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COVER BY OSCAR ORLANDO IBARRA LOPEZ This precocious artist and businessman got his start at age 8 by selling pencil drawings to his classmates for one peso. Art classes at the Chapala Train Station fueled his interest but Orlando credits enrolling in the LCS Children’s Art Program for giving him the art training and discipline he needed to pursue his passion to become an artist.

The newest rising star in the Lakeside art scene. As a graduate of the LCS Children’s Art Program, this Chapala native joins a long legacy of many renowned artists and graduates of the program, such as Javier Zaragoza and Jesus Lopez Vega, whose paintings and murals hang in public buildings and villages throughout the region. Accomplished beyond his 20 years, Orlando’s watercolor and oil paintings have been featured in art exhibits throughout the area and he has won numerous awards.



This Graph shows with the blue bars what the budget numbers were for 2020. The red bars show what the actuals through November were. This demonstrates how far off many categories were as a result of the pandemic. We are very appreciative of our donors who stepped up and made up the difference to keep the organization open.






We have recruited over 80 volunteers who are mobilized and ready to reach out to members, especially those who live alone, have no family in the area and want to be contacted on a daily basis. This service has now been extended to the community at large.

This graph shows our budgeted expenses for 2020. When the year closes we will have available the actual numbers for income and expenses for the year and they will be available at the Annual General Meeting.










IMSS & IMMIGRATION SERVICES 34 Years of Experience with IMSS 19 Years working at Lakeside

Lucy Velez Facilitator

Verónica Muñoz Coordinator

Cell: 333 157 9472
























The Lake Chapala Society, A.C. 16 de Septiembre #16-A, Ajijic, Jalisco, MX CP 45920 Telephone (376) 766-1140 Office hours 10 AM - 2 PM Monday - Saturday The Lake Chapala Society A.C.-LCS




MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow We have come so far, and yet, there is still work to be done. Yesterday When the history of 2020 is written, it will be interesting to see how the year is remembered – it has certainly been one of the most challenging and uncertain periods of our lives. At the Lake Chapala Society, we, like everyone else, have needed to adapt, pivot and respond to rapidly changing circumstances and emerging needs and conditions. There are those that have adapted to this change and grown through it, and others who resist it. The changes were not dictated by us, but by a pandemic that may for many go down in history as the worse time of our lives. When I look at the pre-Covid times, I reflect on the tremendous work of the task force members of our Long-Range Plan, LCS 2.0. We had planned for our best ever Annual General Meeting where we would have kicked off this ten-year plan. The plan is filled with stretch goals and building collaborations in the community. This plan is still very much alive and will continue to be our guiding north star. But modifications had to be made. Over the LCS 65-year history we have played an intricate role in the community. We have developed programs that can enrich the many lives here at Lakeside. We had been very much on track to move these efforts forward, when this pandemic stepped in the way. However, groups of volunteers continue to work to right the ship and get us on course. Today While 2020 has been a challenging time, we have emerged through it, safely, stronger, and we are moving towards the other end. We know that 2021 will still be a challenging year for us, but we have the fortitude to continue on the path, because it is the right way to go. Today, through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and a handful of staff, we have reopened programs, we have taken some programs online and we have continued to develop relationships with our community leaders, always serving as an important voice at the table. We have taken positive steps toward being a stronger organization that continues to enrich the lives we impact. It is in challenging times that organizations such as ours become more important in the community. We have influenced several new programs and are working on others for the future. It is through tough times that the human resiliency shines. Here at Lakeside, we have not only seen, but been a part of a community that steps up and takes action in a time of need. Members of our Board of Directors have worked with other community leaders to develop the Food Bank Lakeside, Apollo 2020 which helps local small businesses, one

of our board members also serves as the President of the Cruz Roja and we have developed our own Reaching Out Program. Across the community people have stepped up to make a difference. At LCS the challenges of the year have been met by our volunteers and staff coming together to display great flexibility and responsiveness. LCS’s greatest asset is the generous and caring people who are our members, our donors, our volunteers and staff. There were moments in 2020 where we had to look at all options, possibly even selling some or all of our property to make ends meet. There was the real possibility that the organization, like others may have to close. Through the year, our supporters rose to the occasion and filled the gap with donations that could not only keep us going but make us stronger. Tomorrow We look forward to restarting our English as a Second Language classes for the 500 students whose lives are positively impacted by these classes. We continue to provide Student Aid to those seeking to advance their career. We are anxious to get our Spanish language Book Library open where students can do their homework in a quiet setting. Our volunteers and talented local artists are very much looking forward to restarting the Children’s Art Program when it is safer to do so. We are working on a much-needed Emergency Preparedness Program that will help Expats organize their thoughts and documents for end-of-life planning or planning for unexpected emergencies. We anticipate that this will be in collaboration with the Cruz Roja Vial of Life program. One of the challenges in our office that impacts customer service is the very outdated computers and computer programs that we have. These programs were largely chosen because they were cheap, but we are forcing them to do things that they were not designed to do. Also, the hardware and software are very outdated and largely not supported any more. We are looking for funds that will allow us to update these systems and offer a much more user-friendly experience. We all look forward to a day when a new sense of normalcy will come into play and we can once again enjoy all that LCS has to offer. We hope that you will consider joining us as a volunteer, an active member or a donor that is committed to continuing the legacy. Steve Balfour President


