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You Can Dance and Do Anything Dave Scott Crowe’s IMUSINATION teaches the art of fun

Dave Scott Crowe wants to wants to unearth people’s inner selves, young and old, with IMUSINATION.

JUNE 2019


Mooresville. “IMUSINATION came from kids seeing that they can do something. They don’t care what it is. If you can make it within their instinctual reach, once they say, ‘I can do that,’ they’re in.” Crowe met Case Warnemunde, founder of Bella Love Inc. (a physical social network based in Cornelius) in Old Town Cornelius (OTC), about two years ago and instantly knew IMUSINATION would be a good fit for the cultural community Warnemunde has cultivated. “He [Crowe] was clearly a top-class entertainer,” recalls Warnemunde of first seeing Crowe perform. “Building a creative economy, a big part of it that was missing was so evident after meeting Dave. We’re

gearing to adults. …We have to be able to engage youth like nothing else.” That’s what Crowe is doing with IMUSINATION now. He’s performing at all of the 2nd Friday Street Festivals in OTC this summer, and he’s teaching workshops at his IMUSINATION Academy at Oak Street Mill in OTC. Workshops like Summon Your Inner Rock Star! involve becoming a live rock musician in just one morning, while Rock the 145 features four rock bands creating their own songs from the most famous chord progression in popular music. Then there’s Sweet Home NC, a battle of the band format that takes on the song Sweet Home Alabama North Carolina style, and BOOM SPLAT: A Throwing Catching Contact Concert.

“My goal is to connect people in the long run,” says Crowe. “Confidence is why people connect.” That goes for children and adults, as Crowe unearths people’s inner selves no matter their age and helps them find their stage. “IMUSINATION is imagination in music and amusement in concert. That’s kind of the blend of the things I do that makes me happy.” — Lori K. Tate, Brant Waldeck CURRENTS Events is co-hosting the Every Body Can Dance Party with IMUSINATION on Sunday, June 30, 3-5 p.m. at Brick Row, 19725 Oak Street, #9, Old Town Cornelius. This interactive dance showcase is for all ages, www.lncurrents. com/events.html. For more information regarding IMUSINATION, visit Facebook or


ave Scott Crowe is tall and thin, and he has long dark ringlets of hair framing his face. He totally looks the part of the artsy, creative guy, but when you see him in action, he nails the part of the artsy, creative guy. Crowe, who lives in Davidson, has taught, coached and entertained more than 100,000 adults and children in five continents. He’s also the founder of IMUSINATION, “a blend of supercharged interactive experiences aimed at empowering families to connect, exploring the peaks of possibility.” “It’s about experiential learning. It’s athletics. It’s academics. It’s arts – the three ‘A’s,” explains Crowe, who teaches Spanish at Pine Lake Preparatory’s lower school in

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Lake Norman Currents Magazine June 2019  

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