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“Manna Isle Ohio is designing Beachwood Medical Center with significant input from the physicians and Lake Health, along with others who provide visionary input on what matters to patients and families,” explains Cynthia MooreHardy, FACHE, president and CEO of Lake Health. “Collectively, this partnership’s goal is to provide outstanding patient outcomes and the ideal patient and family experience in a unique healing environment.” Environment and experience Using evidenced-based design principles, Beachwood Medical Center will feature a warm, welcoming environment focused on comfort, safety, efficiency and patient- and family-centered care. From patient rooms to surgical areas, the goal is to create a less stressful experience. The facility will include natural light; artwork designed to reduce stress for patients, families and staff; and other features to support healing. All rooms will be private, providing the ideal healing environment. Patients will be able to control their room temperature, lighting and timing of meals. Each room will include a family zone with separate lighting, electrical

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outlets and the flexibility for staying overnight. “We incorporated many of the evidence-based design principles that we built into TriPoint Medical Center, which we opened in Concord Township in 2009,” says Ms. MooreHardy. “Private patient rooms have been shown to reduce infections, and natural light reduces stress.” Quality and efficiency Throughout the facility, the design will maximize patient privacy, yet allow safe observation by nursing staff. Innovations that support better patient outcomes and customer service will be a high priority. The electronic patient medical record will allow immediate access to every aspect of the patient’s care: results of diagnostic imaging and lab tests, medications, treatments, and physician and nursing notes. Internet access will be available in all areas. “We’re designing for the ideal healing environment and patient experience,” says John Lin, CEO of Premier Physicians and principal for Manna Isle Ohio. “To reduce stress and anxiety for patients, families and staff, we’re looking at everything: comfort, safety, beauty, flexibility, efficiency, air quality, communications, furnishings, technologies…even the food.”

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will include 25 patient rooms, six operating rooms and two procedure rooms, 24/7 emergency room services, inpatient and outpatient diagnostics and physical therapy.

n The full-service hospital will

employ 150 to 200 health care professionals. Expanding care Beachwood Medical Center will be a natural extension to complement and strengthen Lake Health’s existing services and physician partnerships. Expanding into eastern Cuyahoga County and specifically this Beachwood location increases Lake Health’s footprint in northeast Ohio, providing its Integrated Physician Hospital Enterprise network of highquality, cost-effective care to patients and employers across the area. “This partnership builds upon Lake Health’s long history of partnering with local independent physicians to expand access to care. It also continues our commitment to redefine health care delivery in a new, convenient, more comfortable patient- and family-centered setting,” says Ms. Moore-Hardy.


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