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SEPTEMBER 17 - 18, 2016


FRIDAY September 16 3:00pm - 4:15pm Marathon Swimming Forum Lake George Historical Association 290 Canada St, Lake George, NY 5:00 PM –7:00 PM Dinner and sight-seeing cruise Board The Adirondac at 4:30. For purchase and cruise information: Advance purchase only. $37/person Saturday September 17 3:00pm - 5:00pm Swimmers start in waves Start from Ticonderoga Alternate start from Lake George Village Docks, Beach Rd Sunday September 18 6:00am - 5:00pm Swimmers finish Finish at Lake George Village Docks, Beach Road Alternate finish at Diane’s Rock, Ticonderoga ON THE COVER

“Rogers Rock at Sunrise” by Caroline Verner 2

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


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SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


From the Event Directors

Welcome to the 2016 Lake George Marathon Swim. This event was inspired last summer by a remembrance of Diane Struble and her historic Lake George swim from Ticonderoga to Lake George Village. In 2016 we intend to celebrate the rich history of Marathon Swimming in Lake George and to highlight the beauty of our Lake. We want to share swimming in Lake George with as many people as possible and inspire support for local charities. From the 1927 Hague to Lake George Village swim that attracted 150 swimmers and only one finisher, to the 1958 first swim of the whole length by Diane Struble in 35 hours and 30 minutes, Lake George has garnered national attention. Our remake of historic swims pays homage to tradition

while recognizing advancements in swimming training. This event tests human endurance and tenacity. It is not a race. Attempting it meets our definition of winning, and safety must be the top priority of every person involved with the event. Each swimmer is a member of a team, including swimmers, boat captain, observers, kayakers, and supporters on shore. Without these team members and their plans for navigation, feeding, emergencies, and communication, this event would not be possible. As Diane Struble has inpired us, all of you inspire us. We look forward to hosting a fun and safe event!

Robert Singer Alex Meyer

Event Director Bob is a local resident and recent retiree from a career as an aquatic ecologist in environmental consulting and university teaching. He is an avid Masters swimmer, certified Masters coach, and USA Swimming and YMCA Official, experienced marathon swim crew member and escort kayaker, and he has managed several other local swim events.

Event Director Alex is an Olympian and World Champion open water swimmer. He represented the United States at the 2012 London Olympic Games in the 10K swim, and he won the 25K World Championship in 2010. Alex swam for Harvard University, where he majored in human evolutionary biology, and for the Glens Falls YMCA Gators swim team as a youth swimmer.

Christy GiamBruno

Assistant Event Director Christy is an endurance athlete, a finance professional at the Glens Falls YMCA, and full-time student majoring in Business Administration and Hospitality at SUNY Adirondack. The Assistant Event Director role brings together many of her interests, experiences and professional goals.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



CAFFÉ VERO Coffee Roasters

1 Canada Street Lake George, NY 12845 (518) 668 5800


• In-house roasted coffee • Made on premises baked goods, doughnuts, bagels & more • Breakfast & Lunch menus • Soups, salads, sandwiches • Specialty coffee drinks

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Medical Staff

The Medical Directors will be available to treat anyone who may require first aid. The Medical Director will be based on shore and provide assistance as swimmers finish the event. If any medical

assistance is rendered on the course, the Medical Director will be informed and will coordinate with EMS services if any medical evacuations are required.

Tim Ward Cilicia Bigler

Medical Director

Tim is a Physician’s Assistant at Glens Falls Hospital. He has worked in Emergency Medicine for six years, certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and experienced with sports injuries and sports medicine. He is an avid participant in endurance sports including completing the Lake Placid Ironman in 2015.

Medical Director

Cilicia grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where she got her start in both healthcare and triathlon. She has been practicing as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at Albany Medical Center for five years and been a RN for twelve. After completing several local sprint and olympic distance races, Cilicia plans to complete her first 70.3 in September in Lake George.

Anne Green

Emergency Coordinator Anne is a high school science teacher and EMT-B with Bolton Emergency Medical Services, Inc. She enjoys water in all its forms and seasons. Most recently she has become introduced to Nordic Ice Skating and is looking forward to the year she can skate the entire length of Lake George. This summer her lake event will be a tandem kayak of the length in August. She is also an avid swimmer having swum the width of Lake George and Northwest Bay to Veterans Park.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Coffee, Tea, Espresso Drinks Breakfast, Brunch, Sandwiches and Vegetarian Open Every Day 7:00 am - 6:00 pm


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016







SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Athlete Profiles Individual Swimmers Richard McKern


Athletic highlights: • 2014 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (28 mile circumnavigation of Manhattan) 4th place (2nd male) • 2013 Boston Light Swim (8 miles) 3rd place What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I work in open source software on products mainly used by software developers.

(44) Summit, NJ

What do you think about during marathon swims? “Wow, this swim is really long.” What charities are you supporting?

Caroline Block

(32) a New Yorker working in Baltimore


Athletic highlights: • English Channel crossing (2016) • North Channel crossing (2016) • Second woman in history to complete the English Channel and North Channel within the same season What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I’m an anthropologist - a PhD student and University lecturer at Johns Hopkins. I have been a 4-year Division I fencer and 3-year saber squad leader at Princeton, and I am also an Ironman Triathlon finisher. What charities are you supporting? Lake George Association and Lake George Land Conservancy

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Janet Harris (50) New York, NY

Songs run through my head, and I time up my stroke with them. Sometimes it does cross my mind that it will feel pretty good to be on the boat, resting up and feeling proud of having finished the swim—but there’s only one way to get to that place! What charities are you supporting? I like supporting organizations that directly benefit the areas where I am doing my swims. My first experience of the Adirondacks was coming up to Lake Placid for a swim in the mid-90s. My husband and I have vacationed there every summer since. I love the natural beauty and the clean water of Lake George, and am very excited about swimming there again in September. Lake George is some of the clearest, cleanest water I have ever swum in, and the LGA is dedicated to keeping it that way.

Athletic highlights: • 2011 Ederle Swim (17.5 mi; Sandy Hook, NJ to Manhattan) • 2012 Cape Cod Bay Crossing (20 miles) • 2015 SCAR Swim Series (4 days, 4 lakes, 40 miles) • Set Masters swimming relay world record and won Masters national championships • Masters water polo player and springboard diver What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I’m a technical writer and also coach masters swimming on the side. In spare time, I like cooking and reading. I’m currently learning how to play chess so that I can better appreciate the world chess championship when it comes to my city this fall. What do you think about during marathon swims? I look around and notice my surroundings—the water, the sky, anything on land I can see. I watch my kayaker and support vessel, and read any words printed on their sides over and over again, trying to make anagrams from the words. I think of pictures that the letters could plausibly make, and unfocus my eyes to see if I can make that switch happen. I read the words again, and wonder what poem I would like most to see printed on the side of a kayak that I’m staring at for hours on end. I try to imagine what my kayaker would think of this idea. I think of the people I love, and hold each of them in my heart for a bit. I think of all the people who are helping me and those who have made it possible for me to be doing something I love so much. Sometimes I get a little teary eyed from the gratitude and love I feel. I imagine friendly magical creatures swimming along with me, always just out of sight and just beyond my fingertips’ reach. I make rhymes or songs about these (usually chimerical) animals, or imagine how a PBS nature show would describe them and their behavior.


I pledged to support the Lake George Historical Association because of their Diane Struble exhibition. I love the early history of marathon swimming, and thought it was really cool that they chose to bring together and highlight that part of LG’s history. Once I actually visited the museum, I was doubly glad that I had named them one of my swim charities — it’s everything a grassroots historical society should be. I was charmed and impressed with their collections and curation, and with the lovely building that houses them. What a great resource for the area!

