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Publisher Walter “Bing” O’Meara editorial staff Editor: Lindsey Johnson Editor-at-large: Heather Steinberger Creative staff Art director/production manager: Christy Tuttle Bauhs


ack in January and February, we ran a pair of features on declining water levels in the Great Lakes. Experts tell us that to reverse or stabilize the downward trend, we need some help from Mother Nature. She needs to step up the ferocity a couple of notches with regard to increased snowfall, lower temperatures, heightened rainfall and generous cloud cover. Ice is critical to slow down lake water absorption. For the last few years, the exact opposite has been the case. Temperatures have risen, not fallen, and ice has been unable to form. Global warming has been blamed for its contribution to the problem as well. In the minds of many, the jury is still out on global warming: Is it a fact, or are we just experiencing the normal ebbs and flows of lake level fluctuations over time? In my publisher’s note from February, I signed off by telling readers that if they were concerned with the current state of lake levels in the Great Lakes that they should hope for the worst in terms of our 2013 winter weather. Well, we’re now in the first week of spring, and those of us who want the waters to rise should be pleased; it has been a hellacious winter that has not quite let up yet. We’re still waking up to less than 30-degree temps in late March. In fact, the third week of March the first ore boat of the season, Lake Manitowoc, was stuck in the ice off Upper Harbor in Marquette, Michigan. Keep your fingers crossed that when the ice and snow finally melt we may pick up a few extra inches of badly-needed H2O! Our port of call this month is Sandusky, Ohio — aka the “Thrill Coast” — and the surrounding islands of Lake Erie (p. 42). Sandusky is the hub located in northern Ohio and situated on the shores of Lake Erie, almost mid-way between Toledo and Cleveland. This fun and lively town is also considered the gateway to the beautiful Lake Erie Islands: Put-in-Bay, Kelleys Island and Middle Bass Island. Sandusky is home to world-famous Cedar Point Amusement Park, which is consistently rated as the best park of its kind in the world. In fact, the entire Thrill Coast has been thrilling youngsters and their parents and friends for the

May 2013 | Volume LXVII, No. 5

Contributors Elizabeth Altick, Marge Beaver, Mark Corke, Mike Harris, Capt. Ken Kreisler, Capt. Frank Lanier, Craig Lloyd, Brad Reed, Todd Reed, Capt. Tom Serio, Loren Sztajer, Susan Tabers, Colleen H. Troupis, Dave Wallace, Nick Zivanovic

The U.S. Coast Guard regularly conducts rescue swimmer training to ensure flight crews keep their qualifications up to date. past 143 years. Sandusky has been rated number one by Forbes Magazine as “The Best Place to Live Cheaply” in the U.S. Be sure to check out this month’s Corke Board (p.16) about proper varnish techniques. Because of what some people feel is too much maintenance, teak has all but vanished on new boats; however, there are a lot of us out there who would not have a boat that didn’t require a good varnishing. That being said, if you are lucky enough to have teak on board and you want to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful, it’s not so difficult with a little know-how and elbow grease, as Mark Corke aptly demonstrates… especially in the Great Lakes, where the sun is slightly less intense than in the southern parts of the country. Another can’t-miss article this month is the piece penned by Lakeland Boating’s editor-at-large Heater Steinberger entitled “Life Saver” (p. 38), which chronicles the life of a U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer in honor of this month’s National Safe Boating Week, May 18-24. I don’t know about you, but when I see these guys dangling from helicopters hundreds of feet above the water over roiling and angry seas, usually in the dead of night in the most perilous conditions, I wonder how the hell they do it. This story gave me a sneak peek into one rescue swimmer’s world, and it’s absolutely fascinating! We’re all lucky to have these brave folks to keep us out of harm’s way. Hail spring!

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Lakeland Boating May 2013  

The Voice of the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior

Lakeland Boating May 2013  

The Voice of the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior