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by Trevor Burton | Photography by Trevor Burton

Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge is a great place Raw Talent Mooresville’s to sample dishes prepared by skilled culinary artisans

APRIL 2019


y wife, Mary Ellen, and I are big fans of sashimi. We jump at any opportunity to dine on a dish of it. Sashimi is more than just a dish of raw fish — way more. A great athlete trains for years in order to make performing something so difficult look so effortless. Learning to prepare sashimi is much the same. The way a fish is sliced is vital. Making sashimi demands expert knife skills to cut and clean each fish in the appropriate manner. Each kind of fish demands its own specific techniques and has to be sliced in its own way. Many times the chef uses a specific set of blades. Watching a sashimi chef is like watching the aforementioned great athlete. The chef ’s actions are deliciously simple, and the outcome is simply delicious. Sashimi is fresh, light and crisp. It’s a prime example of a good pairing of wine and food. Exactly the wrong thing to do is pair a dish of it with an in-yourface red wine. The wine would totally dominate the food. (You might as well be eating damp cardboard.) A sharp white wine would be equally troublesome. Something like a very citrusy, acidic Sauvignon Blanc would get in the way of the nuanced flavor and texture of a dish of good sashimi. For sashimi, we have a couple of go-to wines that work wonderfully well for us. An unoaked Chardonnay is a frequent choice. It is nuanced and balanced, which are the exact attributes of sashimi. Another route we go is a glass of crisp dry rosé. And that’s where we ended up at Pisces Sushi in Mooresville. Pisces’

wine list has an extensive choice of wines by the glass. That’s neat for a luncheon visit that doesn’t support selecting a whole bottle (most times!). Pisces’ serves more than just sashimi — much more. And its wine list reflects that. But there are several wines that seem to be on the list exclusively with a plate of sashimi in mind. Several wines demanded that we consider them. There are some Chardonnays, and there’s my wife’s favorite grape, Albariño. Pisces’ Albariño is from Uruguay, and we had just returned from a visit to that country, where we spent a good bit of time in conversations with friends and with the grape. Therefore, there was serious consideration that we take the South American route. But cooler heads prevailed. It was a warm day, and a glass of Rosé de Provence was a clear choice. And the rosé and fish made a delicious combination. Rosé wines are a little misunderstood because there’s a perception that they are sweet. Not so. A rosé is crisp, dry and full of nuanced flavors and aromas — just the companion with a dish that shares the same attributes. Sometimes lunch is merely a matter of sustenance. Pisces is way above that. We got our sashimi fix, and, as I said, that’s a complete experience not just a dish of fish. What added to that was the choice of wines to go with the dish — a lot of choices, a lot of fun choosing and a lot of fun dining. Nice. Pisces Sushi 591-A River Highway Mooresville www.mooresville.

A Rosé de Provence is crisp and full of nuanced flavors and aromas — just the companion with a dish of sashimi that shares the same attributes.

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