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LEADERSHIP IN ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN Lake|Flato’s work reflects the belief that sustainability and design are two sides of the same coin – balanced, integrated, and inseparable. One of the most powerful aspects of building and space design is the opportunity to impact and improve the health and well-being of people. Our unique approach to human centered environments and biophilic design provides us with the foundation to help positively effect both human and ecological well-being, and respond sensitively to the unique ecology of place, creating places of joy, inspiration and interconnection.

Nature Shapes Our Buildings Our work is founded on a belief that people are naturally drawn to the power and balance of nature. We strive to reinforce our connections to nature with a deep emphasis on harvesting daylight, maximizing views of landscape and sky, specifying natural materials, understanding the impacts of natural patterns and rhythms, as well as the psychological impacts of our design decisions on the inhabitants.

Sustainable Reuse Strategies Adaptive reuse is inherently a sustainable strategy. Through a collaborative process, we work with clients to leverage challenging conditions and new programs to transform existing structures in a cost-effective manner. The material palette and building systems must be carefully chosen to appropriately perform in an existing building or structure. In all instances, the use of restraint is critical to respect and not overwhelm a structure’s inherent beauty.

Engineered Landscapes Our design ethos is focused on architecture that is deeply integrated into the unique climate, landscape and ecology of its site. We leverage engineered stormwater management strategies to activate landscapes and reinforce connectivity.

Creating Healthy Spaces We have a responsibility to go beyond code and push for innovative principles and materials that foster healthy workplace environments. Contaminants such as VOC’s, PAH’s, and microbial pathogens contribute to a wide range of negative health outcomes and diminish work productivity. Our design team holistically addresses healthy materials throughout the entire design and construction process, focusing on ventilation effectiveness, pollution source avoidance, filtration strategies, natural ventilation, the removal/reduction of redlist chemicals & carcinogens, COVID cleaning best practices, minimization surface transmission and construction management policies.

Certification Systems Lake|Flato has completed the full certification process in the industry’s most challenging sustainable certification systems. Working as an integrated design team, we will assist you in evaluating various certification options and selecting a system that helps best guide your project and achieve your overall sustainability goals within the unique culture of your organization. Lake|Flato has proven success in the following platforms: LEED, Living Building Challenge or LBC Petal, SITES, WELL, and/or FITWEL.

Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building | Atlanta, GA

PROCESS High performance design requires a higher level of leadership and engagement from all parties. To ensure the goals are met, the entire Owner-Architect-Contractor team must be fully engaged from the outset of the project. The most important component of this effort is load reduction. Working together, the team must identify critical loads and then work to minimize or eliminate them altogether. Our integrated three-step process allows us to investigate and help owners evaluate wellness and biophilic strategies early in the process. Connecting people to the natural environment is a core value that makes our buildings feel human, and only in doing so can a building truly become a place where people want to work, live and play. This process has successfully allowed us to achieve aspirational performance goals on other projects throughout the country.

Integrated Design Workshop (IDW) The Lake|Flato team recommends initiating the design process with an Integrated Design Workshop (IDW) that would gather a large group of stakeholders. Through this process, participants help develop a shared vision and goals that celebrate and support sustainability and wellness at every level of design. In addition to external environmental factors, we know that user practices, equipment selection, computing strategies and internal loads provide one of the more impactful opportunities to drive down loads. Consequently, the early engagement and consensus building process is integral to success. Heather Holdridge, Lake|Flato’s Director of Design Performance, has a wealth of experience programming and leading IDWs that target high performance energy goals for a variety of building types and scales.

Building Performance Simulation We believe in using computational building performance modeling early in the process as a design tool rather than as merely a documentation tool. Our goal is to minimize heating and cooling loads and apply passive engineering solutions before active ones – which will help meet the rigorous requirements of a high performance building. Our team is experienced with a variety of programs that can simulate energy performance, water consumption, and daylighting for various design options.

ASU Health Services Building | Tempe, AZ


Post Occupancy Monitoring In seeking potential energy-saving solutions, the team must draw upon techniques simulated during design, but also implement strategies that will allow for effective troubleshooting and productive feedback during post-construction. In order to inform future strategies, our design team will need to methodically track the path towards achieving your goals and monitor the building’s performance to ensure that the implemented strategies and occupant use patterns are realizing those goals.

Heather Holdridge will monitor the design process to ensure that the required systems are in place to track post occupancy resource performance in a meaningful way. Additionally, our team will follow up with you after the building is occupied to analyze post-occupancy data and administer surveys to produce meaningful quantitative and qualitative information about the building in order to develop plans and strategies to continuously improve building performance.

