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Issue Five

June 2011

Club Day The club day on the weekend was a great success with hundreds of supporters walking through the gates. Thanks to all those who helped out on the BBQ and in particular Heidi, Sandy and Mel for arranging the whole thing. Check out the results of the games played below. Match Results Lakers Women's 2s 3 - 0 Victoria Park 6 Lakers Women’s 1s 1 - 2 Whitfords Lakers Men's 1s 4 - 1 Whitfords Lakers Men's 2s 1 - 1 Cowan Uni Lakers Men's 3s 2 - 2 Whitfords 2s

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER TO ALL JUNIOR & SENIOR PLAYERS Registration Fees are now overdue! Players aren’t eligible for selection to play in any further games, and are also not covered by the Club’s insurance, until fees are paid! Australian Hockey League June 25th & 26th from 12pm the WA Thundersticks will compete against the Victorian Vikings, Canberra Lakers and South Australian Hotshots at Perth Hockey Stadium. Saturday 25 12:00 ACT v Vic 2:00 SA v WA Saturday 26 12:00 WA v VIC 2:00 SA v ACT Tickets can be purchased through our club and you’ll get a discount if you do so. Tickets at the gate will be: $15 Seats, $10 Grass, $7 Grass Concession, Under 15 Grass FREE but if you contact Tim Bowler on 0438 982 023 we can book a set of 30+ grandstand seats for only $10 each. Please try and get behind this event and support our club and the WA Thundersticks. For more information check out the Thundersticks’ website here.

Club News Dress Your Decade With the Dress Your Decade event only days away, here are some last minute ideas for dressing up: 1960's - The Beatles, The Supremes, Star Trek, Beach Boys, Audrey Hepburn, Dr Who, Elvis, Marilyn Munroe, anything Hippie! 1970's - John Travolta, Sandy from Grease, Diana Ross, Austin Powers, Felicity Shagwell, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Elton John, KISS, ABBA, The Village People, Bruce Lee 1980's - Madonna, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Cyndi Lauper, AC/DC, B-52's, Billy Idol, The Bangles, Boy George, Boris Becker, David Bowie, Tina Turner, anything PUNK! 1990's - Mariah Carey, BackStreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Guns n Roses, Oasis, Spice Girls, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, MC Hammer and of course Osama Bin Laden!

Volunteers Wanted for Hockey Events Hockey WA is seeking keen volunteers to help at a selection of exciting events occurring in 2011. We need match report writers, VIP entry persons, traffic guards and many more. University students who wish to get work experience hours are welcome to apply. The Australian Hockey League has men's home games on the weekend of the 25 and 26 June. The Under 21 Men's National Championships are in July for two weeks from 5 July. The Hockey 9's International Super Series is over 4 day from 20-23 October. Contact for more information

Joondalup Arena Caravan We have organised to open and run the Caravan at the Arena Turf on the days that we have 4 - 5 teams playing there, these dates are – Sat 25th June Sat 23rd July Sun 7th August Sat 13th August Sat 20th August Sat 27th August Because this allows us to sell alcohol, we need some volunteers with RSA's (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate) to run it. If we could get someone to volunteer to be the Bar Manager on these weekends and have other volunteers to be rostered on throughout the day this would be ideal. Please let me know if you are interested at all in helping out Venue's West has stressed to us that because the caravan and Turf are under their Liquor Licence we must make sure we do not bring any alcohol into the venue and we must not take any alcohol out of the venue. Please help us with this, if there are any breaches then we will not be allowed to have the caravan open at all. Hopefully with these facilities’s now open on these days this will encourage people to stay and support our teams. - Sandy Byfield

Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Round 5 OGMHC 2 – Joondalup Lakers 3 22nd May 2011 at PHS-2 This week’s game was held at Perth Hockey Stadium, a lovely sunny afternoon after all of the rain we had, had. Half of the team were all there nice and early but then it was a little touch-and-go with some people delayed and a few sick and injured players, which again meant we were left with no subs. This didn’t help the nerves, as we all knew just how important it was to win this game. Doc gave us a good chat before the game, with emphasis on the fact that we must come out fighting hard because both sides were gunning for a win. The start of the game was very evenly matched, and the umpires were being very strict and not playing advantage, which made the game feel a bit scrappy. It was a great start for us as we were managing to get short corners. Within the first 10mins of the game we had managed to score our first goal, converted from a short corner by Dominique de Plessis.

