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Wendy met her husband while working as a part-time waitress. Little did she know that she had just met the love of her life. In 2003, Wendy said “Yes!” to Neal Choquette, and they married in 2013. Wendy was graced with Neal’s two children whom she readily accepted as her own. “Although I didn’t give birth to them, they are definitely mine,” Wendy says with a smile. The couple’s 25-year-old daughter, Julia, lives and works in Raleigh and graduated Cum Laude from High Point University in 2014. Son Payne (21) lives in Minneapolis and works for an upscale spa resort. “He sees famous people at the spa all the time,” Wendy says, “so I’m always hearing stories of who recently visited. Life hasn’t always been smiles for this Lake Norman Woman. “My father and brother were killed in a tragic automobile accident when I was 6 years old,” she explains. “I came to realize at a very young age how precious life is, and that it can be gone in a minute.” Throughout her life, Wendy has learned from that tragedy, focusing on living life to the fullest—to do what you love, and love what you do. “There really is no time to be unhappy,” Wendy says. “People assume that you don’t remember much when you’re 6, but I do have very happy memories, and I choose to remember those.”

Wendy Choquette Choquette Properties CORNELIUS, NC

L A K E N O R M A N R E A LTO R ® W E N DY C H O Q U E T T E ,

owner of Choquette Properties, is a straight-from-the-hip shooter and a native of the small town Siler City, North Carolina, which is famed for its references on The Andy Griffith Show. After moving to the Raleigh-Durham area and then back to her hometown for a brief stint, Wendy was itching for a fresh start. “I was almost on my way to Washington, DC, where I had a job waiting,” she recalls, “but it just didn’t feel right.” Remaining true to herself, Wendy went on her gut feeling, turned down the move to DC, and moved to Charlotte instead.


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| MAY 2018

Being in the real estate business, Wendy realizes that she has a very important job. “Most people move because of a major life event, whether good or bad,” she states. And she knows, too, that she’s not just selling houses but has a hand in changing lives and influencing memories. Always keeping in mind what really matters, Wendy takes time from her business to focus on her family. “I have an alarm at the end of the workday that tells me to QUIT WORKING,” she partially jokes. Wendy believes that balance in life is a necessity, and scheduling is essential to balance. This balance is what helps her to be the best wife, mother, and business owner she can be. Wendy has enjoyed her life’s journey thus far and has learned a lot along the way. Thoughtfully, she says, “Above all, time with family is most important … making memories that matter!”

By: Michelle Love | Photography By: Chelsea Bren | Styled By: Candace at CoCo Couture

Lake Norman Woman Magazine May 2018  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine May 2018

Lake Norman Woman Magazine May 2018  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine May 2018