gaudoin and Jamie Carroll in the previous match against Rockingham and the return of travellers Dan Mander, Auke Idema and Alistair Roberts as well as the inclusion of a new player to Lakers Bhavin. Anticipation for the game was also heightened by the upcoming celebration of Tom Wallace’s 21st Birthday. With so many players adding to the squad and so much to play for we arrived in Mandurah with much hope for a win but also the knowledge that a win away against them was a very tough thing for any team in the comp. The match started well enough and with both sides having a similar number of opportunities; it was a real battle of the halfbacks of both sides in the first half with possession the key. Andre Gabriel, Favil Singh, Dusty Tame and Bhavin all played a strong game in the first half. Good marking strategies in defence was a strong tactic for Lakers whilst our attack continued to try team together and sub on and off giving fresh attacking legs to the team. The first half ended as it began, 0-0. As we discussed at halftime we knew that the one thing we needed to continue to do was compose and keep possession of the ball, working together. The start of the second half saw the continuation of the seesaw with more players from both sides suffering cards for professional fouls and some more unprofessional substitutions 5 meters from the halfway line. At one point this proved difficult for us with just 9 players on the field against their 11, yet our fantastic defensive pressure and calling from Dan Mander, Jamie Carroll and Jason Avery kept them out and also limited their effectiveness on short corners. With 10 minutes to go and scores locked we pushed hard and played some great hockey resulting in forcing some errors from the opposition. The eventual result of some good attacking teamwork and leading resulted in Brad Gaudoin receiving a ball in the ‘D’ and earning a penalty stroke. Andre Gabriel stepped up to the spot and without a step buried the ball past the stick side of the peel keeper. 1-0! We continued to mount the pressure on them in the last 3 minutes earning a short corner. Alistair Roberts dragged a flick into the goal that was disallowed due to some unusual ruling by the opposite umpire (due to apparent danger to opposition runners). The game ended soon after however with the ball in our possession and the 1-0 win in the bag! The 3 points is very handy as we continue with the match in 2 weeks against Raiders then Harlies. If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you like to see in the Newsletter, please contact Tom Wallace at

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Round 9 Joondalup Lakers 3 – Newman Knights 1 25th June 2011 at Arena This game was easily our best so far this season. Newman is second on the ladder and expected to get an easy win. We came out hard from the word go and attacked the ball, and were rewarded early on with a goal. As the game progressed, our response to Newman's switching of players during play was seamless, we marked our respective players and kept our structure. We used short, accurate passes to keep the ball in our attacking half for most of the game. We scored another goal just before half time and started the second half with a 2 goal lead. In the last 10 minutes Newman scored, and the game got a little frantic with the score being 2-1. Thankfully, the pressure was taken off 5 minutes before the end of the game when we scored our third goal. Thanks so much to the few spectators that braved the cold and stuck around to witness this well-deserved win! Round 10 Joondalup Lakers 0 – WASPS 1 2nd July 2011 at PHS-2 It was hard to gage the strength of the opposition before the game. Since WASPS is a big club with plenty of players to draw from, and noticing a mostly different WASPS line-up compared to the team we had played last time, we knew we had our work cut out for us. To our credit, we started the game strong and kept our structure for most of the game. We marked the opposition tightly, and did not give them much room for breakaway attacks. At times the game got heated and quite physical but we kept our cool and continued to attack the ball. We did not sit back and defend the entire game, which was great to see, and we had plenty of chances in attack to put away some goals. In the dying minutes of the game we lost concentration for a split second and left a couple of opposition players unmarked in our defensive D. WASPS, on the counter-attack, pushed the ball from the spot into the far right corner of the goal, which was brilliantly saved by SJ – but unfortunately no-one was there to collect from the pads and clear the ball out. To our dismay, a soft push from the WASPS attacker was enough to secure them the win. Everyone came off the field tired, frustrated and angry. To have fought so hard for the entire game and to concede a scrappy goal in the last few minutes of the game was really disappointing. However, the fight we put up throughout the match is a positive element which greatly outweighs the result of the game. The main aspect we need to focus on is putting away goals early on. We have most of the possession in nearly all of our games and play some fantastic hockey, but if we do not make the most of goal scoring opportunities we will continue to be punished – and even risk being bumped out of the top 4 on goal difference alone – despite the fact that we are the only team in our grade to have beaten the top team! (Dale). I know we are capable of getting a big win under our belt so watch this space...

