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A dazzling Dalmatian

We Love Our

PETS Meet Noelle, the 2018 Canine Cover Winner

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shines on screen Walk with

Dr. Pat Coleman


Emily Beebe For the love of

food trucks


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Friends, Family, & Tradition

We are your home on the water!

Whether it’s dining on our veranda or just splashing around our pool, every moment spent at The Peninsula Yacht Club is another opportunity to make a lasting memory.

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Grand Opening in River Join Us July 21-22 for the Grand Opening Celebration of our spectacular Modern Farm House model in River Run Saturday, July 21 • 11am-5pm Family Picnic and BBQ Catered by Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q 11:30am-2:00pm Eleven Lakes Brewery 11:30am-4:00pm Ice Cream Social - 3:00-4:00pm

Sunday, July 22 • 2-5pm Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres Catered by Fresh Chef Wine Tasting from select NC Vineyards


Arlington Fully-Furnished Model Home 17536 Stuttgart Road, Davidson, NC For more information, call Dawn Wilkinson • 704-960-0667 River Run Sales Office • 704-892-9898 Monterey Bay-Charlotte, LLC – An Independent Franchise • License #71677

Run-The Reserve


About the Cover:

July vol. 11 No. 6

32 Getting to Know Emily Beebe loves giving second chances

34 Make a Mess Doug Surratt’s delicious solution

38 Thoughts from the Man Cave Mike Savicki’s love of food trucks

Movers, shakers and more at the lake

15 A Mooresville Dalmation’s social media fame

16 For the Long Run — Chris

Boukedes’ little catering company that could

18 Live Like a Native — Parks and bars where you can take Fido

48 Game On Will Power’s emotions 74 Out + About CURRENTS’ 2018 Cover

21 Helping Animals to Survive (HATS)

78 On the Circuit What’s happening at Lake

How we live at the lake

Canine Contest

JULY 2018


Channel Markers

20 Meet Noelle, this year’s

in motion

Norman this month


80 Lori’s Larks Editor Lori K. Tate plays games in Cornelius

Noelle, our 2018 Canine Cover Winner, was photographed by Maureen Russell.

25 S pecial Section

Profiles in Veterinary Medicine

CURRENTS’ Canine Cover Contest winner makes a difference

Lake Spaces

56 Dwellings

A new Mooresville home accommodates three generations perfectly

Dine + Wine

40 N avigators

Dr. Pat Coleman wants you to be in good health

Eating, drinking, cooking and fun

68 Wine Time

Table 31 offers tasty authenticity

70 On Tap

King Canary Brewing Co. flies into Mooresville

71 In the Kitchen

with Jill Dahan

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Meringues


72 Nibbles + Bites

Brian Seto takes a leap of faith with Revival

42 S potlight

Darby Camp shines in more ways than one

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Between the Beacons Charting Your Course to Retirement

James D. Stillman ealthcare costs are the number one reason for bankruptcy in America. It’s estimated that the average couple age 65+ will spend approximately $250k on healthcare costs in retirement. This includes both Medicare and Long Term Care spending. Couples over the age of 65 have a 70% chance that at least one of them will need long term care during their lifetime. The average stay in a nursing home is 2.2 years for males and 3 years for females. The average cost in North Carolina is $75,000 $80,000 per year, but can be higher depending on the facility you choose. Obviously, it makes sense to have a plan in place to cover these potential expenses during retirement, if at all possible, but what’s the

best way to do that? I believe it’s a strategy called “Asset-Based Long Term Care”. Virtually nobody knows about it, but we’re trying to get the word out. Asset-Based Long Term Care: It’s become very popular for the folks that take the time to learn about it, but few know that it even exists. It’s called “asset-based”, because you typically make one single payment. So, you’re using a chunk of your assets to fund it, instead of paying premiums each year from your income. It’s built on a life insurance chassis and has accelerated benefits that can be used for long term care. There can also be Return of Premium (ROP) benefits that allow you to get your premium back at a certain point, in case you no longer want the policy or need the money for something else. We call that “everybody wins” planning! You get tremendous leverage of your dollars with this type of planning, and the long-term care benefits are tax free. If the long-term care benefits are not used, then the death benefit is also tax free to heirs, because it’s life insurance. Let’s look at a recent example we just did for one of our clients: Age 62 female / one-time single premium of $100,000 / death benefit $200,000.00 / LTC benefit

of $473,000 paid out over 6 years at $6,569 per month / total return of premium after five years if needed or wanted. Wow! What a tremendous leverage of your dollars to protect against these potential long-term care expenses! You can also build in inflation protection if wanted. In this same case, if we built in 3% per year inflation protection, then the numbers look like this: $100,000 premium / death benefit $190,000 / LTC benefit starts at $376,000 paid out over 6 years at $4,588 per month / by age 80 the LTC benefit is $606,000 paid out over 6 years at $8,416 per month. Folks, just let that sink in for a while. And don’t tell me that you can invest your money and do the same thing! First of all, investing is not guaranteed, nor does it allow you access to the funds tax-free for LTC. Not to mention, the older you are, the less investing you should be doing, in my opinion. Safety should take precedence over growth the older we become. Not having a written-out retirement plan, taking too much investment risk, and not planning for long term care and healthcare expenses are the three biggest mistakes folks make in retirement. These Asset-Based Long Term Care programs are the best solution I have

ever seen in my twenty plus years of retirement planning. They provide liquidity through ROP features, huge leverage of your dollars, and tax-free use of your dollars for LTC. Too good to be true, right? What’s the catch? The only catch is that since this is both life insurance and Long Term Care insurance, you have to be insurable to some degree. Now, you don’t have to able to run a marathon or qualify for the Olympics. You just have to be insurable, and our underwriting team works very hard helping our clients qualify. We have the tools available to help you with these health care strategies to take some of the worry out of retirement. As always, if you would like more information about these strategies, any of our free reports, a free consultation, a quote, or a copy of my book “Finding Safe Harbor in Retirement”, then just let us know. At JDS, everything we do is designed to take the worry out of your retirement. If you’d like to set up a visit to discuss your retirement and get your own Chart Your Course Retirement Plan, then give us a call. And remember: The purpose of the money dictates where you put it! Until Next Month, James D. Stillman

(704) 660-0214 119-F Poplar Pointe Drive Mooresville, NC 28117 James D. Stillman is a licensed insurance professional, Registered Financial Consultant, and Investment Advisor Representative. He is the founder and president of two companies: JDS Enterprizes, Inc. and JDS Wealth Management Corporation, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. All content is intended for informational purposes only. Guarantees apply to certain insurance and annuity products (not securities, variable or investment advisory products) and are subject to product terms, exclusions, and limitations and the insurer’sclaims-paying ability and financial strength.

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Asset-Based Long Term Care: The Perfect Solution to Long Term Care Planning?

from Where I Sit

The magazine by and for the people who call Lake Norman home


A House of Memories

MacAdam Smith


JULY 2018


he had white, blondish fur and big brown eyes. Her velvet ears looked like puffy pigtails as she pranced around the yard. Her name was Ginny, and this beautiful Cocker Spaniel lived next door to my parents’ cottage on Lake Tillery throughout the 1970s and early ‘80s. I never had a dog of my own, so I pretended that Ginny was mine when we visited. She belonged to the late Richard Griffin, who was like a grandfather to me, so playing with Ginny was guaranteed when we went to the lake house. Ginny followed Richard everywhere, and over time, they began to favor each other. Her chin drooped with wrinkles just like his did. They even had the same upside down smile. She was a friendly dog with a modest disposition. Every spring when she went to the groomer for her big shave, she’d hide under the porch when she returned home because she didn’t want anyone to see her naked. Eventually she’d warm up to her new look and start running around the yard again. Ginny is one of the many memories that is connected to my parents’ lake house. My mom and dad bought the cinder block structure 46 years ago this month, one month before I was born. They took me down there when I was just weeks old, and the lake house has witnessed every milestone since. There have been countless

Photo by Glenn Roberson

by Lori K. Tate

birthday parties and Fourth of July celebrations. I built hundreds of sandcastles on our beach, and I learned to ski in our cove. Through the years I brought various boyfriends there, and if they didn’t like it, they were sent packing. My college roommates and I celebrated our graduation there, and I made certain that one of my engagement parties was held there. Taking The Tater Tots, our twins, to the lake was on the top of my list during their first summer. We buckled them in lifejackets and held them while they splashed in the water. Richard stood on the dock and joked that this was their real baptism. I smiled because I was so happy to share this part of my history with them. As time went on, The Tots grew to love the lake house as much as I did. They’d frolic in the water and beg us to take them on boat rides to get ice cream at the marina. But as with anything, the lake house has had its season, and now it’s time for it to have a new one.

My parents are in their 80s, and we only manage to get down there once a summer these days. It doesn’t make sense to hang onto it when another family could be enjoying its magic. It’s taken me a long time not to be selfish about this, but I know that it’s time to let it go. For years, I’ve read essays by writers saying goodbye to their childhood homes or their family’s vacation house, and I thought about how painful it would be to say goodbye to the lake house. But all of those essays ended with the same conclusion. As beautiful as my parents’ lake house is, and as much as I love hearing the water lap against the seawall while I swing on the hammock, it’s the memories we’ve made there that matter more than anything. Luckily, those can’t be sold. So as we begin taking what we want from the house, I know I already have what I want the most. Memories of Ginny running under the porch, Richard giving me hugs when I visited him, skiing with my dad and eating my mom’s popcorn before guests arrived for our annual Fourth of July party. Those are mine forever. I’m just grateful I have 46 years of them. Happy Fourth!

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MLS 3352109 | 18525 Peninsula Club Dr. Agent: Tracy Davis 704-779-9750

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MLS 3354305 | 8236 Bay Pointe Drive Agents: Susan Dolan 704-560-7201 Reed Jackson 704-713-3623

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Agents: Melinda Meade-White 704-534-9208 Berry Bean 704-609-3353

THE COURTYARDS AT JETTON - CORNELIUS MLS 3381430 | 18741 Daymark Drive Agent: Kristen Kosicki 704-231-0714

NAUTICAL POINT - MOORESVILLE MLS 3383249 | 116 Nautical Point Court

Agents: Lori Ivester Jackson 704-996-5686 Annie Livingston 704-996-2744

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MLS 3386243 | 18125 Sunset Cove Lane Agent: Pam Boileau 704-905-0366

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17528 PARADISE COVE COURT | $1,179,000

r de t Un trac n Co

18231 MAINSAIL POINTE DRIVE | $1,645,000




WATERFRONT 15705 JETTON ROAD | $1,595,000


19201 CAPTAINS WATCH ROAD | $579,000

18329 HARBOR LIGHT BOULEVARD | $1,645,000 Christina Stone 704-740-0629

Dixie Dean 704-641-1465


18518 TOWN HARBOUR ROAD | $699,000

JULY 2018






18806 HALYARD POINTE LANE | $1,875,000


17701 SPRINGWINDS DRIVE | $899,000


18300 INVERGORDON LANE | $685,000
























View Team Nadine’s Full Listings Online Proud to be Keller Williams #1 individual agent in the Lake Norman Region for 2016!

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Units are RIGGED N' READY for FUN!


HOURS: Friday 10am–7pm • Saturday 10am–7pm • Sunday 11am–5pm ADMISSION: Adults $8 • Seniors 60+ & Military $7 • Children 12 & under FREE Produced by Southeast Productions Greensboro, NC • 336-855-0208

channelMarkers Movers, Shakers, Style, Shopping, Trends, Happenings and More at Lake Norman

Charlie, Haleigh Morgan’s Dalmatian, has 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Spot On Charlie. The 55-pound pooch’s photos have also been shared on Reddit, BuzzFeed Animals and In Touch Weekly. Morgan thinks people are fascinated with Charlie because he is a long coat Dalmatian, which is a rare breed. Thanks to two heart-shaped spots around his eyes, he’s also quite photogenic. Most of the photos Morgan posts are candid shots from the daily things she does with her fur baby. Occasionally, she dresses up Charlie for a special holiday photo. Strangers now recognize Charlie all over the Lake Norman area. “It actually happens quite often,” says Morgan. “People come up to me and say, ‘I know that dog. It’s Charlie!’ ” — Holly Becker, photography courtesy of Haleigh Morgan


Haleigh and Charlie have all sorts of adventures together.

aleigh Morgan’s dog is an Internet celebrity with 50,000 followers and counting on Instagram. When Morgan adopted her puppy, Charlie, a year and a half ago, she had no intention of seeking social media fame. “I made his Instagram (charlie.the.dalmatian) when he was a puppy so I didn’t annoy my friends with a million pictures of him on my personal account,” explains Morgan, who teaches at Torrence Creek Elementary School in Huntersville and lives in Mooresville. “I figured if friends and family wanted to see pictures of Charlie, they could follow that account instead. It took off from there.” The DoDo, an Instagram page of animal photos with 3 million followers, first shared a photo of

