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Maultsby Realty Gr�up WHO WORKS TOGETHER:

Husband & wife John and Laura Maultsby HIGH FIVE: “We are lucky in that we

truly enjoy spending time together and sharing our accomplishments. Having been in business since 2004, we have learned to stay positive and celebrate each other’s successes … we high five several times a day!”

DIVVYING IT UP: “Well, since John

hasn’t learned to read my mind yet, and we’ve only been together for 20 years (insert wink here!), we delegate responsibilities to play to that person’s strengths. For example, John handles scheduling and contractors for home repairs and inspections, photographers, and videographers while I focus on meeting with clients to go over needs and wants in home buying and helping sellers prepare for the market. This gives us time apart and keeps us balanced.”

KEEPING IT REAL: “It can be very

difficult to not let the business overlap into our personal life. In fact, we’ve had to hire an assistant just so we could have family time. With four kids (Makenzie, 11; Katelyn, 8; Ashton, 5; John, 3), it was a must. We make time to focus on our children and extracurricular activities instead of work. Sometimes we just have to disconnect and go on a boat ride or to the neighborhood swimming pool where everyone will be entertained.”


best trait is he can fix anything and loves to network and meet new people. My expertise is educating first-time home buyers, assisting growing families, and working with empty nesters to provide a seamless transition. This is why we are so successful and why we are each other’s biggest fan.”

Lake N�rman P�wer Sp�rts WHO WORKS TOGETHER:

Mother & daughters Dana, Susan, and Joie Martin

WHY IT WORKS: “My mom, Dana, is one of the kindest, most trustworthy people you will ever meet. We try to remember that family is family and business is business. We consider ourselves blessed that we get to see each other every day, and we all have the same goal—to run a successful business and bring our customers the very best service.”

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO: “We are part of the community as Lake Norman Power Sports, and we are very proud of what we’ve accomplished. We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into our dealership and our reputation means the world to us.”

DANCES WITH WAVES: “I personally love the water! Whether it’s boating, kayaking, swimming,

wakeboarding, or paddleboarding, as long as I’m by the water, I’m at home. As a family, we like to go camping; it gets us out of town, and we can create great family memories together.”

WHEN PERSONALITIES COLLIDE: “We’re human after all, so we definitely have differences of opinions. And we are a family so we are very real with each other. Mom is the peacekeeper. It’s me and Joie who can really go at it sometimes; but, we have our little blowups and quickly move on and, at the end of the day, all is well.”

Massage HeightsJett�n Village WHO WORKS TOGETHER:

Husband & wife Neil and Kristy Serdinsky

HIS & HERS: “It’s a delicate balance to be coowners as well as a successful husband/wife team, but I believe we’ve figured out some key strategies that work for us. It’s not always the easiest, that’s for sure, but with the technology of instant communication, we are always in touch with our staff; that helps a lot. And we have found the best way possible to escape—we like to plan last-minute getaways to the mountains or a vineyard. It’s an opportunity for us to focus on our marriage and not the business.” DONNING DIFFERENT HATS: “There is a daily

transition when we must step out of the businessowner role and put our Mom/Dad hats on. That transition can be tough, but we constantly remind ourselves that our number one priority is our family. There are times we may disagree on certain business topics, but we always agree on US!”

HE SAID/SHE SAID: “We have very different

strengths and weaknesses, so we complement each other well. I would say Neil is a great leader. He has managed very large teams for several years, and can multi-task, making important decisions and getting things done with precision. He runs the financial part of our business and he kept his ‘day job’ at Wells Fargo. He would say my strengths are influencing and relationship building—our staff has become my second family. I enjoy meeting our guests and other business owners in the community.”

AT THE END OF THE DAY: “Working on our

business together allows us to collaborate, celebrate, and pursue our dreams together. Through the good and the bad, we are a team. Working with someone you trust and love is a rare opportunity. We enjoy spending time with the kids, going to community events, boating, and giving back to the community.”





Lake Norman Woman September 2017  
Lake Norman Woman September 2017  

Lake Norman Woman September 2017