Toyah puts the women 3-0 up

We were playing a very strong first half and managed to keep a lot of possession and get a few more short corners with Dominique de Plessis scoring yet another goal from one. Later in the half an ecstatic Toyah Tinworth scored her first goal of the season, a beautiful corner shot, which left us 3-0 up for the first half. A fantastic feeling for us, we were in front and for once we were first on the board. Coming off at half time we were all pretty happy and quiet tired, it was hot there were no subs and we were giving it our all. But we couldn’t pull back now there was still a full 35mins dor the game to change. However during the second half our tiredness began to show, with Guilford getting their first goal. Our defence was having a brilliant game Sandy Byfield and JM putting up a great defensive attack, talking to the team lots and moving us around, as cracks were starting to show and a few sloppy mistakes were being made. In the last 10mins Guilford got their second goal, so it was now very important for us to hold on and attack, Guilford had got a second wind and could taste how close the win was, but we were not letting go. Down into the final minutes and we held Guilford off, resulting in our first win for the season! It was a bit of a scrappy game during some parts, with a few cards given out on both sides. But a great finish and a much needed victory for us. Great team work girls! - Deborah Edmonds

Lakers Night at Arena Bar Head over to the Arena bar after Thursday’s training. It’s a good time to socialise and get to know some of the great people within our club.

Recent Results Women’s Willow Bridge League Round 6 Joondalup Lakers 1 – Whitfords 2 28th May 2011 at Arena This weekend was club day for Lakers we had nearly all of our teams were playing one after each other. So most of us arrived early to the turf to watch our woman’s two’s team play before hand. We had a few injuries this week with two players out, one with a hamstring injury and the other with a recurring thumb problem. So thankfully we had one of the girls from the twos Emily Eckert who stayed after her game to be a sub for us, which with the afternoon heat was much appreciated. Heading onto the turf everyone was very focused wanting to get more goals and walk away with another win. With the injuries in the team this week there had been some shuffling of players on the field and a few of us were in positions we were not used to. Both teams were very determined to win so the game started out very fast paced. We had some great team work going on, with a lot of movement of the ball all around the turf with good switches being used and nice accurate passing. Both teams were getting plenty of short corner’s, because of this the team was putting in a fantastic effort and running back hard. Chanelle Webster was putting up a great attack and running onto a lot of 50/50 ball and succeeding at keeping the ball away from the Lakers on the attack Whitfords’ wingers. Whitfords managed to score first but we answered quickly with our own goal. A great run down the right side of the field with some spectacular triangle passing, into the circle, with Emily Eckert pouncing on the ball and scoring a fantastic goal from the left corner. This was a great booster for us it kept out drive to win up, it was an even game again. However starting into the second half it was clear that some of our energy had been sapped by the heat the pace of the game had slowed but only slightly as we were still very focused and we had a great team flow going. A few mistakes were beginning to show, 50/50 balls were not picked up so readily. Unfortunately Whitfords got another goal, and we were unlucky with some very close misses towards the end. Mellissa Harkness put up an amazing defence with JM given that she had never played a full back before, her work rate never dropped and she really stepped up and did what was asked of her which shows a great hockey player. In the end it was another good game for us as a team with an unfortunate result as we were so close. We have been working so hard and pulling together as a team, we owe it to ourselves to get another win. - Deborah Edmonds

Next Game Round 7 Joondalup Lakers vs. Suburban 1.00pm Sunday 12th June Shenton Turf

If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you like to see in the Newsletter, please contact us at and we’ll get onto it.

Recent Results Men’s Willow Bridge Cup Round 5 Newman Knights 2 – Joondalup Lakers 0 22nd May 2011 at Hale The game started with the Lakers going in hard to get the early goal. We came close to scoring a goal in the first 15 mins. During one of the many penalty corners that we had, Ian Colan made a good stick stop from a great push out by Jason Avery, for Ali Roberts to sling in one of his trademark flicks only for the Newman keeper to make an outstanding save. We carried on with the domination in terms of attack with both Tom Wallace and Joel Sargent having couple of shots on goals that pulled out more saves from the opposing keeper. The way the game was heading in the first half, it seem we did not need the services of our goalkeeper Daniel Mander but on a rare forage toward our goal, Newman attacker tested our rock solid defence held by Captain Jamie Carroll and his partner in crime Trent Schurmann but to no avail. The first half came to a close with us still trying to find the first goal. After a great pep-talk by both our coach Saxby and assistance (for the time being) Brad Gaudion, we went back into the game with a renewed vigour and focus to get that elusive early goal. We again started from where we left off from the first half attacking the opponent and trying to breakdown their rock hard defence. At one point, we thought we scored. Our centre half Andre Gabriel flicked a penalty corner shot into goal, the ball beat their goalkeeper and was travelling into the goal and we celebrated; only to see in the last split of a second the Newman defender stretches and slaps the ball out just millimetres before it cross the goal-line. Favil’s tomahawk

