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inspiration toolbox E V E R Y D E S I G N P R OJ E C T

begins with learning about a client and what makes them tick. Going beyond the surface and really getting to the core of who they are and what they desire. It could be function and a clutter-free life, travel, family, color, nature, hobbies, passions, work, fashion, art, movies, racing, shapes; You get the idea……. the list is endless. Once we truly learn about a client, we start to see the world through their eyes. Much like an actor, we spend time putting ourselves in the shoes of those we serve. This is the first step toward project inspiration.

• NATURE – God got it right. Color theory and the golden ratio is utilized in all our discussions around placement. Patterns, wood species and organic materials all bring warmth to a space.

The second step is to marry that inspiration with all the tools in our “Inspiration Toolbox.” This toolbox is what makes each designer or design firm unique. It includes the following:

• POP CULTURE – Old movies, new movies, fashion, books, magazines, Instagram, tv: they all inform and inspire. I can’t tell you how many times I have paused a show and

L K N e x p e rt

Starr Miller is the president and principal of StarrMiller Interior Design located in Cornelius. Her national award-winning firm specializes in residential new construction and renovations. For more information visit or call 704-896-3321.



• TRAVEL – Inspiration is learned in everything we do. But getting out and experiencing history and historic design is extremely important. How did our predecessors put different materials together and how did they interpret design? Hotels, planes, trains, ships and rickshaws can all teach us how we move through spaces and how design makes you feel. After 26 countries I have learned a lot and have an evergrowing bucket list of more to see!

S HOWHOUS E UP D AT E – November 2019



taken a picture of the screen for inspiration. Set design is my drug of choice. Torn up magazines are all over my desk. • COMMUNITY – We learn from everyone we meet. It could be how they wear a scarf, how they discuss their lifestyle over coffee or how a restaurant makes them feel. Other designers and trades people all share what they have learned. It makes our community and toolboxes more robust. • EDUCATION – We are lucky to have a team with different educations that all include a design degree. But we also have a business degree, exercise science degree, and a biology degree. As for design degrees some schools concentrate on the art and concept of design, some focus on architecture and other schools concentrate We just had over 100 people attend the Charlotte Charity Showhouses Muddy Boots Event. This event showcased the homes under construction and functioned as the official groundbreaking of the Showhouse events!

on the practice of design. Some are heavy into materials and some are heavy into history of design. We use it all. • CONTINUING EDUCATION – We, as a team, visit vendors, take classes and keep ahead of the curve. These classes and opportunities provide the opportunity to better serve our clients. I have been on 53 factory tours and can tell you what makes a well-made piece of furniture and who does what and what drives their pricing. Additionally, we learn how to take what our fabricators do and mold it to fit the design we need for a specific client. Gratitude is a life of learning every single day and finding new inspiration to make each project unique to each and every client! w Stay tuned for a Sip and See event in February, the opening Gala on March 13th and the IDS Charlotte Charity Showhouses open March 14-April 4. VISIT : for more information.


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Lake Norman Woman Magazine November 2019  

November 2019 Lake Norman Woman Magazine

Lake Norman Woman Magazine November 2019  

November 2019 Lake Norman Woman Magazine