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Welcome to Lake George. Good luck, marathon swimmers & volunteers!

Thank you for helping to keep our home beautiful for years to come. ~ Grace Roberts LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Edward Riley

(58 - our oldest solo) New York, NY








1. The Swimmer 2. Ed’s Alter Ego... Rico Suave 3. International Man of Mystery 4. Swimming Inspiration 5. Ed Before the Swim 6. Thoughts During the Swim 7. Ed After the Swim What charities are you supporting? I witnessed the deterioration of Long Island Sound into a lifeless cesspool as a result of pollution from industrial waste, human sewage, and runoff. I have also witnessed the remakable improvements in the Long Island Sound, Hudson River, and New York Bay due to concerted efforts of the communities, activists, and government agencies along these water bodies, so my fundraising for this swim will support The FUND for Lake George to ensure that the water quality of Lake George will be maintained for all to enjoy.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Elaine Howley (38) Waltham, MA


Lake George was the site of my first “ultra” marathon swim, way back in 2007. It was part of an organized 25-mile “pro” race from Lake George Village to Hague Beach – I got paid to swim, which was probably the coolest thing that had ever happened to me. In all honesty, I had a very thin resume at the time and had virtually no business being accepted to the race, but somehow, I got in. I was absolutely ready on the day of the swim; but, unfortunately, the wind wasn’t playing nice. Despite the talent in the event, the wind and conditions had the final say that day, and only one swimmer actually got to walk up on the beach in Hague. I had a swim that was as close to perfect as a marathon swim can be, and I finished 21 miles in 12 hours before the course was closed due to darkness. That was really the first time that I understood what it meant to be a marathon swimmer. I grew up a lot in the lake that day, and I surprised myself with how well I did. I also met some wonderful people there, including my host family in Hague, Dick and Karen Gladu, and fellow swimmers Dori Miller and Ray Gandy, who inspired me to dream bigger. I came away from Lake George with a wide-eyed wonder about where this sport might take me and a deep respect for how hard I’d have to work if I wanted to follow it. And here I am, almost 10 years later coming full circle with another wonderful group of swimmers. I’m just so excited to be able to come back and have another crack at that glorious Lake George.

Athletic highlights • Triple Crown of monster swims (3rd person to complete all three swims) • Loch Ness crossing (22.2 miles, 2015) 13th swimmer in history • Lake Tahoe crossing (21.5 miles, 2016) • Lake Memphremagog crossing (25 miles, 2011) • First solo, lengthwise crossing of Lake Pend Oreille (32.3 miles, 2014) • Triple Crown of open water swimming (32nd person to complete) • English Channel (21 miles, 2009) • Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (28.5 miles, 2009) • Catalina Channel (20 miles, 2008) • 2011 Ederle Swim (17.5 miles) • Fastest double crossing of Boston Harbor (16 miles, 2010) What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I’m the Publications Manager for U.S. Masters Swimming and Managing Editor of SWIMMER magazine. I’m also a freelance writer and editor for a range of different publications and organizations. Hobbies include reading, writing, napping, and drinking really good beer – preferably made by my sponsor, Mighty Squirrel. I use rowing and running as cross training for my swimming and recently got a bike desk, so I’ve added pedaling to my routine. What do you think about during marathon swims? Anything and everything. I love that it’s a time to be completely in my own head without much distraction from the outside world. I think about my family and friends, what my crew will give me LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

to eat at the next feed, what I plan to do after the swim is over, and sometimes I fall into a trance-like state where I’m not even really thinking at all, just enjoying the sensation of water on skin and the deafening sound of bubbles against ears. It can be really soothing. I have also written and forgotten the next great American novel many times over while swimming. What charities are you supporting? My fundraising will support The Fund for Lake / Lake George Waterkeeper for their work protecting and preserving Lake George.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Chris Greene (54) Suwanee, GA

Athletic highlights: • High school swimming for Mercersburg Academy • NCAA swimming for Penn State • Masters age group national champion in 200 butterfly, 400 individual medley and 10K open water • 2015 Three Rivers Marathon Swim (30 km) • 2016 Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test “END-WET” (36 miles) • 2016 Lake Tahoe crossing (21.5 miles) • 2015 SCAR Swim Series (4 days, 4 lakes, 40 miles)

Devon Clifford (26) Mamaroneck, NY


What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I think about swimming! Also, occasional golfer and travel a lot for business as a banker which allows me to swim in a variety of places, like Walden Pond, Canandaigua Lake, Lake Tahoe, Aquatic Park in San Francisco, Lucky’s Lake, La Jolla Cove - I swam a workout in 26 States last year. And I’ve been to 188 Buffalo Wild Wing locations. What do you think about during marathon swims? I think about how lucky I am to be able to do this, my family both living and past, what I’m going to eat when I finish, what percentage of the swim I’ve competed and other fun calculations. What charities are you supporting? My fund raising will support the Darrin Fresh Water Institute and NORD. NORD is the National Organization for Rare Disorders. My wife and I have lost two sons to Pearson’s Syndrome, which is a NORD disorder. I also have two college teammates that have lost their wives to disorders covered under NORD.

Athletic highlights: • 2016 Arizona SCAR • 2016 8 Bridges Swims • 2 Ice Miles • Winter Swimming Championships, Patagonia, Argentina • Swim the Suck (2013 & 2015) Tennessee River Gorge What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I travel far and often to swim all over the world. In addition to swimming and travel, I read, I run, and I smile. What do you think about during marathon swims? I make lists, I sing songs, I count my feeds, I try my best to appreciate the beauty around me! What charities are you supporting?

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Karyn Scherer (42) Waitsfield, VT

creating a waltz. When my mind wanders off, I have found the metronome is still going in the background. What charities are you supporting? I’ve been visiting Recluse Island at Bolton Landing for over 15 years. Friends own the island and have always been very generous with their hospitality. I’ve become very fond of swimming in Lake George and would like to honor them and the lake by fundraising for 2 charities that they suggested: Lake George

Athletic highlights: • Former age group swimmer • 2 time Ironman triathlete • 15 time marathon runner • 2016 SCAR Swim - Saguaro & Canyon Lakes (18.5 mi) What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I have my own Architecture firm, Karyn Scherer Architecture, so when I’m not swimming I should be working! I also coach Masters year round 2 days a week and assistant coach the Stowe Swimmers age group swim team in the winter 2 days a week. Other activities include cycling, xc & backcountry skiing, although not this year with all the preparation for LGMS, and hanging out with my 2 black labs, Rufus and Oci – they pretty much rule my life. I have other creative hobbies that I work on. What do you think about during marathon swims? I have yet to figure that out… various things – some good and unfortunately some not so productive. I have found just counting my strokes between breaths helps 1-2-3, 1-2-3 like a metronome


Land Conservancy and Bolton EMS – not to leave out the fact that Anne Green is a part of Bolton EMS and a thank you for helping out with the marathon swim.

A fellow Masters swimmer and sometimes support kayaker is the President of the Board of the Stowe Adaptive Sports. She is very giving and I wanted to thank her by fundraising for a charity that she works hard to support.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Greg O’Connor (47) Natick, MA

What do you think about during marathon swims? I think about everything and remember nothing. It is daydreaming for hours on end.