As if rejuvenated from that extraordinary last gap save on the line, this gave the Newman team a new impetus to attack. In one these counter-attacks off an intercepted pass, Newman scored and we were down 0-1. This was very demoralising but we had to pick ourselves up and carry on trying to find that much needed goal. As we were pressuring the Newman defenders, who were defending in numbers, trying to get back on level terms we found ourselves to be 2 goals down. We were again caught off-guard. Again for the second time, we had to pick ourselves up to find our momentum to fight this uphill battle. With the second half drawing to a close and time running out, we pushed up further leaving our defence slightly thin. We could have been 3 down if not for Dusty Tame to have made a last ditch tackle to deny Newman. We kept our head and finished the game the way we started; attacking. Unfortunately, we could not find a consolation goal and thus unable to overturn the score. Well done to Newman Knights, until me meet again in the next round. - Favil Singh

Chili Tuesdays After men’s training on Tuesday follow the horde to Chili’s restaurant in Joondalup for some great food and hockey conversation.

Recent Results Men’s Willow Bridge Cup Round 6 Joondalup Lakers 4 –Whitfords 1 28th May 2011 at Arena The Willow Bridge Men hit the Arena turf once again, this time to battle local rival Whitfords. After an embarrassing defeat the week before the spirit of the boys lifted in the change rooms due to the mere presence of veteran James Hanger on the bench for the first time all season. A tidy start made for some entertaining hockey from the boys in purple on Club Day with some strong attacks into the 25, yet as has been the case in recent times the scoreboard didn’t tick over. Almost against the flow, Whitfords’ short corner specialist hit the roof of the net to register the first goal of the day. A well-executed corner variation to start the second half gave Lakers the spark required – after some words of wisdom from coach Brian Saxby the boys were positive, confident and a slight tweak of the line-up proved to be the difference in the end with Dusty Tame creating havoc on the right, Andre Gabriel shutting down their right side which was causing some concern in the first half and the evergreen Favil (icious) Singh controlling the corridor. A rocket drag flick from Ali Roberts, a field goal to follow and one more from Joel Sargent sealed the deal for Lakers in the local derby 4-1. Coach Brian Saxby was happy with the win, “I picked the scoreline before the game, ask Ryan”. - Brad Gaudoin

Next Game Round 7 Joondalup Lakers vs. Modernians 7.00pm Friday 10th June PHS-2

Mug of the Week Congratulations to Jamie Carroll on winning this week’s mug of the week award. Jamie was chosen because the coach’s phone rang during the post game talk.

Previous week’s winner was Brad Gaudoin. Brad managed to get captain JC sent off in the Newman game and his phone rang whilst the post game talk was going on.

Recent Results Men’s Promotion 2 Round 5 Newman Knights 2 – Joondalup Lakers 2 22nd May 2011 at Hale This game is one that got away, we had so much attack, just couldn’t find enough goals. The score line ended in a draw 2 all, but in no way did it resemble the way the game was played. We peppered their ‘D’ all day, pressured all day just no goals. Praise must go to all players; they never gave up and didn’t get frustrated when ball after ball went past the goal face. Newman rebelled against us on the odd occasion and thanks to Jaim we withstood an after siren short corners against us. The game over, at least we didn’t lose! Cowan next week, our nemesis side. Must Win - Byf Round 6 Joondalup Lakers 2 – Cowan 1 28th May 2011 at Arena Joondalup The 2’s nemesis side in our competition is Cowan, every time we play against them we always seem to go backwards. The game started with no exception, we took off, dominated play for a couple of minutes, Cowan had a fast break and Boom! Down by one. The boys were a little shell shocked at this and spent the next 10 – 15 minutes running around like idiots, rushing tackles, over-running balls etc. After the realization that this wasn’t working they slowed down a little, passed the ball around properly and we started to really dominate the game. Cowan still looked dangerous on the fast break but we held strong. With the game plan working a couple of goals were added by some good smart play. Well done to Handbag (George) and Drew who came off the bench and are pushing strongly to get into the 2’s starting line up. The win keeps us in touch with the top 2 and (if hockeynet ever figure out what’s wrong with their computers) maybe in the top 2. - Byf

Next Game Round 7 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs. Modernians 2 8.30pm Friday 10th June PHS-2 Dress Your Decade HookIn2Hockey Carnival Minute to Win It!