LCS MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Make a difference in the Mexican Community You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donations will help support the many free LCS programs offered to the local Mexican community. Staying busy with Activities LCS offers members over 100 dynamic and wide ranging activities. See the activities list here for some of the regular programs and watch our website, and read our monthly Conecciones Magazine for more events. Enrollment in Spanish in Action Program, Spanish a la carta online program and Introduction to Spanish for those with no Spanish background Members can have fun learning Spanish with fellow Expats at a special price. Classes, ranging from beginners to advanced, are taught by a bilingual Spanish speaking instructor. Enrollment in the LCS Educational Series of PEP and Prueba Mexico. Enrollment in the LCS Introduction to Lakeside Learning the basics of living here at lakeside. Exclusive use of the English Language Library Members have access to over 26,000 volumes ranging from contemporary best-sellers to standard reference works. Renting DVDs A collection of more than 4,000 titles including classics, recent releases, foreign movies, TV series and documentaries are available to members. The Audio Books Library The Library of Congress’ talking books for the Physically Handicapped, is a program for US citizens available through the LCS DVD library. Access to free Wi-Fi on campus As a member you can make use of the free Wi-Fi on campus and access to the internet. Your contact info in the Membership Directory Updated annually and free to members, the Directory is a source of valuable information and exclusive LCS member discounts. Receive the LCS Monthly Magazine As an LCS member CONECCIONES magazine will be sent to you via e-mail at the beginning of each month. Discounted LCS Bus trips for members to shopping and self guided tours of the Guadalajara area. Mail service through the United States Volunteer, LCS members traveling north will drop off envelopes with postage(restrictions apply) in a mail box in the United States. The LCS Service Desk has U.S. postage stamps for sale. Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting The LCS Annual General Meeting is held on the campus prior to the third Thursday of March. This meeting is an opportunity for you to have a voice in guiding the direction of the organization. Some classes and activities require a registration fee, cost for materials.



Refer to the website for a comprehensive listing including days and times.

Open to Members Exercise

Open to Public Health Services

Intermediate Hatha Yoga Classes- online Exercise/Calisthenics Cardio Dance Line Dancing Stretch and Balance Walk for Fitness

Hearing Aid Services La Pueblita Optometrist Skin Cancer Screening Sky Med Vaccinations

Fun & Games


Scrabble Tournament Scrabble

Learn & Share

Bordado Artístico Chautauqua Institute Classes - Zoom Children’s Art Conversaciones en Español Discussion Group – Issues / Philosophy Everyday Mindfulness online Exploring Spanish HOT Science online How to Draw Almost Anything Introduction to Lakeside series Introduction to Spanish Mudlarks Pottery Classes PEP and Prueba México series Spanish a la Carta online Spanish/English Conversation Spanish in Action classes TED Learning Seminars Tech Class Basics

Amexcare Hospital San Antonio IMSS & Immigration Services Lakeside Insurance

Legal & Information Services Becerra Immigration Intercam Banking Services LCS Information Desk U.S. Consulate

Service, Social and Support Groups Al-Anon Cruz Roja Diabetes Support Lakeside AA Memory Care Needlepushers My Guardian Angel Open Circle Ranch Adoption Day Toastmasters

Schedules & Activities are subject to change, check website for updates and new activities.

BRIEF HISTORY OF LCS In early 1955 a small group of Expats formed a society inviting all foreign residents of Chapala to join. “The Chapala Society”, located in Chapala, was intended to benefit both foreign and the local community. During the first meeting, 21 attendees formed two committees: “Mosquito Control” and “Information Service”. A Children’s Reading Room (biblioteca) and a lending library for members were created in the first year, together with an information office. The following year English and art classes were added. In the ‘60’s, the headquarters was enlarged and weekly movies were shown to children. During the ‘70´s, the lending library moved to a new location and added “Talking Books” to the collection. In 1983 Neill James agreed to rent the front portion of her property in Ajijic to the Society, where it remains to this day. The name was then changed to The Lake Chapala Society (LCS). By the end of ’91, the LCS charter was legalized, thus converting the society into a legitimate non-profit (A.C.). Neill died in 1994 when she was almost 100 During 1992, LCS established an administrative office with mail service to the U.S., a periodical library was set up, and a formal Student Aid Program started. A free blood pressure service was established and the first celebrations of Canada Day/Independence Day were hosted on the grounds. The U.S. Consulate began monthly visits.



