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Closets Need Love Too! —AND DESIGN—

By: Laura VanSickle

to tell you what her favorite room is in her home, you may be surprised by her answer. More times than not, she’ll tell you, “My closet.” I F YO U A S K A W O M A N

A closet is one of the most individualized spaces in your house. It reflects your lifestyle, your taste, and your most personal possessions. For many of us wives and mothers who are managing a full household, it’s the only place in the entire home we can truly call our own. My closet is my sanctuary. Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women who are looking to create that same kind of special space. The great news is you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Here are a few tips to help you transform any boring rectangle into your own personal oasis. Laura VanSickle and her husband, Eric, opened Closets by Design in Charlotte 13 years ago. For more information, visit, or call 704.588.7272.


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| OCTOBER 2016




You’ve heard this one before because it’s the essential first step. You can’t feel good surrounded by things you don’t look good in: those pants that have been too tight for too long, or that shirt you used to love until you got that little stain on the collar. Move it all out, so when you are looking for that perfect outfit in the morning you will be surrounded by nothing but options.


Take a moment to think about how you like to organize your items. Do you go to the gym each morning? Have a section dedicated solely to workout clothes. Do you have a weakness for designer handbags? Set aside a special place where you can display and enjoy. For added glamour, put them behind glass doors or use lighting to highlight your treasures. Do you like your clothes hidden in drawers and behind doors? Or do you prefer to hang every item so you can see all your options? Take time to think about how you prefer to store your clothes and what will make it easier to find them.

Can’t bear to let go of that t-shirt from your first rock concert or that dress your mother bought you two years ago that still has the price tags on it? Box them up and put them in a secondary closet or attic. If you don’t miss them after six months, then it’s time to say goodbye.


Invest in a few essential accessories. Necklace hooks that display your jewelry and keep them tangle free can save you precious minutes in the morning. A full-length mirror makes a last-minute fashion check easy. Valet rods—the overlooked workhorse of a closet—can hold dry cleaning, garment bags, or the next day’s outfit.



Here’s the biggest secret to designing your space: closets don’t have to be boring! Paint the walls your favorite color, hang a chandelier, put a favorite piece of art on the wall. Your closet is one of the first rooms you see in the morning and one of the last ones you’ll be in at night. Enjoy it!

Lake Norman Woman Magazine October 2016  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine October 2016

Lake Norman Woman Magazine October 2016  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine October 2016