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11 Annual th

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Cuyahoga CC

Genesee CC

e d i r B c M Lee

Lakeland CC

Lake Michigan College

Lorain County CC

Friday, September 13 - Saturday, September 14 Kirtland, Ohio

Mercyhurst North East Notre Dame College

Schoolcraft College

Sinclair CC

St. Clair County CC

CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE CHALLENGERS 1 Taylor Lasik (Seven Hills, Ohio) 5 Brittany Anderson (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) 8 Tatiana Osipenko (Shaker Heights, Ohio) 11 Alexis Williams (Garfield Heights, Ohio)


2 Alexa Horsley (Southington, Ohio) 6 Sarah Gehring (Walton Hills, Ohio) 9 Crystalbel Iwuagwa (Carbondale, Ill.) 12 Ebony Taylor (Cleveland, Ohio)


Head Coach: Mary Colovas


3 Kylie Ciolek (Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio) 7 Kanicha Dungy (University Heights, Ohio) 10 Tina Horvath (Garfield Heights, Ohio)


5-2 S/L So. 2 Lindsey Thomas 5-8 M/OH So. 5 Leah Staley 5-5 S/OH So. 8 Dakota Zimmer 5-5 OH/L Fr. 12 Stephanie Maddox 5-5 S/L Fr.


Assistant Coach: Tom Schuler

GENESEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE COUGARS 1 Brittany Besser 4 Andrea Pursel 7 Leyinska Quiles 10 Chelsea Gerace 17 Nohema Garcia


5-4 M/OH So. 3 Michelle Nagle 5-6 M Fr. 6 Martha Vallejo-Miller 5-10 M Fr. 9 Erina Hayashi 5-7 OH So. 13 Kylie Dunn

5-10 OH/M So. 5-8 M Fr. 5-2 L Fr. 5-11 M Fr.

Assistant Coaches: Jamie Hugelmaier, Katelyn Cooper

Head Coach: Jim Mercer

LAKELAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE LAKERS 1 Alyssa Woltman 5-5 OH So. (Painesville, Ohio / Painesville) 4 Amanda Maffo 5-10 MB Fr. (Fairport Harbor, Ohio / Fairport Harding) 13 Hallie Vollmar 5-5 L/DS Fr. (Madison, Ohio / Madison)

2 Brittany Wentworth 5-5 S (North Kingsville, Ohio / Edgewood) 5 Danielle Talevski 4-11 L/DS (Willoughby, Ohio / Willoughby South) 14 Caitlin Post 5-8 OH (Madison, Ohio / Madison)

Fr. 3 Erin McDowell 5-8 (Kirtland, Ohio / Kirtland) Fr. 9 Judith Silvieus 5-7 (Ashtabula, Ohio / Edgewood) Fr. 13 Shelby Smith 6-0 (Ashtabula, Ohio / Lakeside)

Head Coach: Russ Miozzi (1st season) Assistant Coach: Alexa Bouda (1st season)

Volunteer Assistants: Malinda Miozzi (2nd season), Nicole Miozzi (1st season)







LAKE MICHIGAN COLLEGE RED HAWKS 1 Paige Johns 5-4 S (Traverse City, Mich. / West) 5 Nia Ammeson 5-2 L/DS (Stevensvile, Mich. / Andrews Academy) 8 Casey Clark 5-10 MB (Watervlite, Mich. / Watervliet) 11 Karrianne Lane 5-5 DS (Watervliet, Mich. / Grace Christian)

So. 2 Amanda Anglero 5-4 OH/DS So. 3 April Kotesky 5-9 RS/S Fr. (Buchanan, Mich. / Buchanan) (Buchanan, Mich. / Homeschooled) So. 6 Sarah Smith 5-5 DS/L Fr. 7 Stefani Camacho 5-8 MB/RS So. (Niles, Mich. / Niles) (Berrien Springs, Mich. / Berrien Springs) Fr. 9 Nikki Brady 5-8 OH Fr. 10 Kaitlyn Head 5-9 MB Fr. (Edwardsburg, Fla. / Jensen) (Eau Claire, Mich. / Eau Claire) Fr, 12 Michelle Briand 5-7 OH So. 14 Hannah Ward 5-10 MB/OH Fr, (Niles, Mich. / Niles) (Three Oaks, Mich. / New Buffalo)

Head Coach: Tara Lowell


1 Hannah Pinkie 5-8 OH So. 2 Gabby Woods 5-10 OH Fr. 3 Paige Elias 5-5 DS/L (North Olmsted, Ohio / Christian Comm.) (Sheffield Lake, Ohio / Brookside) (Brunswick, Ohio / Brunswick) 5 Melissa Randolph 5-3 DS Fr. 6 Rachael Bolmeyer 5-4 DS Fr. 7 Katlynne Baker 5-5 DS/OH (Elyria, Ohio / Midview) (Lorain, Ohio / Clearview) (Lorain, Ohio / Clearview) 8 Andria Velez 5-5 DS/L Fr. 10 Katarina Kovach 5-8 S/RS So. 13 Kaylynn Parker 5-6 OH/RS (Lorain, Ohio / Amherst) (North Ridgeville, Ohio / North Ridgeville) (Berlin Heights, Ohio / Firelands) 15 Brenna Villowock 5-8 MB Fr. 16 Stephanie Mims 5-5 S/DS Fr. 17 Kara Szabo 5-10 MB (Cleveland, Ohio / Lutheran West) (Wellington, Ohio / Wellington) (Elyria, Ohio / Elyria) 32 Katie Green 5-7 S/RS Fr. (Wakeman, Ohio / New London) Head Coach: Marc Pogachar Assistant Coach: Ashley Auvil

Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr.

MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY NORTH EAST SAINTS 1 Olivia Graff (Centerville, Pa. / Maplewood) 7 Tiana Harper (Sharon, Pa. / Sharon) 12 Salma Akol (Erie, Pa. / East) 16 Kayla Pound (Erie, Pa. / McDowell)



So. 3 Alex Bell S/L (New Bethlehem, Pa. / Redbank Valley) Fr. 10 Lauren Moroz OH (North Canton, Ohio / Hoover) So. 14 Lindsay Hasbrouck OH (Centerville, Pa. Maplewood) Fr. 26 Elisabeth Bayne OH (Oil City, Pa. / Oil City)

Fr. 6 Kellie Hoffman OH/S Fr. (Waterford, Pa. / Cambridge Springs) Fr. 11 Rachael Swartzfager S/L Fr. (North East, Pa. / Seneca) So. 15 Julie Craven MB/OH Fr. (Newbury, Ohio / Newbury) Fr.

Head Coach: Rachel Pacholke


Alesha Dickman Hannah Schwab Julia Cook Paige Massey


Jr. CJ Lange Fr. Jessica Slaughter Sr. Katlyn Walker Fr.

OH/DS So. Erin Citraro OH/MH Sr. Jill Lipold S So. Mackenzie Williams

OH/MH Jr. L Jr. RS/S Fr.

Head Coach: Joe Gomula

SCHOOLCRAFT COLLEGE OCELOTS 1 Megan Wright 5-5 (Taylor, Mich. / Taylor-Kennedy) 4 Karlee Harding 5-9 (Taylor, Mich. / Taylor-Kennedy) 7 Stephanie Gibson 5-6 (Brighton, Mich. / Brighton) 11 Amber Staudt 5-5 (Novi, Mich. / Novi) 16 Caroline Scott 5-11 (Pinckney, Mich. / Pinckney)

DS/L So. 2 Lindsey Umin 5-9 S (New Boston, Mich. / Huron) DS Fr. 5 Ajsha Davie 5-9 OH/MH (Romulus, Mich. / Romulus) OH So. 8 Julene Pummill 5-5 S/DS (Garden City, Mich. / Garden City) S/DS Fr. 12 Emily Bondar 5-11 OH (Allen Park, Mich. / Cabrini) MH Fr. 17 Alyssa Kainz 6-1 OH (Wyandotte, Mich. / Wyandotte)

Head Coach: Rod Brumfield

Fr. 3 Sydnee Miller 5-10 Opp (Monroe, Mich. / Monroe-Jefferson) Fr. 6 Morgan Copperstone 6-0 Opp (Livonia Mich. / Livonia-Steveson) Fr. 9 Cayla Bone 5-10 OH (Garden City, Mich. / Garden City) Fr. 15 Katie Summers 5-11 MH/OH (Allen Park, Mich. / Cabrini) So. 22 Breanne Rudolph 5-5 DS (Waterford, Mich. / Waterford-Mott)

Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr. Fr.

Assistant Coaches: Milt Resh, Chris Depoy, Katie McNally

SINCLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE TARTAN PRIDE 1 Marie Rank 5-11 MB (Troy, Ohio / Troy) 5 Elizabeth Collins 5-4 S/DS (Huber Heights, Ohio / Wayne) 9 Rebecca Moyer 5-6 OH (Farmersville, Ohio / Valley View) 17 Claire McGowan 6-0 OH/MB (Minister, Ohio / Minister) Head Coach: K.C. Gan

So. 2 Carly Butler 5-4 L Fr. 3 Tara Eades 5-6 S So. (Maineville, Ohio / Little Miami) (London, Ohio / London) Fr. 7 Sara Bierly 5-7 OH/DS So. 8 Tiffany Jordan 5-7 S/OPP Fr. (Lewisburg, Ohio / Tri County North) (New Prais, Ohio / National Trail) Fr. 10 Jessica Thobe 5-9 OH So. 14 Sarah Chaltry 5-11 MB F (Sidney, Ohio / Lehman Catholic) (Beavercreek, Ohio / Beavercreek) Fr. Assistant Coaches: Sean McMorrow, Katie Beyoglides, Jerry Malicki