Athletic highlights: • 2005 Boston Marathon • Founder of Massachusetts Open-Water Swimming • Race Director of the Boston Light Swim and the Doty Memorial Swim • Observed for Cape Cod Bay crossings • Escort pilot for the Kingdom Swim Border Buster and Memphre Swims • Escort kayaked for Mo Siegel on 2 Stages of the 8-Bridges Swim • International Ice Swimmer, Winter Swimmer • Several marathon swims including Catalina Channel, Boston Harbor double crossing, Lake Memphremagog, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I am a homebrewer, washing machine repairman, and cancer researcher.


What charities are you supporting? My fund raising will support The Fund for Lake George and Camp Harbor View.

Camp Harbor View (CHV) serves 900 young adolescents from Boston’s at-risk neighborhoods through two four-week summer camp sessions on Long Island in the Boston Harbor, & offers programs to CHV youth & their families throughout the year. CHV is committed to enriching the lives of young adolescents through a combination of traditional summer camp activities, leadership development, & accessible social services.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Charlotte Brynn (50) Stowe, VT

What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I am the Executive Director at The Swimming Hole in Stowe, VT, so when I’m not swimming, I am supporting others in their swimming and health goals. I am also known to be a bit of an expert on soft ice cream flavors. What charities are you supporting? I will be fundraising to support the Lake George Association for its water quality preservation activities and its education programs.

I will also support adult learn to swim programs at The Swimming Hole, which is an non-profit community pool and fitness center. These programs reach swimmers who have never had the opportunity to learn to swim and/or have had a lifelong fear of the water. Athletic highlights: • Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (28 miles) • Catalina Channel (20 miles, 2014) • Lake Memphremagog (25 miles, 2011) • Border Buster Kingdom Swim (15 miles)


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Marcella MacDonald (52) Andover, CT

What do you do when you aren’t swimming? On dry land, I care for my patients in my Manchester, CT podiatric practice (1992-present), and I have coached age group swimmers, teaching the fundamentals of swimming for 30+ years ( at the 92nd Street YM-YWHA and the Laurel East Hartford YMCA Swim Team). I enjoy speaking to schools and interested groups about my open water swimming adventures.

Athletic highlights: • 15 English Channel crossings, including 3 double crossings • Triple Crown of open water swimming • English Channel (15 crossings) • Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (5 times) • Catalina Channel (2013) • Molokai Channel (2016, 29 miles) • Loch Ness crossing • Maui Channel (2010) • International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee (2006)

What do you think about during marathon swims? I think about “cutting water” and making each stroke the best it can be as it brings me closer to transforming a dream into reality. I also think about the people who make my swimming possible and purposeful. What charities are you supporting? I like to use big swims as a way to raise awareness and funding for charities. My efforts in Lake George will support the Darrin Fresh Water Institute.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Bridgette Hobart (53) Lake Hopatcong, NJ

• Triple Crown of open water swimming • English Channel 2014 • Catalina Channel 2012 • Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 2012 • 2013 Arizona SCAR (4 lakes, 4 days, 40 miles) • Tampa Bay Marathon Swim (24 miles, 2011) • 12.5 miles around Key West What do you do when you aren’t swimming? I am the founder and President of Paradigm Technology Consulting, in Allentown NJ (, and I serve as event director for Lake Hopatcong Open Water Swim Festival ( – 10k Madness ( I also cross train – pilates, weights, TruSwim Spa training, along with an occasional run.

What do you think about during marathon swims? I focus on staying engaged in the moment and enjoying the adventure and I use the quiet time to reflect on positive memories, and my mind usually wanders to work projects and ideas of solutions I want to think about developing for the market. I try to pick a topic between each feed, or 30 minutes. What charities are you supporting? Athletic highlights: • 2015 World Open Water Woman of the Year – after completing I will be fundraising to support the the 120 miles 8 Bridges, Rottnest Channel and 156 miles of Lake George Association. NY Finger Lakes – becoming the first to swim the 9 NY Finger Lakes under marathon swim rules and in one season in 2015

Diane’s Rock in the Mist - Ticonderoga, NY LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


CELEBRATING PAST We are in awe of the first swimmers who accomplished the historic marathon swims of Lake George. On July 12, 1927, the biggest group swim in the world was at Lake George, where 150 professional and amateur swimmers assembled in Hague, NY to compete for a $10,000 purse. Famous baseball player Jack Dempsey was the official starter. The start was delayed because the overloaded dock collapsed, sending Dempsey and others into the water.

The actual race was mayhem. Swimmers were lost, many became sick and exhausted, and the cold water and long distance took its toll. Much to the surprise of the professional swimmers, a 24 year-old swimming instructor from Manhattan, Edward Keating finished the 25-mile distance at 4:30 AM, after almost 19 hours in the water. The Hague swim was well short of the full length of the Lake, and that distance was not completed until 1958. After a failed attempt in 1950 at age 17, a 25 year-old single mother of three, Diane Struble, finished the epic swim from a rock in the channel at Ticonderoga (marked with bronze plaque and now called Diane’s Rock), to the public docks in Lake George Village in 35 hours and 33 minutes. The current long-term Mayor of Lake George Village, Robert Blais, recounts his memory of the swim. He was a young patrol officer assigned to crowd control for the finish. About 10,000 spectators lined the village boardwalk. Cars kept trying to arrive. Route 9, (this was before Interstate 87) was backed up to Saratoga Springs. Blais worked with other police to divert traffic to Crandall Park in Glens Falls, where they parked on the grass, opened their car doors, and listened to the live report on the radio of her success.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


ACCOMPLISHMENTS Her accomplishment was sensational. She appeared on the Today show, and subsequently participated in distance swims across Lake Champlain, and completed a swim around Manhattan. The memories of her swim inspired us to recreate the swim, holding true to her course from Diane’s Rock to the Village docks in Lake George. These earlier swimmers were all the more amazing because the sport of marathon swimming has evolved considerably. Before the 1970’s, swimmers often used the breast stroke for distance swims. It was believed that one could not sustain the rigorous stroke we now know as freestyle for many hours. Swimmers at that time did not have the highly concentrated protein and carbohydrate drinks we have now. “Feeds” of 150 calories can be downed by an experienced swimmer in under 30 seconds. When Diane Struble swam the feeds were more leisurely, and not as nutritious. Even the invention of the pop top plastic water bottle was anticipated by Diane, shown in the photo using a baby bottle! Training has changed a great deal too. Marathon swimmers now work out for many more hours in the water than in the past, they work on efficiency and stroke technique, and they train in cold water to adapt their bodies. One thing that hasn’t changed is that marathon swimmers hold true to the spirit of marathon swimming that Captain Matthew Webb first developed during his epic English Channel Swim in 1875. Marathon swimmers never get aid from a boat or another swimmer, do not come out of the water, and use only cap, goggles and simple swim suit—no wetsuits, floats or other aids are allowed. Other swimmers have followed in Diane Struble’s wake. They are listed in the accompanying table. Of course our goal is to more than double this list of successful marathon swimmers on September 18, 2016.

Year 1958






Bill Stevens


Diane Struble

George Dempsey

Stella Taylor


John Freihofer


David Dammerman




Jerry Ferris

Jaimie Monahan











Unknown 47





Up to 13 new swimmers and 14 relay teams!


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016







Athlete Profiles Relay Teams Janet Klemm, Tallahassee, FL



Kristen Lee, 28, Los Angeles, CA I’m an avid bicycle commuter, backyard chicken farmer, wine and cheese lover, and a dreamer.