before: 1912


In 1883, the Pearl Brewing Company began producing its signature beer on the banks of the San Antonio River north of downtown San Antonio. The facility had grown to over 26 acres by the time the site was abandoned and put up for sale in 2001. The following year, it was purchased by a local developer who engaged an urban design team that would implement a strategy to transform the brownfield site into a 750,000 SF mixed-use village. The goal of the redevelopment was to create a sustainable live/ work experience that maintained the identity of the historic brewery while radically repurposing key parts of the compound to accommodate new uses. The process began in 2002 with a placemaking charrette that sought to bring together developers and designers of similar projects around the country and engage them in a discussion about the potential of the site. A set of principles soon emerged that guided the implementation process that followed. The design team was charged with creating a self-sustaining village that offered a place for San Antonians to gather, visit, dine and live. All this would occur in a place where buildings were responsive to context, climate and the history of the site. Pearl would be transformational and unwavering in

its stewardship of its historic fabric, cultural resources and energy conservation. The heart and soul of Pearl is centered on extraordinary food attracting residents from all across the city. The development is animated with unique, local tenants with active users and residents interacting within thoughtfully designed interior spaces that spill outdoors onto plazas, patios and public spaces. client/developer Silver Ventures project size Master Plan: 26 acres Phase I: Renovation & New Construction: 67,000 SF Phase II: Renovation & New Construction: 18,000 SF Phase III: New Construction, 5% Renovation: 96,000 SF recognition 2017 Urban Land Institute Global Award for Excellence 2015 Congress for New Urbanism, Charter Award 2014 AIA Institute Honor Award for Regional & Urban Design 2014 Texas Society of Architects Design Award 2013 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Projects Award 2012 Eco-Structure Evergreen Award 2009 AIA San Antonio Design Award

“ The key here is adaptive reuse. It’s a really strong model for inserting something new into an otherwise derelict neighborhood of abandoned buildings and turning it into something that could revitalize the neighborhood. 2013 COTE Jury

Inherent in the project’s vision is a vibrant pedestrian-oriented community that reflects the unique character and culture of San Antonio. The design of the internal infrastructure has been carefully scaled and detailed. Street widths were reduced to 24 feet with no curb to encourage pedestrian movement. To maintain the industrial character of the site, elements of the Brewhouse interior were salvaged and reused, including machinery footings which became bollards and beer vats repurposed as water cisterns.


The Pearl Brewery has acted as a catalyst for nearby urban redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization. Located two miles from downtown and two miles from residential neighborhoods established to the north, the Pearl Brewery is uniquely positioned to reconnect these disparate parts of the city. Designed to interface with the River North Plan, Pearl is the north anchor to

the plan and acts as the terminus of the San Antonio River Walk Extension. To better connect the Pearl with the city around it, the developer contributed land to the city to create a 300’ x 80’ lake with waterfalls and restored wetlands that serves as the backdrop for the Pearl Amphitheater stage.

The Pearl Brewery has become a center for the culinary arts, with 19 restaurants and cafés. The Pearl is also home to the 30,500 SF Culinary Institute of America, which includes an exclusive Latin Cuisines Kitchen with both indoor and outdoor cooking stations. In addition, a Saturday and Sunday farmers market routinely attracts up to 8,000 participants while festival events such as the annual Tamale Festival attract over 25,000 people. Committed to being the home of unique local retail and dining establishments, the Pearl Brewery is currently free of any national chain store or restaurant, which shows a commitment to preserving the unique character of its place.

Pearl features 446 apartments, 19 restaurants and cafés, 14 retailers, 18 live/work spaces, and a 2 acre park. The site is bicycle-friendly and encourages pedestrian traffic. While apartments, offices and retail spaces are all within walking distance to the Pearl’s campus and the River North extension, landscaped courtyards provide a relaxing respite from the bustle of the brewery.

pearl traffic:

80,000+ weekly visitors farmers market // 8,000+ weekly visitors music in the park series // 50,000+ visitors dance hall series // 5,000 visitors

The buildings’ designs reflect a commitment to sustainability and are recognized for sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, material selections and indoor environmental quality. As well as being home to one of the largest solar energy projects in Texas, the Pearl Brewery site also uses innovative low-level illumination strategies to reduce light pollution. While the entire site displays a commitment to sustainable development, three of the newly constructed or renovated projects are LEED Gold Certified, including the Full Goods Warehouse. No potable water is used to irrigate the landscaping on site. Instead, captured rainwater is harvested from four buildings on site and distributed across the site using pipes, valves and holding tanks salvaged from the former brewery. Parking lots that slope toward planting areas reduce site run-off while bio-swales, catch basins and the use of permeable pavers further reduce run-off and improve the quality of water leaving the site.

LAB OFFICE BUILDING AT THE PEARL BREWERY REDEVELOPMENT SA N A NTO N I O , T E XA S The Pearl Parkway Buildings represent the third phase of development at the Pearl Brewery and include three mixed-use structures and the renovation of a small historic structure. The two structures on the south side of Pearl Parkway frame a landscaped pocket park anchored by the historic structure. The program includes 25,000 SF of retail and restaurant space with three and four stories of apartments above totaling 82 units. The north side of the Pearl Parkway is framed by a three story building with 18,000 SF of retail along the street with two stories of office space above. The living units and office spaces offer views of the historic Pearl Brewery and downtown San Antonio. The street-level retail and restaurants create a lively pedestrian environment that includes shade canopies, connecting alleys, courtyards and two pocket parks. In association with RVK Architects client Silver Ventures project size 322,130 total gross SF; 201,579 gross SF, parking garage / 550 cars 75,000 SF conference center; 3 restaurants; 300 hotel rooms construction cost withheld at owner’s request recognition 2015 CNU Global Charter Award 2014 AIA Honor Award for Regional & Urban Design 2012 EcoStructure Evergreen Award 2011 Texas Society of Architects Design Award; 2010 AIA San Antonio Design Award


