Lake Norman Woman Magazine September 2022

Page 13

Prepare Meals Together


Decide on a special menu (such as Italian)—from concept to completion, everyone has an assigned task but are working as a team to prepare an authentic, multicourse meal.

It doesn’t get much better than uniting for a good cause. Options abound for ways your family can get involved. For opportunities in our area, see our Inspire Lake Norman on page 24.

Engage In A Sport

Your local community center, neighborhood association, and church are good places for involvement. Select activities that focus on individual skills and personal bests—not necessarily winning or losing.

Get Going Outside

Participating in walkathons/marathons (especially for a charity) is a great way to come together for a common cause. Camping is also tons of fun and lends itself particularly well to team-building exercises (pitching tent, collecting firewood, cooking, etc.). w