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Tacoma Propeller Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker Satisfy your sweet tooth on the Sweetwater Seas with the Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker. Sea Maid is a unique internal mixing container that uses the motion of propelled water to churn a few simple ingredients into homemade ice cream. Requires no electricity or batteries and makes up to 12.5 ounces. Comes complete with ice cream chamber, mixing tub, screw-top lid, insulated holder, and heavy-duty line attachment with full instructions. Can be towed behind any kind of boat, pontoon, cruiser, sailboat — even a kayak! $59.95 AT SEAMAIDICECREAM.COM

GREAT GEAR Must-have goodies and gadgets for every boater.

PlasDECK Custom Decking West Marine Orion Bluewater Safety Kit Always better to be safe than sorry, or so the saying goes. With this kit by Orion, you’re totally covered. Includes a supply of handheld and aerial flares for day and night signaling: Five handheld red signal flares; one handheld orange smoke flare; six, 12-gauge, high-performance red aerial signals that reach 500 feet; and 12-gauge, pistol-style launcher with bandolier. All packaged in a soft, buoyant bag. $139.99 AT WESTMARINE.COM

Blue Water Floats Wave Float Brace yourself for the world’s largest towable water float! Made of tensile strength inner core and high-floatation, closed-cell foam to provide extreme durability and buoyancy. Standard floats are 1¼-inch thick, unfurl in 30 seconds and roll back up for quick storage. Comes with D-rings on both sides and a tether that stretches from 7 to 18 feet and easily attaches to hooks, docks, anchors and boats. Available in sizes ranging from 12 to 150 feet. $445 TO $1,850 AT BLUEWATERFLOATS.COM

For low-maintenance decking options that won’t fade, rot, crack or crumble, check out the synthetic teak boat decking from PlasDECK. The company’s custom inlays, enhanced design options and 22 varieties of decking give boaters an array of options to add some practicality and pizzazz to your boat. Available in any size or color, with the option to add a boat name, image, logo or lettering. PRICES VARY AT PLASDECK.COM

Whale Accumulator Pump/Tank Kit Is your boat’s water flow less than reliable? Then upgrade your system with the new compact Whale Accumulator Tank Kit. The one-piece, preassembled kit includes a pump and 2-liter compact accumulator tank. Connects directly to Whale Quick Connect 15-mm plumbing and can be fitted to new or existing systems. Measures 14"x 11" x 55/8" $199.99 AT DEFENDER.COM

Globalstar Sat-Fi Turn your smartphone into a powerful satellite hotspot with the Sat-fi from Globalstar. The industry’s newest voice and data solution provides seamless wireless connectivity over the world’s most modern satellite network. Transform your current smartphone, tablet and laptop to send and receive communications on the water. Connects up to eight users at a time and can reach emergency responders. Airtime plans start at $39.99/month and unlimited voice and data plans start at $149.99/ month. $999 AT GLOBALSTAR.COM



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