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favorite things Below Katie shares some of her favorite things (in addition to horses!)—



Willow Equine and Mind, Body & Sole Equine

Born and raised in the small farming town of Rutland, Massachusetts, Katie Stankiewicz (owner of Willow Equine and Mind, Body & Sole Equine in Mooresville) never imagined leaving her hometown but, at just 19 years old, opportunity knocked and led her to North Carolina and the world of equine-assisted psychotherapy and development. “Horses, as our co-facilitators, work to encourage a deeper connection between personal and interpersonal relationships,” Katie explains. “Willow Equine offers an unconventional approach to traditional talk therapy, team building, and business development. It is about reflection, analysis, and action.” With Katie and her team at the reins, clients develop authenticity, empowerment, and teamwork while learning about themselves and others. The human/horse interaction fosters development of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. It is proven to be the most powerful approach to helping clients achieve and sustain personal and professional growth. “I was introduced to the Eagala model of equine-assisted psychotherapy in 2009,” Katie says, “and I knew that it was a powerful way to offer an unconventional approach to therapy and team building. It allows for introspection, healing, and growth outside the confinement of four walls and words. I became a certified leadership coach in 2012 and added equine-assisted business coaching—for leaders to add horsepower in both life and business! I love working outside with my horses and seeing clients transform into the best version of themselves.”





“There are so many great places to travel! I love the beach and the mountains and everything in between. Disney is a special place for my family. We go every year in December for our anniversary and our daughter’s birthday. The history, magic, music, and holiday spirit make it a special place to visit.”

JUST HORSIN’ AROUND. “I love family time. Being outside. My animals. I love to ride my horse, enjoy a bonfire with friends, or read a good book.”

WHEN I’M NOT IN MY BOOTS. “I LOVE A GOOD PAIR OF HEELS! THEY ARE A STATEMENT PIECE FOR ANY OUTFIT … I KNOW I WAS MORE EXCITED ABOUT MY WEDDING SHOES THAN MY WEDDING DRESS!” EMBRACING THE NOW. “I cherish the diversity in my weekly schedule – the different horses, people, and places. I start my days with a workout. It allows me to start fresh with physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. I love ending my day reading with my daughter and sharing our days. The events that happen in between are wonderful adventures!” w

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Lake Norman Woman September 2019  

September 2019 Lake Norman Woman Magazine

Lake Norman Woman September 2019  

September 2019 Lake Norman Woman Magazine