When I’m not swimming, I often spend more time in, on, or under the water, hopefully encouraging others to (safely) enjoy it too. I am an active scuba instructor and scientific diver who also enjoys maybe a few too many hobbies. Kevin Baird 41, Wilton, NY Sara Wander When I’m not swimming, 29, Albany, NY, currently in Tallahassee, FL I am spending time with I enjoy playing guifamily (a big family), reading tar for the band Tuesday books, running with friends Supper Club, vegetable gardening, traveling, and cheering for the athletic reading, and any form of endeavors of friends and outdoor adventuring. family.

What charities are you supporting? The Darrin Fresh Water Institute is a special place. The institute fosters excellence in education and opportunity for students who can have an increasingly rare opportunity for hands-on field studies, conducts basic research to understand the aquatic ecosystems in the Adirondacks and the Hudson River valley. DFWI also has longstanding tradition of public outreach and support within the local community. The Lake George Land Conservancy maintains and has acquired some of the most beautiful properties and trails around Lake George including Sara’s favorite one, the Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob. Lake George is beautiful and beloved. All too often areas like this are “loved to death,” and suffer from adverse effects of our activities. Together, these organizations represent an array of solid actions that help sustain longer term and positive benefits to the Adirondack basin and the waters we all love. LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Nancy, Karen, Tracy and Christie are two-thirds of the all-women’s open water relay team, The Mighty Mermaids. Always looking for a new adventure, Nancy suggested the Lake George Marathon Swim. We recruited two men who all are game for a long, night swim! Nancy Steadman Martin, 62, Oceanport, NJ Nancy is partner in the law firm, “Martin Melody, LLC” and specializes in all employment issues, ranging across unlawful terminations, sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace injuries. Additionally, she owns and manages Surf Lifesaving, a business where she trains and supplies lifeguards, pool maintenance services, and all other aquatic needs on the Jersey Shore and at pools. She particularly enjoys long distance open water events and has completed “The Triple Crown” of Swimming - English Channel in 2004, Catalina Channel in 2008, and Manhattan Island in 1984, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2008. She also enjoys yoga and hanging with her vivacious pack of dachshunds. Christie Ciraulo, 62, Los Angeles, CA Christie is a business writer working from her home, which enables her to work out and head off for weekend open water swims. Her first love in swimming is relays! Together with Karen and Nancy she makes up half of The Mighty Mermaids, a long distance open water relay of six women averaging 60+. The Mighty Mermaids have done nine annual swims and are in the planning stages to relay across the English Channel in 2018. She also puts together pool relays, resulting in nine masters relay world records and 16 masters relay national records. Outside the pool, Christie loves heading for Santa Monica beach with her family to go body boarding and to breakfast. Karen Einsidler, 61, Tenafly, NJ Karen swam the English Channel in 1987 and has many swims around the island of Manhattan, NY, holding the American record at one time for that event. She is a breast cancer survivor, which has undoubtedly been the toughest race of her life and demonstrates Karen’s determination, strength and desire to live

life to the fullest. Karen recently retired from a long career as an attorney and she is the mother of triplets who are heading off to college this fall. With all this free time in the offing, Karen may find some new hobbies! Bob Breitel, 48, Philadelphia, PA Robert is the Director Global SAP Alliance for IBM. He has run in five marathons in the past four years and loves golf, country line dancing, and exploring Philly. He also enjoys traveling and finding interesting places and former Olympic venues in which to swim. Tracy Grilli, 59, Londonderry, NH Tracy is the Membership Manager for U.S. Masters Swimming. Her responsibilities over the past 20 years include promoting Masters swimming and assisting members & volunteers. Tracy started competing at the age of five and swam through high school and college. She and her husband David have been members of New England Masters Swim Club since 1982. Tracy is a distance freestyler and has earned several Long Distance and Pool All-American awards, as well as being consistently been ranked in the USMS and World Top Ten. She has over 250 Individual and 140 Relay US Top Ten titles under her belt. She is a member of two all-female, over-55 teams: the Mighty Mermaids (open water) and the Fighting Flamingos (water polo). Tracy is VERY MUCH looking forward to 2017 when she will turn 60. One of the best things about USMS is that every 5 years she gets to be “young” again! Bill Ireland, 56, Venice Beach, CA Bill is a full time attorney, part time swim coach and retired life guard. He enjoys spending time with his wife, travel, and theater and in an ideal world he manages to combine all three with open water swimming. He has accomplished this feat in San Diego, Sonoma Valley, Ashland OR, Auckland NZ, Sydney AUS, and Istanbul, Turkey!

What charities are you supporting? Camp del Corazon was co-founded by, Kevin Shannon, MD, a personal friend of Christie Ciraulo. The camp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, providing a free of charge water-based summer camp on Catalina Island for children with heart disease. We find this a particularly attractive charity as ALL proceeds are spent on the camp and its programming, and is staffed entirely by volunteers, including a full volunteer medical staff.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


PAUL’S to successfully convince my friends to join TRAVELING me on some type of running or biking relay race. Other than that, we have two SWIMMERS dogs at home and I seem to spend much

Paul’s Traveling Swimmers is a random collection of people who love swimming. A few of us know each other from the local YMCA and swimming in Lake George, and others have been connected together through mutual friends. Kerry Giumarra 38, Queensbury, NY I’m a mom of 3 kids (ages 14, 11 and 8), all of whom are active on our local YMCA swim team. I coach the youngest group of swimmers on the Glens Falls Gators - which is a fun way to be involved in the team. I’m a school social worker at a local elementary school. I LOVE where I live and try to be as active as I can in all the outdoor sports that the Adirondacks have to offer - skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, biking, hiking, running, boating – pretty much anything outside. I’m slowly working on becoming a 46’er by hiking the Adirondack high peaks. I worked as a camp counselor at the Double H Ranch for 3 summers during my college years and the Ranch continues to hold a special place in my heart. Many of my fellow counselors are still dear friends today. I’m thrilled to be able to fundraise for this special organization with others whom all love swimming like I do. Tad Norton, 50, Canandaigua, NY My wife, Sheri and daughters Erin and Jessie keep me busy. The girls both play soccer and swim so much of our time is spent driving to and from practice, games and meets. We also spend a lot of weekends traveling and camping throughout the northeast. Many of our trips are in conjunction with Xterra (off road) triathlons. I work as a forester so much of my time is spent outside in the woods. InChieh Chen, 35, Ganesvoort, NY I’m an engineer with a focus on ocean-based renewable energy, which is not a particularly useful field in upstate NY. Luckily, I’ve been able to keep my job in Hawaii while working mostly from home but heading over to the Big Island a few times a year for field work. When I’m not swimming, I’ve been known


of my time entertaining them with food and hikes. One of my goals this summer is to get my Newfoundland to swim with me. She is supposed to be a natural swimmer but so far hasn’t shown much interest in swimming other than to retrieving her toy from the water. Sara Swenson, 40, Herndon, VA I am a full-time Federal Police Officer. When I am not at work or attending work training, I enjoy cycling (both road and mountain biking), hiking, adventure racing, and taking on new outdoor challenges. I completed many triathlons from 2010 through 2014, including Ironman Mont Tremblant. Over the last two years, I have transitioned my time and energy into long open water swims and adventure racing with my boyfriend Tom. Tom and I work as a team in preparation for my longest swims, as he is my trusted support kayaker. I completed my longest swim yet at the end of July in the Vermont KIngdom Swim 10 mile National Championship race. My goal is to add distance every year, and take on longer races, hopefully culminating with a chance to complete the Lake George Marathon Swim as a solo. As the out-of-towner, I am looking forward to meeting up with my teammates soon to get in a few practice swims and kayaking in Lake George! Reece Collins,36, Glens Falls, NY I am a Captain in the Army Reserves and father to two little ones. I am also a coach for the middle age groups for the Glens Falls YMCA Gators which provides me the opportunity to share my passion for swimming with the next generation and hopefully give them a lifetime of activity in the water. I also enjoy running distances up to the half-marathon. Colleen Gezcy, 46, Queensbury, NY I am a mother of four and a Pediatric RN at our local hospital. I started swimming competitively at the Y and continued on to achieve All-American honors at Hartwick College. As a Masters

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


swimmer I have competed in triathlon events. I have also been an age group swim coach and currently enjoy working with the youngest group of the Schenectady Sharks swim club. When I was nine, I watched my older sister swim the lake with three others in what they called “double take on the lake.” It was amazing to watch them accomplish this and I am excited to be What charities are you supporting? We will support the LGA in its mission to keep Lake George beautiful.

able to participate in a similar event. When I am not swimming I am involved in my children’s activities such as soccer games, swim meets, and volunteering at their school. I can also be found participating in local 5k’s supporting charities like Kelly’s Angels (an organization that raises money for children who have lost a parent to cancer).