THE COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM Programs that your donations help support

Promoting the value of education by providing appropriate tools for personal and professional development. Among the different locations where all activities happen, we have:

The Wilkes Education Center (WEC)

Public Library, Children’s Reading Room, Language Learning Center Location: Galeana 18, Ajijic, Jalisco Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Saturday: 9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Phone: (376) 766-2940 Email: Located two blocks from the main LCS campus, the LCS Wilkes Education Center is a hub of educational activity. The Mexican community affectionately refers to the WEC as the “Biblioteca” (library), while the ex-pats simply call it the “Wilkes”. The WEC houses the ESL, Library, and Spanish Classes. The library offers students a quiet setting to do their homework as well as a Tale Talk session for children, projection of films in Spanish. Regularization classes for students of Primary school level, among other activities. This Library holds a collection of around 4000 books in Spanish language.

Services at Wilkes Center. (Public Library) Email:

Tale reading for children. Hours: Friday 10:00 to 12:00 pm Free admittance Projection of films in Spanish Hours: Friday 7:00 pm Free admittance Regularization classes for students of Primary school level Math and Spanish. Hours: Summer. (Check ads at the library board) English as a second Language Hours: Depends on availability. Email: We are looking for volunteers interested in teaching English, who are native speakers with a lot of enthusiasm. No Spanish required. English / Spanish Conversation Club Class Location: LCS Ken Gosh Pavilion Hours: Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Phone: (376) 766-1140 E-mail: The Spanish/English conversation club consists of native Spanish and native English speakers. The focus of the group is to enjoy and maintain a conversation in a second language, without concentrating on grammatical correctness.


Our website and magazine, offer further details on our activities and programs along with updated schedules. There you can find everything you need to know about the LCS: Daily Activities, Membership, Governance, programs and services. You can also use the website to pay for membership, classes, event tickets and trips. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and keep up to date!

CHILDREN’S ART PROGRAM (CAP) Hours: Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Phone: (376) 766-1140 E-mail: In 1954, Neill James started the Children’s Art Program, and it has helped thousands of Mexican children develop their creative talents, producing many well-known local artists and making Ajijic a center for art. The tradition of Ajijic as an art colony lives on through these children. Some of their parents attended the original program established by Neill James. Free Art Classes for all Children Sometimes over 80 children attend the program each Saturday rain or shine. The classes are free and open to all children aged 3 to 18. The program has flourished with the support of LCS and the many dedicated volunteers The Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) donates a portion of the proceeds from its annual Open Studios Tour to CAP. The Business of Art To teach the children about the business of art, their artwork is used to make greeting cards for all occasions. These are sold at LCS. Each child artist earns a portion of the sale. Some youth from the program have pursued formal art education with help from the LCS. Some have illustrated books, others have been commissioned to paint murals and unique artwork. Summer Art Camp Since 2013 CAP holds a week long Summer Art Camp at LCS, free to all children. Camp activities include: papel maché, jewelry, drawing, painting with acrylics, oils and watercolors, as well as a special workshop for children aged 5 and under. Annually the program attracts over 125 participants. Children’s Art Patio Mural The renovated Children’s Art Patio boasts a mural painted by Javier Zaragoza and Jesús López Vega, renowned artists and graduates of the program. They also volunteer every Saturday to teach the children. The mural celebrates six decades of the CAP. LCS gives special thanks to ASA for its contribution to this project. Legacy Art Collection In 2012, the Legacy Art Collection was placed in the care of LCS. This collection belongs to the people of Ajijic and dates back to the 1950’s when Neill James started CAP. Almost 400 framed pieces have been catalogued in a database. The cataloguing of thousands more pieces of art continues. LCS Student Aid E-mail: Ever since 1994 the Lake Chapala Society Student Aid Program (SAP) has been helping lo al Mexican students pursue post-secondary education in careers as diverse as international business to medicine. Today, the program provides financial assistance to over 30 low income students. Financial support covers about 75% of estimated costs for: Tuition, books, lab fees, supplies and transportation.




Hours: Tuesday, 10 - 11:45 a.m. Location: LCS South Campus E-mail: Needlepushers is a charitable group of talented foreigners living in the Lake Chapala area. Originated in 1962 by Neill James in honor of her mother an avid knitter, they knit, crochet and sew clothing for communities in the surrounding mountain villages. New members welcome.


