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Most Romantic Moments

We see perfect love stories on television or on the big screen all the time . But here at Lake Norman Woman, we think the love stories from real life are the best. That’s why we asked our follower s on social media to share their ooiest, gooiest, mushiest moments with us, and they did not disappoint! Here are some of our favorites. AMANDA GONZALEZ



My husband and I grew up in the same neighborhood right here in the Lake Norman area in Huntersville. We began dating in high school, and now we’re raising our three kids in the very neighborhood it all started!


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My husband’s proposal was so romantic. I lived in Pennsylvania at the time on the street that we both grew up on. He took me out to lunch that day and brought me white carnations with blue tips, and then I returned to work, perfectly content with my Valentine’s gift. A snow storm started that afternoon, and I had been texting him for advice on the safest route home in the snow. As I started my drive, I saw a blue sign that asked, “Will you be mine?” Then I came to another sign that said, “You will be a wonderful wife.” It was then that I noticed one of the carnations was tied to the sign. I kept driving and saw, “Will you grow old with me?” Outside my neighborhood was a sign saying, “You will remember this day forever.” Then, as I turned onto our childhood street, I saw signs leading to my house, each with one word: “Jesanne”; “will”; “you”; and in front of my house, on one knee, was my now-husband and the sign, “marry me?” It was perfectly romantic!

I met my husband at a party soon after I moved to Mooresville in 2009. Because I had just relocated to the area and wanted to have some fun without being tied down, we only went on one date; although we did keep in touch through mutual friends, Facebook, and texting. I shared with him one evening that I was having a particularly bad week at work, and the next morning after I walked my dog I came home to flowers taped to my door with a note saying, “Sorry you are having a rough week, hope these help put a smile on your face.” Three years after that first date, I asked him out again, and now we’ve been married four years!


The love of my life sat behind me in the 8th grade and tried to copy my papers! We’ve been married 30-plus years now!

Lake Norman Woman Magazine February 2018  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine February 2018

Lake Norman Woman Magazine February 2018  

Lake Norman Woman Magazine February 2018