JULY 2018

A Mooresville Dalmatian discovers fame on social media


For the Long Run

The Little Catering Company that Could

JULY 2018


Chris Boukedes is all about partnerships and experiences


hris Boukedes is a big picture kind of guy, especially when it comes to running BOUK Management, his full-service Chris Boukedes catering and event planning company. The Charlotte native has been in the restaurant and catering industry for 30 years, and much of his childhood was spent working in his father’s hamburger joint. “I didn’t grow up playing in the yard because I was busy breading onions,” he jokes. Boukedes moved to the Lake Norman area in 2002 to start Brickhouse Tavern in Davidson. Then he branched Chris Boukedes, owner of BOUK Managment, has always been a big picture kind of guy. out on his own to open the the restaurants,” explains create a one-stop shop to find. Galway Hooker with the goal Boukedes. take care of a clients’ needs. “The competition [other of expanding his small catering As he catered events, From photography, bands and restaurants] is not so much business. His Irish pub was the Boukedes began to see a transportation to tent rentals, what you worry about. It’s first business to open in Kenton growing market for event flowers and ice sculptures, pulling from the same pool of Place in Cornelius. services. He started small, BOUK Catering has developed employees,” he says. Today, his hospitality catering office luncheons, partnerships with other For Boukedes, expansion is company includes BOUK parties and weddings, businesses to create a custom not necessarily about acquiring Catering and Galway Hooker, and eventually large-scale hospitality experience. more buildings, as he recently featuring Waterford Hall, a national events and galas “We are willing to work with developed a partnership with 3,500-square-foot event space hosted in Charlotte, such as anyone of any budget. We Sweet Magnolia Estate, a on the second floor. Galway last year’s NFL Summit and don’t turn anyone down, ” says banquet hall in Cornelius that Hooker also houses Comedy the Democratic National Boukedes. hosts weddings and other Zone LKN. BOUK Management Convention (DNC) in 2012. That kind of flexibility and special events. operates the Comedy Zone “The most memorable was thinking served BOUK Catering “It’s not so much physical in Charlotte, as well as three when the DNC came into town. well during the 2008 recession. expansion. The expansion is locations of Small Bar. It was a 24-hour operation Though client’s budgets enhancing our experiences, Last year, Boukedes opened to feed thousands of people. tightened, he didn’t have to let developing partnerships and On the Nines Bistro and All of our team pushed five an employee go. “I didn’t take a building our sales team,” says Tavern at the Turn at the days straight, ” he remembers. big hit in the recession because Boukedes. “Our philosophy of newly renovated Mooresville “Catering is never meant to be our business had such a loyal sales is delivering value, a high Golf Club. On the Nines also just food. It’s catering to the following, ” says Boukedes. level of service, and listening contains an event space needs of the person’s events. ” A far bigger challenge has to what people want and called 1873. Convertible event His partners, Executive Chef been competing for employees. delivering on it.” – Holly Becker, spaces in his restaurants offer Steve Jordan, who develops The number of restaurants has photography by Ken Noblezada versatility for event planning. catering menus, and Tara exploded in the Lake Norman “Catering has always been BOUK Management Creedon, executive director area in recent years. Long-time the umbrella that’s followed of events, help Boukedes employees are more difficult to


Photography by Lori K. Tate

We’re Just Crazy About Treat Boxes from Tazzy & Boo

Di Dió

“Your pet’s home away from home” “We welcome your inspection”

• Multi pet family discounts of 25% • Entire facility A/C...Completely Fenced for Security • Knodel Mobile Wellness by Kathy Knodel DVM • ALL Breed Grooming everyday by appointment

• Mu • Entire facilit • Knodel M • ALL Breed

10% OFF Boarding with (5 days or more)

Treat boxes make treat time more fun.

Treat time is the best time for your pet, so why not make it more fun with a colorful container for their treats? These handpainted boxes by Up Country at Cornelius’ Tazzy & Boo work for cats and dogs alike by making them feel even more special. Treat boxes by Up Country can be purchased for $24.99 (large) and $23.99 (small) at Tazzy & Boo, Antiquity Town Center, 19921 Zion Avenue, Cornelius,

must bring ad with coupon

Di Dió K-9 Country Klub Serving the Lake Norman Communities since 1987 Licensed and inspected by the NC Dept of Agriculture “God Loves You”

JULY 2018

704-663-0472 • 135 DiDió Circle • Mooresville, NC 28115 Hwy 21-115 North


Naomi Bjerke - animal-friendly Realtor® Owner | Broker | CRS 704-931-3133 9820 Northcross Center Ct. Ste 50 Huntersville, NC 28078 | Start your new career today! | Join Realty Boutique!


our pets are part of your family. I understand that because I am a Fur-Mama as well. They make us smile and are our constant companion. The process of selling your home can be just as stressful for them as it is for you. I can help make your pet’s move more enjoyable and your closing day less stressful. Let’s chat today.


Live Like a Native

Places where you can take Fido

hese days our pets are some of our best friends, so it only makes sense that we want to take them out and about with us. We compiled a list of dog parks and dog bars that welcome Fido and his friends. Please research these locations regarding leash rules prior to visiting. — Compiled by Lori K. Tate

Academy Street Park 601 S. Academy Street Mooresville

Ike’s Dog Pub Play & Stay

JULY 2018

It’s time to take your furry friend out and about.

Lucky Dog Bark & Brew LKN 19607 Statesville Road Cornelius

The Preserve Dog Park

142 Consumer Square Drive Mooresville

330 O’Henry Avenue Davidson

Lake Norman Humane Dog Park at Troutman ESC Park

Swaney Pointe K-9 Park at Ramsey Creek Park

338 North Avenue Troutman

18441 Nantz Road Cornelius



Photo by Debbie Draheim




• Riding Lessons • Professional Instructors • Safe & Loving Horses • 35 Beautiful Acres Have your next birthday party at Lenux! Horses make the best party guests.

10610 Kerns Rd. Huntersville NC 28078 | 704-947-RIDE (7433) |


Take 10

50 years and counting

Declare your Where the Independence

OLD is the new NEW AT THE DEPOT!

JULY 2018


Mall Best Antique The July 2013 issue of CURRENTS celebrated Lake Norman’s 50th anniversary in style.

his year marks the 10th anniversary of CURRENTS Magazine, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. As our staff looks back over the last 10 years, there are plenty of moments that stand out in our memories. That said, we’ve decided to share some of the best ones each month throughout 2018 in this column appropriately titled Take 10. During a staff meeting back in 2012, we figured out that Lake Norman was turning 50 the next year. (For those new to Lake Norman, it’s a man-made lake that finally filled in 1963.)

Anyone who can do math can calculate that 2013 minus 1963 is 50, but at that point no one in the area (including the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce) had. In typical CURRENTS fashion, we took the proverbial ball and ran with it, as we began planning a 50th Anniversary issue for July of 2013. Filled with historic pictures of the area as well as a timeline dating back to the 1600s, the 98-page issue celebrated the lake’s history and future beautifully, and it also inspired more celebrations in the area — not a bad anniversary present. — Lori K. Tate

gazine’s Charlotte Ma

Bob Award

Ellie’s Ellie’sDiner DinerNOW on OPEN site

Come visit the largest antique mall in the South 88,000Square Square Feet Feet •• Over Over 725 Booths 88,000 625 Booths Comfortably air air conditioned conditioned Comfortably

325 McGill Ave. NW Concord, NC 28026 704-787-9351 Mon-Sat 10-7• Sunday 1-6




One Playful Puppy

Meet, Noelle, this year’s CURRENTS’ Canine Cover Contest winner

Meet Noelle, the English bulldog who won this year’s CURRENTS’ Canine Cover Contest. We recently spoke with Noelle’s owners, Rich, Flor and Mia Watson of Mooresville to find out more about this playful creature.

JULY 2018


How did you find Noelle? I (Rich) had been researching bulldogs for several months and came across Noelle’s picture online from a breeder in South Carolina. It took some convincing to get Mom [Flor] on board, but Mia was determined to get this little bulldog puppy. She promised to take care of Noelle and has been true to her word. Mia is a great owner!

How old is Noelle? How long has she been a part of your family? Noelle is 6 months old. She has been part of our family since she was 8 weeks old. What does she enjoy doing? What do you enjoy doing with her? Noelle’s favorite thing by far is playing with our English Mastiff, Rex. It’s hard to imagine them playing because of the size difference, but they get along so well. She will nip at his legs, and he will lie down and allow her to jump all over him. We worried at first that he would not adapt well to Noelle since he is an older Mastiff (9 years), but he loves her just as much as we do. Noelle has


10%r OToFtaFl

brought out a playfulness in him that we haven’t seen in years. Noelle loves to snuggle on the couch with Mia, and we discovered that she loves chasing and catching bubbles. She also demands morning belly rubs.

Six-month-old Noelle loves to play. Below, Mia Watson is Noelle’s responsible dog owner.

Does she do any special tricks? Noelle doesn’t do any special tricks yet. She’s still working on the basics. What is her favorite food? The question is what isn’t Noelle’s favorite food. She hasn’t refused anything yet, but we have learned that Noelle is very

prone to allergies so we try not to introduce a lot of new foods to her. She could easily win a speed-eating contest though! — Compiled by Lori K. Tate, photography by Maureen Russell

Luxury & Performance at the Lake!

You Purchase

All-Natural, Fresh Baked food and treats for dogs! RANDYMARIONCADILLAC.COM Visit Randy Marion Cadillac for all your service, parts and accessory needs

Jetton Village Lake Norman 19825 N. Cove Road Cornelius, NC 28031 FOLLOW US ON

704-237-4151 •

220 W. Plaza Drive I-77, Exit 36, Hwy. 150

Open 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Weekdays 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat.

Offering unsurpassed Concierge Service and Roadside Assistance

704-235-6502 Cadillac Direct • RANDYMARION.COM


HATS Off to These Cats

Helping Animals to Survive makes a difference

Fornges Financial Group is here for you As one of the leading local businesses in the Huntersville area, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. • 704.787.1480 Dale Fornges and his family 14340 Holly Springs Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078, USA


Phillips says the biggest impact has been made with the Trap Neuter Release Program. “The average mature cat can have three litters a year with an approximate survival rate of 10 kittens per year,” she explains. “Two cats, if left unaltered, and their offspring [also unaltered] can result in as many as 4,000 cats to be born over a 10-year Kim Phillips of HATS hangs out with a litter of kittens in her home. you or you simply don’t have says Phillips. “Some days it’s period. It’s a crazy the time, Phillips says that hard because just as soon as exponential number. giving financially to HATS is the shelter seems to clear, along “Kittens are the easiest thing in tax deductible and that the comes a whole lot more in the the world to foster. All you need organization is also in need door. But then you see someone is a spare bathroom or laundry of pet supplies, such as food, reunite with their lost dog or for a couple of weeks and food, leashes, collars, kennels, crates, the hungry motherless kitten water and litter, ” says Phillips. gets a forever family and you “We also need volunteers to help etc. “So many people say to me, ‘I say to yourself, ‘I helped make walk and play with the animals don’t know how you can do it. that happen,’ and it’s one of the in the LCAS, and to house dogs I could never be there. I would best feelings in the world.” — Bek that are going through heart want to take them all home Mitchell-Kidd, photography by worm treatments.” If volunteering isn’t for or it would make me too sad,’ ” Lisa Crates

JULY 2018

elping Animals to Survive (HATS) was formed by Jena Healy and Karen Banker in early 2014 following a unanimous approval vote by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners for Lincoln County Animal Services (LCAS) to adopt a “no kill” philosophy. Kim Phillips, vice president of the HATS’ Board Of Directors, says, “We are not a rescue shelter, which can be confusing. HATS supports LCAS with services ranging from funding treatments, animal enrichment programs, finding foster homes and people to transporting pets to their forever families.” And it is the people that make a difference, as HATS’ volunteers give hundreds of hours at the LCAS during adoption events, fostering and helping people who are struggling to provide food for their pets. Volunteers also run a successful “Fix for Fewer” transport, providing low-cost spay and neuter services for residents of Lincoln County and surrounding areas.


Can not be combined with any other offers. With this LNES Coupon. Expires 7/30/18

Summer Hours in July & Aug: Sat & Sun 9am – 2pm

JULY 2018


“I started advertising with CURRENTS with the first issue published and have never looked back. I knew Sharon and several other people on her team and felt very comfortable that CURRENTS would show the Lake Norman lifestyle in a way that would be attractive to readers. I wanted to be a part of it! I’m proud to have been an advertiser with CURRENTS all of this time. The CURRENTS team is in the community and does its best to bring the latest happenings to its readers. Congratulations on 10 years!” — Julie Mills, owner of Progressive Pilates in Cornelius


Pet Care Services

The Lake Norman area is full of great places that specialize in pampering your pets. Check out these local businesses who are there to make your pet feel special.

$10 t-shirts

Peace of Mind

For your boy or girl pet!


704-615-6566 |

142 N. Main St. • Mooresville, NC 28115 704-664-0881

Pet Lodging – Daycare – Training – Spa

Play & Stay

Where Dogs & People Come Together

Doggie Daycare Dog Boarding Grooming Full Bar

Luxury Facility & Care

Space available for parties or functions

• Fun & Secure Outdoor Play Yards • Fabulous Saltwater Pool • Positive Reinforcement Dog Training • Relaxing Spa Service

For More Information or Reservations 2993 Charlotte Hwy 21 Mooresville NC 28117

(704) 663-3733 |

Independent & Family Owned

Di Dió

“Your pet’s home away from home” “We welcome your inspection”

• ALL Breed Grooming everyday by appointment • Knodel Mobile Wellness by Kathy Knodel DVM • We board all Exotics! We are NOT breed specific • We DO NOT intermingle dogs from different homes • Entire facility A/C – completely fenced for security

10% OFF

grooming while in board offer expires July 31, 2018

must bring ad with coupon

142 Consumer Sq. Dr. Mooresville, NC 28117 (980) 444-0020 Diagnostic Exams | Wellness Exams Preventative Care | Grooming Boarding | Dentistry For more information on preventative care packages and additional services visit:

Appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Fri: 8 am - 7 pm Saturday: 8 am - 12 pm Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm

“God Loves You”

Serving the Lake Norman Communities since 1987 • Licensed and inspected by the NC Dept of Agriculture

Di Dió K-9 Country Klub

704-663-0472 • 135 DiDió Circle • Mooresville, NC 28115 Hwy 21-115 North


2681 Charlotte Hwy Mooresville, NC 28117


JULY 2018



Profiles in



We all adore our pets. That said, our furry family members deserve the best medical care available. Luckily, the Lake Norman area has some of the most experienced veterinarians around, offering the latest treatments and services available. The following profiles will help you learn more about these talented professionals and how they can help keep your pet healthy. This special advertising section is your guide to some of Lake Norman’s best veterinarians.

