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coming home…

TO YOURSELF By: Camille Wilson

COM I N G HOME TO YO U RS E L F — perhaps there is

something intriguing about this notion. If so, take a deep breath and give yourself the permission and time to read on. Most of us live much of our lives on the outside. As soon as we awaken in the morning, we are out of bed and heading into the day with a never-ending to-do list. The overwhelming onslaught of sensory input that comes at us from the media and the world around us monopolizes our attention. We are a very busy people. And then there are the expectations…the ways in which we seek to be validated, to meet others’ needs, and to receive affirmation. In our longing to be accepted, to belong, to be loved, to be the perfect partner, parent, employee, friend, we set our expectations for ourselves unreasonably high, pushing ourselves to accomplish even more and then berating ourselves for not being able to do it all.


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| MARCH 2018

Then something big happens and gets our full attention. The world as we know it falls apart. This happened to me in my life. A devastating divorce. Financial crisis. Loss of a loved one. A frightening diagnosis. In the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, I could no longer keep running on empty. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained, I was forced to pause. At first, I was angry with myself, the world. But before long, I realized that I had to let go. It happened slowly as I learned to be gentle with myself. I learned to breathe into my body and heed its messages for rest and restoration. I received nourishment through the support of family and friends, and the power of prayer. I embraced the practice of yoga and movement

which brought with it acceptance of my physical body and gentle, yet powerful, healing. And through dedicated work with a wonderful therapist, I began to understand myself better and learned to release the fear and negative patterns that had controlled my life for so long. In the midst of crisis, I was given the opportunity to stop running from myself… and to come home. Coming home to ourselves is about accepting ourselves, warts and all. Showing up in our own unique way. Discovering that the treasure we seek is buried in our heart and soul. Living with authenticity, gratitude, and meaning which resonates deep within our souls. Each of us has a unique journey through life. Through my “full journey” (after which my counseling and coaching practice is named), I have learned that inner healing and true transformation can only happen when we come home to ourselves. As human beings, we cannot do this journey alone, so be kind to yourself and seek out the support of others. The journey is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely worth taking. Is it time for you to come home?

Camille Wilson is a nationally-certified licensed professional counselor practicing in Davidson. Having survived, and thrived, through many of life’s struggles, she believes in the resilience of the human spirit. You may contact her at 704.980.9599 or visit

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Does this sound familiar? We spend our days searching on the outside for answers, meaning, happiness, and validation. We do and give and seek until we have nothing left on the inside. Then we run from the emptiness, pushing away the feelings of unease

from deep within our innermost being, trying to ignore the small voice which we can sometimes hear in the quiet of night when sleep eludes us. Tired, empty, and disillusioned, we force ourselves to smile and carry on as we drown out the yearning with food and drink, and ignore our body’s subtle signals to slow down.

Lake Norman Woman March 2018  

Lake Norman Woman March 2018

Lake Norman Woman March 2018  

Lake Norman Woman March 2018