Chili Tuesdays After men’s training on Tuesday follow the horde to Chili’s restaurant in Joondalup for some great food and hockey conversation.

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Cont... Round 11 Canning 0 – Joondalup Lakers 5 10th July 2011 at Lark Hill We finally got that big win we were searching for! After a long drive to Rockingham on a cold Sunday morning, we were raring to get the game underway. We put 2 goals away early and were 3 goals up at half time. We even changed our usual structure by giving defenders a run up forward. We could have won the game by much, much more – the ball rarely crossed into the opposition's attacking 25 and didn't enter their attacking D at all during the game. The match made it clear that we need to to work on our short corner conversions, and our tap ins and deflections from crosses into the D. It remains to be seen where we sit on the ladder, hopefully the win was enough to get us back into the top 4. We are positive we can make the finals, but have a couple of tough, decisive games in the next couple of rounds.

- Michelle Pontre

Next Game Round 12 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs Ellenbrook 1.00pm Saturday 23rd July Arena Get down and support the girls as they continue their push for finals!! Men’s Promotion 2 Round 9 Joondalup Lakers 3 – Rockingham 2 25th June 2011 at Arena Round 10 Joondalup Lakers – Bye Round 11 Kalamunda 0 – Joondalup Lakers 2 10th July 2011 at PHS-2

Next Game Challenge Cup Joondalup Lakers 2 vs. Riverside Lions 8.30pm Saturday 16th July PHS-2

JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT REGIONAL TEAM SELECTIONS Each year Hockey WA conducts the elite based Smarter than Smoking Regional Junior Championships in the U13 and U15 age groups for boys and girls. The Championship takes a round robin format with each of the seven teams playing each other once. This Championship consists of four metro and three country regions as defined below: EAST METRO NORTH METRO SOUTH METRO WEST METRO COUNTRY GREAT SOUTHERN SOUTH WEST Selections for these regions have just completed and we would like to congratulate the following juniors who have been selected to play for the North Metro Region. U13 Girls North Metro Region

 Daljinder Sidhu  Samantha Van Munster

J7/8 Girls J7/8 Girls

U13 Boys North Metro Region

 Dane Gavranich

J5/6 Boys

U15 Boys North Metro Region

 Ryan Saxby

J11/12 Boys

To be selected for a regional team is not an easy task as these juniors would have had to compete against nine other club nominees in the North Metro Region. So a BIG well done to all!!!! In addition to the above I would especially like to congratulate Dane Gavranich who has also been selected for the U12 State School Boys Team! WELL DONE DANE!!!! The Regional Championships are to be played in the July school holidays so if anyone is interested in going to watch some higher level junior hockey please do go along and support your fellow team players. Dates are as follows: 2011 Championship Venues and Dates U13 Boys Perth Hockey Stadium U13 Girls Perth Hockey Stadium U15’s Perth Hockey Stadium

Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 July Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 July Thursday 21 and Friday 22 July

UMPIRING CLINIC PIZZA NIGHT!!!! We are holding an umpiring clinic for all new, beginner and/or experienced umpires. This clinic is open to all Members (Junior & Senior), Partners and Parents! ! ! ! ! !

If you have never umpired before, however are interested in learning, please do attend! If you can umpire however, have never completed a course or attended a clinic, please do attend! Parents please note, in order to be an umpire you do not need to have played hockey, so if you are curious and are slightly interested please do attend! If you a brilliant umpire, then please do attend as we can always learn from you!!  Most important of all there will be PIZZA!! 

Please note, at minimum the Club expects Junior & Senior umpires to have completed the community umpiring course and accreditation. This is a free online course that can be accessed through the following link By attending this umpiring course you can obtain the community accreditation. All attendees will need to undertake a simple practical assessment as the seminar will cover more than the material that is covered in the online training program.