Profiles in Veterinary Medicine

JULY 2018



Dr. Ryn Marlowe, DVM; Dr. Carrie Uehlein, DVM; Dr. Nicole Sheehan, DVM; Dr. Zoe Forward, DVM; and Dr. Tamara Rattray, DVM.


hile The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson performs all of the medical and surgical procedures you would expect from a full-service small animal hospital, the practice is known for its ability to integrate advanced alternative treatments within these services. This integration allows the practice to provide more options for pet lovers, discover and treat the origin of disease rather than treat symptoms, and promote optimal pet health. Each of the practice’s five veterinarians has additional training and certifications in various aspects of traditional and alternative medicine and surgery.

Dr. Nicole Sheehan, Dr. Carrie Uehlein and Dr. Ryn Marlowe are certified in acupuncture. Dr. Sheehan also has several advanced certifications in holistic medicine, including nutrition and herbal medicine. In addition, Dr. Uehlein and Dr. Sheehan have advanced training in ultrasound and echocardiography, while Dr. Marlowe and Dr. Zoe Forward are skilled in exotics medicine and surgery (think rabbits, reptiles, rodents and birds). Dr. Forward is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, a certification showing her advanced knowledge in veterinary medicine. One of the biggest changes

in veterinary medicine over the years has been how pets are seen and treated as family members. That shift motivates clients to do more for their pets’ well-being, and in turn, veterinarians are encouraged to learn more intricate and highly specialized procedures for pets. “We enjoy bringing an advanced level of medicine to our patients and continue to further our education and certifications each year,” explains Dr. Sheehan, adding that all of the vets in the practice grew up with a love for animals. “We feel blessed to be a part of such an interesting and rewarding profession.” While the team at The Veterinary Hospital of

445 S. Main Street Davidson, NC 28036

Davidson is proud of its work in specialized medicine, it is most proud of the care and compassion that each member of the team demonstrates on a daily basis. Each vet and staff member handles your pet with kindness and patience, and they try to make certain you can stay with your pet at all times during your visit. From the beginning, the goal of The Veterinary Hospital of Davidson was to create a small animal hospital where people love their jobs as much as they love working with animals. When you visit the practice, it is evident that the team has fun while taking care of each other and their patients. The result is a happy and calm environment for all.

704.765.1171 •


Profiles in Veterinary Medicine


cleaning; and ultrasounds. The full-service practice also offers a complete in-house laboratory, as well as grooming and boarding services. “We pride ourselves in making both the client and the pet feel comfortable while they visit our state-of-the-art facility that was designed to have a spalike atmosphere,” explains Dr. Fennell, who earned a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. “Our veterinarians focus on continuity of care,” adds Dr. Adams, a graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. “Continuity of care is very important to us. You and your pet will be scheduled with the same veterinarian every

visit unless you are notified otherwise. This allows us to practice a higher quality of medicine.” Dr. Fennell and Dr. Adams are full-time practice owners and veterinarians who incorporate other doctors as relief veterinarians and specialists at their facility. Board certified radiologists, orthopedic surgeons and soft tissue surgeons work within the practice to make sure patients receive the highest level of care, making it less likely that your pet will have to travel to an outside referral hospital for advanced procedures. The practice aims to be one stop for all of your pet’s needs. In addition, Carolinas Veterinary Care Clinic offers

10110 Northcross Center Court, Suite 100 Huntersville, NC 28078

Carolinas True Wellness Plans, which are affordable health care plans designed to help pets live longer and healthier lives. These plans allow monthly payments for preventative care. “For me, the most interesting part about being a veterinarian is not just having a career that allows you to interact with people and pets, but being allowed to interact in a way that enhances the human-animal bond,” explains Dr. Adams. “It is endlessly rewarding to relieve a hurting animal’s pain, or to see a formerly too-sick-to-eat dog chow down a bowl of food.” says Dr. Fennell. “For many pets there is that one moment when you can visibly see them start to feel better. We live for these moments.”


rowing up in small rural towns, Dr. Alisha Fennell and Dr. Alycen Adams developed an affinity for taking care of animals at a young age. Their love of animals and medicine led them to create Carolinas Veterinary Care Clinic in Huntersville seven years ago. Their non-traditional veterinary clinic offers the latest in veterinary technology, including digital X-rays and companion laser therapy, for a variety of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, small mammals, pigs and more. Medical services include soft tissue surgery; orthopedic and reconstructive surgery; skin, allergy and ear disease treatment; dental

JULY 2018

Dr. Alisha Fennell and Dr. Alycen Adams | Carolinas Veterinary Care Clinic

Profiles in Veterinary Medicine

JULY 2018




hen veterinarians Donna Warren, DVM and Tom Hemstreet, DVM, RSO first established LakeCross Veterinary in 1998, they wanted to create a welcoming, homelike environment for pets and their owners. For 20 years, the big yellow house near the intersection of Highway 73 and 115 in Huntersville has been that veterinary home for thousands of animals from the Lake Norman area. The veterinarians at LakeCross Veterinary offer traditional veterinary care, such as yearly exams and vaccinations, along with innovative medical treatments for dogs and cats including physical therapy, chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, athletic conditioning, acupuncture, eastern medicine and treatment of feline hyperthyroidism. The veterinary team includes Donna Warren, DVM; Tom Hemstreet, DVM, RSO; Jean Tuttle, DVM, CCRP, CVSMT; Gretchen Burke, DVM; Kay Wahl, DVM, CVA; Lauren Kappers, DVM; Kari Hyatt, DVM; and Carolyn Ives, DVM. Just as humans benefit from chiropractic care and rehabilitation, pets benefit from the same treatments. LakeCross Veterinary utilizes therapeutic ultrasound, specialized exercises, laser therapy and aquatic therapy to treat osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, fractures, muscle injuries, spinal injuries and disorders, tendon injuries, and neuromuscular disease. Acupuncture can also be a very effective treatment option for dogs and cats and

a great alternative to certain medications. This pain free technique helps treat chronic pain, anxiety and skin disease, and aides in palliative care and recovery after surgery. LakeCross Veterinary offers acupuncture in a very calm and relaxing environment where many pets fall asleep during treatment. A trip to the veterinary office can be stressful for both a cat and the cat’s human. For this reason, many cats do not receive important veterinary wellness exams that could detect health problems in the early stage. That’s why LakeCross Veterinary took steps to become the first GoldCertified Cat Friendly Practice in the Lake Norman area. The practice is committed to significantly reducing the anxiety of a vet visit so that it’s easier to bring cats in for much-needed care. The practice offers felinesensitive waiting areas and exam rooms, and every quarter features a “cats-only” day for appointments. Almost two decades ago, the practice created T4Paws, the only facility in the region to permanently treat feline hyperthyroidism. Dr. Tom Hemstreet is one of only a few veterinarians in the state licensed to treat cats with radiopharmaceutical I-131. Each veterinarian enjoys making a personal connection with every animal, client and family that enters LakeCross Veterinary. Delivering unique pet care, innovative treatment options and heartfelt compassion is what you’ll find inside Lake Norman’s veterinary home.

Back Row: Tom Hemstreet, DVM, RSO; Donna Warren, DVM. Middle Row: Jean Tuttle, DVM, CCRP, CVSMT; Carolyn Ives, DVM; Lauren Kappers, DVM; Gretchen Burke, DVM. Front Row: Kari Hyatt, DVM; Kay Wahl, DVM, CVA.

106 Parr Drive Huntersville, NC 28078 Treating Pets Like Family For 20 Years



Dr. Herrick R. (Dick) Hay


eople’s perception about pets has evolved a lot in the past 30 years. With 33 years of experience in veterinary medicine, Dr. Herrick R. (Dick) Hay has seen pets become full-fledged, four-legged members of the family, and that’s exactly how they are treated at his practice, TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Davidson. A full-service veterinary hospital, TotalBond offers a full range of diagnostic testing, digital X-rays, ultrasound, surgery, preventative medicine (vaccines), internal medicine, dental procedures, acupuncture and geriatric medicine. “We are part of a local group of five veterinary practices in the greater

Profiles in Veterinary Medicine

Charlotte/Gastonia region,” explains Dr. Hay. “With 10 veterinarians in our group, we have a wide range of expertise to tap into without having to refer our patients to a specialty practice where the prices are much higher.” TotalBond is also a Cat Friendly Certified practice, and all of its staff members are Fear Free Certified animal handlers. “I am a people person, and so I get most of my joy from helping people have a better relationship with their pet,” says Dr. Hay, an American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) Diplomate (Canine and Feline). “It is very special to see this bond and help people improve it.”

260 Griffith Street Davidson, NC 28036 JULY 2018





C H A R LOT T E A IR P O R T / 7 04 .3 9 3 .3 6 4 7


Click "be the first" at


704.246.4206 704.360.3852

For a full list of locations or to make a reservation, visit or call 1.877.PETS.PLAY.

P E T PA R A D I S E . C O M


Get Connected


16439 Jetton Road Cornelius, NC

Stacey Novak

Mooresville/Lake Norman (704) 604-1921

18329 Harbor Light Boulevard Cornelius, NC

Dixie Dean

Lake Norman (704) 641-1465

Offered at $2,750,000 Uniquely designed waterfront estate situated on 1.12 acres of beautiful Lake Norman with incredible long range views. This home offers a stately porte cochere entrance, elegant two-story foyer, open and airy floor plan with a two-story great room, formal dining room, newly designed kitchen with state of the art gourmet appliances, large master suite, beautiful hardwood floors just recently installed. Lower lake level features a second kitchen, media room, billiard area that is perfect for entertaining. MLS#3386220

Offered at $1,645,000 Yacht Club living with vibrant views of the marina make this delightful property come alive. Unparalleled location just steps from The Peninsula Yacht club on Lake Norman. This 2008 built home includes a full yacht club membership with a boat slip positioned directly outside the back door. Best part about it is the boat slip is maintained by the yacht club and there are no monthly boat slip dues. Coveted light, bright open floor plan boasts a huge gourmet kitchen which opens to the living areas. MLS#3389611

20318 Pinehurst Drive

717 Big Indian Loop

Cornelius, NC

Ted Coyer

Lake Norman (704) 622-2911 Offered at $1,195,000 You’ll fall in love with this ranch home the second you see the beautiful views of Lake Norman. Nestled in a small peaceful cove you will enjoy your morning coffee looking out at miles of lake. The spacious homesite is .87 acres and can accommodate a large crawlspace or even a basement. Lots of mature trees in front for privacy, plenty of yard space and in back a large dock with a fantastic gazebo too. A great open and flowing floor plan with high ceilings and lots of windows to enjoy the lake views. MLS#3363673

Mooresville, NC

Lee Ann Miller

Lake Norman (704) 562-2922 Offered at $899,900 It’s all about the location and big, open water views. Home nestled on large 3/4 acre lot with 150 feet of shoreline. Over 5,000 square feet of living space that can accommodate large families, guests and multi-generational living. Large deck that spans across the back of home, attached sunroom, workshop in basement and great storage space. Basement level is a perfect second living quarters complete with kitchen, living spaces and a full bath. MLS#3390878

19003 Double Eagle Drive Cornelius, NC

Jan Cameron

Lake Norman (704) 724-3792 Offered at $1,357,000 Motivated sellers. Make an offer. This home has it all... waterfront, pool and golf course property. New roof, gutters and copper flashing 04/2017, 7026 sf on only two levels. Master bedroom on main level. Newer kitchen, newer appliances and Sub-Zero refrigerator. Open to living spaces. Two bonus rooms. Re-surfaced gunite heated pool and spa. Sealed crawlspace. Walk out the front door to a deeded boat slip. Wine cellar/tasting room added. Sealed crawlspace with vapor barrier installed 02/2016. MLS#3134317

2700 Trent Pines Court Sherrills Ford, NC

Candi Schuerger

Mooresville/Lake Norman (704) 400-1232 Offered at $890,000 Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Norman from the sun deck of the private dock. The lot is situated on a nice wooded lot, approximately 150’ of shoreline with deep water and just minutes from the main channel. This property features a full brick ranch/bonus room with a finished basement, all of which is perfect for lake living and entertaining. Open floor plan that is light and airy, great room with cathedral ceilings, large windows to appreciate the great views. MLS#3388201

getting to Know

Giving Second Chances

Emily Beebe loves helping animals make a fresh start at Lake Norman Humane by Lori K. Tate | photography by Ken Noblezada

side, and then we work with local vets for the medical portion. Do you mainly focus on dogs and cats? Before I took over it was dogs and cats. I spent five years of my career as an exotic technician, where I did exotic medicine, so we’ve really kind of upped our exotic portion. We have guinea pigs. We do rabbits. We had a pot-bellied pig last year and a couple birds, so if it’s legal in North Carolina, we will take it.