1221 Broadway is a catalytic housing development that created 307 new apartments in a derelict, abandoned area near downtown San Antonio. For a decade, the vacant concrete shell occupied a site at the convergence of two interstates in downtown San Antonio. To create a compelling living destination, the design focused on re-purposing this concrete ruin as a thriving place, creating a new urban “living room.” Interior spaces spill outdoors into equally compelling plazas, rooftop gathering amenities, patios, and public spaces allowing tenants to foster community and take advantage of long seasons of moderate weather. Retail and restaurant spaces at street level also provide a variety of options to engage building occupants and the surrounding urban community. In association with OCO Architects. client/developer AREA Real estate project size 596,500 SF total: 331,250 SF apartments, 79,250 SF office & retail; 186,000 SF garage for 600 cars construction cost $21.75 million; apartments: $95 /SF. ; office: $120 /SF recognition 2014 AIA National Housing Award, Multi-Family 2013 Residential Architect, Grand Award 2013 Texas Society of Architects/AIA Design Award 2013 ULI Global Award for Excellence Finalist 2012 Builder’s Choice Award 2012 AIA San Antonio Design Citation Award

Taking a project that had really failed, never been completed and finding an opportunities to make it a really vital exciting urban place. We liked the diversity in the way that these circulation spines were exposed so you saw the activity and life of the building. It created more of a life for this community. AIA San Antonio Design Jury

The connection to the five courtyards and to the outdoors creates both a unique oasis and urbane street presence. These courtyards link urban living with nature and provide outdoor activity and gathering spaces. All circulation is outdoors on single-loaded cantilevered walkways linked by bridges over Avenue B and alleys to the garage. This project was as much about subtraction as it was about adaptive reuse: where to cut holes in the concrete frame and where not to fill in voids to create unique courtyards.

The success of this project in a long-vacated warehouse district has revitalized the City and proven the viability of urban housing. Completed in 2010, now 3,500 residents live nearby in eight housing projects along the San Antonio Riverwalk.


LIVESTRONG HEADQUARTERS A U STI N, TE XA S This creative adaptive reuse project transformed a dilapidated warehouse into a vibrant, new home and model for sustainability for this community-based non-profit organization. Lake|Flato’s design for the renovated facility provides office space, meeting rooms, dining facilities, an in-house gymnasium, open-air courtyard, and parking for the staff of 62. Clerestory windows bring light into office space, and freestanding offices or “boxes” of wood reclaimed from the site lend a sense of natural warmth, while concrete floors allow for an environment that is both durable and versatile. With a focus on sustainability, resiliency and health, this green building project recycled and reused 88% of the materials demolished from the existing, provided daylight to 99.35% of regularly occupied spaces and access to views to 97.3% of those spaces, and 67% water use reduction through rainwater collection for irrigation and efficient fixtures. client/developer Livestrong Foundation project size 30,000 SF construction cost withheld at owner’s request recognition 2012 Urban Land Institute Global Awards for Excellence Finalist 2011 AIA Committee on the Environment, Top Ten Green Project 2011 AIA San Antonio Honor Award 2010 Texas Society of Architects / AIA Design Award sustainability LEED Gold



The existing tilt-wall building and zero-lot line site limited daylight potential from walls, so the design team incorporated a north facing saw-tooth clerestory that flooded the interior space with indirect natural light and remarkable sky views. The saw-tooth roof and clerestory is also designed to maximize solar energy harvesting in the future. Wood material salvaged from the existing roof structure was reincorporated into the open office concept in the form of break rooms, conference rooms and lounges.

ARMSTRONG OIL & GAS HEADQUARTERS DENVER, CO LO R A D O An adaptive reuse of a 1900s machine shop is organized around a new central courtyard, bringing natural light and ventilation to the building’s interior. Main-level work spaces are organized within the existing structural grid of steel columns and exposed roof beams. Upper-level offices sit below saw-tooth roofs, recalling the industrial origins of the building. An open-air roof terrace is used for meetings and entertaining. Artifacts from the building’s past used as a machine shop were salvaged during the renovation and are reused throughout the new spaces. client/developer Armstrong Oil & Gas project size 11,416 SF construction cost withheld at owner’s request recognition 2011 AIA Honor Award for Interior Architecture 2011 Texas Society of Architects / AIA Design Award 2009 AIA Colorado Design Award 2009 AIA Denver Design Award 2009 AIA San Antonio Design Award

before images

ALAMO BEER BREWERY S A N A N TO N I O , T E X A S The 18,000 SF facility is uniquely positioned as a gateway to a growing neighborhood and as a catalyst in the urban revitalization of downtown San Antonio. Buildings are organized around a central gathering space, connecting brewery operations, administrative offices and beer hall structures crafted out of pre-engineered metal systems. Appearing as an extension of the Hays Street Bridge, its red rust-colored and warehouselike facade, consistent with the building’s industrial surroundings, makes the brewery a thread in an existing historic fabric. client/developer Alamo Beer Company project size 18,000 SF construction cost withheld at owner’s request recognition 2015 AIA San Antonio Design Award 2016 Architizer A+ Architecture + Details: Metal, Honorable Mention 2016 Best of Downtown Award