Double H – stands for health and happiness. We hope share our own health and happiness by sending a child to camp!


Our relay consists of 6 members of the Smoke on the Water swim group. Membership began around 1995 and has remained in flux ever since. We have welcomed Navy personnel passing through the Milton Nuclear engineering programs, ex-college swimmers, pregnant mothers, triathletes and accomplished distance swimmers. There are no membership fees. We operate as a social group, helping each other through life but in the water, it’s all business. If you’re ever in Saratoga Springs, come join us for a swim.

Cheryl Marron, 46, Saratoga Springs, NY Cheryl works full time as a Medicaid service coordinator and support broker for individuals with developmental disabilities at CLAS Inc. She also coaches swimming part time for the Sharks in Saratoga. Hobbies include biking, yoga, kayaking, hiking, anything fun outdoors. Willy Grimmke, 50, Greenwich, NY Willy works as a civil engineer doing bridge construction

What charities are you supporting? Some of us were raised on Lake George and others have been recently introduced to it’s beauty and clear waters. Having swum in many open water venues, we can with authority say that preserving Lake George is a worthy cause, so we are raising funds for Lake George Association.


and maintenance, as well as providing training in those to other construction and maintenance staff. Hobbies include hiking, wood working, reading and travel. Dan Canty, 48, Wilton, NY Dan works as an engineer at Knolls Atomic Power Lab (KAPL) and enjoys backpacking, camping, traveling and bowling. Rich Starace, 53, Greenfield Center, NY Rich is a middle school social studies teacher in Corinth, NY. Hobbies include flyfishing, nordic skiing, cooking, paddling, and playing in the House Band Karen Byer, 56, Greenfield Center, NY Karen is a veterinarian. Hobbies include gardening, horsemanship and spending time with family. Matthew Glogowski, 40, Ballston Spa, NY Matt is a math teacher in a Clean Technologies Early College High School Program. When not swimming, he spends his time chasing around his son and visiting his niece and nephew as much as possible. We will also be fundraising in support of Project HEAL, which provides grant funding for people with eating disorders who cannot afford treatment, promotes healthy body image and self esteem, and serves as a testament thatfull recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Carrie Mauro, 51, Glens Falls, NY When I’m not swimming, I enjoy triathlons, family time, and skiing. I am Principal of Jackson Heights Elementary School in Glens Falls. Jason Gardner, 46, Glens Falls, NY I enjoy biking, running, triathlon racing, golf, hiking, cooking, and I appreciate good wine. Greg Hewlett, 49, Queensbury, NY I am a contractor, triathlete, and Dad, not necessarily in that order. Wendy Matthews, 54, Queensbury, NY I am a real estate appraiser who enjoys mountain biking, rowing and hiking. Dave Morrissey, 54, Queensbury, NY When I’m not swimming, I bike, ski, fly, read, and spend time with family.

Liz Collins, 51, Queensbury, NY I am Assistant Principal at Glens Falls High School, and I also enjoy yoga and running. I will be swimming Lake George in honor of my husband who has been battling colon cancer for the last 4.5 years. What charities are you supporting? Our fundraising will support Lake George Association and the Lake George Swim Cable Project, a grass roots effort to build support for the installation of an open water Swim Cable in the Southern Basin of Lake George.


George, Dennie, Patrick, and Michael have a passion for swimming. They are still very competitive and strive to always do their best. They have all been swimming at the Glens Falls YMCA for many years, including with the Glens Falls YMCA Masters Swimming program. They have been swimming various parts of Lake George for many years as part of their summertime training. With a desire to swim long distances and test themselves, the Lake George Marathon Swim offered a chance to do something they enjoy and already do. George Stark, 51, Queensbury, NY George is the General Manager of the Comfort Suites of Lake George. His hobbies include traveling, spending time with family and tennis. Dennie Swan-Scott, 41, Queensbury, NY Dennie is currently the head coach for the Glens Falls Gators and the Glens Falls Masters swim teams. She also enjoys hiking and is finishing up the Adirondack 46 High Peaks.


Patrick O’Keeffe, 40, Queensbury, NY Patrick is a husband, father of two, and an attorney. He is an NCAA Division I Swimming Champion, NCAA All American, repeat winner of the Lake George Triathlon and a world-class Ironman 70.3 competitor. Michael O’Keeffe, 38, Palo Alto, CA Michael is a pilot. He enjoys golf, biking, skiing, surfing. What charities are you supporting? Our fundraising will support Lake George Land Conservancy and the Glens Falls Gators Swim Team. We all swim in Lake George and enjoy the natural beauty and spectacular scenery. By giving to this charity we will be doing our part in preserving Lake George for generations to come. George, Patrick and Michael all got their start in swimming with the Glens Falls Gators long ago, and Dennie is the head swim coach for the Gators. We would like to help with future Gators.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


The six of us belong to the best masters team in NYC and are avid open water competitors in the summer months. We have been coming to the Lake George Swim Festival for several years and last fall, Bob Singer convinced us to embrace this adventure as well. Erin Dougherty 33, Brooklyn, NY I am a BIG Sci-fi fan, and I also enjoy reading, crafting cocktails and enjoying NYC.


the pool or in other bodies of water and enjoy the cultural offerings of New York City. I have been a competitive swimmer since 1969 (with long sabbaticals) and am loving it more than ever. Natalie Pummill 31, Brooklyn, NY Professionally, I am involved in Clinical Research (Drug Development). I also enjoy hiking, reading, super huge fan of movie-going, sewing occasionally, cooking, BBQ-ing!, trying new foods, and checking out art and history museums.

Jennifer Snyder, 36, Latham, NY Abigail Fairman, 39, New York, NY When I’m not swimming, I teach I am the Director of Marketing for a boutique financial services law firm science at school for gifted and and spend a lot of my time herding talented students in Brooklyn. I cats. I travel quite a bit for both work also enjoy taking Korean language and fun and also enjoy watching land classes, volunteering, traveling sports - football, baseball, soccer – from and cooking. I also find running to be a great way to keep in shape the comfort of my favorite local pub. and enjoy being outside. Anna Armentrout 44, Brooklyn, NY Anna has been a Masters swimmer since 2002. She works as a software engineer for Meetup in New York. Recently, she has established a home aquarium, hoping to get some tips on technique.