JULY 2018

Emily Beebe and Bud, a rescue dog.


ot everyone is lucky enough to have a career they love, but Emily Beebe is one such individual. As the director of operations for Lake Norman Humane, the result of the 2016 merger of Friends of the Animals — Iredell and the Humane Society of Iredell, the animal lover enjoys giving animals a second chance at life. We recently spoke with her to find out the latest from Lake Norman Humane and to hear how her pet sharks are doing. When did you start working at Lake Norman Humane? In April of 2017. Do you have an animal background? I started my career 15-plus years ago as a veterinary emergency technician for emergency and trauma. And

then I kind of worked up. … My whole background is on the veterinary medicine side. This is my first time with the rescue side of it. Before I did trauma, ICU and abuse cases, so I did the medical portion of it. What is the mission of Lake Norman Humane? We are a nonprofit. Our mission is pretty much to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals of Lake Norman and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to focus on animals that would be euthanized if we were not able to step in and take them. To have a true impact, we partner with local animal controls in Iredell County, Cabarrus County, CharlotteMecklenburg, Rowan and sometimes Gaston.We have a partnership with dog trainers that kind of helps with the rehabilitation on the behavior

Isn’t Lake Norman Humane building a new facility? We were raising money to build a new facility off of Templeton Road [in Mooresville], and then, our board was approached by a developer to purchase that land, so they went under contract with that. We just announced that we purchased property at 2016 Charlotte Highway in Mooresville. It has 6.5 fenced acres, and it’s already got a building on it so we can go through and revamp that building. …My goal is to have the greatest rescue impact possible. With the Templeton Road location, we were on two acres, and we were outgrowing that already. We’re double where we were last year with adoptions and animals in need, so this other building and the land that goes with it is going to give us so much more room for expansion for our programs. We expect to be there next spring. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I absolutely love it. It’s just really neat to meet and see an animal that was in bad shape and in a really bad spot, and we are able to come in and make a really big impact on its life. You see these before and after pictures or videos, and they’re down and out and depressed and medically in a bad position. And then one day they go home looking like a different animal. They’re happy, healthy and it’s a really powerful moment to see the impact that you have. I’m kind of an instant gratification person and to see that change and to be like, ‘Wow, we really helped this animal’ is just amazing to me. Do you have pets at home? Oh my gosh, yes. I worked in the emergency world for so long. I have dogs. I have cats. I have chickens, guinea pigs, a tortoise, a bird and a shark tank. A shark tank? Yeah, I’ve got a tropical tank with three sharks (Jaws, Fred and Duncan) and some other fish in there, and they’re my babies. I love it. My whole life, ever since I was 2 years old, my mom would make fun of me because I would go outside and kiss ants and collect every animal I could possibly find. To be able to have my career and to have my life surrounded with animals at home and at work, I couldn’t ask for more.

Lake Norman Humane Car Show, July 7, 8 a.m.-2p.m. George Pappas Victory Lanes 125 Morlake Drive Mooresville For more information regarding Lake Norman Humane, visit

Let’s go to Tuscarora's for Summer Camp!


33 Scenic acres Huge in/out suites, no cages Nature trail walks Resident club Staff 24/7 Golf cart rides in the forest Van Pickup & Delivery

NeuroSpine 704.954.8277

704-436-6122 See our videos

JULY 2018

544 Brawley School Rd., Mooresville


make a Mess

Happy to Help

by Rosie Molinary | photography by Lisa Crates

Doug Surratt found a delicious solution to a problem

JULY 2018


Doug Surratt, president of Baybridge Management, sits in his office in downtown Davidson.

hat do you do when the market turns and you wonder if everything that you have built your family’s life on might fall away? If you are Doug Surratt, you creatively (and deliciously) solve the problem. Surratt, president of Baybridge Management, started his career in physician practice management in 1993. His family settled in Davidson and, after having his offices located near the interstate in Davidson for years, he bought into Stowe’s

Corner on the town’s Main Street in 2009. “We moved our business, and the market started going south on everybody,” remembers Surratt, 59. “I started thinking, ‘If everything falls apart, what’s my fall back approach?’ ” Surratt started considering additional options, including a restaurant. It wasn’t the first time he thought about an eating establishment. When the Stowe’s Corner building was being conceived, a restaurant was planned for the first floor. “I started thinking about a

tapas restaurant. I snapped out of it and said, ‘I have a business, what am I thinking to run two businesses and one from scratch,’ ” he explains. But Surratt’s sister-in-law and her husband were successful restaurant owners. They had conceived and opened Carrburritos in Carrborro, North Carolina, just outside Chapel Hill. As Surratt considered diversifying his business portfolio, it seemed that bringing a Carrburritos to Davidson might be just the right concept.

“Gail and Bill started their restaurant in 1997. Their recipes were proven. Their branding was solid. In the Davidson market, we had so few options for the Mexican-type menu, and we knew the price point was good,” Surratt recalls of that initial conversation in 2011. “I started working on a business plan and approached them, and we all got excited about it.” After securing their location, Surratt and his team began to conceptualize the restaurant and its management. He knew he didn’t want to run the

to do a good job, which is how I am. I am more of a server when it comes to friendships and relationships,” he says. “When I hire people, I look for people like that so I don’t have to micromanage anyone. I expect them to build working relationships with the people they interact with. Collectively, we all put our heads together and try to make it a fun environment.” While opening Carrburritos in 2013 started with what seemed like a problem for Surratt to solve, the solution, a welcome addition to the town’s restaurant and social scene, is one he appreciates because it offered something to more than just him and his family. Over the years, Surratt has loved seeing people enjoy the efforts the staff has put into creating the experience. “It inspires me to make people happy. That’s just in my heart.”

Surratt says that his relationships with people are one of the best expressions of his creativity.

explains. In fact, Surratt feels his relationships with people are one of the best expressions of his creativity. “I have always looked for people who don’t need to be supervised. They are hired because they have a true interest in learning and a desire

Process Creativity is? Opening your mind and letting the energy influence your actions. When you were 10 years old, what was your favorite way to be creative? Building skateboards. Why does creativity matter? It’s a requirement to be successful. I almost feel like if you don’t have creativity, you are a follower. What is more important to you today than 10 years ago? Time with friends and family. What has creativity taught you? Open your mind and do not get caught in that trap of tunnel vision where you feel like you know the right answer to everything. JULY 2018

restaurant on a daily basis, so he started deliberately thinking about the leadership and staff. “Our thought was that we would find a general manager and that individual would be involved in the day-to-day operations. If you hire and take good care of people, that’s how you become successful,” he

Behind the


In the Nation, we make you whole again. In the Nation, When you add Brand New BelongingsSM to your homeowners, we make you whole again. renters and condo insurance, we don’t just give you the partial

SM When you addvalue Brandof New Belongings to your homeowners, things that have been stolen or destroyed, we help you renters and condo insurance, don’tthe justlatest give you the partial replace themwewith versions. We put our members first, value of things that have been stolen or destroyed, we help SM because we don’t have shareholders you . replace them with the latest versions. We put our members first, because we don’t have shareholdersSM.

For your many sides, there’s Nationwide®. Join the Nation® that doesn’t do things halfway.

Join the Nation® that doesn’t do things halfway.

Don Carney

Mike Griffin

190 Jackson St. Don Carney Davidson

190 Jackson St. (704) 892-1115 Davidson

(704) 892-1115

Angela Jackson Jim Jarrett Angela Jackson

Ron Parks, Jim Jarrett


19824 West584 Brawley 584 Brawley School 227 West Dr. 19824 West 9713 Northcross Carney MikePlaza Griffin Angela Jackson wes Jim Jarrett Catawba Ave. Rd. Suite 102 Ct. Catawba Ave. School Rd. Center Mooresville 227 West PlazaSuite Dr. D 19824 West 584 Brawley Suite D Corner of Brawley Suite 102 7048921115 Huntersville (704) 664-9111 Harbour Park SchoolRd. & Williamson Ave. Mooresville Mooresville School (704) 548-0500 Cornelius Catawba Cornelius Rds.

Tracey Tracey Fox Smith

Earl Carney Earl CarneyInsurance Insurance Ron Parks, LUTCF 171 Wagner St.

171 Wagner St. 9713 Northcross Beside BB&T and Troutman

Post Office Troutman Center Ct. (704) 528-4141

(704) 528-4141 Suite 102 Huntersville (704) 799-1571

Suite D 892-6004 (704) 892-6004 (704) 664-9111 (704)


Wes Carney

Carney Insurance Tracey Fox Smith Agency

Earl Insurance 190Carney Jackson St. the Post 171Behind Wagner St. Office Davidson Troutman (704) 892-1115

(704) 799-1571 Mooresville (704) 548-0500 (704) 528-4141 799-1571 (704) 892-6004 Products underwritten by(704) Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Home


Office: Columbus, OH 43215. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Availability varies. Nationwide, Nationwide Is On Your Side, and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. ©2016 Nationwide CPO-0836AO (08/16) 7344962 Optional feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Damaged items may be repaired in some cases. Details vary by state and policy language. Please consult your policy for the specifics of your selected coverages. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle, Brand New Belongings, Join the Nation and We put members first, because we don’t have shareholders are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPR-0599AO (08/14)


|OptionalHOme | POwersPOrTs | BUsiness | Life | reTiremenT feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Damaged items may be repaired in some cases. Details vary by state and policy language. Please consult your policy for the specifics of your selected coverages. Subject to underwriting guidelines, review, and approval. Nationwide and the Nationwide N and Eagle, Brand #C#









New Belongings, Nation and We put members first, because we don’t have shareholders are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPR-0599AO (08/14) IO # : Join the6686-1



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IO # : Publication: Market:

Lake Norman Currents WNC 1/2pg Horiz (7.5” x 4.84”) - 4color 3/2015

6686-1 Lake Norman Currents WNC

REVISED 2/4/15



REVISED 2/4/15 Headline:

Dine, Dazzle & pend the day in Davidson! Come early and visit the Davidson Farmers Market. Enjoy shopping in eclectic boutiques and galleries. Dine from a diverse mix of excellent restaurants, coffee houses, wine bars and pubs. Enjoy the annual Fourth of July Celebration or take in a Concert On The Green. (see box at far right for a list of events) Venture across the bridge at I-77, Exit 30 to watch a beautiful sunset over Lake Norman from a waterfront pub. Summer Fun Awaits You in Davidson!

Main Street Books

Carrburritos – Mexican Taqueria

Offering fresh, sophisticated flavors served in generous portions and made on location daily. Burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, weekly specials and more. Full bar featuring a variety of Signature Margaritas and Mexican Beers. Pet-friendly patio seating. Located 445 S. Main Street.


Book a seat at our DIY boutique workshop to make your personalized patriotic home décor piece. We offer step-by-step instructions on making wood signs, centerpiece boxes, wood photo frames, canvas pillows and tote bags. Bring a friend or come on your own. Our charming studio is a great place to host your next celebration! Contact us to book. • 704-765-3632

HONEYSUCKLE HOME Featuring Nora Fleming serving pieces with those lovable, interchangeable minis that make your holidays and events memorable. Available at Honeysuckle Home, Davidson’s newest boutique for unique gifts and trendy fashions. Located at 428-C South Main Street, Davidson, NC. Open Mon-Sat 10-5

Stop by Main Street Books for a leisurely browse in the oldest building downtown. You’ll find bestsellers alongside our best local authors. Keep up with book signing events and story times on our website. Tradewinds Eye Care & Optical Tradewinds is a modern sunwear and eyewear Boutique. Vision dedicated and style inspired, we offer a customer-oriented experience. Specializing in spectacular eyewear, stop by and get styled! Get ready for a sizzling summer and check out our Maui Jim collection! Sign up for our Purple Pair Club on our website. Located at 610 Jetton Street, next to Harris Teeter. Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine Bringing a taste of Mexico City to Davidson. Fresh, Gluten Free Dishes, Traditional Mexican Dishes. Full bar, featuring a host of authentic Tequila drink selections. Join us July 4th for Live Music 2-4pm and Blue Margaritas! Indoor and patio dining. Tues-Thurs 11-2:30 and 5-9:30pm | Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun Brunch 11am-3pm | Closed Mon • For reservations go to our website and look for the NexTable logo. 121 N. Main Street •

Davidson Village Inn Guests are always made to feel welcome at the 18 room, European style, Davidson Village Inn serving breakfast and afternoon tea daily.


In Davidson TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Davidson

Where Relationships Make The Difference. Dr Dick Hay, Davidson graduate ’77, has been leading a caring, skilled, and compassionate staff since 1999. Their team provides full medical, dental, and surgical services, as well as Integrative Medicine options. Look for our new location coming soon!

The Rumor Mill Market

The Rumor Mill Market, Davidson’s largest retailer, is home to over 80 local artisans who create and find fun and funky décor items and furniture for your home. Located at 217 Depot Street, Davidson, NC. Open Mon – Sat 10 – 5

Davidson Chocolate Co.

Add a little sweetness to your summertime! Stop by and enjoy our handcrafted chocolates, delicious ice creams, or decadent milkshakes, and join our celebration of 10 years of sweet history making our famous artisan truffles and confections right here in Davidson. Located in Harris Teeter Shopping Center, 610 Jetton St., Suite 150, Davidson, NC

Carolina Craft Butchery

Your Local, Farmer Owned Butcher Shop. Berkshire Pork, Grass Fed Angus Beef, Lamb & Poultry Fresh Cuts, Dry Aged Beef, House made Sausages, Hickory Smoked Bacon. Catering. Monthly Butchering Classes. 605-B Jetton Street, Davidson • Closed Mon. & Tues. Wed. – Fri. 11-7 Sat. 9-4 Sun. 11-4

North Harbor Place at Davidson Landing

Enjoy Lakeside Fine Dining at North Harbor Club. Boat to work? We offer exclusive Waterfront Office & Retail space. Boat Slips for lease & convenient, downtown Mini Storage.