CIRRUS LOGIC HEADQUARTERS A U STI N, TE XA S The Shoal Creek Office Building is a 103,500 SF, mixed-use office building with ground-floor retail. Located on a busy intersection adjacent to Shoal Creek, this six-story building also includes a garage structure with 359 parking spaces. Lake|Flato served as the design architect for this project. In association with Muñoz Albin and Ambrose, McEnany and House Architects; interiors by Lauckgroup. client/developer Cirrus Logic project size 136,500 SF. office (6-floors): 8,000 SF. retail and dining terrace; 109,000 SF garage (359 parking spaces; 8 floors) construction cost $36 million

SYLVAN THIRTY DA L L A S, TE XA S This new 24-hour, mixed-use development in West Dallas offers a hub of activity to the community, bustling with farmers’ markets, public art displays by local artisans, more than 200 modern studios and lofts, local retailers, a yoga studio, a full-service salon, and unique restaurants. Local organic grocery market Cox Farms anchors the site while an outdoor green courtyard provides gathering and play space for community events. Maintaining the scale and character of the surrounding industrial neighborhood of the near west side, the architecture of Sylvan|Thirty is unique for a Dallas development, opting for a honest and direct design utilizing materials such as stucco, metal siding and roofing, tactile woods, concrete and masonry. client/developer Oaxaca Interests, LLC project size 197 units; 172,000 SF 50,000 SF retail and grocery pool, common amenity spaces, courtyards project cost 20 mil apartments $112/SF 7 mil retail $85-110/SF

Situated on a previously occupied, 6.5-acre “brownfield” site, Sylvan|Thirty brings fresh economic vitality and a sense of community to a once dilapidated area. Its arrival has catalyzed other nearby developments to spring up, generating a development renaissance on the city’s west side.

H-E-B MUELLER MARKET AUSTIN, TEXAS The H-E-B in the Mueller Development is an innovative model for the neighborhood. H-E-B plans to use this store as a model for testing new, sustainable concepts. The program includes a variety of spaces at various scales: retail and circulation spaces, administrative offices, dining areas and outdoor plazas. An iconic entry feature is identifiable with this innovative neighborhood. Shaded trellises allow customers to dine outdoors and facilitate small community events such as music and performances. The project is certified LEED Gold and focuses on reducing energy and water use, along with new recycling programs. Plans included highefficiency air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting systems, water conservation techniques, and drought-tolerant landscaping that will utilize reclaimed water. Natural daylighting fills main retail spaces, allowing the facility to open up and feel more inviting. In association with Selser Schaefer Architects. client/developer H-E-B project size 75,000 SF cost Withheld at owner’s request recognition 2016 COTE Top Ten Project Award

H-E-B MONTROSE MARKET H O U S TO N , T E XA S H-E-B Montrose Market is a 75,000 SF neighborhood-inspired grocery. It takes cues from the adjacent Menil Collection museum, creating a quiet presence in the neighborhood which makes use of existing trees, open space and interior daylighting. Montrose residents voted on one of three design concepts presented by Lake|Flato for the building’s roof and entry features. The building contains two stories of retail, dining and office spaces. The design includes sustainable strategies such as high-reflectant roofing, water conservation, and enhanced indoor environmental quality through daylighting and natural ventilation. This market received the highest level of LEED certification among its chain’s grocery store locations. Outdoor areas include seating for café dining, a stage for live performances, and exterior exhibition space for the local arts and crafts market. In association with Selser Schaefer Architects. client/developer H-E-B project size 75,000 SF cost withheld at owner’s request recognition 2013 ULI Development of Distinction Award 2013 ULI People’s Choice Award

H-E-B FLORES MARKET & CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS MASTER PLAN S A N A N TO N I O , T E X A S Lake|Flato designed H-E-B’s corporate Master Plan and new urban market in downtown San Antonio. The Master Plan includes three phases of development: a culinary school, test kitchen, central market with adjacent public park, offices and research space, and future retail/ residential mixed-use development. Integrated with an existing historic Arsenal building, the master plan seeks to create a new cohesive complex for H-E-B’s corporate campus as it doubles its size. Taking advantage of the seasonally temperate climate for exterior circulation, buildings are configured around courtyards and linked by a series of open-air atriums, portals and arcades. The Arsenal structure will provide architectural cues for materials and detailing of new and existing buildings. The design for the new urban market will reflect the adjacent historic King William neighborhood, creating a quiet presence and making use of existing trees, open space, and interior daylighting. In association with PB2 Architecture & Engineering client/developer H-E-B project size 12,000 SF cost Withheld at owner’s request

TREEHOUSE DA L L A S, TE XA S TreeHouse is an aspiring net-positive energy building that embodies the brand philosophy. Lake|Flato broke apart a typical big box store into a dynamic complex of mixed scale buildings, gardens and shaded outdoor public space to transform a placeless suburban highway frontage site into a compelling human-scaled commercial and recreational environment forging new pedestrian linkages through and around the store and connecting to an adjacent light rail transit station. TreeHouse champions pragmatic energy conservation strategies, employing active and passive systems that augment each other to achieve the same goal. client/developer TreeHouse project size 25,468 conditioned SF 5,720 unconditioned SF sustainability tracking Net Positive & LEED Platinum recognition 2018 Texas Society of Architects Design Award 2017 AIA San Antonio Merit Award

A saw-tooth roof design with north facing clerestory windows allows natural daylight to flood the store — improving interior light quality while minimizing usage of electric light fixtures. The design celebrates the symbiosis of environmentally-friendly and beautiful design.