Investing in the future of the residents of Lake Chapala benefits us all. If you want to help LCS with its annual goals, please consider giving a donation, you can use the envelope attached, if you need more information, please contact: Annual giving. Diamond $20,000 pesos, Ruby $10,000 pesos, Sapphire $5,000 pesos, Emerald $2,000 pesos, Opal $1,000 pesos, Amethyst Up to $999 pesos


AUDIO AND TALKING BOOKS LIBRARY Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Off season 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | Contact Us: Phone: (376) 766-1140 E-mail: This LCS audio library boasts a wide selection of books on tape and CDs from an array of popular authors to the obscure. Talking Books is a free program provided by the US National Library Service (NLS) ( and offered as a service through the LCS. Please contact the Talking Books Library at library@ for information about eligibility and the application process, or visit the LCS website:

Post Life / Emergency Registry The LCS Post Life Emergency Registry is over 25 years old and is one of more than 100 monthly services, continuing education programs and activities that benefit members and the entire Lakeside community. This program is particularly important for single people living Lakeside to help them, their loved ones and friends prepare. The Registry Form includes contact information for yourself, doctors, friends, family, attorney/legal contacts, funeral home arrangements and household information from pets to household staff. People who register can be assured that their information is considered confidential and the form is designed so that no sensitive or financial data is collected. The information is stored electronically and available 24/7. The from though comprehensive, has limited required fields. Within a week of registering, individuals can stop by LCS for a printed copy to keep in their records. The administrative fee for registration is only $50 pesos per person and that all updates are free. LCS has a resource guide to help residents prepare. The booklet “Being Prepared for Life and Death Lakeside” provides important information about Mexican Wills, Health Care Directives and Post Life Wishes, Powers of Attorney, Notarias Públicas, list of funeral homes and other resources for emergencies and the inevitable. The American Legion Post 7 in Chapala and My Guardian Angel have partnered with LCS and participate in the Post-Life/Emergency Registry Program. The booklet is available at the LCS Office or at the American Legion during office hours. To learn more and access the booklet online, visit:

SPANISH CLASSES as a second language offers three programs:

INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH Email: Location: Gazebo at the LCS Introductory Spanish classes are open to all current LCS members. This class is designed for individuals without any Spanish language background. The instructor introduces learners to Spanish pronunciation, some vocabulary and social protocols. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 18 students with a minimum of four students When: First three Tuesdays of each month. Time: 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m. Registration: Register and pay online or register and pay in the LCS Service Office. Materials: The instructor will provide handouts SPANISH IN ACTION Hours: Twice a week. Different levels are offered 7 times a year. Registration can be online or at the LCS service office. This program is specially designed for LCS by experts in teaching Spanish to foreign adults. It maintains constant interaction between the participants and the instructor. It consists of 4 levels divided into two stages each lasting 7 weeks. Class sizes are maintained with a maximum of 12 students so that the instructor can offer individual attention. This also allows everyone the opportunity to express themselves in Spanish. Materials: Handouts and other materials are independent and available at the LCS Service Office. SPANISH A LA CARTA ONLINE Hours: Several times a week. Different topics. Registration can be online or at the LCS service office. This program aims to serve students of Spanish with particular and specific topics that will allow them to develop in the Spanishspeaking community. Spanish a la Carta will present classes with various exercises to practice and improve the different skills required to speak a second language. Every month we focus on different skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading.

LCS HOLIDAYS 2020 The Lake Chapala Society offices and grounds will be closed on the following days: January 1 New Year’s Day February 3 Constitution Day March 16 Benito Juárez Day May 1 Labor Day July 1 Canada Day July 4 US Independence Day September 16 México Independence Day October 12 Canadian Thanksgiving November 16 Revolution Day November 26 US Thanksgiving December 24 Christmas Eve December 25 Christmas Day December 31 New Year’s Eve All services are closed on these days.

21 ENGLISH LANGUAGE LIBRARY Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Contact Us: Phone: (376) 766-1140 E-mail: The LCS English Language Library started out as a one bookcase book exchange program in 1955. It is now a full-fledged library comprising over 26,000 volumes with an impressive collection of fiction, nonfiction and reference books. It is also considered one of the largest English language libraries in Latin America. DVD, AUDIO LIBRARY AND BOOK STORE Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Contact Us: Phone: (376) 766-1140 E-mail: The DVD Rental Library has more than 4,000 titles for the enjoyment of LCS members. Approximately twenty new additions are added each month, including old classics, recent releases, foreign movies, TV series and documentaries.


Volunteers are at the heart of LCS, giving freely of their expertise, experience, time and energy. Currently there are over 300 volunteers helping to provide the myriad of activities and services offered by the LCS. Their commitment greatly enhances the LCS’s mission of enriching lives at lakeside. Typically, volunteers are LCS members, and the LCS does its best to match talents and volunteer choices with available openings As a token of appreciation for all that the LCS volunteers do, the LCS offers free enrollment in the month-long Introduction to Spanish course, complimentary coffee while volunteering, and most importantly, a great way to get to know people! To get started, either complete an on-line application form at the LCS website,, or visit the LCS Service Office for an application form.

