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What’s one unique thing for which you are grateful?




This question is inspired by all our LKN breast cancer survivors’ stories last month. Each woman said she was grateful for the experience in a purposeful, profound, yet surprising way. And it got us thinking about what unusual things we have in our lives that inspire gratitude. Of course, we are each grateful for our families, homes, and careers; but we thought we’d have a little fun with this question! at Boca Raton Resort and Club. I was so nervous, but I loved cooking! It was hard being so far from home and not knowing anyone, but I learned that you can do anything you set your mind to do.”

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“I’m very thankful for stretchy pants with an elastic waist, especially now that they’re making them more fashionable. I can actually look somewhat stylish on Thanksgiving and indulge in multiple helpings of mashed potatoes with extra gravy and a big piece of pumpkin pie. However, I am not at all thankful for skinny jeans.”

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“They say a cluttered space is a cluttered mind—and this could not be more true. Thank goodness for every bin, tray, and other organizing solutions that bring clarity to both my home and mind.”


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| november 2015


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“About 10 years ago, I had a falling out with a dear friend. Unresolved misunderstandings and blame festered, and we didn’t speak for four years! Though it was unbearable for us both, pride kept us from working it out. Call it divine intervention, but we finally rebuilt our wonderful friendship on communication, respect, and trust. I am grateful for all my beautiful friendships. Never take them for granted!”


“I’m grateful I ignored my fear and moved out of my parents’ house to Florida—18 hours away!—for a job


“My phone is amazing. I can show my mom photos so she can see how fast my son is growing up. I can edit documents, voice record thoughts that come at inopportune times, zone out and play games, research whatever idea flits into my head, listen to sermons while I run, zip in and out of social media, and be as tethered to the world as I want to be. And I try to use it to spread kindness to others every day.”

“I’m grateful for my dream adventures every night. I‘ve always been a vivid dreamer; thankfully, they are rarely nightmares and don’t interfere with my sleep. My brain catalogues dreams, and images from years ago will pop in my head for no reason—that’s when I delve into the meaning of it all!”


“Being indecisive can be infuriating. But I’m grateful for this character flaw because it means I have a choice. Many people don’t get to make their own choices; they’re forced down paths without control. Besides, this blessing in disguise often has a solution—just flip a coin!”

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