CAMANA BAY MIXED-USE CAY M A N I S L A N D S Lake|Flato completed an urban block in Camana Bay that consists of two office and retail buildings and a 375-space parking structure. The buildings are designed in a modern Caymanian character, and respond to the intense sun and winds prevalent in the Cayman Islands. client/developer Cayman Shores Development Limited project size 85,000 SF sustainability seeking LEED Gold

SOUTH CONGRESS DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT AUSTIN, TEXAS Close to the city’s heart, the eclectic South Congress neighborhood is a social hub and city landmark, a walkable exhibition of Austin’s oneof-a-kind local character.

By focusing on the impact of the vitality and livability of a community, we have worked closely with developers and fellow architects since the late 1990s to create this eclectic and contextually unique community. project size 5 city blocks

Riv ers




The scope of Lake|Flato’s involvement in the district’s transformative revitalization includes over $148 million in construction costs. The nine Lake Flato–designed projects comprise over 65,000 SF of retail and restaurant space, 155,000 SF of office space, and over 211,000 SF of hospitality space including Soho House and Equinox, the 89-room Hotel Magdalena and branded Hotel Saint Cecilia residences, and the Hotel San Jose.

Congress Avenue

Yeti Headquarters

St. Cecelia

Hotel Magdalena

City View

Congress Avenue





State House

St. Vincent

Music Lane Buildings 1-3

Hotel San Jose


MUSIC LANE DEVELOPMENT AUSTIN, TEXAS This new mixed-use office and retail development is located in Austin, Texas. The total programmable area is approximately 163,000 SF with a large underground parking structure. There are four levels above grade spaces with a mix of retail, office, restaurant, and outdoor amenity spaces that complement the neighborhood. Lake|Flato is the architect of record. client/developer Clark Lyda, Austin Pfiester, Turnbridge Equities project size 163,000 SF which includes: 111,000 SF of offices space 52,000 SF of retail space 496 underground parking spaces 53,000 SF Soho House interior, 11,000 SF roof terrance & pool


CITY VIEW DEVELOPMENT AUSTIN, TEXAS This 4-level project offers mixed-use core and shell commercial space on South Congress Avenue, just north of the Music Lane Development. The first three floors will be home to Equinox Fitness Club, with the upper floor providing 12,500 SF of commercial office space and a private patio. client/developer Turnbridge Equities project size 42,500 SF


EQUINOX A U STI N, TE XA S Equinox South Congress is a high-end tenant finish out for the Equinox Fitness Club brand, which originated in New York City. This three-story, 35,000 SF club, located in the vibrant South Congress neighborhood in the heart of the city is the club’s first location in Austin, Texas. The design team worked with Equinox to create an environment enriched with warm materials to evoke a welcoming experience. The club has an inviting, tactile quality that recalls the roots of the brand while also feeling very of its place in Austin. Opportunities to embrace the outdoors were incorporated wherever possible: the ground floor entry and cafe spill out onto the naturally shaded terrace, and the incorporation of exterior terraces along South Congress Avenue provide amazing views of downtown. The idea of movement, texture and layering were themes that were carried through the design. client/developer Equinox project size 29,336 SFconditioned 1,542 SF unconditioned construction cost withheld at owner’s request


ST. VINCENT MIXED USE AUSTIN, TEXAS Located on the site of the former St. Vincent de Paul re-sale shop, this mixed-used development offers renovated and new construction office space with ground floor retail. The project included renovating the existing 5,100 SF building and constructing an adjacent 14,900 SF mixed use building and surface parking. The building features outdoor terrace meeting spaces and the top two floors of office have operable windows to naturally cross ventilate the space. client/developer The Kor Group project size 20,000 SF



YETI® FLAGSHIP A U STI N, TE XA S YETI Flagship is an adaptive reuse project that breathes new life into a neglected historic warehouse at the foot of Austin’s Congress Bridge over Lady Bird Lake. Envisioned as a destination for those faithful to the YETI brand and as an immersive retail experience, the new headquarters for the outdoor lifestyle retailer serves as a catalyst for urban revitalization. The YETI brand’s affinity for celebrating the outdoors guided the project design toward closely examining the relationship between interior and exterior spaces. The result is a dynamic, flexible space that adapts to a variety of uses and events. client/developer Yeti project size 8,642 SF

before images

The YETI Flagship design thoughtfully integrates the re-purposed building’s relationship to Austin’s newly implemented Barton Springs Revitalization Plan. YETI Flagship successfully celebrates the outdoors as well as the shared history of Austin, the brand and its founders.

