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MOVIE REVIEW | Iron Man strikes again By Sherene Clegg Laker Lately

Iron Man 3, which hit theaters in May 2013, is a comical action movie that offers viewers of all ages something to remember it by. Shane Black, the director of this impressive movie, shows viewers the emotional side of the superhero by showing us that Stark has ordinary problems like the rest of the world. The baseline of the movie revolves around Stark’s feelings of inadequacy regarding protecting his girlfriend Pepper Pots. To add to the conflict, America is under uncontrolled terrorism attacks by a man called The Mandarin. In this high action, electrifying movie, Stark with the help of a few important comical characters, attempts to save the love of his life,

along with the country, while keeping as many people alive as possible. Actor Robert Downey Jr, who plays the role of Tony Stark, is an actor who is perfect for the role of iron man. Robert Downey Jr has the abilities to play the right amount of emotional balance into his character. He is very in touch with the humorous side of Stark throughout the movie, but never ceases to really portray the feelings of a man who is struggling internally. The director exhibits excellent visual effects that cause the viewer to believe that they are right alongside Ironman in the action. In one particular scene in which Tony Stark has to save Pepper from the nefarious Aldrich Killian, the remarkable alliance of all of Tony Stark’s Iron Man

prototypes destroy the Mandarin’s virtually indestructible allies. In this scene, extraordinary quality depictions of machine versus man contact carry through to the very last second, urging viewers to be on the edge of their seat throughout the duration of the violent fight. The portrayal of the Mandarin as an Arab was a definite fault of the directors. This man is shown as an Arab man with a turban and a long beard that is the stereotypical terrorist, which could raise concern with some viewers. Targeting Arab people as being thought of as terrorists is an issue already occurring in this country, and we shouldn’t be singling anybody out based on only their ethnic identity. Other than this inappropriate theme,

the movie blended comedy and action perfectly. Without humor, this movie would be a depressing story about a man who has panic attacks and makes bizarre suits made of iron. The writers in this movie were smart to incorporate humorous elements to lighten up some of the aspects that had a harder point with a deeper meaning. By doing this, the viewers feel more comfortable in continuing to watch the movie. Also, who doesn’t like a little humor? Iron Man 3 was released on DVD October 8th, 2013 to Redbox and all general stores. This movie has it all, from the engaging scenes to the striking visual effects, proving that Iron Man 3 is a movie that people of all ages must see.

Dia de los Muertos holds strong Hispanic roots Staff report As we near the end of October and begin attending pumpkin patches, deciding upon what costumes to wear, and putting spooky decorations around the front yard, it is hard to miss that Halloween will soon be upon us. It is the time of year where most discussions overheard in the halls are about whose costume will be cutest, whose house will have the biggest celebration, and the ultimate question ... where can high schoolers go trick or treating and not be frowned upon? While Halloween is an

annually celebrated holiday by the majority of the United States, it originated from the Celts, a European cultural group discovered to originate around the 7th or 8th century. Originally an end-ofsummer celebration, it has been incorporated into American culture to include various practices like trick or treating and erie costumes, resulting in the infamous Halloween we enjoy today. Even though Halloween is the most prominent fall holiday in American culture, Dia de los Muertos holds a stronger root to the hispanic cultures, the largest minority in the United

States. It originates from the Aztecs and is celebrated to honor the dead. The celebration lasts for the entire day and continues into the night. This year, Dia de los Muertos lands on November first and second. Dia de los Muertos is a more sacred holiday, and those who celebrate it commonly go to mass during the celebration. Altars are decorated with offerings and pictures of deceased loved ones, and for fun, delicious candy skulls. Incorporations of these practices are evident even in those who participate in the widely celebrated Halloween, featuring allusions

to the dead and sugary treats. Traditionally, North Tahoe High School’s Spanish classes do projects to celebrate these practices. Mrs. Steve’s Spanish One and Two classes bring in traditional Mexican baked goods to offer to the dead and to each other. Ms. VanWinkle’s Spanish Three and Four have created altars of their own to personally honor their deceased family members. These altars have been displayed at local restaurant Hacienda during the holiday. It is a great way for students to learn about and connect on a deeper level to other cultural celebrations.


A ski pole basket that can be used to hold tools was designed in the class and printed with the 3D printer


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a computer lab, robotics, and a video and audio production lab. This class allows students to explore education on their own. No longer are they told to read and memorize the laws of physics in a book and required to trust a calculation given to them by their teacher; math and science are being applied through trial and error. Kids do not have to ask why an equation matters or how the subject relates to them; they are finding these answers for themselves.

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