Monday 25 July 2011


Club Rooms, Beaumaris Sports Club (BSA), Miami Beach Promenade, Iluka


7:30PM – 9:00PM



Fixtures Next Round: (bold denotes home game) 2:00PM, 23rd July @ LAK-2 7:00PM, 23rd July @ Arena 7:00PM, 24th July @ Hale Turf 8:30PM, 23rd July @ Arena 5:30PM, 23rd July @ UWA Turf 2:00PM, 23rd July @ LAK-1 3:30PM, 23rd July @ LAK-1 N/A 9:00PM, 20th July @ Arena 7:00PM, 20th July @ PHS-2

Women’s Metro 2 Black Men’s Provisional 1 Men’s Provisional 2 Black Men’s Provisional 2 Gold Men’s Provisional 3 Black Men’s Metro 3 White Men’s Metro 4 Master’s Master’s 2 Master’s 3

vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs

Harlequin 3 Melville 4 Westside Wolves 5 Kalamunda 2 University of WA 7 Cowan Uni 2 Harlequin 2 Bye Hale 3 University Associates 3

Club Info Club Day Coming up on the 23rd of July the Arena is hosting Joondalup Laker’s next club day. With six of our turf teams playing back to back, there’s more than enough reason to get down and show your support. The women’s 2s team kicks off proceedings with a tough match against the newcomer’s Ellenbrook. Then the women’s first team will be up against Melville who they’re hoping to put up a good fight and come away with a few points. After the women finish up the men’s first team take on a struggling North Coast Raiders side. In the first round we managed to come up 6-3 victors after a fade out in the last 10 minutes so we’ll be hoping for all three points again. The men’s second side will be up against Raider’s equivalent and after their Challenge Cup match this weekend will be hoping to continue their 5 game winning streak. The men’s threes will be up against a tough Melville side and the 5s will finish off the night with a must win game against Kalamunda’s second string. Check out the full list below and be sure to rock up in your best purple!! Match Times Lakers Women's 2s vs Ellenbrook Lakers Women’s 1s vs Melville Lakers Men’s 1s vs North Coast Raiders 1s Lakers Men’s 2s vs North Coast Raiders 2s Lakers Men’s 3s vs Melville 4 Lakers Men’s 5s vs Kalamunda 2s

13:00 14:30 16:00 17:30 19:00 20:00

BSA Weekly Events Bingo Night Monday’s from 7.30 Happy hour is on Wednesday and Friday from 6 - 7 and Sunday afternoon from 5 - 6. On days when there is sport at the club they have pies, pasties and sausage rolls. You can even bring your own pizza or fish and chips down so make sure you head down!!!

Minute to Win It!


Any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated. Contact Sandy or Mel

HookIn2Hockey WindUp


Club Windup

23/09/11 Join us on facebook today

See full fixtures and results here

Get your table of 8 ready for the Joondalup Lakers “Minute to Win it” Fundraiser! Friday night the 15th of July at the BSA, 6 Miami Beach Prom, Iluka $15 per person, Games start at 7pm There will be Auctions, Raffles and Great Prizes to be Won.

Purchase your tickets via – Sporting Pulse (Using the Quiz night as the event) Online, BSB – 306-051 Account No. 4164190 Or cash from Sandy Byfield, Melissa Harkness, Michael Byfield, Michelle Pontre (Turtle) or Sharon Mitchell at trainings or games.

This is our major fundraising event of the year, please come and support your club while having a blast. It only takes a MINUTE TO WIN IT!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the TV show, take a look at their website

The bar will be open for refreshing beverages, please bring along your own plate of food to share with your team. Any donations of prizes would be greatly appreciated! Send info to

Club Sponsors

Trading Page

The Club Trading Page is open to all local businesses. This is a great way to get your business known within the local community. This Bulletin goes out to over 200 people as well as their families so please contact our club secretary, Ian Colan at, for further details/inquiries.

Lakers Bulletin Issue 7  

Joondalup Lakers Hockey Club Bulletin

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