North Harbor Club Restaurant

Always an intriguing dining experience, North Harbor Club is the perfect lakeside destination! Enjoy the ambiance of our dining rooms with views of the harbor from our wall of windows or at our lakefront patio, weather permitting. Conveniently located at North Harbor Place, by land right off I-77 at exit 30, or by boat in the Davidson Creek area at marker T4. www. NORTHHARBORCLUB.COM

Lake Norman Cottage Visit us for the perfect wine, beer and gift retail experience…then take a short waterfront walk over to The Cabin for local craft beers and cigars.

Celebrate Summer! April is for Arts Bring the Family and Enjoy Some Summer Fun!!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 4TH: Small Town July 4th Stroll- 5:30 p.m. (line up starts at McEver Field) WEDNESDAY, JULY 4TH: Concert on the Green – 6:00 -8:00 p.m. Featuring Radiojacks SUNDAY, AUGUST 12: Concert on the Green – 6:00-8:00 p.m. Featuring Chunky Daddy SUNDAY, AUGUST 19: Concert on the Green – 6:00-8:00 p.m. Featuring Davidson GospelFest SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2: Concert on the Green – 6:00-8:00 p.m. Featuring Sidecar Social Club SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16: Concert on the Green – 6:00-8:00 p.m. Featuring Davidson College Symphony and Jazz Ensemble

For information on Town of Davidson events Please visit

thoughts from the Man Cave

(Fine) Food Trucks…

by Mike Savicki photography courtesy of Laura Ingram and Chris Yelton

How I filled my belly and soul while eating for the good of the reader

JULY 2018


hen my editor gave me the green light to write about food trucks as the summer season of food trucks was beginning, I felt like that dog who chases the mailman and catches him (or her). Or that kid who chases the ice cream truck down the street to have it stop. As a long-time food truck lover, I am that dog and that kid joined together because I love hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries and barbecue — the traditional and historic foods of the food truck — and with this column I now had a valid reason to fill my belly for an entire month while calling it research. So, dear readers, that is exactly what I did for the entire last month. For you. Who knew that a month of food truck eating could be so glorious? I ate tacos on Tuesdays, fries by the basket on Fridays, burgers washed down with craft beer whenever the weekend was within reach, hot dogs paired with caffeine-infused energy sodas most lunches, and I consumed Eastern and Western Carolinastyled barbecue platters topped with hush puppies by the pound whenever I had a snack craving. I washed those down with sweet and unsweet teas by the gallon. If the magazine gave its writers an expense account, it would have disappeared as fast as spring rain. Since it doesn’t, I instead attempted to tap into the magazine’s entertainment fund, which I also discovered doesn’t exist. So, let’s just say I spent about as much of my personal funds on food truck food as a Charlotte-bound lake

commuter might soon spend on weekly I-77 tolls. Horrible comparisons aside, back to the food. The biggest lesson I learned is that food trucks now come in all shapes and sizes and serve a greater variety of really good, higher end and higher quality foods than I could have ever imagined. Outside of Old Town Public House (OTPH) in Cornelius, I caught my first glimpse of Lobster Dog Food Truck. Lobster rolls from the back of a truck? Really? Yes, yes, yes, high end, but casual lobster rolls along with other choices like amazing ahi tuna-stuffed avocados. To make sure my taste buds weren’t playing tricks on me, I turned to social media to see if others thought the same of Chris Yelton’s venture on wheels, and I received all the validation I needed in the form

of his truck’s more than 5,000 Facebook and 3,000 Instagram followers. Lobster Dog Food Truck has a legion of loyalists. There is a reason Chris is now building a second one. Lauren Ingram’s Carolina Moon Food Truck is the newest game in town (her opening day of business was May 2, 2018), and it didn’t take her long to find a regular spot in front of Eleven Lakes Brewery in Cornelius. Caribbean fusioninspired, natural, scratch made food paired with a quality craft beer? Yes, please, I, and a long line of other patrons agreed. Sure, Lauren, a Johnson & Wales graduate who dreamed of opening a food truck since she first bought jerk chicken from a roadside vendor in the Cayman Islands as a child, offers many non-fryer traditional food truck menu options, but how about giving her jerk burger, French toast

Top, Laura Ingram and her Carolina Moon food truck. Above, a sweet treat from Carolina Moon.

grilled cheese (add chicken or bacon) or coconut lime cilantro rice a shot. Her menu options also lean southern; so don’t overlook the mac and cheese. While Chris and Lauren collectively expanded my waistline, they also broadened my knowledge of and appreciation for the rapidly growing and increasingly popular food truck subculture. “I’m in the business of selling

Chris Yelton’s Lobster Dog Truck has thousands of social media fans.

than the food trucks of old, and it’s only getting better.” Lauren agreed. “It is fun to create something and go where the people are, where the energy is,” she says. “The people

who come to the events and places where you’ll find food trucks are just so happy to be there. They are having such a great time, too, and it rubs off onto us. All I can say is it is fun

JULY 2018

food, and that means I need to be where the people are and serve them what they want,” says Chris, who also owns The Sports Page in Mooresville. “Today’s food trucks are vastly different

feeding these kinds of people.” While my month of food truck research, along with this month’s column has ended, my love of the (fine) food truck subculture has just begun. Where there is fun, there is now quality food for each and every taste bud, and that makes me happy. May the lessons I learned inspire you to look at food trucks a bit differently, too.




209 WEST PLAZA DRIVE• Mooresville NC 28117 • 704- 235-6800 M-F 8:00am-8:00pm Sat 8:00am-4:00pm




JULY 2018

Dr. Pat Coleman and his wife, Connie, in their Davidson home. Both are passionate about healthy living.


A Fresh Start

by Lori K. Tate photography by Lisa Crates

Through Live Healthy Carolinas, Dr. Pat Coleman and his wife, Connie, want everyone to enjoy good health bout eight years ago Dr. Pat Coleman had an awakening. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon was on blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and his doctor wanted to put him on meds for diabetes. “I told them absolutely not. I will not do that,” he remembers. “I said give me two months. If nothing changes, I’ll do whatever you tell me.” Pat, who weighed 245 pounds and didn’t exercise regularly back then, lost 20 pounds in two months by reducing his diet to 500 to 750 calories a day. He admits that’s not the healthiest way to go about weight loss, but it got him where he needed to be to make a healthy start. “I just started reading and researching, and I said, ‘There’s got to be another answer to this besides drugs,’ ”

he remembers. “I started going to courses and conferences, and got trained in a couple of different certifications.” As a new retiree, he hung up his scalpel last month after 38 years of practice, he is now devoting his time to his passion for healthy living with Live Healthy Carolinas, a nonprofit he created last year.

A realization

Walk With A Doc is one of Live Healthy Carolinas’ programs.

Programmed to help CHIP is only one of Live Healthy Carolinas’ programs. Pat, along with team members Denise Andersen, a former corporate marketing executive; Denise Streppa, a registered nurse and whole health educator; and LeighBeth Lairamore, a doctor of obstetrics, offer Diabetes Undone, Community Health Improvement, an Annual Health Summit, Live Healthy Kids and Walk With A Doc. Pat and Connie walk almost every day, and that’s a big part of the Walk With A Doc program. The goal of this hourlong program is to get people moving. “We meet, and we have one of the doctors we’re associated with talk about some pertinent issue for about 10 minutes,” says Pat, adding that the program is free. “People can ask questions and everything else, and then we walk for about 45 minutes and the doctor will walk along with them.” Live Healthy Carolinas partnered with Davidson Parks and Recreation Department to kick-start the program, and it holds Walk With A Doc a

couple of times a month on the Davidson Town Green. Next month, the nonprofit begins its first Live Healthy Kids program. Huntersville’s Lake Norman Charter School is putting it in all five of their second grade classrooms. In these classes, kids will learn to grow and prepare healthy food. “That to me is the crux of this whole thing. To make wholesale changes in this country, we’ve got to get to the kids and we’ve got to get to them at an early age,” says Pat. “If we get to the kids, we’ll get to the moms, and if we get to the moms, everything changes.” Pat says he’s under no illusion that he and his nonprofit are going to change the world, but he’s optimistic that he can make a difference. “Hopefully, we can introduce the community, the Lake Norman area to a healthier eating and lifestyle and have better longterm health. That’s our goal,” he says. “He feels so good now,” adds Connie, “that he wants everyone to feel this way.”

For more information regarding Live Healthy Carolinas, visit


stopped doing that. So when you come to our house, you get a plant-based meal, and everybody seems to absolutely love it.” As we talk about their journey to healthy living, a delicious aroma floats over from the kitchen. Turns out the couple is hosting a vegetarian dinner party later in the evening for graduates of their nonprofit’s CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) and special guest, Dr. Hans Diehl, the founder of the program, as well as a best-selling author, researcher, speaker and clinical professor of preventive medicine at Loma Linda University in California. Known as “One of America’s Superheroes of Health,” Diehl directs the Lifestyle Medicine Institute at Loma Linda and is a mentor of Pat’s. “Four years or so ago I met Hans at a conference in California,” recalls Pat. “It was fortuitous. …He encouraged me to sign up and become a facilitator for CHIP.” And that’s exactly what happened. Pat became certified, determined to help others find their way to a healthy lifestyle.

JULY 2018

Sitting in the living room of his Davidson home with wife, Connie, Pat is the picture of good health. He’s excited because the day before he bought a medium polo shirt for the first time in a long time. “I lost 60 pounds over that sevento eight-year period of time. I take no medications, and I’m 65 years old,” he says. “I’m in better health now than I’ve been since I was in the Army 30 or 40 years ago.” Pat and Connie attribute how good they feel to a change in diet and exercise. “We started going more toward a plant-based diet. We didn’t go cold turkey,” explains Pat, who founded Carolina Oral & Facial Surgery in Cornelius. “We cut out red meat first,” adds Connie. “Initially we would cook, and I do a lot of stir-fry. We would cook some chicken for the kids when they were home, and we would just eat the veggie part of the stirfry. Slowly but surely, we just eliminated all of the meat.” In addition to meat, they also cut dairy from their diet with the exception of an occasional piece of cheese. They eat fish once in a while, but it has to be wild-caught. “We used to have dinner parties where we’d cook some meat dish for other people and then our food, and finally I said to Connie, ‘What is this saying to the people we have over, that we care more about our health than we care about yours,’ ” remembers Pat. “We


Living the

DREAM Mooresville’s Darby Camp shines in more ways than one by Lori K. Tate | photography by Brant Waldeck

JULY 2018


Darby Camp with her Shih Tzu, Marty McFly. And yes, he’s named after the character in Back to the Future.

ots of kids enjoy theatre and even dream about being on television or in the movies one day. Well, 11-year-old Darby Camp is living the dream. The Mooresville tween recently returned from shooting the second season of HBO’s award winning hit Big Little Lies with Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, who plays Darby’s mom on the show. Last year she starred in Netflix’s remake of Benji and has already filmed a Netflix Christmas movie with Kurt Russell that is slated to come out this Thanksgiving. Those A-list credits might give some kids (and adults) an inflated sense of self, but not Darby. As she sits in her parents’ home office stroking her Shih Tzu, Marty McFly, she’s dressed like any other rising sixth grader — running shorts and a Simply Southern T-shirt. And when the Community School of Davidson student talks about her adventures and experiences on the set, it’s obvious that she knows what’s truly important.

All in the family

One of the things Darby enjoys most about acting is pretending to be someone else.

Striking a balance


they are,” Darby says. “My parents do, and they’re like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I’m like ‘Oh my goodness, what?’ They’re just people, but if it’s like people

When she’s away for weeks at a time, it’s easy for homesickness to seep in. She misses her friends, her school, her dog and her bed.

Darby began to shine in the dramatic arena, as she booked Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and The Leftovers, which aired on HBO and led to Big Little Lies. She also filmed two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy during Season 13. commercials and print work. When Ruthie began to lose interest, Darby began to show interest and wanted to read Ruthie’s audition materials. “She [Darby] was probably 4 or 5 years old when she auditioned for her first script that was originally intended for Ruthie, and we had fun with

A few hours after our interview this past spring, she was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles to film the second season of Big Little Lies. The following Monday she was going to shoot a scene with Meryl Streep. Does she ever get nervous working with these big stars? No. “I don’t really know who

that are close to my age and I know who they are, I’m like that.” Because she has been shooting so much, Darby had to be homeschooled for part of the last school year. When she’s on set, a set teacher is provided, as Darby is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

But she also enjoys learning more and more about film and television. Lacy and Clark, who works as a counselor at North Mecklenburg High School, take turns traveling with her, and the production companies take care of lodging and travel itineraries. She now has an agent in Los Angeles.


With long thick brownish red hair, big brown eyes and little rasp in her voice, Darby has a unique presence that translates well on screen, especially in the independent realm. Though Darby has never taken an acting class, Lacy has coached her a bit. “I don’t coach her in a way that she feels like she’s being coached. It’s just like, ‘Here’s what I would do’ or ‘Here’s my suggestion,’ ” says Lacy. “Basically I used my own training and guided her in a way that I had already learned.” Darby spent a chunk of last fall filming Dreamland, an independent film, in New Mexico with Margot Robbie that comes out this November.

