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A patient’s story in her own words… As a 57-year-old woman with a demanding job, I admit I’m not as focused on my personal well-being as I should be. But I do make time for my annual ob/gyn visit with Dr. Jim Guerrieri and my mammogram. In June 2017, instead of my usual quick trip to West Medical Center Radiology in Willoughby to slip on a gown, smoosh, smoosh, wait a few minutes for the “all clear,” then head home, this trip was different.

Two “C” Words: and



By Shari Allwood, patient

Immediately after my mammogram, radiologist Dr. David Horejs recommended an ultrasound and a 3D mammogram to help clarify my condition. Believing there was a small tumor, he personally came into the room to talk with me. He referred me to diagnostic radiologist and breast image specialist Dr. Rosalinn Santa Cruz at TriPoint Medical Center in Concord for an ultrasound-guided biopsy. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Horejs, who kept me far longer than usual, but who refused to give up on what he felt might be a concern. Dr. Santa Cruz performed the biopsy and called me with the results: The dreaded “C” word. But she delivered the news with so much caring, gentleness and helpful information that I didn’t feel devastated. Concerned, yes; devastated, no. The other “c” word—caring— was prevalent. Right away, breast health navigator Kim Mamrack stepped into my life, providing personal support and helping me find all the answers I needed to make informed decisions. After researching local surgeons, I met with Dr. Eve Klenotic. What an amazing woman! So genuine, clear in describing my options, concerned and caring. My husband and I immediately felt comfortable and knew we made the right choice. On August 11, Dr. Klenotic performed my outpatient lumpectomy, which included a separate incision to check lymph nodes, at West Medical Center. All of the nursing and operating room staff provided the very Best of Health

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