Sebastian Moll, 51, New York, NY I am a journalist for European news outlets, pursuing the futile endeavor of explaining American politics, society and culture to people over there. I like to go on long bike rides when I am not in

What charities are you supporting? We are proudly raising money for The Fund for Lake George as well as our own not-for-profit swim team. We admire the science-guided approach of The Fund and appreciate their efforts to protect the water quality and the overall health of Lake George so we can enjoy many more swims in the years to come.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Marty Munson, 52, New York, NY I’m an editor at Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine by day, investigating the latest medical studies and ways to help make living the good (healthy!) life easier and more rewarding. I wasn’t always an active person, but gradually, throughout my adult life, I did a little cycling there, a little jogging here, and the next thing you know, I had a full-blown case of Late-Onset Athleticism and found myself with a half-ironman triathlon habit. Since then, I’ve become a USA Triathlon coach and a US Master’s Swim coach. For a number of weeks each year, I coach a team of female triathletes (Team Triple Strength) across the finish line of their first sprint-distance triathlon. That’s more rewarding than all my finish lines put together. I fell in some serious love with open-water swimming a few years ago, and it’s been a big focus since. But I also have crushes on flamenco and contemporary dance, photography exhibits, thoughtfully nifty restaurants, and Japanese design. Taylor Diepold, 24, Monroe, NY Three years ago I moved to the Catskills as an aquatics director, which connected me to U.S Masters and open water swimming and led to my second swimming career. I have returned to college full time to pursue a degree in pyschology with minors in anthropology and sociology focusing on Asian culture and eastern medicine. In the fall I will be attending school/swimming for Hartwick College in Oneonta. I am currently training for RAGBRAI, a seven day bike ride across IOWA. I continue to coach Total Immersion, Masters and a youth swim club while holding a second job as a waitress. I am grateful to wake up every morning drive through the the mountains to swim a secluded lake with two good friends. I enjoy finding new recipes and restaurants that serve local and organically grown food and working outside in the garden with my boyfriend. I enjoy hiking right in our backyard, our dog Kirra, who loves the water, Bikram Yoga, trips to the beach and


snowboarding. I am very excited to be a part of this swim knowing I will be surrounded by people who have a passion for swimming. Erica Flickinger, 38, Phoenixville, PA While my background is in graphic design, I feel pretty lucky to say that I am the office manager for a wellness center in Phoenixville, PA. It’s great to have access to a great group of massage therapists, an acupuncturist, and yoga!! It’s really become the perfect complement to swim training. Outside of work and the water, I spend a lot of time with my two favorite guys: my boyfriend (and kayaker), Dave, and our water-loving dog, Rusty. I do a lot of crosstraining on my bike and on foot, so it’s nice to also share that time with both of them. We recently started our journey towards becoming 46ers, so it’s great to add the Lake George Marathon Swim to the list of Adirondack adventures! Jennifer Langgons, 39, New York, NY I love almost any activity or sport. I cycle, run, played beach volleyball (badly) in a social competition, and am currently training for the New York Cityy Marathon. Outside of sports, I work with agencies as an Event Producer to develop Live events that engage consumers with brands. Jan Noordin, 46, New York, NY I work in the media industry as financial controller. I love everything outdoors - biking, running, hiking, soccer. I was born in Malaysia, educated in Australia and most recently live and work in New York. What charity are you supporting?

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



The Jersey Girls: Kim, Jen, and Susan, are long time NJ Masters swimmers and have trained together both in the pool and in the open water for a number of years. Additionally, the Jersey Girls often travel and do adventure swims together, including a couple of trips up to Lake George for the 10K swim. When the new Lake George Marathon Swim was announced, instant excitement was felt akin to kids on Christmas morning and the chatter of forming a Jersey Girl relay to take on the challenge of swimming the new 32-mile Lake George Marathon Swim began to dominate their conversations! The result: a 3-person Jersey Girl relay was born and dedicated themselves to preparation and to raising funds for two vital charities that are near and dear to their hearts. Kimberly Plewa, 33, Rahway, NJ When I’m not swimming, I work as a Wellness Professional and enjoy helping others reach their personal health and wellness goals. I also enjoy running (recently started to get into trail running), finding new adventures to challenge myself, the beach, and spending as much time as possible with my friends and family (especially my sister and adorable nephew in Florida).

Jennifer Bauman, 43, Morris Plains, NJ

My occupation is school librarian at Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey. When I’m not swimming, I enjoy reading, coaching swimming and spending time with family and friends. Susan Kirk, 56 still feeling like 26, Long Valley, NJ When I’m not swimming, I spend lots of time with family and friends, nurture my inner free spirit and travel on as many adventures as possible, volunteer work with USMS, virtually watch NASCAR races together with my Mom (who is in NC), continue to broaden my appreciation for craft beer, and embrace the boundless beauty of Mother Nature at every opportunity! Live life and be happy!!!

What charities are you supporting? The Lake George Association is committed to preserving and protecting the beautiful and crystal clear waters of one of the Jersey Girls’ favorite regional destination lakes for open water swim adventures and the Jersey Girls’ hope is for the clean watershed of Lake George to be available for enjoyment by generations to come! As long time Masters swimmers, the passion and dedication to the opportunity for everyone to be safe while in the water is deeply rooted for the Jersey Girls. USMS is a huge part of their lives, so raising funds for the USMS Foundation, Swimming Saves Lives, is a natural match for them to do their part in helping to prevent the tragic, unnecessary drownings that happen year in and year out.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



We banded together as the Cross Country Mermaids for the love of swimming and our excitement to be part of this inaugural event. We love swimming in pretty water for good causes, and who knows whether team members on a relay this year will find themselves pursuing solo swim in the future.... you never know where this will lead. Janine Serell, 54, Mount Pleasant, SC I’m a slow swimmer so training for marathons takes a lot of time. I’ve also recently retired and have been exploring activities in my new home town outside of Charleston, SC such as running, volunteering as a reading tutor, and exploring my new home’s history and park systems. Keone Weigl, 54, New Rochelle, NY I work for Syracuse University as Marketing and Promotions manager for Food Services. I love the university atmosphere and the pace of marketing. I get to work with students, university staff, and food service employees. This makes it very interesting! The job is a perfect fit for an energetic person like myself. When I am not swimming, I love to spend time with my husband, Steve. We enjoy camping and skiing. I also LOVE to cook and bake! I usually spend a large chunk of my weekend in the kitchen cooking and baking. I put on silly love shows and use that good vibe to bake love into all my food! We have two boys and there is nothing I like better than to spend time with them. Our youngest lives in Tampa, FL so we don’t get to see him as much as we would like to unfortunately but, thanks to texting and face time, we are well connected. Our older son lives close by so he gets to have the benefit of my home cooked meals and lots of unwanted advice! My favorite thing about open water swimming is that I get to share this with my husband. We have been a team since I started participating in the sport. It is very LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

comforting know that there is someone that I can completely trust while I’m out there and all I need to do is swim! I also love meeting all the amazing people that do this sport. Every time I do an event I come away with new friends and

great memories. Lyn Goldsmith, 64, New York, NY When I’m not swimming I’m kayaking, cross country skiing in winter, or working. I am a registered nurse and work in clinical research.

Ali Hall, 55, San Francisco, CA When not swimming, I enjoy spending time with my dachshund, Lucas, reading, cooking, eating, and jogging. I am also a trainer and consultant in health and behavior change contexts (workshops and research design) and provide life coaching and personal transformation workshops.

Elena Pavlova, 26, Brooklyn, NY

What charity are you supporting?