JULY 2018

Darby is the daughter of Clark and Lacy Camp, both natives of Mecklenburg County. Their older daughter, Ruthie (13), dabbled in show business and even shot a national commercial for Pennzoil, but she soon realized that basketball was more her thing. It’s no surprise that the Camp girls took an interest in acting, as Lacy earned an acting degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1999 and interned at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina. She worked with the Fincannons, who were the biggest casting directors in North Carolina at the time — think Dawson’s Creek and Shallow Hal. “I learned about film and television from working with these casting directors,” says Lacy, who later taught theatre at North Mecklenburg High School and Community School of Davidson. “Before that I had a hard time getting an agent as a 20-something brunette. It was just, ‘We already have your type.’ ” She knew a small child wouldn’t receive that type of feedback, so she started submitting Ruthie for jobs, and she started booking

it,” remembers Lacy. “I told our agent that Darby is the one that really seems to have the imagination and to fall into character easily and enjoys being sad. Ruthie was like, ‘Why do you want me act sad today? I try all day not to get sad and being an actor you’re choosing to be sad.’ ” Darby began to shine in the dramatic arena, as she booked Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva and The Leftovers, which aired on HBO and led to Big Little Lies. She also filmed two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy during Season 13.


! s p m a C Summer

Darby isn’t star struck by the A-list names in Big Little Lies. “They’re just people,” she says.

Half Day Summer Camps July 16th - 19th - FOREST FANTASIES

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Tuesday Mini Camps Ages 5-8, 11:30 Ages 9+ 2:00

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Hours 10:00am-2:30pm $175 per child (tax included)

Register today: (704) 746-9278

let’s get social:

“Darby really gets interested in the other jobs when we are on set. She goes around and asks questions,” says Lacy. “I enjoy working with other friends and playing make believe, pretending to be someone else,” adds Darby. “It’s just really fun to pretend. And working with other people is fun and going around the world is fun. Being in LA was fun, totally different than here.” During our interview, the doorbell rings and a courier from FedEx delivers a script for a potential new project. The day before, Darby asked her parents if she could join a local soccer team. It can be challenging to strike a balance between the glitz of Hollywood and being an 11-year-old, but it seems to come naturally for Darby. “I really love just being at home in North Carolina,” she says. “I love being outside and playing with my dog, Marty, and Ruthie, my sister, and jumping on the trampoline and playing soccer.”


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Lori Schneider, M.D.


New York University School of Medicine

Awards received last three years running “Patients’ Choice” Award • “Compassionate Physicians” Award


E S T. 1 9 6 9

JULY 2018

JrK – Grade 12 |


19615 Liverpool Pkwy., Ste. A • Cornelius • NC 28031



Red, White

& COOL by Lori K. Tate

Patriotism is always in style

photography by Brant Waldeck and Gillen Waldeck

[1] [3]

[2] JULY 2018


[4] [7]



1] Ocean — A Photicular Book, Dutchmans Casual Living $25.95 Stores, 19441 Old Jetton Road, Cornelius,


2] Overnighter by See, $90 Sweet Magnolia, 8301 Magnolia Estates Drive, Magnolia Plaza, Cornelius, look for Sweet Magnolia Lake Norman on Facebook.


3] Platos Embroidered Sandals by Tory Burch, $225 Monkee’s of Lake Norman, 605-A Jetton Street, Davidson and 106-A South Main Street, Davidson, 4] Blue Vase, $27.95 Dutchmans Casual Living Stores, 19441 Old Jetton Road, Cornelius,


5] Moleskine Classic Red Notebooks, Large $19.95; Small $14.95 Main Street Books, 126 S. Main Street, Davidson, 6] Superstar Sneakers by Golden Goose, $495 Monkee’s of Lake Norman, 605-A Jetton Street, Davidson and 106-A South Main Street, Davidson,


9] North Carolina Puzzle by True South Puzzle Co., $25 Dutchmans Casual Living Stores, 19441 Old Jetton Road, Cornelius, 10] Blue Earrings, $40 Monkee’s of Lake Norman, 605-A Jetton Street, Davidson and 106-A South Main Street, Davidson,



11] Small American Flag Basket, $20 Honeysuckle Home, 428 S. Main Street, Davidson, look for Honeysuckle Home on Facebook. 12] Cutting Board and Uncle Sam Hat adornment by Nora Fleming, Cutting Board ($68); Hat, $14 Honeysuckle Home, 428 S. Main Street, Davidson, look for Honeysuckle Home on Facebook. 13] How to Walk Away by Katherine Center, $26.99 Main Street Books, 126 S. Main Street, Davidson, 14] Pillow, $81.50 Dutchmans Casual Living Stores, 19441 Old Jetton Road, Cornelius,



8] Red and Blue Oars, $29.95 each Honeysuckle Home, 428 S. Main Street, Davidson, look for Honeysuckle Home on Facebook.

JULY 2018

7] Sailor — Sailor Dress, $155 Sweet Magnolia, 8301 Magnolia Estates Drive, Magnolia Plaza, Cornelius, look for Sweet Magnolia Lake Norman on Facebook.



in Motion by Mike Savicki | photography by LAT Photography

JULY 2018


Winning the Indianapolis 500 was a dream come true for Troutman’s Will Power.

Will Power’s road to the 2018 Indy 500 Winner’s Circle has roots here JULY 2018


A native of Australia, Power has won the most IndyCar races in the last decade.

t was with two laps to go that Will Power first began to sense the race was his. Now leading the 2018 Indianapolis 500 he doubled down on his line and checked his speed. Experience took over. With no cars in his immediate rear view, his lap times steadied at speeds well over 200 mph. “Go hard here,” he heard in his earpiece. The Indy 500 was the one race the Toowoomba, Australia native and long-time Troutman resident had longed to win. At 37 and the winningest IndyCar driver of the last decade, Power had come close before, finishing second as recently as 2015 to Team Penske teammate, Juan Pablo Montoya, but he had never crossed the finish line first.

Photography by Brant Waldeck


Power felt a mix of emotions when he crossed the finish line at the Indy 500 in May.

Power at home in the Team Penske facility in Mooresville. JULY 2018


How much did he want it? For the last decade, Power has kept two pictures near his bedside. The first is a photo of the Astor Cup, the award given to the overall Verizon IndyCar Series Champion, and the second is a picture of the Borg Warner Trophy, the award given to the Indy 500 winner. Power checked the Series Champion box by winning

the Astor Cup in 2014, but the 500 award still eluded him. The picture serves as a daily motivator.

Realizing a dream As Power sits in a Team Penske conference room, he explains how he is from a racing family. “That’s our life, everything revolves around doing well and winning races,

and Indy has always been the ultimate race to win,” he says. “People don’t know how hard it is to win. You put the work in, you prepare, you do everything possible to win and even with 31 other drivers with the same goal, when it doesn’t happen you begin to question. That feeling, that sense of ‘why not’ was hard to put into words. That’s how I felt for so long.”

With one lap to go, clear of second by 40 car lengths and hardly noticing the fans rising to their feet, he began saying, “I’ve got this.” “With two to go I was pretty certain, and with one to go I was sure,” Power recalls. And then it happened. Selfdescribed “primal screams” emanated from deep within his helmet and “every conceivable

Jake says working with Wheeler & Company CPAs is the best treat! Experience When It Counts

124 E. Plaza Drive, Suite E | Mooresville, NC 28115 | 704.664.6464 |

Power with his winning car and his Indy trophy.

In more than the Indy winner’s circle, emotions have always played a part in Power’s success. “I am a very emotional person, keeping it inside is how most people see it, almost


Your mortgage is more than just a loan; it’s a home. It’s first steps, family celebrations, backyard campouts, late night movie marathons, graduations, homecomings, homework at the kitchen table, first day of school, last day of school and every day in between. It’s why, at Peoples Bank , we believe that the home buying experience should be exceptional. It’s so much more than a loan.


A good place

like ‘he never cries,’ but that’s not true,” he says. “I’m actually more passionate and driven to win now than ever before, and I know how much racing is a mental and emotional test. I went through a bad patch for a while, and then I came to the realization that this does not last forever and what I have now is unlike anything I’ve ever had before.” Power continues, “That’s why I never ever judge a person by how quiet they are. They might just be shy. You have no idea what a person is feeling. Inside they may be emotional and passionate. That’s how I am — sometimes it just doesn’t come out.” But when he is home with his wife, son (Beau) and friends, many of whom are Carolina natives who remind him of his small-town upbringing, Power lives in the moment. He cycles on Brawley School Road, plays the drums and enjoys family time on the lake. “I’m at a good place at home and in the sport, but I’m far from done,” he says. “There’s a championship to be won this year; then there’s doing it again. I love the feeling, I understand the emotions, I have the passion, and now, I’ve won Indy.”

JULY 2018

emotion poured out all at once.” Power crossed the line for the win. His wife, Liz, fell to her knees, and his brother, Damien, a stand-up comedian rarely at a loss for words who had flown from Australia to watch the race, was speechless. Power climbed out of the car, held his hands high and screamed again, then hugged his wife and drank the ceremonial winner’s milk, dousing everyone within reach, before moving toward the trophy. “Relief, pride, satisfaction, it was just a big stress off me in a funny way,” Power says. “I had started to think that as you get older you get fewer and fewer chances, and it might not happen, so it was kind of surreal. At first it didn’t sink in. “And for Liz,” he continues, “I think it was a huge relief for her because she knows I’ve been trying for so long. It meant so much to her because she knew it meant so much to me.”

• New Home Designs Check out our reviews on


Jennifer Beaman Pippin FAIBD, CPBD


• Renovation Designs JULY 2018


High Performance Home Consultant Creating award winning homes in the Lake Norman area for 31 years


lake Spaces How we live at the lake

A Mooresville family custom built their home to make family members of all ages happy.

JULY 2018


Photography by Ken Noblezada


A new Mooresville home built for three generations, p. 56

dwellings The entrance to the Horsfalls’ portion of the house.

JULY 2018


Two in ONE

Left: Margaret Schmitt’s entrance to her side of the home. Right: Schmitt’s kitchen features custom cabinets painted in Parchment White and a travertine backsplash.

nce Julie and Todd Horsfall had a plan, everything fell into place. The couple had been trying to persuade Margaret Schmitt, Todd’s mother, to move to the Lake Norman area from Pennsylvania ever since her husband passed away four years ago. They wanted her to be close to family. Though the active adult communities she visited here were nice and offered plenty of amenities, they weren’t what she was looking for, and she wasn’t ready to make the move. Then one day, the perfect idea came along.


by Lori K. Tate | Photography by Ken Noblezada

Todd and Julie Horsfall and Todd’s mother, Margaret Schmitt, had Foundation Homes Residential build two homes in one for their family.

JULY 2018

A Mooresville family’s new home accommodates three generations perfectly


An epiphany

The Horsfalls’ kitchen features Jacobean and walnut custom cabinets accented by antique subway tile.

JULY 2018

At the end of a winding street in Mooresville, you reach the Horsfalls’ newly built home on a cul de sac. With its hipped roof and wood columns, it’s a nice home, but what you don’t realize is that it’s actually two nice homes in one. During an October visit with Todd and Julie last year, Schmitt mentioned how a friend of hers was moving into an in-law suite in their child’s home and how that sounded like a good idea. Julie and Todd looked at each other and knew they had found a way to make everyone happy. Schmitt sold her home in West Chester, Pennsylvania in three days. The Horsfalls also sold their home quickly in Huntersville, and with the help of Melissa Chambers, a Realtor with Keller Williams, they found the perfect lot in Mooresville. An added bonus is that it’s near Langtree Charter Academy, where their two children, Carson and Kendall, are enrolled. Next came the builder, the Horsfalls selected Jonathan Smith of Foundation Homes Residential in Mooresville, and they also worked with Kelly Cruz — principal, lead designer for Kelly Cruz Interiors. “We






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Julie opted to put the fireplace on the back porch instead of in the living room.

JULY 2018


Creating Beautiful Kitchens and Baths

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were under construction in December,” says Julie, adding that they moved in this past May. “Margaret turned 70 the weekend we moved in.” The total square footage of the home is 4,400 square feet. The Horsfalls’ side is 3,100 square feet and features an upstairs where you’ll find the kids’ rooms, as well as a large playroom. Schmitt’s side is 1,300 square feet and has a master suite, formal living room and craft room, in addition to an open kitchen, dining and den space. She even has a private porch she plans to have screened in. The Horsfalls have a screened-in porch with a fireplace overlooking their .91-acre lot that backs up to a wooded community property. During the planning stages, Julie moved the fireplace to the porch because she didn’t want it in the living room. “This is my husband’s room,” says Julie. “He really loves it.” Underneath the porch is concealed storage where they keep their lawnmower so it doesn’t take up space in the

garage. The three adults share the three-car garage, and there are doors to each residence in the garage so you don’t have to go outside to move from home to home. “My son told me, ‘Mom, you can even come over in your pajamas,’ ” says Schmitt. Both sides have full kitchens, complete with islands, custom cabinets and top-notch finishes. The Horsfalls went with Jacobean and walnut cabinets, while Schmitt selected cabinets painted in Parchment White. They selected the same granite. “Her kitchen is almost as big as mine,” says Julie.