LONG DISTANCE DIALING To Call the U.S. and Canada: 001 + Area Code + Phone # To Call Other Countries: 00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone # No such thing as Toll Free To call U.S. or Canadian toll free #’s exchange: 880 for 800; 883 for 866; 882 for 877; 881 for 888. These are not toll free. Regular long distance rates apply. To Call Lakeside from the U.S. International Access Code ..............011 Country Code ..................................52 Local / national number ..................10 digits National dialing ALL phone numbers dialed should have 10 digits. Local number . . . . . . . .10 digits To call a Mexican cellular phone from Lakeside: 10 digits To call a Mexican cellular phone from U.S.: 011 + 52 + ( Phone # - 10 digits).


BENEFICIOS DE LA MEMBRESÍA DE LCS Hacer la diferencia en la comunidad mexicana Usted tendrá la satisfacción de saber que sus cuotas apoyan los muchos programas gratuitos de LCS que se ofrecen a la comunidad mexicana local. Participar en las actividades. LCS ofrece a sus miembros una amplia y dinámica variedad de actividades (ver actividades LCS). Biblioteca del Idioma Inglés Con acceso a más de 26,000 volúmenes que van desde los más vendidos hasta las obras de referencia estándar. Alquiler de DVDs Una colección de más de 4.000 títulos que incluye clásicos, estrenos recientes, películas extranjeras, series de televisión y documentales están a disposición de los miembros. La Biblioteca de Audiolibros Para esos viajes largos, los miembros pueden seleccionar CDs o cintas de una variedad de autores. Los libros hablados de la Biblioteca del Congreso para los ciudadanos estadounidenses con discapacidades físicas están disponibles con cintas y máquinas. Acceso a Wi-Fi gratuito en el campus Como miembro, puedes utilizar la conexión Wi-Fi gratuita en el campus y el acceso a Internet. Obtener el Directorio de Miembros Tu información de contacto actualizada anualmente y gratis para los miembros, el Directorio es una fuente de información valiosa y descuentos exclusivos para los miembros de LCS. Recibir la Revista Mensual de LCS Los miembros reciben la revista CONECCIONES por correo electrónico al inicio de cada mes. Descuentos en los viajes en autobús de LCS Para los miembros para ir de compras y visitas auto-guiadas a la zona de Guadalajara. Servicio de correo a través de los Estados Unidos Los miembros voluntarios de LCS que viajen al norte dejarán las cartas (se aplican restricciones) en un buzón de correo en los Estados Unidos. La oficina de LCS tiene a la venta sellos postales de los Estados Unidos. Derecho de voto en la Asamblea General Anual La Asamblea General Anual de la ECV se celebra en el campus antes del tercer jueves de marzo. Esta reunión es una oportunidad para que usted tenga voz para guiar la dirección de la organización. Algunas clases y actividades requieren una cuota de inscripción, el costo de los materiales.

Club de conversación inglés / español Ubicación: Pabellón de Ken Gosh Horario: Sábado, 12:00 am a 1:30 pm Teléfono: (376) 766-1140 Email: A este club asisten hablantes nativos de ambas lenguas con el fin de practicar de manera relajada cada una de ellas sin el estrés que genera la exactitud gramatical.





Consulte el sitio web para obtener una lista completa que incluye días y horarios.

Promover el valor de la educación, proporcionando herramientas adecuadas para el desarrollo personal y profesional. Entre los espacios para llevar a cabo estas actividades tenemos:


CENTRO EDUCATIVO WILKES (Biblioteca Pública de Ajijic) Biblioteca pública, sala de lectura para niños, salones para clases de idioma. Ubicación: Galeana 18, Ajijic. | Teléfono: (376) 766 2940 Horario: Lunes a viernes. 9:30 am a 7:00 pm | Sábados. 9:30 am a 1:00 pm Email: Ubicado a dos cuadras de la entrada principal del campus de LCS, la Biblioteca es un centro de actividades educativas donde se desarrollan, además de la consulta de libros, clases de inglés, clases de español, lectura de cuentos para niños, proyección de películas en español, grupos de regularización escolar de nivel primaria, entre otras actividades. Cuenta con un acervo cultural de aproximadamente 4,000 libros. Servicios dentro de la Biblioteca Pública Contacto: Lectura de cuentos para niños Horario: Viernes 10:00 am a 12:00 pm | Entrada libre Proyección de películas en español Horario: Viernes 7:00 pm | Entrada libre Cursos de regularización de matemáticas y español Horario: Verano. Checar Avisos en la biblioteca. Inglés como segunda lengua (ESL por sus siglas en ingles). Horario: Varia de acuerdo a disponibilidad. | Inscripciones en agosto y en diciembre. Inicio de clases en septiembre y enero. | Email: El programa ESL ofrece la comunidad hispanohablante la oportunidad de aprender inglés desde el nivel básico hasta el avanzado. Este programa ha sido impartido desde el año 1999 por un grupo de extranjeros voluntarios. El programa es gratuito, aunque los estudiantes deben comprar sus propios libros. La asistencia es de dos días a la semana o los sábados. Es una gran oportunidad de aprender inglés con hablantes nativos; además de ampliar los propios horizontes académicos y/o profesionales. Para inscribirse al programa los estudiantes deben tener entre 15 y 85 años de edad. Normalmente, tenemos más de 500 alumnos por semestre. Buscamos voluntarios interesados en enseñar inglés, que sean hablantes nativos con mucho entusiasmo. No se requiere hablar español.