THIS WEEKEND!!! 26/06/11 15/07/11

Any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated. Contact Sandy or Mel

HookIn2Hockey WindUp Club Windup

26/08/11 23/09/11

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 The 2s team this year is entirely different from any past Lakers Women's 2s team and comprises players who have remained at the Club, players who have returned to Lakers, some talented new players, former Girls 11/12 players and sometimes Vets players! We have quite a mix, but so far, it seems that has been the secret to our success... Our Round 5 game against Ellenbrook showcased some brilliant play from the forwards and halfbacks. Sarah Easson, Nicky Easson and Brittany Chandler provided strength through the centre of the field, and created plenty of opportunities for shots on goal. Nicole Cawcutt and Caitlyn Earl crossed the ball into the D countless times in search of that lucky deflection, but to no avail. The ball remained in our attacking half for almost all of the game, except for a couple of breakaways from Ellenbrook which caught our usually solid back line off guard. The only fault with our game is that we could not get the ball into the back of the net! Round 6 Joondalup Lakers 3 – Victoria Park 28th May 2011 at Arena The 2s were pumped after our disappointing draw with Ellenbrook the week before and, with the help of a good warm-up, set the pace of the game from the word go. It was clear after the first 5 minutes that it was a game we could win. It was just a matter of scoring some goals! Our forward line stepped up to the challenge early on in the first half. The ball was crossed into the D to Kayla Luk, who was unmarked and in prime position on the spot. She scored a superb goal by smashing the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal, catching the Vic Park goalie by surprise. Tam Watts then scored another great goal off of a short corner by heading to the post after pushing out, to deflect Sarah Easson's hit into the top the net. We were up by 2 goals at half time and were determined not to give away our lead, so we started the second half as if the score was nil all. Kayla Luk managed to score one more goal, which solidified our lead and gave Vic Park little hope of getting back into the game. However, we did drop our form just a tad in the last 10 minutes, allowing Vic Park to make a couple of quick breakaways. With the afternoon sun bearing down on us for most of the game, we were glad to hear the final whistle. The 2s played well as a team, with plenty of accurate passes and leads being made throughout the game. We still need to improve our communication on the field, at times we were too quiet and our lack of talk made us miss some good opportunities to pass the ball and take shots on goal. The forward line and midfield 'defended in attack' – they fought hard for the ball, especially in 50/50 contests. Consequently, our defenders had little to, with the ball remaining in our attacking D for most of the game; but, their rest will be short-lived when we face the top two teams in the next couple of rounds. It was great to see so much of what we learnt at training that week being put into practice during the game. Credit must be given to Aoife Breathnach who, on countless occasions, jinked the ball over the opposition's stick and made some great runs up the right side of the field. Emily Eckert also made made some great crosses into our attacking D. Continued next page...

Recent Results Women’s Provisional 4 Cont. Hopefully this win will bring us into the top 4. The 2s will be training hard over the next couple of weeks to get a much needed win over UWA, so that we will be in a good position when we verse the top 2 teams in our grade. A special mention and thanks must be given to the Girls 11/12 players who stuck around and decided to come up to seniors – Emily Eckert, Nicole Cawcutt, Sarah-Jane Idzerda, Lolly McAinish and Charlotte Thompson. They have truly held their own during games so far and are great additions to their respective senior teams. Keep up the good work girls! - Michelle Pontre

Next Game Round 7 Joondalup Lakers 2 vs. UWA 10 8.30pm Saturday 11th June UWA

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Fixtures This Week: 2:00PM, 11th June @ MODS-3 2:30PM, 12th June @ Aquinas 2:30PM, 11th June @ Rockingham 7:00PM, 11th June @ Aquinas 8:30PM, 11th June @ Shenton 3:30PM, 11th June @ RLION-1 N/A 7:30PM, 8th June @ Arena 9:00PM, 8th June @ Arena N/A

