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Husband & wife Brad and Angela Roche

STANDING STRONG: “For more than 23 years now, we

have valued the fact that trust and client services are standard with us as a team; we always want to exceed the clients’ expectations. We really work to strive at a higher level than our competition and we, as a couple, share that trait to be the best.”

JUST FOR FUN: “Sometimes our personal time goes to

work time and it can be hard to separate—that is the challenging part. You just need to be able to shut it off and remember to enjoy life and those around you. It is crucial to make time for that. Date night helps a lot. We also enjoy hanging out with our boys (Bradley, 18, and Jacob, 17), so we make that a priority too.”

MY DAD, MY HERO: “My dad was a real estate agent 10 years before

opening his own mortgage company, so he taught me everything I know; he was my coach, my mentor, my best friend. After he had quadruple bypass surgery, I stepped in during his leave of absence. I miss him every day but his philosophies and business practices are evidenced in the work we do.”

A UNITED FRONT: “As a husband/wife team we have to stand together.

We both feel strongly that the lending experience should be a favorable one. The loan process is not fun for many people, but we try to make it enjoyable in our own unique way. We want it to be a memorable time in their life, and we do that as a team.”

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Mother & daughter Sherri and Helena Vertorano

UPS & DOWNS: “We have been in

business for more than 10 years now, and the best part about working with each other is the ability to have complete honesty and trust in one another … the negative is when there is conflict—it just follows you home or to work the next day. Subsequently, we make proactive efforts to keep our emotions in check and conduct business professionally, as it should be.”

PASS THE SPAGHETTI: “Because our business is open seven days a week, it is virtually impossible to separate work from pleasure— but we love what we do so it works for us. One way we decompress, however, is by


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making time for family vacations. We make a habit of vacationing together, and the distance from the store helps us to relax and turn off for a few weeks a year. And most Sundays are reserved for my parents’ traditional Italian meatball and spaghetti dinners!”


my mother. It’s hard for her to admit, but what drives her crazy about me, like my strong demeanor and personality, comes from her. I remind her a lot that I am hers. But we truly complement each other in and out of the work environment. She admires my thoroughness, and I admire her patience.”

MOM KNOWS BEST: “My drive comes from

my mom. She is such an amazing woman and inspires me daily. We make a great team! She taught me that if you are going to do something, give it everything you’ve got. Be passionate, be decisive, and rely on your gut instincts to lead you once you have chosen a path.”

Lake Norman Woman September 2017  

Lake Norman Woman September 2017

Lake Norman Woman September 2017  

Lake Norman Woman September 2017