Clases de Yoga Intermedio en línea Ejercicio/Calistenia Cardio danza Baile en línea Estiramiento y equilibrio Caminata fitness

Diversión y juegos Scrabble Torneo de Scrabble

Servicios de salud

(no exclusivo para los miembros de LCS) Servicios para problemas auditivos La Pueblita Optometrista Detección del cáncer de piel Sky Med Vacunas


(no exclusivo para los miembros de LCS) Amexcare Hospital San Antonio IMSS y Servicios de Inmigración Seguros Lakeside

Aprende y comparte

Arte para niños Bordado Artístico Ciencia actual en línea Clases de cerámica Clases básicas sobre tecnología Cómo dibujar casi cualquier cosa Conversaciones en españo Conversación español/inglés Español a la carta en línea Explorando el español Grupo de Discusión - Temas / Filosofía Instituto Chautauqua Mindfulness para cada día en línea PEP y Prueba México Seminarios de aprendizaje TED

Servicios Legales y de Información

(no exclusivo para los miembros de LCS) Becerra Inmigración Consulado de los Estados Unidos Mesa de información de LCS Servicios bancarios de Intercam

Grupos de servicio, sociales y de apoyo (no exclusivo para los miembros

de la LCS) Al-Anon Grupo de Apoyo -diabetes Lakeside AA Needlepushers Open circle Sesiones del Consejo de ASA Toastmasters

Los horarios y actividades están sujetos a cambios, consulte el sitio web para ver si hay actualizaciones y nuevas actividades.


Programa de arte para niños (cap) Horario: Sábado 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Tel: (376) 766-1140 email: En 1954, Neil James empezó el Programa de Arte para los Niños, y ha ayudado a miles de niños mexicanos a desarrollar su creatividad, produciendo muchos artistas locales reconocidos y haciendo de Ajijic un centro para el arte. Algunos de los padres de estos niños asistieron al programa original fundado por Neil James. Algunas veces, mas de 80 niños se presentan a las clases de arte los sábados. Estas son gratuitas y están abiertas a todos los niños de 3 a 18 años. El programa ha crecido con el apoyo de LCS y de muchos voluntarios. La sociedad de Arte de Ajijic (ASA) dona una parte de las ganancias de sus evento anual “Open studios” para este programa. El negocio del arte Para enseñar a los niños acerca del negocio del arte, su trabajo se usa para hacer tarjetas para todas ocasiones. Estas tarjetas se venden en LCS. Cada niño se lleva un porcentaje de la venta. Algunos jóvenes han continuado con su educación artística con ayuda de LCS. Otros han ilustrado libros y otros más han sido contratados para pintar murales y crear arte. Cursos de verano de arte Desde 2013 CAP organiza una semana completa de cursos de verano de arte dentro del campus de LCS gratis para todos los niños. Las actividades incluyen: papel maché, joyeria, dibujo, pintura, mozaicos, etc., así como un taller especial para niños de 5 años o menos. Cada año el programa tiene arriba de 125 participantes. El Mural del Patio El patio de arte para los niños tiene un mural pintado por Javier Zaragoza y Jesus López Vega, reconocidos artistas y graduados del programa. Ellos también son voluntarios todos los sábados para enseñar a los niños. En el mural se celebran 6 décadas del programa CAP. LCS agradece especialmente a ASA por su contribución a este proyecto. La Colección Legado de Arte En 2012, la Colección Legado de Arte se puso al cuidado de LCS. Esta colección perteneció a las personas de Ajijic y las fechas abarcan desde la década de los 50 cuando Neil James comenzó CAP. Casi 400 piezas enmarcadas han sido catalogadas en una base de datos. Se siguen catalogando más piezas.

