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MAMA’S ORTHODONTIST! Like really hard. And we don’t want to cramp your style. At Lineberger Orthodontics, we know the value of a beautiful smile. We see it every day in our patients. They leave our office with beaming, confident smiles to take on the world. That’s what makes our job worthwhile. One of the most popular options for teens is our self-ligating braces that come in both traditional and clear. With this revolutionary self-ligating technology, the metal wire is held into place by a moveable component instead of elastic ties. This allows your teeth to move more freely to provide a more comfortable orthodontic experience. It’s no secret: having a great smile can DRASTICALLY improve your life in more ways than one. Let us explore the many benefits of braces, shall we? B E I N G A T E E N I S H A R D.

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Dr. Matt Lineberger and wife/ business partner Dr. Megan Lineberger own Lineberger Orthodontics with offices in Charlotte, Elizabeth, Huntersville, and Mooresville. Give them a call at 704.892.3300 or visit them today at www.LinebergerOrthodontics.com.


You’ll rock newfound confidence. BENEFIT #2

Your dentist will love you. Aligning your teeth and jaws will make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene. High five! BENEFIT #3

You’ll be able to eat easier and speak clearer. Sounds crazy, we know. But you’d be surprised at how much speaking and eating can be affected by a bad bite. BENEFIT #4

Braces prevent injury. Protruded teeth are so much more vulnerable to injury. By fixing your grill, you can help prevent your teeth from being broken or cracked. EEK!


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Another great option for our teen patients is Invisalign Teen®, which uses a series of clear, removable trays to straighten teeth. We are a certified provider of Invisalign Teen® in Huntersville and Charlotte. Invisalign Teen® allows you to straighten your smile without anyone even knowing! To find out which option would best fit your needs, request a FREE consultation! So what are the benefits of Invisalign Teen®? BENEFIT #1

Clear aligners are practically invisible BENEFIT #2

No food restrictions BENEFIT #3

Removable for brushing and flossing BENEFIT #4

Same cost as traditional braces (your parents will love this) So how does Invisalign Teen® work? We use some pretty awesome technology to make a 3D map of your teeth. The map is used to make a series of clear aligners. You wear each aligner for about one week and then use the next aligner in the series. It’s really, really simple. No special care is needed except for cleaning your aligners when you remove them to brush and floss. Most providers can correct bite issues, crooked teeth, and gaps with Invisalign®. You can expect the treatment time for Invisalign® to be between 12 and 24 months. And you should expect a SUPER AWESOME smile at the end! w


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