1 Alex Shell 5-11 MA Fr. 4 Monica David 5-8 LS/S Fr. 7 Jade Kennedy 5-4 S (Fort Gratiot, Mich. / Port Huron Northern) (Mount Pleasant, Mich. / Beal City) (Weidman, Mich. / Beal City) 8 Taylor Johnson 5-5 L Fr. 9 Jaclyn Grobelski 5-9 RS/LS Fr. 10 Jaime Tuffin 5-9 LS/RS (St. Clair, Mich. / St. Clair) (China, Mich. / Marine City) (Port Huron, Mich. / Port Huron) 11 Taylor Hornbacher 5-9 LS Fr. 12 Heather Griffis 5-8 LS So. 14 Katie Bearse 6-0 A (Marysville, Mich. / Marysville) (Weidman, Mich. / Beal City) (Oxford, Mich. / Oxford) 15 Jalissa Zuege 5-4 DS Fr. 16 Rachel Kolar 5-11 LS/RS Fr. 17 Rachel Cooper 5-8 A/S (Port Huron, Mich. / Port Huron) (Fort Gratiot, Mich. / Port Huron Northern) (Grayling, Mich. / Grayling) 18 Jenna Gauthier 5-10 MA Fr. 20 Arica-Rae Apsey 5-5 S Fr. (Lake Ann, Mich. / Benzie Central) (Port Huron, Mich. / Port Huron) Assistant Coaches: Paul Levandowski, Ray Cornwell, Jr., Harold Tramski Volunteer Assistant: Lisa Tobiczyk Head Coach: Chuck Weisner

Fr. Fr. So. So.

Shannon Lee McBride Memorial Scholarship Winners

About the Shannon Lee McBride Tournament

Ashley Febel

Kristi Tutolo

Amy Clifton





Kathy Coxe



Mellisa Eck Sonny Dominick Alexa Kendig

Farmwald Elizabeth Breeler Elaine Bowen


Meredith Stuebbe Breanna Wilson


Jennifer Sommerfeld



Stephanie Frick


2013 Tournament Schedule

(all start times are approximate) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 1 p.m. LCC vs. NDC GCC vs. CCC SCCCC vs. LCCC 2:15 p.m. LCC vs. MNE GCC vs. SC SCC vs. LMC 3:30 p.m. NDC vs. MNE SCCCC vs. CCC SCC vs. LCCC 4:45 p.m. LCC vs. GCC SC vs. CCC LMC vs. LCCC 6:15 p.m. SCC vs. SCCCC SC vs. NDC LMC vs. MNE 7:30 p.m. LCC vs. SCCCC CCC vs. NDC GCC vs. LCCC SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 8:30 a.m. CCC vs. LMC GCC vs. MNE SC vs. SCC 9:45 a.m. LCC vs. LMC NDCvs. LCCC SC vs. SCCCC 11 a.m. LCC vs. SCC CCC vs. MNE GCC vs. SCCCC 12:15 p.m. NDC vs. SCC LCCC vs. MNE SC vs. LMC 1:30 p.m. #1 vs. #8 #2 vs. #7 #3 vs. #6 2:45 p.m. #4 vs. #5 (first available court) 4:00 p.m. 1/8 vs. 4/5 2/7 vs. 3/6 5:15 p.m. Championship Match TEAM CODES:

CCC: Cuyahoga Community College GCC: Genesee Community College LCC: Lakeland Community College LMC: Lake Michigan College LCCC: Lorain County Community College MNE: Mercyhurst University North East NDC: Notre Dame College SC: Schoolcraft College SCC: Sinclair Community College SCCCC: St. Clair County Community College

Prior to attending Lakeland Community College, Shannon McBride was an award-winning softball and volleyball player at Brush High School in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Shannon and her Brush Arc teammates won both the 1996 and 1997 Greater Cleveland Conference Volleyball Championship and she won the prestigious Jim Whitelaw Sportsmanship and Integrity Award in 1998. Shannon wore the number “7” during her four years at Brush and at Lakeland. As a freshman at Lakeland, she was named OCCAC Player of the Week two times and garnered First Team All-Conference accolades. She was also the runner-up for OCCAC Player of the Year and won the Team MVP Award that same year after helping the Lakers capture their first OCCAC volleyball championship. Shannon broke her ankle very early into the 1999 season and missed several games. Even so she served as the team’s co-captain and earned honors as Lakeland’s MVP and NJCAA Regional MVP before the end of the season. Lakeland’s women finished second in the OCCAC that year but went on to win both the OCCAC Tournament and the Runners-Up trophy at the Genesee Women’s Invitational Volleyball Tournament. According to her coaches, Shannon was an extremely talented “lefty.” Her heart was always in the game, she always knew where the ball was, she played consistently, and she knew how to lead a team to victory. All of those critical assets made her a valuable contributor at all times. In her final season Shannon was ranked inside the top-10 in the country with a .380 “kill” percentage. Shannon Lee McBride died an untimely death on July 29, 2003. She was 22 years old. Shannon died from complications associated with a tonsillectomy procedure done on Monday, July 14, 2003. Prior to the surgery Shannon was in excellent shape and good health. She was playing on two ladies softball teams, a college volleyball team, and working out daily to prepare for a charitable 10K run.

2013 Shannon Lee McBride Memorial Tournament Program  

Tournament program for the 2013 Shannon Lee McBride Tournament at Lakeland Community College

2013 Shannon Lee McBride Memorial Tournament Program  

Tournament program for the 2013 Shannon Lee McBride Tournament at Lakeland Community College