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Not many people can say they grew up on Lake George, and our family is one of the few who can say they grew up on an island on Lake George year round. We grew up on Elizabeth Island, where we swam in Lake George from May to October. Lake George is where we learned to swim, sail, windsurf and water ski. Daily swims around our island earned us a bit of a reputation with the neighbors for our long swims. The lake was a perfect venue for our very active lifestyle during the day, at night, in wind, rain, and sometimes snow. Lake George is a fundamental part of our lives and holds a special place in our hearts. The Lake George Marathon Swim is a unique opportunity to combine our extensive swimming experience in Lake George, a fitness challenge, family event and love of the lake we grew up on. Our relay team consists of two sisters (Kelsey and Colby), theirmother (Margaret), family friend (Dixie) as well as two college swim teammates (Caitlin and Anne) – an all women team! We consider the opportunity to take part in the Lake George Marathon Swim an honor as it has been such a special part of our family and life. Kelsey Jones, 26, Lake George, NY I love being outdoors and enjoy everything that this area has to offer. From hiking to biking to skiing to skating to swimming, it is a unique place to do it all! I also enjoy doing races such as triathlons, spartans, and just completed my first marathon with my sisters! I also love to travel as much as possible, read great books and enjoy time with my family whenever possible! I am currently an IT consultant implementing enterprise resource planning systems, like SAP and ORACLE in fortune 500 companies.

Colby Brown, 30, Lake George, NY I love to be as active as possible and enjoy many sports throughout each season. Things like hiking in the Adirondacks with my husband and french bulldog Stanley, skiing all mountains possible, and of course swimming in Lake George. I also enjoy travel, learning new things and relaxing with my family. For work, I am a local Veterinarian Doctor in Glens Falls. Margaret Jones, 60, Katskill Bay, NY I enjoy many outdoor sports in all seasons. Living on an island on Lake George I am lucky enough to enjoy swimming, windsurfing and sailing in the summer. In the winter I love to walk, ice skate, snow shoe or cross country ski way out to the middle of lake on the ice and enjoy the mountain views. I also enjoy downhill skiing and hiking. Being a mother of three adult girls, (two are on my team, Kelsey and Colby), I love to have family dinners with them and their husbands and boyfriends and trying new recipes. When I do have to go to work I am a Technology Integration Specialist for WSWHE BOCES. Anne Sinopoli, 26, Erie, PA When I am not swimming, I work for General Electric as a material specialist, volunteer at the Bayfront Maritime Center, run Spartan/ obstacle course races, hike with my dogs Caitlin Joyce, 26, Clifton Park, NY My days are busy as an engineer at Regeneron and swim coach with the Adirondack Bluefins. I am usually staying active, and as a triathlete I’m running or cycling when not swimming. I also enjoy reading, baking, and painting. Dixie Smith, 60, Saratoga Springs, NY

What charities are you supporting? We are supporting the Lake George Land Conservancy because the Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob trail is one of our favorite places to hike and experience the breathtaking views of Lake George along with the many other trails they support. We are also supporting the Franklin Community Center in Saratoga because they do a lot of work for disenfranchised local residents, including a food bank, clothing, and other critical needs.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



The Shawangunk Swimmers, known as “Gunks,” take their name from the Shawangunk Mountains area, 90 miles north of New York City. Laura Wong-Pan, 50, Gardiner, NY When not swimming, I’m planning my next swim. Or I might be working, spending time with my two daughters, or trail running. Bridget Barclay, 56, New Paltz, NY When I’m not swimming I’m working (but wishing I was swimming), spending time with my family, and walking my dog, Dodger.

Ed Stoner, 42, Gardiner, NY I am a geologist and environmental consultant and enjoy gardening and fossil collecting. William Miller, 51, Lansing, NY When I’m not swimming, I’m enjoying the rest of the great outdoors. Maureen Lafferty, 48, Portland, ME I work at L.L.Bean in Freeport ME. When not swimming, I’m paddle-boarding, kayaking, hiking or cycling with my husband.

What charities are you supporting? Our fundraising will support Wallkill Valley Land Trust ( and Lake George Conservancy beacuse these not-for-profit, tax exempt organizations rely on donors to achieve their purposes of land conservation in areas where there are increasing development pressures.

Live Love Laugh

Inspirational - Comical Remembrance - Sports Resortware - Collectibles ADK Gifts 183 Canada Street Lake George, NY 12845 518 668 2286


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Nancy Lange 63, San Francisco, CA I have been a Masters swimmer for ages, and I have been swimming in the San Francisco Bay as a San Francisco Dolphin Club member for over 15 years. I have swum relays across the English Channel and Catalina, and I love the cold water and adventures in the Bay! I am also a commercial citrus farmer and raise all kinds of citrus and kiwis in the Central Valley of California. I have 3 adult sons and am expecting my first grandchild. Guess what the due date is? Sept. 17th. She already has a sense of humor. Peter Bartu, 51 Perth, Western Australia now Berkeley, CA I teach politics of the Middle East at UC Berkeley, hiked Mount Whitney this summer, and enjoy cycling and yoga.

Joseph Omran, 58 years young, native San Franciscan I’ve been a member of the Dolphin Club for almost 16 years, swimming about 6 days a week in our wonderful bay. I have two sons, Alex, age 31 years young and Christopher, 24 years young. I’ve owned and operated a family owned market on Nob Hill for the last 32 years. You might say I am a bit of a foodie. Being semi-retired allows me to spend time tending my rooftop garden at my business and trying not to get stung by the bees from our beehives . Oh, and did I tell you that I love open water swimming??


Clarence “Duke” Dahlin, 68, Northshore of O’ahu, Hawaii; San Francisco since ‘72 I retired from the University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry two years ago, where I worked in the Business office as the Student Accounts Coordinator for 21 years. I loved my job, and I love being retired. It seems I’m more


I’ve been swimming for as long as I can remember. By the age of six I was competing with the AAU. At 13, however, my parents moved to the Northshore of O’ahu, Hawaii, where there were no teams or pools, so I had to quit swimming competition. My teenage years were spent surfing, spear fishing, fishing, swimming, setting nets for fish and lobster, and running in the mountains barefoot. After I graduated from Waialua High School on Oahu, Hawaii, I joined the Navy from 1966 to 1970. I became a resident of San Francisco in December of 1972, and I returned to swimming in 1974 when I attended San Francisco State, where I swam and played water polo. By 1977, I graduated from San Francisco State with BA in physical education, concentrating in aquatics and dance. I went on to earn a masters degree from Mills College in dance education and performance. My competitive swimming continued when I joined a U.S. Masters program in the late ‘80s. I currently swim with the University of San Francisco Masters Swim Team, which I have been a part of for over 20 years, and joined the San Francisco Dolphin Club in the late 1990s. My swimming led to many adventures including crossing Lake Tahoe in 2000, Straits of Messina 2002, English Channel in 2003 and completing the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2006. Locally, I have swum multiple times from Alcatraz. My latest swimming endeavor has been to set a new Polar Bear record at the Dolphin Club. I set the record for the most miles logged in the San Francisco Bay’s

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


busy now than ever before. Since I retired, I have wanted to get back to my Hawaiian roots, so I have been studying hula for the past two years and having a great time. (I have a MA in Dance Education). Also, I’m learning to play the ukulele. With any time left, I enjoy gardening, hiking, traveling, creating multi-media artwork (using acrylics, oil, beads, clay, photos, etc.) and of course eating.

Aquatic Park during the polar bear season, which extends from December 21st thru March 21st each year. I swam 400 miles, exceeding the previous record of 356 miles.

