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What kind of change is hardest? Say it with me now: weight loss. The phrase “how to lose weight” brings up a whopping 770,000,000 Google hits. If you’re a person who is skilled with change and weight loss, you’re some kind of superhero. If you’re a person, like Alyssa Jastrzebski, who is not only skilled with change, and a master of weight loss techniques, but is also a math-and-science person and an artist? Forget about it. You’re the master of the universe. Let’s study the master’s trajectory to see if we can learn something. Like so many of us here in the Lake Norman area, Alyssa started somewhere else. She was born in New York, then moved with her family, right before high school, to South Carolina. Unlike so many of us, she knew the field of study she wanted to pursue


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MARCH 2019

from a young age was medical science. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing, then a master’s of science in nursing. In case you’ve never tried, earning a science degree is hard. At least it’s hard for mere mortals. But Alyssa

is no mere mortal. Want proof? Between earning her bachelor’s and her master’s, she worked as a registered nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit, caring for the terminal health of newborn infants. In her spare time, she did both oil paintings—a love she has cultivated since elementary school—and sculpture. Is it just me, or do the rest of us balance our stressful careers with weekends at the mall … or better yet, the bar? The next change in Alyssa’s life came after graduate school, when she moved into family medicine. Finally, she discovered a field that allowed her to combine her love of science and her love of art: aesthetic medicine. The beauty of the Lake Norman area, as well as the warmth of its people, is one of the reasons Alyssa was



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Lake Norman Woman Magazine March 2019  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine March 2019

Lake Norman Woman Magazine March 2019  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine March 2019