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Shasta Webber


Owner of Children's Orchard


I grew up around Lake Norman in Sherrills Ford. And it’s still a day at home here in Lake Norman where I feel most happy, whether it’s hanging out with my husband, my family, or my pets, or a day at home by the pool. That’s what makes me smile, and I smile a lot! BLENDED FA M I LY

WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES… I had a business model in mind for a resale store, but the expense to create the technology for the model I had in mind would have been astronomical. Not to be deterred, I began looking at franchises, and Children’s Orchard (NTY Franchise) had a very similar concept— and the technology!

My wonderful husband, Craig, and I have been married for four years. The children we have together are our dog, Lexi; and our cats, Ralph and Joe. All rescues! M Y G U I LT Y P L E A S U R E : F O L L OW I N G @ M A RY L E E S H A R K O N T W I T T E R , A N D I F I N D I T FA S C I N AT I N G TO T R AC K TAG G E D S H A R K S T H RO U G H @ O C E A R C H .

S U P P O RT I N G S U P E R PA R E N T S Children outgrow everything so quickly, and parents need a way to keep their children happy and healthy with quality clothes and items. It’s a win-win for everyone—the parents who resale, the environment, and families on a budget. The hardworking, eco-conscious supermoms and superdads who come into the store are my heroes!


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DIVERSIONS I love to watch reruns of the Gilmore Girls (I annoy my husband by saying the lines before they do) and I love to read fiction. Often, I’ll wake up at 5am so I can have 30 minutes or an hour to read something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything serious.


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Lake Norman Woman September 2017  

Lake Norman Woman September 2017

Lake Norman Woman September 2017  

Lake Norman Woman September 2017