Women’s Metro 2 Black Men’s Provisional 1 Men’s Provisional 2 Black Men’s Provisional 2 Gold Men’s Provisional 3 Black Men’s Metro 3 White 7 Men’s Metro 4 Master’s Master’s 2 Master’s 3

vs vs vs vs vs vs vs vs -

Modernians 3 Old Aquinians 4 Rockingham 3 Old Aquinians 5 YMCC 5 Riverside Lions 5 Umpiring Bye NC Raiders 2 CT Pirates 2 Bye

See full fixtures and results here BSA Weekly Events Bingo Night Monday’s from 7.30 Happy hour is on Wednesday and Friday from 6 - 7 and Sunday afternoon from 5 - 6. On days when there is sport at the club they have pies, pasties and sausage rolls. You can even bring your own pizza or fish and chips down so make sure you head down!!!

Promotion of junior teams: Well done to the J9/10 Purple girls’ team! They have been moved up to the A Reserve competition due to the great results they were achieving in the B Grade. The J7/8 girls’ team was moved up to the B Grade competition after proving their capabilities over the past 3 weeks. We wish both teams well as they face stiffer competition at these levels!

J7/8B Girls: Match Report Round 4 There were a few nervous young ladies and expectant parents just before our first B grade match after being promoted by WA Hockey, and a very excited Coach! The girls played well, in unseasonably hot weather, against Riverside Lions at Vic Park (where, let’s face it – their grass is almost as good as turf) and the game was a lot faster than we are used to, practicing at Iluka. We were unfortunate to go into half time 1-0 down (I claim total responsibility for that goal…..note to self: DO NOT shout at defenders when they are under attack!). Our second half was better than the first with yet another 4 or 5 opportunities (3 open goals…………as well as the one we scored!) It was heartbreaking to have most of the possession and narrowly lose 2-1. Riverside Lions will have left the grounds relieved. All in all I am very proud of my girls, as were all the parents. If we play to our potential we will do well this season. Brooke Morley was the parents’ best player choice (for the second week in a row – go Brooke!) Kirstin Morley J7/8 Girls Coach

Junior Hockey: All our teams are showing steady development as we move into the next few rounds before we break for the holidays. This weekend is a general bye for all teams. Presently the teams are in the following positions on their ladders: (Past weekend’s results not yet available)

J5/6 Regional Girls: 8th J5/6B Girls: 3rd J5/6B Boys: 8th J5/6A Boys: 8th J7/8B Girls: 1st (C grade) J7/8B Boys: 7th J9/10B Girls: 6th J9/10A Reserve Girls: 1st (B grade) J9/10B Boys: 7th J11/12B Black Boys: 4th J11/12B Gold Boys: 1st “Oh, is that what he wants us to do!”

Club Day – Arena Turf: A big thank you to the juniors, and their parents, who came to support our senior men and women on Saturday! It was a lovely warm afternoon and both Willow Bridge games were nail biters – well done to the seniors for putting on such an exciting display of great hockey. Our next Club Day is on the 25th of June, starting at 1pm, and we hope to have even more juniors filling the stand, wearing their purple shirts!! There will be 6 senior teams playing consecutively on this day at the Arena.

Thanks to some willing helpers who assisted with the Sausage Sizzle during the afternoon!!

Hin2H: Our numbers are still growing and last week we saw the teams playing their first hockey game. It was wonderful to watch how enthusiastically they took up the challenge of learning to play as a team and a lot of potential was evident. This Friday the teams will look very professional in their team colours!

Rookey Carnival: A reminder to all players that the carnival is coming up soon – Sunday, 26th June! It will be held on the Perth Hockey Stadium fields (Barblett Oval) from 10am to 2pm. We’ll need to know who is available for this event by this Friday as the teams have to be nominated next week. If there are any junior players who would like to work on their umpiring skills at this event they are welcome to contact Heidi – we need at least 4 umpires on the day!

Sausage Sizzle – Fridays 5pm: Our Sausage Sizzle roster is up and running – a big thank you to the parents who have volunteered a Friday. There are still some places that need filling! All club members are welcome to join us from 5pm on Fridays at the BSA for a delicious hotdog or ‘boerewors’ roll and a drink or two from the bar. (Don’t forget your orange tag!)

Ryan Marlow’s J5/6A Boys supporting their coach at the Arena before warming up with the Men’s 1 team

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