HOLDSWORTH CENTER A U STI N, TE XA S Headquartered in Austin, Texas and founded by Charles Butt, a lifelong advocate for public education, the Holdsworth Center is a training academy for public school administrators such as current principals and superintendents. The nonprofit center will offer world class training and leadership development to Texas’ 1,200 school districts through a generous multi-year investment. The master plan and design of the 44 acre, 178,750 SF campus retreat includes flexible classrooms and event space, social hub, administrative facilities, recreation space, and hotel and casitas. client/developer Holdsworth Center for Excellence in Education project size 178,750 SF

The Holdsworth design provides space for participants to grow their leadership skills in a retreat setting that promotes reflection, thought and dialog. Classrooms flexibly accommodate both individual and group projects. At every level within the education system, the Holdsworth Center helps cultivate inspired and enlightened leaders whose daily decisions positively impact the future of our students and the state. Pursuing AEGB 3-star certification

“ For public educators, there’s nothing like this campus in the nation. I hope it sends a message that the work of educators is vitally important, now more than ever. Their jobs are complex and require a great deal of skill and courage. All Texas students deserve access to expert school leaders. Dr. Ruth Simmons, President of Prairie View A&M University & Holdsworth Board Chair

SECURITY SERVICE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION SA N A NTO N I O , T E XA S This 66-acre multi-phased development establishes a new corporate campus with secure, sustainable, and modern workspaces for over 1,500 employees in a friendly and efficient environment. Phase I includes an Operations Facility, which houses 1,200 employees, an Amenities Center with Dining, Training, and Fitness centers with a bridged connection to an independent 1,000 person Event Space that is available for public use, and a 300 person Executive Building for company leadership. Parking is served above grade and below grade by a five-story, four-bay precast concrete structure and has 460,000 SF of parking area to accommodate 1200 parking spaces. The project prioritizes workplace comfort and facilitates multiple opportunities for employees to interact with the landscape. The campus master plan includes a future 250,000 SF six-story Administration Building. The campus continues the support of local economic growth and job creation in San Antonio. In association with RVK Architects project size 270,000 SF

EQUINOX PL A NO , TE XA S Lake|Flato designed the two-story core and shell of the flagship Equinox fitness facility at the southwest corner of the Shops at Willow Bend. The luxury club provides services and programs that promote strength and cardio training with both personal trainers and group fitness classes, spa services and shops for apparel, food and juice bars. client/developer Starwood Retail Partners project size 35,000 SF

THE SOTO BUILDING SA N A NTO N I O , T E XA S The 6-story mixed use development, with its mass timber structural system, will be the first of its kind in Texas, highlighting sustainable building practices and materials. The new building includes ground floor commercial retail, office space and below grade parking organized around an open courtyard. A two story porch wraps around one corner and offers views along one of the City’s main thoroughfares. Recently completed in summer 2020 client/developer Hixon Properties project size 145,508 SF

FIVE TWO AT HIGHLAND A U STI N, TE XA S This contemporary, multi-family community leverages a signature “gateway green” that serves as Highland’s active open space and the main entrance. Ground-floor commercial space houses a collection of vibrant and local retailers and restaurants that will directly connect to the greenway. The two four-story buildings house a total of 390 units, of which 39 will be reserved for affordable housing. The multi-family community features a number of amenities, including a resortstyle pool with outdoor living spaces, a dog-walking area, a well-equipped fitness center and a multi-use community room to host small meetings, viewing parties, classes and more. The residential units wrap around a parking garage for each building to hide the parking from street view. client/developer Greystar Real Estate Partners project size 345,200 SF

PHASE 1 Office: 12,000 SF Event: 20,000 SF Total Retail: 83,500 SF Retail: 29,200 SF Wine Tasting: 20,000 SF Bar/Resturant/Coffee: 34,300 SF Winery Production: 2,900SF Winery Tasting: 2,000SF Housing: 183 Apts, Avg 750 SF Hotel: 85 Keys Inn: 17 Keys






WOODINVILLE WINERY & BOUTIQUE HOTEL MASTER PLAN WOO DI NV I L L E , WA S H I N GTO N Lake|Flato is currently designing the master plan for this premiere destination, created through a confluence of unique wine, culinary, hospitality and fine artisan offerings. The project is envisioned as a destination of leisure and recreational activity with diverse retail and high-quality, unique restaurants. Other amenities include a recreation bike trail, a boutique hotel and an event center. The project will be completed over a decade and will include several phases, with selective leasing of spaces. In this regard, this development will be an irreplaceable resource of comfort and sense of community as well as a source of pride for local residents. The architectural character will be inspiring in its design, material selection and thoughtful details. In association with Graham Baba Architects. client/developer Legacy Companies project size 30-acre master plan

BROADMOOR DEVELOPMENT A U STI N, TE XA S The strategic master plan creates a vibrant, compelling environment that creates connectivity and community while successfully becoming a walkable path for daily users. The Broadmoor Development is spans multiple city blocks and is designed to create emphasis on pedestrian connectivity. The development is comprised of multiple buildings at various scales and heights that are connected to each other through a center pathway that creates a direct link from one end to the other. These shared curbless streets promote pedestrian safety, bike travel, and vehicles access. Below grade parking allows an unobstructed walkable and active ground floor of the Broadmoor. Designed to be a vibrant district environment, upon entry the Broadmoor greets visitors with a park at the that serves as the heart of the district and is surrounded by active hotels and restaurants. Within the park stands an existing grove of trees preserved by the Master Plan. client/developer Brandywine Realty Trust project size 66-acre master plan


