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by Trevor Burton | Photography by Trevor Burton

It’s All About Authenticity

Mooresville’s Flock checks all the boxes a true bistro needs

JUNE 2019


A Super Tuscan wine — a perfect companion for an Italian sandwich.

ny place that calls itself a bistro is an attraction to me. The name conjures up thoughts of “comfort food” that’s well-prepared using quality ingredients — with a wine list to match. Sometimes, however, the name is just that, a name — disappointing and not worthy of a second visit. However, it’s great when a restaurant lives up to its bistro description. Not only is there a second visit, it becomes the beginning of a long-term affair. That’s what we ran into at lunch a few months back at Flock in Mooresville. A number of friends had been talking up Flock, and we wanted to taste for ourselves what all the buzz was about. My wife, Mary Ellen, is a fanatic for calamari. We had hardly sat down before she announced what she would be having. One of her quirks with the dish of fried squid that she so adores is that any tentacles end up on my plate, as she does not care for them. The dish she had at Flock was devoured in its entirety, tentacles and all. What was neat was that when deciding on a wine to go with it, she was able to sample a couple of wines on the list and then choose one. She ended up with a Chenin Blanc from South Africa. As for me, I was tempted by Flock’s hot Italian mixed sandwich. It had a couple of notso-common charcuterie meats in there; capocolla and soppressata. That caught my interest, and I decided to explore. The sandwich called for an earthy, chewy wine, and I picked out a wine from Spain. That’s when I got lucky. Flock had exhausted its supply of the Spanish wine and offered an Italian wine instead. In retrospect, I should have gone there in the first place; an Italian wine with an Italian sandwich just seems like the right thing to

do. And, anyway, I should have paid more attention to the wine list. This wine was a winner. It had all the indications of being a “Super Tuscan.” A little background. Some years back a group of Tuscan winemakers felt constrained by strict Italian wine laws. They wanted to make a Bordeauxstyle wine but, by law, they could not use a regional name such as Chianti. They made their wine but could use only the lowly “vino da tavola” (table wine) designation. Some of these table wines were spectacular, which gave them the name “Super Tuscans.” Recognizing one of these wines is not difficult. Look for Indicazione Geografica Tipica, Toscana on the label. The Italian legal system eventually yielded in 1992 and let winemakers put this on their labels for better identification. Flock’s wine had the Indicazione Geografica Tipica printed on the back label. As I said, this wine was a winner. It’s a blend of grapes used in Bordeaux wines: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. They come from a vineyard in the birthplace of Super Tuscans, Bolgheri. And, more importantly (and enough nerdy stuff), it was a perfect companion for my Italian sandwich. So, back to my initial premise, a bistro should be known for “comfort food” that’s well prepared using quality ingredients — with wine to match. There’s a second visit to Flock in store and, paraphrasing Rick Blaine in the movie Casablanca, “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Flock 129A Marketplace Avenue Mooresville

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