23 Programa de apoyo estudiantil Email: Desde 1994 el Programa de Apoyo Estudiantil (SAP por sus siglas en inglés) de la Lake Chapala Society ha ayudado a estudiantes mexicanos locales a obtener educación profesional en carreras diversas que van desde comercio internacional hasta medicina. Hoy en día, el programa ofrece asistencia financiera a más de 30 estudiantes de bajos recursos. Soporte financiero cubre alrededor del 75% de costos estimados para: Matrícula, Libros, Cuotas de laboratorio, Suministros escolares, Transporte ¿Quién califica? Graduados de preparatoria que viven en la ribera. Estudiantes que han mantenido un promedio de al menos 8.5. Estudiantes que asisten o han sido aceptados por una universidad mexicana. El proceso Llenar una solicitud y reunir los documentos que se encuentran en el sitio web de LCS bajo Educación. Entregarlos en las oficinas o escanearlo y enviarlo a Los estudiantes y sus padres son entrevistados en casa por miembros del comité de apoyo estudiantil de LCS. El estudiante y su familia deben complementar los gastos El compromiso Una vez aceptado en el programa, el estudiante tiene garantizada asistencia financiera a lo largo de todo su programa universitario, manteniendo un promedio minimo de 8.5 y sin reprobar ninguna materia. El comité de apoyo estudiantil de LCS lleva seguimiento de su progreso académico. Debe cumplir 10 horas de trabajo comunitario asignado por LCS al año. Debe asistir a la reunión anual con carácter de obligatorio. Entre otras cosas.


Horario: martes, de 10:00 am a 11:45 am Teléfono: (376) 766-1140 email: Needlepushers es un grupo de caridad conformado por talentosos extranjeros viviendo en el área del lago de Chapala. Fue originado en 1962 por Neill James en honor a su madre, una ávida tejedora. Cosen y tejen ropa para los niños que viven en las comunidades y pueblos cercanos. Nuevos miembros son bienvenidos


Invertir en el futuro de los residentes del Lago de Chapala nos beneficia a todos. Si desea ayudar a LCS con sus metas anuales, por favor considere hacer un donativo, puede usar el sobre adjunto, si necesita más información, por favor contacte a: Donaciones anuales. Diamante $20,000 pesos, Rubí $10,000 pesos, Zafiro $5,000 pesos Esmeralda $2,000 pesos, Ópalo $1,000 pesos, Amatista Hasta $999 pesos

BIBLIOTECAS DE LCS Biblioteca de audio y libros hablados Horario: De lunes a sábado: 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 pm Fuera de temporada 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Teléfono: (376) 766-1140 Correo electrónico: Esta biblioteca de audio de LCS cuenta con una amplia selección de libros en cinta y CD de una amplia gama de autores populares a los oscuros. Talking Books es un programa gratuito proporcionado por el Servicio de la Biblioteca Nacional de los Estados Unidos (NLS) (http://www. y ofrecido como un servicio a través de la LCS. Póngase en contacto con la Biblioteca de Talking Books en library@ para obtener información sobre la elegibilidad y el proceso de solicitud, o visite el sitio web de LCS:

DIRECTORY 2021 Biblioteca de títulos en inglés Horario: De lunes a sábado: 10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. eléfono: (376) 766-1140 Correo electrónico: La Biblioteca del Idioma Inglés de LCS comenzó como un programa de intercambio de libros en 1955. Actualmente es una biblioteca completa que comprende más de 26,000 volúmenes con una impresionante colección de libros de ficción, no ficción y de referencia. También es considerada una de las bibliotecas más grandes de lengua inglesa en América Latina. DVD, audioteca y librería Horario: De lunes a sábado: 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Teléfono: (376) 766-1140 Correo electrónico: La biblioteca de alquiler de DVDs tiene más de 4,000 títulos para el disfrute de los miembros de LCS. Aproximadamente veinte nuevas adiciones se añaden cada mes, incluyendo clásicos antiguos, estrenos recientes, películas extranjeras, series de televisión y documentales. Ser voluntario en LCS Los voluntarios son el corazón de la LCS, aportando libremente sus conocimientos, experiencia, tiempo y energía. Actualmente hay más de 300 voluntarios que ayudan en las actividades y servicios ofrecidos por LCS. Su compromiso mejora en gran medida la misión de enriquecer la vida de las personas. Por lo general los voluntarios son miembros de LCS, y LCS hace lo posible para que coincidan sus talentos y las opciones de voluntariado con las vacantes disponibles. Como muestra de agradecimiento a los voluntarios, por todo lo que hacen LCS ofrece un mes de matrícula gratuita en el curso de introducción al español, café mientras trabajaba como voluntario, y lo más importante, ¡una gran manera de conocer a la gente! Para empezar, ya sea que completes un formulario de solicitud en línea en el sitio web, o visita la Oficina de Servicio para un formulario de solicitud.