Lake|Flato Annual Family Retreat

Flake Lato, Annual Office River Retreat

FIRM OVERVIEW Established in 1984, Lake|Flato designs buildings that respond to the culture and climate of each unique place. We believe in creating environments that enrich communities and nurture life through our work. In collaboration with our clients, Lake|Flato creates buildings that are tactile and modern, environmentally responsible and authentic, artful and crafted. The firm’s designs evolve from an appreciation for the pragmatic solutions of vernacular architecture, the honesty of modernism, and the context of our rich and varied landscape. By employing sustainable strategies in a wide variety of building types and scales, the firm designs architecture that conserves energy and natural resources while creating highperformance buildings and healthy built environments for the building’s occupants. With a staff of more than 115 professionals, Lake|Flato is guided by nine partners who create teams that lead each project from beginning to completion. A collaborative process within the office fully engages clients and subconsultants and creates a place in which ideas can flourish. Comprehensive and inclusive design reviews generate fresh ideas and firmwide ownership of the work.

Lake|Flato has received wide critical acclaim. In 2019, we were recognized by ARCHITECT Magazine as the top firm in the U.S. in their annual ARCHITECT 50 ranking. The American Institute of Architects honored us with its prestigious Firm of the Year Award in 2004, and the firm earned a Texas Medal of Arts in 2009. In 2016, Fast Company named us one of the “Ten Most Innovative Architecture Firms in the World” and the LOCUS Foundation honored Lake|Flato with a Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, recognizing our architectural approach to addressing the needs of society. Thirteen Lake|Flato projects have received the national AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) Top Ten Award, the highest recognition for sustainable design. In all, our work has been recognized with more than 300 international, national and regional awards. As architects, teachers, environmental stewards and community advocates, we strive to elevate the public’s appreciation of architecture and foster the education of the next generation of architects.

RECOGNITION Lake|Flato has been recognized with more than 300 international, national and regional awards and featured in over 100 books and 250 publications. INTERNATIONAL

ARCHITIZER A+ ARCHITECTURE AWARDS Clinton Corners (Architecture+Prefab Jury Winner) Confluence Park (Cultural+Pavilions) Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion (Sustainability) Marine Education Center (Architecture + Sustainability) Alamo Beer Brewery (Honorable Mention: Metal Details) Austin Central Library (Honorable Mention: Light)

ARCHDAILY TOP 100 PROJECTS IN THE WORLD ASU Health Services Building Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion

CHICAGO ATHENAEUM AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE AWARD Aegean Pool House Ishawooa Mesa Ranch Confluence Park Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion Ishawooa Mesa Ranch Knox College Whitcomb Art Center Marine Education Center










Marine Education Center at the Gulf Coast Research Laborator y

Austin Central Library


Congregation Agudas Achim Friends Meetinghouse



Montgomery Park Master Plan


ARCHITECT 50, TOP U.S. FIRMS Lake|Flato Architects - 1st Overall (2019)

AIA INSTITUTE HONOR AWARD Armstrong Oil & Gas Carraro Residence Confluence Park Hill Country Jacal Hog Pen Creek Residence Lasater Residence Pearl Brewery Redevelopment World Birding Center



Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic Buildings Carver Academy Cranbrook Kingswood Girls Middle School Francis Parker School Indian Springs School St. John’s College Levan Hall

AIA HOUSING AWARD 1221 Broadway Blue Lake Retreat Hog Pen Creek Residence Lake Austin Residence Lake Tahoe Residence

Carver Academy



Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic District Houston Arboretum Mill Springs Ranch Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center West Texas Ranch

Arizona State University Health Services Building Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic Buildings Austin Central Library Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building Government Canyon Visitor Education Center H-E-B Muller Market Knox College Whitcomb Art Building Livestrong Foundation Headquarters Marine Education Center Pearl Brewery Redevelopment Shangri La Botanical Gardens & Nature Center University of Texas at Houston School of Nursing World Birding Center

AIA/ALA LIBRARY BUILDING AWARD Austin Central Library Great Northwest Branch Library

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION AWARD Armstrong Oil & Gas Headquarters Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic Buildings Cutting Horse Ranch Government Canyon Visitor Center Triple-S Steel Supply Company

BUILDER’S CHOICE AWARDS Lake|Flato (Hall of Fame for Design Excellence Award) Miller Porch House (Project of the Year) Mill Springs Ranch (Custom Home Design Award) 1221 Broadway Redevelopment (Design & Planning Award)

Hacienda Ja Ja (Design & Planning Award) LC Ranch (Design & Planning Award) Story Pool House (Design & Planning Award)



METAL ARCHITECTURE DESIGN AWARD Knox College Whitcomb Art Building Spurs AT&T Center

RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT DESIGN AWARD 1221 Broadway Redevelopment Broadford Farm Pavilion Dog Team Too Loft & Studio Hacienda Ja Ja LC Ranch


