Lake Norman Woman Magazine May 2022

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of successful marketing campaigns for the opera house, she was simultaneously spearheading the branding strategy for Community Brewing Ventures.


and multi-tasking have always been Megan Miller’s strong suits. Whether she’s hitting a high A on the opera stage, transforming discarded opera house pamphlets into couturestyle dresses, self-teaching web design to manage an employer’s e-commerce site, or working full-time while side-gigging and raising a son — it’s safe to say that Miller thrives on a busy schedule. P R O B L E M - S O LV I N G


As Director of Marketing for Opera Carolina and co-host of the widely popular new podcast series XM Divas, Megan is recognized in the non-profit and for-profit worlds for her creativity, drive, and leadership; she brings enthusiasm for new challenges and creating integration strategies, particularly those that expand a company’s reach.

Having a schedule this demanding would be enough for most people, but not Miller. While she championed a series



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Fast forward to today with the introduction of Megan Miller Marketing, Charlotte’s newest female-led marketing firm. Rather than performing a non-stop balancing act between the stage, marketing the opera house, and branding local brew pubs, Miller sought to combine these efforts under one umbrella. IN A WORLD FULL O F C R E AT I V E S , BE THE ADVENTURER…"

Building strong relationships prior to even starting the company is what helped Miller form the foundation for her business. Because she spent so long fostering her professional relationships throughout her career, getting business to support her new company was much easier than she expected. “I had this whole plan to market my company after launching, basically doing the same thing I would do for a client but for myself,” she recalls. “But as soon as word started getting out within my personal network, I was signing contracts from people I’ve met and built relationships with in the past. I am excited to grow my marketing firm and continue to build new and long-lasting relationships well into the future.”