No worries

As far as privacy goes, there’s plenty of that. The wall between the two living spaces is double insulated to buffer sound, and the garage separates the two main entrances. Privacy was important to Schmitt when she was deciding how she wanted to downsize. “I’m not into everybody’s


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D9 Brewery joins LangTree LIVE this year with beverages available for purchase at each event. Located in Cornelius, D9 is a 10 barrel production brewery who is reimagining some of the world’s most unique and trusted styles of beer. * Must be 21 years of age or older with valid I.D. to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages at LangTree.


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5 Health and Healing Benefits of Hydrotherapy:


5 12 19 26

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business,” says Schmitt. “If you live in an active adult community…everybody would know your business because you’re right on top of each other. … I need my privacy. That’s what I feel I have here.” Cruz says she is seeing an increased request for extended families to live under one roof. “It makes great financial sense because the cost of building two homes under one roof is less than the cost of building two single-family homes,” she says. “This allows the aging parent to live independently in their own home and often assist with the upfront expenses of building. Proper design allows for planning well into the future for when the need for two separate dwellings is no longer necessary, and the house can easily be converted to a single-family home.” It’s also nice not having to deal with the expense of a large home, as Schmitt’s Pennsylvania house had a pool, cabana, large yard and trees. “I like it that this is all on one floor, and I don’t have to worry about anything,” says Schmitt, who takes care of her grandchildren one day a week while Julie works from home. They average having dinner together about once a week. “This is our forever home,” says Julie. “We told our kids that when we’re older, we’ll move over to the other side and they have to come back and live here.” .”

Julie’s favorite room in the house is the master bath.



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CLOSED 3-9pm 3-10pm Noon-10pm (live music 5-8) Noon-10pm (live music 7-10) Noon-6pm

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$10 Flights for July featuring “Tour de France” and “A Toast to Down Under” Premium Flights Change Weekly PET FRIENDLY PATIO


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Dine + Wine Eating, drinking, cooking and fun

JULY 2018


Photography by Allison Hinman

Table 31’s tasty authenticity, p. 68 King Canary flies to Mooresville, p. 70 Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Meringues, p. 71 Revival takes a leap of faith, p. 72

Brian Seto brings a Mooresville landmark back to life with Revival.

Dine + Wine

Wine Time

by Trevor Burton | Photography by Trevor Burton

A Prime Spot

Table 31 offers tasty authenticity

JULY 2018

Whenever Trevor Burton sees a Knights Valley wine on a menu, he orders it immediately, as it pairs well with red meat.


angTree Lake Norman’s Table 31 offers casual American cuisine, hitting the nail squarely on the head. To me, people, dining establishments and wine have something very important in

common. The ones I like best are the ones that are comfortable in their own skin. The ones who are not trying to be something they are not and, most likely will never be. I’m a fan of all things authentic.

Authenticity is all about knowing what you want to be and then striving to be the best at it. And that brings me to Table 31 at LangTree. Table 31 is a continuation of Al Updike and Heather Clark’s culinary philosophy from their Alton’s Restaurant in Cornelius — casual American cuisine. They have a consistent theme and a proven capability to execute. But, to be more accurate, authenticity brought my wife, Mary Ellen, and I to Table 31. And, to be more precise, we chose to sit at a high table in the bar area — that always gives me a comfy feeling. That’s what being raised in a pub does to you. As usual, I headed straight to the wine list. Keeping with Table 31’s theme, the wine list is easy to read, not exhaustive and deep. One item on the list caught my eye and caused me to spring into quick action and order a bottle. The wine was a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Knights Valley region of California. Knights Valley is a small region on the edge of Sonoma snuggled up against the Napa Valley region. Being small, Knights Valley doesn’t produce a whole lot of wine, and all of it is pretty good. The wine, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, has a soft, smooth character that’s very distinctive. Keep in mind that soft and smooth doesn’t mean that the wine is bland. To the contrary, as it has lots of character but is nuanced in style. I like that a lot. So, whenever I see a Knights Valley wine on a shelf or on a wine list, I jump at the opportunity. After my wine discovery, my

wife and I had some fun. As background, I spent a lot of my youth sitting in math classes. So, naturally, I had to point out that 31 is a prime number. Unmoved by my numerical deftness and convinced that it was really a case of numerical daftness, my wife challenged me to come up with a prime example of a dish to go along with the wine. This was no big challenge because there was a prime rib au jus on the menu. Three primes in less than 10 seconds — there was definitely a sense of symmetry here, yet another mathematical concept. It turned out that symmetry really was at play. As I mentioned, Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has a smoothness about it that played extremely well with the prime rib, which was soft and not overpowering. The wine and food complemented each other beautifully, and that’s the way it should be. It was a nice meal, true to the theme of casual American cuisine — a great American wine and an American culinary staple. I’m fond of “haute cuisine,” but I get downright grumpy when I feel that I have to genuflect before each dish and am bombarded with flowery prose to describe what’s on a plate or in a glass. Give me authentic anytime. That’s why I liked sitting at that high table in the bar area enjoying casual American cuisine in its prime. Table 31 130 Landings Drive Mooresville

JULY 2018


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Welcome to more!

Dine + Wine

On Tap Lake Norman’s Newest Brewery is a Bird of a Different Feather

by Will Keible Photography by Ken Noblezada

JULY 2018


Top, Andrea and Matt Gravina stand in front of King Canary Brewing Co. Above, Andrea designed the interior of the space.

wo months ago, a new craft brewery joined Lake Norman’s growing beer scene. Located a mile off Exit 33 on Williamson Road, King Canary Brewing Co. is the first full-scale craft brewery to open on Mooresville’s west side. Rather than operating out of warehouse space in an industrial park as many local breweries do, King Canary calls a renovated 4,500-square-foot house its home. And, whereas many brewery startups focus on perfecting production processes before perfecting decor, King Canary pursues a balanced approach where the quality of the experience is every bit as important as the taste of the beer. “We want it to be a family friendly place that’s comfortable and fun to hang out at. We wanted to make a place where we would want to hang out,” says co-founder and head brewer Matt Gravina. “We took all the things that we liked about the spaces and breweries we’ve visited and combined it all together.” The other part of the “we” Matt is referring to is co-founder and wife, Andrea, who is in charge of design, marketing and community outreach for the brewery. “She has always had a knack for decorating and painting, but this is the first large scale project for her,” explains Matt. “She gave it a different level.” From custom wallpaper patterned with their distinctive bird and crown logo to the ivory-colored canary tap handles to the decorative bird cages hanging in the foyer, the king and canary theme is cleverly displayed throughout the brewery. In addition, the Gravinas are young parents, so they wanted

to create a brewery that appeals as much to families as it does to the bearded beer enthusiast. Here, moms and dads can sip on a flight of beers while their kids develop master builder skills on the Lego table upstairs. Juice boxes are stocked behind the bar, and there’s ample space upstairs and outside for young ones to move around. Food trucks are a regular sight in the parking lot, but patrons can also satiate their hunger by ordering soft pretzels or snack mix from the bar. Picnic tables and comfortable seating make King Canary a great place to be outdoors on good weather days, and Gen Xers will delight in the tabletop arcade console that offers Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and other classic games. The initial lineup of beers features extrapolations of Matt’s home-brewing recipes. Guests will find straightforward and approachable styles such as pale ale, IPA, double IPA, blonde ale and a milk stout mixed with more adventurous offerings, including a cherry berliner, a farmhouse ale and what could become King Canary’s signature beer, the whimsically named Cuckoo Clock, a vanilla lime IPA. “We don’t want anybody to come here and not have something they can drink,” says Matt. “It is not a goal of ours to have some place that becomes a massive production facility.” Will Keible is the director of marketing and sales at WDAV, and he loves a good beer. King Canary Brewing Co. 562 Williamson Road Mooresville

Dine + Wine

In the Kitchen with Jill Dahan 2 large eggs, whites only, duck or chicken ¼-cup coconut sugar, finely ground White vinegar for wiping bowl and beaters 2 ounces dark 70 percent or above dark chocolate crushed into small pieces, plus 2 ounces extra for drizzling

PERFECT PUFFS Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Meringues

Instructions Preheat the oven to 375 F. Wipe a bowl and electric beaters with vinegar. Separate eggs when cold, and place egg whites in the bowl and leave at least 30 minutes to warm up. Egg yolks can be used for later. Beat the egg whites at high speed until fluffy, and stiff peaks appear when the beater is lifted up. Gradually a tablespoon at a time, beat in the sugar until combined. Fold in the chocolate pieces, and place in mounds of a couple tablespoons at a time on a parchmentlined baking sheet. Hollow out a small indent with a small spoon in the middle of each. Place them in the oven, and turn off the oven. Leave for two hours, and then remove. Fill each with a dollop of filling and a strawberry, and then drizzle chocolate over to serve. For the filling, beat all the filling ingredients together. Makes about 13 puffs. ill Dahan lives in Cornelius and is the author of Starting Fresh! Recipes for Life. You can J learn more about her at

JULY 2018

Meringue and summer fruits go together like the Fourth of July and fireworks. The meringue, crisp as ice with billowing marshmallow clouds, becomes a dessert made in heaven when coupled with juicy, flavorful summer fruit and filled with creamy cheesecake. Egg whites are a superb healthy choice, as half the protein content of an egg is found in the whites, along with rich sources of selenium, minerals, and vitamin D, B2, B6 and B12. Duck eggs are worth swapping for chicken ones, as they are alkaline versus acidic, so they’re easier on the tummy and provide a higher fat content, which enables baked goods to rise higher and meringues to be more stable. Whip up a batch this July because these magnificent meringue gems provide a stunning finale to any summer gathering.

Jill Dahan

Filling 4 ounces of cream or goats cheese 1 ½ tablespoons milk 2 ½ tablespoons cacao powder 2 /12 tablespoons coconut sugar ½ tablespoon coconut nectar Vanilla bean Fresh sliced strawberries

Photography by Glenn Roberson Photography

Photography courtesy of Jill Dahan



Dine + Wine

Nibbles + Bites

A Leap of Faith by Holly Becker



Photography by Allison Hinman

Revival Restaurant

STATS Cuisine

American bar food, small plates

Price Lunch Dinner JULY 2018


Attire Casual

Atmosphere Casually elegant

Owner Brian Seto wants to reconnect Revival’s restaurant space back to the community.

name says a lot, and Revival is a fitting name for a new local eatery housed in an old church. The restaurant’s moniker also refers to Revival Owner Brian Seto’s effort to reconnect a restaurant space back to the community. Two other restaurants previously occupied the church building, first The Prickly Pear and then Trattoria Al Gusto. Seto, a full-time software developer who has lived in Mooresville since 2003, was a patron of both restaurants. When the opportunity to buy the church became available,

the self-proclaimed foodie took a leap of faith and opened his first restaurant.

Bar food with a twist Seto’s passion for cooking began in childhood. “Growing up in a Chinese household, food is a big deal. My mom is an excellent cook, and it rubbed off on me,” says Seto, who as a Boy Scout patrol leader made sure his troop ate better than the rest. “While other troops served hot dogs and burgers, I’d have roast chicken and beef stew.” By college, he became an

avid fan of the Food Network and The Frugal Gourmet on PBS. He learned many culinary secrets and tips by watching cooking shows. Seto even auditioned for the FOX cooking reality show MasterChef, making it far into the process before elimination. Revival Restaurant opened its doors in April with a simple menu concept — American bar food and small plates. A novice to the restaurant industry, Seto worked with General Manager Dave Turner to help execute his vision and

Group Friendly Family Friendly Going Solo Lunch Meeting Date Night

PRICE KEY 15 and under


25 and under


50 and under


75 and under


This includes an entree and a non-alcoholic beverage.

JULY 2018


Brian wants to offer familiar food in a different way.

streamline the process. “I wanted to take food familiar to people — burgers, wings, pizzas and salads —and make it fresh and in-house. I didn’t want the food to be so pretentious. Even if we do something slightly different, people are still willing to try it,” explains Seto. One such twist on the basics is the Wellie Burger. Based on a dish called beef Wellington, the Wellie burger is a beef patty wrapped in a puff pastry with cheddar cheese. The PBT sandwich is a spunky twist on the traditional BLT. It features homemade pimento cheese, bacon and a fried green tomato served on Texas Toast. A small plate favorite is the ravioli, as the pasta is

made from scratch and then battered and deep-fried. Wings feature a choice of dry rubs (Cantonese five spice, coconut lime and garlic Parmesan) and sauces (bourbon BBQ, buffalo and barbalo — a combination of barbecue and buffalo wing sauce). Most salad dressings and all sauces are made onsite daily, fries are hand-cut and patties do not come premade from the freezer. A family friendly restaurant, Revival serves complimentary popcorn to each table. Popcorn is made fresh from a popcorn machine and seasoned with a house specialty salt. Seto says the pre-dinner appetizer is a hit with adults and children.

A small full-service bar serves local and regional craft beer on tap, as well as several wines and specialty cocktails.

Giving back to the community Revival’s unique church architecture creates an interesting atmosphere. Seto wanted to preserve the beauty and character of the space. Small tables with black table clothes evoke a slightly upscale feel, yet the space has a casual charm. “I wanted to liven up the colors and highlight the ceiling and rafters. I kept the décor simple because I want the building to speak for itself,” says Seto.

He explains that Revival aims to be “a restaurant with heart.” That goal starts with employees. The restaurant closes between the lunch and dinner crowds on Sundays so employees can share a meal together. Inspired by his wife, Jessica, a teacher, Seto says he wants to give back to others who give to the community. Revival offers a 10 percent discount to educators, first responders and military with a valid ID. Revival Restaurant 761 N. Main Street Mooresville Hours- Tue-Fri, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and 5-11 p.m.; Sat, 11 a.m.-11 p.m.; Sun, noon-5 p.m.