TILT-UP CONCRETE ASSOCIATION AWARDS Lake|Flato Architects (Irving J. Gill Progressive Architect Award) Confluence Park (Achievement Award)

U.S. WOODWORKS WOOD DESIGN AWARD Friends Meetinghouse LSU Hilltop Arboretum REGIONAL

AIA ARIZONA DESIGN AWARD Arizona State University Health Services Building

AIA AUSTIN DESIGN AWARD Blue Lake Retreat Austin Central Library (with Sustainability Commendation)

Hotel Magdalena Witte Museum

AIA COLORADO DESIGN AWARD Armstrong Oil & Gas Headquarters University of Denver Career Achievement Center (Award of Merit)

AIA GEORGIA DESIGN AWARD Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building Georgia Tech West Village Commons

AIA INDIANA DESIGN AWARD Prindle Institute for Ethics

AIA MARYLAND DESIGN AWARD USG Biomedical Sciences & Engineering Education Building



AIA SAN ANTONIO DESIGN AWARD (2006-2020) 1221 Broadway Redevelopment Aegean Pool House Agudas Achim Synagogue Alamo Beer Brewery Armstrong Oil & Gas Headquarters ASU Polytechnic Academic District ASU Health Services Building Bellaire Residence Blue Lake Retreat Bluffview Porch House Briscoe Western Art Museum Broadford Farm Pavilion Brown Residence Clinton Corners Residence Confluence Park Cranbrook Kingswood Middle School for Girls Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion Dunning Residence

Epoch Winery Full Goods Warehouse Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building Georgia Tech West Village Commons Goat Mountain Ranch Government Canyon Visitor Education Center Hillside House Hog Pen Creek Residence Hotel San Jose Indian Springs School Knox College Whitcomb Art Center Lake Austin Residence Lake Tahoe Residence Livestrong Foundation Headquarters Marine Education Center at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Midtown Arts & Theater Center, Houston (MATCH) Mill Springs Ranch Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Center for Conservation Naples Botanical Garden Visitor Center New Mexico School for the Arts Olmos Park Residence Pearl Brewery Redevelopment Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center SK Ranch Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children St. John’s College Levan Hall Story Pool Pavilion The Prow Triple S Steel UT Austin Harry Ransom Center UT Houston, School of Nursing World Birding Cente r

AIA SAN ANTONIO COTE AWARD Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building



SAN ANTONIO BEST OF DOWNTOWN AWARD Alamo Beer Brewery Briscoe Western Art Museum

SAN ANTONIO GREEN BUILDING AWARD 1221 Broadway Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center

TEXAS SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS DESIGN AWARDS 1221 Broadway Redevelopment ASU Polytechnic Academic District ASU Health Services Building Armstrong Oil & Gas Headquarters Brown Residence Carraro Residence (25 Year Honor Award) Confluence Park Cutting Horse Ranch Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion Dog Team Too Loft and Studio Epoch Winery Epoch Tasting Room Friends Meetinghouse Full Goods Warehouse Government Canyon Visitor Education Center Hog Pen Creek Residence Hotel San Jose Indian Springs School Ishawooa Mesa Ranch Knox College Whitcomb Art Center Lake Austin House Livestrong Foundation Headquarters LSU Hilltop Arboretum Marine Education Center at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Museum of Fine Arts Center for Conservation Murchison Residence for Art Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH) New Mexico School for the Arts Pearl Brewery Redevelopment Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center The Prow SK Ranch

TreeHouse Dallas UTHSC School of Nursing UT Austin Visual Arts Center World Birding Center

ULI HOUSTON AWARDS H-E-B Montrose Market (People’s Choice Award) Midtown Arts & Theater Center, Houston (Development of Distinction Award)



Lake|Flato believes that architecture and sustainability are inseparable, and that buildings should be beautiful and affordable while promoting healthy living. With these goals in mind, we help our clients understand the necessity and attainability of a sustainable approach to all architecture. Since the firm’s inception more than 35 years ago, environmental concerns have been integral to our design approach.

Lake|Flato Architects is committed to meeting the 2030 Challenge and has defined a process and the incremental steps to achieve this goal. Lake|Flato and our consultants use a variety of energy modeling software suites to evaluate effective sustainable design, measure energy performance and document our progress relative to the 2030 Challenge. We are also currently initiating a PostOccupancy Evaluation program.



Thirteen Lake|Flato-designed projects have received national AIA COTE Top Ten Green Awards, The American Institute of Architects’ highest honor for excellence in sustainable design.

Austin Central Library 2020 Marine Education Center 2020 Georgia Tech Krone Engineered Biosystems Building 2018 Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion 2016 H-E-B Mueller Market 2016 ASU Health & Wellness Center 2014 Pearl Brewery / Full Goods Warehouse 2013 ASU Polytechnic Academic District 2012 Livestrong Foundation Headquarters 2011 Shangri La Nature Center 2009 Government Canyon 2007 World Birding Center 2006 UTHSC School of Nursing 2006 LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE

Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion (certified) UNC Botanical Garden Plant Biodiversity Research Center (seeking)

Austin Central Library | Austin, TX

Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic District | Mesa, AZ

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