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bees. Laylah and her father completed the class, becoming certified beekeepers. Laylah’s favorite quote is from the movie Mulan – “A flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” Laylah says, “That quote speaks to me. I am a girl, and I like bees, which is pretty uncommon, and sometimes people have questioned me and even made fun of me.” Laylah didn’t let criticism stop her love of bees. She even does presentations to groups about her experiences to raise community awareness of the importance of bees and pollinators. When she isn’t donning her bee suit and taking care of the hives, Laylah likes to spend time with her friends. “I like to go out on the lake with my kayak, or go shopping at Birkdale and catch a movie, pick up lunch at Chipotle, or go to Polished to get manicures and pedicures,” she smiles.

unlike her movie heroine,

Mulan, Laylah Hunt does not need to impersonate a man to be able to train for her favorite hobby! Laylah will be a seventhgrader this year at North Lincoln Middle School in Denver. She is also known as The Little Beekeeper, and is the youngest certified beekeeper in North Carolina. Laylah, and her mom and dad, Cynthia and Johnnie, together run their business selling honey and elderberry syrup. A few years ago, Cynthia was interested in beekeeping, so she took a class with the Gaston County Beekeepers Association. Laylah, then 9 years old, went along with her mom for a class and decided that she too was interested in


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Laylah’s favorite subject in school right now is social studies. “I’m really liking my social studies class because of the fascinating material we are learning about,” she says. Laylah admits, though, that she uses her free time in school to do her homework. “I like to use my free time to get my homework finished so I have more time in the afternoon to do gymnastics, tend to the bees, or play with my cat, Perry,” she states. Laylah’s future plans include attending college at Duke University to study nursing. “I would like to become a nurse and work at Levine Children’s Hospital, so I can help kids and make them feel like they’re back home in a comfortable and fun environment,” she concludes. w


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Lake Norman Woman Magazine - June 2019  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine - June 2019

Lake Norman Woman Magazine - June 2019  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine - June 2019