Bob Cable, 45, San Francisco By day, I work in communications for Stanford University’s performing arts program. I’m also an avid food and wine enthusiast and enjoy cooking and exploring all things culinary in San Francisco. Although I’ve dabbled in yoga and running, I’ve never been as serious about any other sport as much as swimming. And I’m a fairly late adult onset swimmer. I never really trained in earnest until about 7 years ago but I’ve been making up for lost time! Peter Cullinan, 58, Adopted home: San Francisco, CA I am a native of the small town of Avon in Upstate New York and learned to swim and ski on the Finger Lakes! My family vacationed on 4th Lake and Limekiln Lake in the Adirondacks. When I am not swimming, I run and volunteer with homeless outreach programs through the San Francisco Notre Dame Alumni club and the Loaves and Fishes program. I am also an account and business development manager for a Corrosion Engineering and Construction firm. I enjoy travel and attending symphony, opera, and theater performances. I also enjoy spending time with family, friends, and the Dolphin Club community, and I am an avid San Francisco Giants fan. Many thanks to our crew - It doesn’t happen without you! Deirdre Dole, kayaker Barbara Byrnes, Kayaker Meg Donaldson, observer What charities are you supporting?

“This is why we do this.” Photo by Peter Prato

With that achievement under my belt, I have more goals to pursue. My long term goal is to swim the English Channel when I turn 74/75. We’ll see. Staying healthy and aging takes grit and guts. LAKE GEORGE MARATHON SWIM

Swimming in honor of our friend and fellow Dolphin, John Nogue

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



We are a bunch of former Binghamton swimmers who have been drawn back to swimming by open water events and/or triathlons. Three of us swam the Lake George Open Water Swims in Hague last year, and when we heard about the full lake swim, we knew we wanted to do it. However, not as many people want to swim Lake George over night as you’d think, so we ended up getting two more for a team of five former Binghamton Colonials (now Bearcats). We also got three Binghamton alumni to crew for us, and a guy from Spain, a Colono, to pilot the boat.

Tom Curly, 49, Brewster NY I’m a teacher. The Colono and I have started uphill skiing (no chairlift) because I needed something to replace the grind of swimming in winter. SInce uphill skiing and open water swimming are free, I also golf so that I have an activity I can spend money on. I have two kids and a wife that keep me busy as well.

Jeff Steindorf, 50, New Windsor, NY

To quote Steve McQueen, “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.” I enjoy all motor sports and participate in iRacing. In the winter I enjoy skiing, skating, and sledding with my kids. In the summer, when not training, I enjoy the the occasional family trip to the water park or ocean to ride the waves. Otherwise, I am spending time with my two girls supporting their dance, music and social activities. Ed Smith, 43, Lincroft, NJ Having four daughters occupies just about all my time outside of work and swimming and an occasional triathlon. Brian Powell, Fishkill NY

Adam Pack, Kirville, NY I’m a neuroscientist. My hobbies include triathlon, reading, zymurgy, and getting my daughter to karate and band (clarinet) events. What charities are you supporting? We thought about supporting Geneseo Swimming, but we decided, fugetaboutit. We’ll stick with the Fund for Lake George and Binghamton Swimming, both much more worthy causes.


SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



Charity Profiles The Lake George Historical Association

• Promotion and operation of the Old Warren County Court House Museum • Promotion and encouragement of original historical research • Encouragement of the preservation of historic sites and structures and suitable marking of such places • Gathering and dissemination of information concerning the history of the Lake George region • Acquiring, preserving, displaying and making available for study relics and other memorabilia relating to the early and The Lake George Historical Association is a non-profit organicurrent history of the Lake George area. zation dedicated to preserving and presenting a glimpse of our “Preserving Lake George’s history since 1895.” past. This is to be achieved through the following objectives: • Promotion of the Lake George Historical Association It was an exhibit and presentation at the Lake George Historical Association that started the wheels turning for the Lake George Marathon Swim.

Lake George Association

Established in 1885, the LGA is the oldest lake association in the nation and a member of the SAVE Lake George Partnership. Over the years, the Lake George Association’s balanced approach to lake management has helped ensure the Lake’s exceptional water quality, as well as the environmental and economic viability of the entire watershed. Our action-based programs are designed to conserve one of the most pristine and beautiful natural resources in our nation. A full-time staff, alongside countless members and community partners, are working hard today to protect Lake George water for tomorrow. The staff specializes in communications, educa-


tion, Geographic Information Systems, land use management, nuisance species control, stormwater project management and water quality. The Lake George Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving Lake George water through in-theground projects to slow or stop stormwater and pollution, as well as developing and implementing innovative and popular educational programs for boaters, homeowners and schoolchildren that focus every day on keeping the Lake George Watershed clean. With the support of a large membership that includes families, visitors, businesses, and seasonal and full-time residents, today’s LGA is very active in three main program areas: • Education of residents and visitors of all ages; • Outreach into communities about lake-friendly living; and • Lake saving projects to remedy water quality problems. “Protecting Our Water. Educating for the Future. Since 1885”

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Charity Profiles

The FUND for Lake George • • • The FUND for Lake George is a not-for-profit, privately funded organization dedicated to the protection of Lake George. Formed • in 1980, the FUND applies a science-guided approach to protection focused on Lake George water quality and the overall health of the Lake George watershed. The FUND pursues this mission through long-term scientific research, strategic advocacy, diverse partnerships, and direct investment. The FUND pursues its mis- • sion through its support of related programs including: • The S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership, comprised of municipal leaders, conservation groups, and researchers allied to

Lake George Land Conservancy

The Lake George Land Conservancy is an accredited, not-for-profit land trust dedicated to working with willing landowners and other partners to protect the world-renowned water quality of Lake George and to permanently preserve the natural, scenic, historical and recreational resources of the Lake George region.

Margaret A. and David M. Darrin ‘40 Fresh Water Institute

DFWI is a multidisciplinary environmental research center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dedicated to understanding the structure and function of aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric systems. Our primary research focus is on the ecological consequences of environmental perturbations due to human activities in the


S.A.V.E. (Stop Aquatic inVasives from Entering) Lake George. The Jefferson Project at Lake George, which uses observational data to create models for ecosystem understanding and protection. Mandatory Boat Inspections for Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Education and implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) measures in the Lake George watershed. Lake George Waterkeeper, a vital voice for protection and defense of the natural resources of Lake George and its watershed by promoting compliance with existing laws, supporting scientific research and upholding sound engineering principles that provide for the common good of the community. Do It Yourself Water Quality, which recommends ways for property owners and local municipalities to mitigate negative impacts of land use on Lake George.

Founded in 1988, the LGLC uses progressive conservation strategies to work with landowners, government officials, conservation partners, volunteers, and supporters aimed at securing the protection of special natural places for future generations to enjoy. Our nature preserves are open to the public for educational, scientific or passive recreational pursuits, such as hiking, bird watching and photography.

Northeastern United States. The Institute is an integral part of the environmental initiative at Rensselaer. Internships involving both laboratory instruction and intensive field studies are held at the Lake George site. DFWI is a collaborator with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM Research, and The FUND for Lake George in The Jefferson Project at Lake George, an ambitious research project dedicated to using technology and science to preserve and protect one of America’s most famous lakes. DFWI is also a partner in the development of Image Based Ecological Information System (IBEIS) that uses imagery and computation to understand and protect our environment. Learn more about the “Plankton Cam” at the DFWI website.

SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016



SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


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SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2016


Lake George Marathon Swim 2016  

Event program for 2016 Lake George Marathon Swim.

Lake George Marathon Swim 2016  

Event program for 2016 Lake George Marathon Swim.