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Learning is Her Superpower Cornelius’ Anna Freuler tries new things to fuel her creativity

by Rosie Molinary photography by Lisa Crates

Cornelius resident Anna Freuler likes looking for opportunities to try something new.




Behind the

Process Creativity is: All around you.

s a child in the 1980s, Anna Freuler kept herself busy like so many kids of that era did — finding something to do outside until dinnertime. Little did she know that she was creating a foundation for the creativity that fuels her professional and personal life today. “I am of the generation where you got home from school and went outside to play by the creek or play a pick-up game of football until dinnertime, so I have always enjoyed getting out and doing. I still seek to create that fun and excitement in my life,” says Freuler, who lives in Cornelius

and still constantly enjoys new adventures to fuel her creativity and problem solving. “I like learning things, so I like looking for opportunities to try something new. Having new experiences helps me break outside of my comfort zone, and that allows me to think differently about a problem that I might be having and a creative way to solve it,” she explains. Trying new experiences isn’t just something Freuler values in her personal life. It also profoundly informs her professional approach. As an Early Talent Technology Consultant for Wells Fargo, Freuler uses unique

experiences to teach the company’s prospective new talent valuable professional skills. “I get the opportunity to think about innovative ways to help someone develop their professional skills. I try to find ways that incorporate the learning objectives without it feeling like a classroom setting,” says Freuler. “For example, I like to leverage things in the community like an escape room challenge as a way to help individuals identify what their leadership or communication styles are based on an experience that is new, exciting, fun and challenging for them.”

What do you wish you had more time for in your life? Travel. When you were 10 years old, what was your favorite way to be creative? Rearranging my room. What has creativity taught you? Perspective. It’s a lesson that I keep having to learn. What creative resource has been most helpful to you? Trying new things. What creative recommendation do you have? Go to the McColl Center for Art + Innovation [in Charlotte] for an open house where you can meet the artists, see their work and talk to them about their process.

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