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In all the hustle and bustle of the upcoming season, don’t forget to take the time to say “Thanks!” It doesn’t have to be fancy or even cost much, but the expression of gratitude goes a long way. Here are some ways to display your attitude of gratitude:

Make a Donation

When you send a thank-you note, include a small box of chocolates or a bag of Lifesavers, to say, “Thanks for being a lifesaver!”

Give the Gift of Time

Say thank you by doing a chore for them. Offer to run errands—perhaps get their car washed, pick up their dry cleaning, or babysit.

Leave Treats With Your Note

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Make sure the charity is one they are © Tiom | passionate about, and then send a note, telling them you made a contribution in their name.

Frame a Picture

If you right-click on a photo, for example, from a Facebook wall, you can save the photo, print, and frame. It’s a very thoughtful gesture, and they won’t be expecting it.

Slip Them A Gift Card Say It With Food

Everyone can use a casserole or a basket of muffins. Or prepare all ingredients for a crockpot recipe in Ziploc bags, so all they have to do is put the contents in a pot and press “start.”

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Make it personal, though—do they like a certain restaurant? How about a movie theater? Perhaps they love crafting—yes, there’s a gift card for that!

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