Brian and his wife, Jessica, stand with their son in the newly opened Revival.

Out + About

CURRENTS 8th Annual Canine Cover Contest Photography by John G. Tate

n May 5, CURRENTS Magazine held its 8th Annual Canine Cover Contest. Readers submitted pet photos via Facebook, and the dog receiving the most likes determined the winner. Noelle, an English bulldog from Mooresville, won the contest. Rich, Flor and Mia Watson are Noelle’s human family. The first runner-up was Copper, a Vizsla who passed away unexpectedly during the voting portion of the contest. His owners are Michelle and Don Quinn of Mooresville. The second runner-up was Stella, a pug owned by Leigh Moose and Ozzy Ojito of Mooresville. The contest raised $1,000 for Lake Norman Humane, a nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Mooresville that is focused on intakes from local animal controls in the Lake Norman area and surrounding communities. The following pages showcase some of the contestants submitted on our facebook page. For more information, visit

JULY 2018


e Winner! Noell

First Runner-Up Copper

Second Runner-Up Stella

Have a Safe Independence Day! Practice Safe Boating Rules

Protect Your Family and Assets With a Comprehensive Plan Of Insurance Coverage Thank You for Trusting Us to Protect You and Your Loved Ones Every Day of the Year

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Auto Insurance

Mike Griffin 135 Gasoline Alley Mooresville, NC 28117 (704) 664-9111

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Leyda Martinez 7505 NC-73 F Denver, NC 28037 (704) 820-3904

Business Insurance

Leon Brown, III 227 West Plaza Dr. Hwy. 150 East Mooresville, NC 28117 (704) 664-9111

at the Lake

a month of things to do at the Lake Date Night

Girls’ Night Out

Family Fun

Me Time Photography courtesy of The Fantastic Shakers.


The Wizard of Oz (July 26-29) Dorothy and her faithful dog, Toto, realize they are no longer in Kansas when a cyclone transports them to the magical land of OZ. Thu-Sat 7 p.m., Sat (July 28) 3 p.m., Sun (July 29) 3 p.m. $15, seniors (age 62+) $12, youth (age 3-18) $10. Charles Mack Citizen Center, 215 N. Main Street, Mooresville,


LangTree LIVE Concert Series (Every Thursday) Enjoy live music every Thursday night at LangTree Lake Norman. 7-9 p.m. Free. LangTree Lake Norman, 401 Langtree Road, Mooresville, JULY 2018


Mingling on the Greens Concert Series (Through August 25) Come hear live music every Saturday and Sunday night throughout the summer. 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Free. Birkdale Village, Huntersville, The 2018 Music on Main Concert Series (July 3) =. On July 3, Kids in America perform. 6:30 p.m. Free. Lowe’s YMCA, 170 Joe Knox Avenue, Mooresville, www. Davidson Concerts on the Green (July 4) The Radiojacks, a Top 40 variety band, performs. 6-8 p.m. Free. Davidson Village Green, www. Lake Norman Big Band (July 16) The Lake Norman Big Band plays every third Monday night at The Finish Line Restaurant in Mooresville. The show features favorite hits from the big band era and more. 7-9 p.m. $20 cover (includes buffet dinner). Call 704.664.2695 for reservations. The Finish Line Restaurant at George Pappas Victory Lanes, 125 Morlake Drive, Mooresville, www. 2018 Barnstock — Back to the Roots (July 21) Perpetual Groove, Atlas Road Crew, The Broadcast, Brody & Choch, Girls Rock Charlotte House Band and more perform. Ages

The Fantastic Shakers perform at Lincolnton Alive After Five on July 26. 21+. Time TBA. $20. 15300 Black Farms Road, Huntersville, Lincolnton Alive After Five Concert Series (July 26) On the last Thursday evening of the month you’ll find Lincolnton’s Main Street full of music and merriment. On July 26, The Fantastic Shakers perform. Prior to live music, a deejay gets things moving. Bands play from 7- 10 p.m. Free. On the East side of Court Square in downtown Lincolnton, rain location is the Lincoln County Farmer’s Market. Look for more information on The Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton’s Facebook page.


July 3rd Summer Celebration (July 3) In partnership with the Town of Mooresville, the Lowe’s YMCA July 3rd Summer Celebration is a community staple, bringing together families from across the Lake Norman community to enjoy fellowship, local entertainment and food, kid-friendly activities, and of course, spectacular fireworks. Bring a blanket and chairs, and arrive early. 6-10 p.m. Lowe’s YMCA, 170 Joe Knox Avenue, Mooresville,

Historic Rural Hill Summer Food Truck Rally (July 28) Enjoy more than 20 food trucks, NC Craft beer/ wine, live music, bounce houses, games, hayrides and more. 5-9 p.m. $5 per vehicle. Historic Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Road, Huntersville,


2018 Cornelius Outdoor Cinema Series (July 7) Bring your family to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl under the stars. The movie is shown on a stateof-the-art inflatable “blimp,” and families are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets or boats, as this is the series’ annual “Boat-In.” Spectators will have the opportunity to view the movie from land or from the lake. Boaters will be able to watch the movie from their boats and receive audio via boat radio or handheld radio. The designated radio channel will be better received by above-water boat antennas or via use of a handheld radio. The radio station in use will be displayed on the blimp screen 15 minutes prior to the movie’s start. Weather permitting, the movie will begin at dusk (approximately 8:45 pm). Free. Ramsey Creek Park, 18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius,


Cornelius Arts Center Various exhibitions. Mon-Thu 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri-Sat 9 a.m.-noon. 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, Foster’s Frame and Art Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10a.m.-4p.m. 403 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, 704.948.1750. Four Corners Framing and Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 148 N. Main Street, Mooresville, 704.662.7154, www. Lake Country Gallery Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Exit 36 – Mooresville, between Belk and Kohl’s, 704.664.5022, Mooresville Arts Gallery Various exhibitions. Tue-Fri noon-4 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 103 W. Center Avenue, Mooresville, Tropical Connections Various exhibitions. Tue- Fri 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. or by appointment. 230 N. Main Street, Mooresville,

The Van Every/Smith Galleries Various exhibitions. Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat-Sun noon-4 p.m. Davidson College, The Van Every/Smith Galleries, 315 N. Main Street, Davidson, www.


Carolina Raptor Center Live bird presentations, flight shows, behind-the-scenes tours and more take place at Carolina Raptor Center throughout the month. Visit carolinaraptorcenter. org for more details. 2nd Friday Street Festival (Every second Friday) This event features many of the area’s most talented and innovative artists and craftsmen while showcasing a fabulous lineup of entertainment including local bands, performance groups, live art demonstrations and much more. Area businesses will be out to impress, offering special sales and incentives to event guests, who can also enjoy a variety of food and drinks from local breweries and food. 6-10 p.m. Free. 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, The Evening Farmer’s Market of Statesville (Every Thursday) 3:30-6 p.m. Pecan Park in historic downtown

Photography courtesy of Historic Rural Hill

Statesville, Troutman Farmer’s Market (Every Tuesday) 4-7 p.m. Troutman ESC Park Pavilion, 338 North Avenue, Troutman, Facebook. Lincoln County Farmer’s Market — Lincolnton (Every Thursday) 8 a.m.noon. Department of Social Services, 1136 West Main Street, Davidson Farmer’s Market (Every Saturday) 8 a.m.-noon. Next to Town Hall between Main and Jackson streets in downtown Davidson, www. Huntersville Growers’ Market (Every Saturday) 8 a.m.noon., corner of Main and Maxwell Streets, Huntersville, Lincoln County Farmer’s Market — Denver (Every Saturday) 8 a.m.-noon. Rescue Squad Park, 7835 Galway Lane,


Mooresville Spinners (Through the summer) Come out and watch the Mooresville Spinners play


Monty Python’s Spamalot (Through July 1) Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot is an irreverent parody of the legend of King Arthur and

his Knights of the Round Table, featuring a bevy of beautiful show girls, not to mention cows, killer rabbits and French people. A huge hit on Broadway, Spamalot won the 2005 Tony Award for Best Musical. Produced by Davidson Community Players. Thu-Sat 8 p.m., Sun 2 p.m. $15-$29. Davidson College, Duke Family Performance Hall, Knobloch Campus Center, Davidson, Dogfight (July 12-22) Before creating the Tony-winning sensation Dear Evan Hansen, writers Pasek and Paul delivered this heartbreaking and beautiful musical. It’s November 21, 1963. On the eve of their deployment to a small but growing conflict in

Southeast Asia, three young Marines set out for one final boys’ night of debauchery, partying and maybe a little trouble. But when Corporal Eddie Birdlace meets Rose, an awkward and idealistic waitress he enlists to win a cruel bet with his fellow recruits, she rewrites the rules of the game and teaches him the power of compassion. Melissa Ohlman-Roberge directs this production. Adult themes and language. Thu-Sat 8 p.m., Sun 2 p.m. $20, students $15. Warehouse Performing Arts Center, 9216-A Westmoreland Road, Cornelius, www. Steel Magnolias (July 19-29) Truvy Jones runs a successful beauty

salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana, where all the ladies in the neighborhood have a standing Saturday appointment. Truvy styles the hair of rich, sick, poor, girlish, and cranky women alike. When Shelby, the prettiest girl in town, gets engaged, the excitement of her wedding quickly turns to concern as she faces a risky pregnancy and a myriad of health complications. As the women of Chinquapin make their ways over life’s many hurdles together, they find comfort (and a good deal of playful teasing) in one another. ThuSat 8 p.m., Sun 2 p.m. $15$29. Davidson College, Duke Family Performance Hall, Knobloch Campus Center, Davidson,

Movie Night! Friday, July 20 Join us at 7pm Movie starts at dark

Where: Town Hall Lawn What: Homeward Bound on the big screen. Info: Concessions available for purchase. Bring a blanket or chair and share the event with your friends. | 704.663.7026



Mooresville Farmers Market (Every Saturday) 8 a.m.-noon. Liberty Park, 255 East Iredell Avenue, Mooresville,

baseball. The Spinners are a summer collegiate baseball team in the Carolina Virginia League. LKN Copperheads (July 3, 7 p.m.), Piedmont Pride (July 6, 7 p.m.), Race City Bootleggers (July 11, 7 p.m.), Morganton Aggies (July 12, 7 p.m.), Lenoir Oilers (July 14, TBA), Dry Pond (July 15, 6 p.m.), Charlotte Galaxy (July 20, 7 p.m.). $5 per person per game, $100 season pass. Moor Park, 691 S. Broad Street, Mooresville, www.

JULY 2018

Lincoln County Farmer’s Market (Every Saturday) 8 a.m. – noon. Giles L. Martin, Sr. Shelter, 225 West Water Street (downtown Lincolnton),

Enjoy more than 20 food trucks at the Historic Rural Hill Summer Food Truck Rally on July 28.

Lori's Larks

Playing by Lori K. Tate

photography by John G. Tate

Editor Lori K. Tate escapes the heat at All Around The Board Game Café in Cornelius


JULY 2018


From left, Graydon and John Tate dive into a game of Clue.

’m not a fan of video games, and though technology makes my job easier on a daily basis, I’m always happy to take a break from screens. That’s why All Around The Board Game Cafe appealed to me. At this new hang out spot in Cornelius, you can play almost any board game you can think of in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. Donita Glinski opened All Around The Board with her two daughters, Nicole Cheslak, who is the director of operations, and Tara Hulec, who lives in Ohio and serves as the café’s creative director. Glinski got the idea for the café when she visited one in Cleveland, Ohio. Her husband, Frank, passed away five years ago unexpectedly, and he always wanted his children to be entrepreneurs. As a family who enjoys playing board games,

From left, Nicole Cheslak, director of operations, and Lori K. Tate.

a game café seemed like the perfect business for them. My husband, John, and I took our 8-year-old twins, Graydon and Margot, to the game café on a Thursday night. Our cousin, Alison Olsen was visiting from Chicago, so she came along, too. Alison and Graydon immediately jumped into a Star Wars-themed game of Monopoly, while John, Margot and I played Uno and Bananagrams, which, by the way, is my new favorite word game. The space is organized into three rooms. In the first room, you’ll find game tables and four antique armoires named after a game character filled with board games. In the Lord Licorice (Candyland) armoire, you’ll find games for young children, Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly) offers all kinds of Monopoly games as well as other classics, Miss Scarlet

Lori concentrates on an intense game of Bananagrams.

(Clue) is filled with family games, while Toblen the Innkeeper (Dungeons & Dragons) holds strategic games, as well as twoplayer skill games and adult games. The first room also features a gift shop and snack bar, where you can purchase chips, peanuts and candy, as well as beverages including beer (Olde Mecklenburg Brewery), wine and hard cider. Popcorn is complimentary, and guests can also order discounted pizza from Hungry Howies nearby. The other two rooms feature more game tables, and room two even has a couch for charades. “We want people to get off of electronics and interact with each other,” says Cheslak. “People don’t interact anymore.” Last month All Around The Board hosted a Murder Mystery

Dinner Party, where guests were assigned a part prior to the party and came dressed accordingly. The game café offers game nights where childcare is available on site, and there’s also the occasional theme night — think Family Disney Game Night. Lots of Bunco groups have discovered the space, as well as folks on It’s a great place to take a break from the summer heat and escape to somewhere else. We stayed until it closed at 10 p.m. because we were having so much fun. We plan to go back and discover more games, old and new. All Around The Board Game Cafe 18047-E West Catawba Avenue Cornelius

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