Nuestra página web y nuestra revista ofrecen más detalles sobre nuestras actividades y programas junto con los horarios. Allí encontrarás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre LCS: Actividades diarias, membresías, gobierno, programas y servicios. También puedes pagar membresías, clases, lboletos para eventos y viajes a través de nuestra página. ¡Síguenos en Facebook, Instagram y Twitter y mantente al día!

Annual Events | Eventos Anuales January | Enero: Mariachi Concert, Branden & James February | Febrero: Open Studio, Tequila tasting March | Marzo: Fashion Show, Blues Fest July | Julio: Music Fest September | Septiembre: Fiesta Mexicana October | Octubre: Halloween November | Noviembre: Volunteer Appreciation, Wine tasting, Holiday Fair. Los horarios y actividades están sujetos a cambios, consulte el sitio web para ver si hay actualizaciones y nuevas actividades.


24 Current Board Members President Steve Balfour Vice President Howard Feldstein Treasurer Tim Boardman Secretary George Radford Director at Large Larry Barnhardt Director at Large Antoinette Brahm Director at Large Christy Caldwell Director at Large Richard Chase Director at Large Brian Dalziel Director at Large Yolanda Martínez Director at Large Michael Searles Director at Large Elizabeth Villaseñor Immediate Past President Carole Wolff The LCS board can range in number from 9-13.

Paid Staff Executive Director (Vacant) Education Director Alfredo Pérez Development Director Diana Ayala Operations Director Adela Alcaraz Directory & Mktg Domitzu Medrano WEC Manager María Huerta WEC Librarian Celia Lopez Spanish Teacher María de Jesús Neri Book Keeper Shelley Huerta Gardener Felipe Gonzales Amador Contreras Housekeeping Sandy Pelayo Berenice González Ana Luz Mora

Coordinators and Managers

Children’s Art Danielle Pagé Facilities, Activities & Medical Karen Shirack ESL Inez Dayer Finance Emile Badawy Grounds Natalie Neal Library Cate Howell Membership Farralee Fuller Conecciones Manager Rachel McMillen Post Life Marianne O’Halloran Service Desk Adela Alcaraz Special Events Karla Boentgen Spanish Language Program Vivian Sternfield Student Aid Alfredo Pérez Talking Books Pamela Cantor Information Technology Mike Goss / Mike Dittrich Volunteers Barbara Merchant Webmaster Chuck Ball


On national holidays all employees, are entitled to the day off. If they must work, they are entitled to double time pay

HOLIDAYS IN MEXICO (not a comprehensive list)

January 1* Año Nuevo (New Year’s Day) January 6 Día de los Santos Reyes (Three Kings Day) February 1* Aniversario de la Constitución (Constitution Day) February 2 Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas) February 14 Día de la Amistad (St. Valentine’s Day) February 17 Miércoles de Ceniza (Ash Wednesday) February 24 Día de la Bandera (Flag Day) March 15* Benito Juárez Day March 27 Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) April 2 Viernes Santo (Good Friday) April 4 Pascua (Easter Sunday) May 1* Día del Trabajador (Labor Day) May 10 Día de las Madres (Mexico’s Mother’s Day) June 20 Día del Padre (Mexico’s Father’s Day) September 16* Día de Independencia (Mexico’s Independence Day) November 1 Día de todos los santos (All saints day) November 2 Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) November 15 Día de Revolución (Revolution Day) December 12 Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe (Virgin of Guadalupe Day) December 24 Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) December 25* Navidad (Christmas Day) December 31* New Year’s Eve * LCS is closed on these Mexican holidays

LCS Life Members

*Deceased Joan Aslin* Marguerite Marxsen Herb Aslin* Arthur Melby* Mildred Boyd* Aurora Michel Vierl Bunnell Marianne O’Halloran Ektor Caranza* Steve Penning Steve Cole Mary Alice Sargent Joan Davis Elizabeth Schrader* Jean Dresslar* Joe Schwartz* Jackie Englen Cody Summers* J. Gibson* June Summers* Helen Hoarder* Terry Vidal Hebina Hood Richard Warmowski Neill James* Arlene Warmowski Tod Jonson Melba Wasey* Iona Kupiec* Coralie White Ella Lavore* Edward Wilkes* Barbara Madren

THE AGUINALDO (Christmas Bonus) This payment is an integral part of the annual salary of full-time and part-time employees including also hold workers and, by law, must be paid before December 20. To calculate the minimum aguinaldo: (weekly salary / 7) X 15 The weekly salary is whatever you pay the employee on a weekly basis, regardless of how many days the employee works per week. If employed for less than a year the aguinaldo is paid proportionately.

LCS Past Presidents 2018-2020 Carole Wolff, 2014-2018 Ben White, 2010-2014 Howard Feldstein, 2008-2009 Nancy Creevan, 2004-2007 Charlie Smith, 2002-2003 James Penton, 2000-2001 Mary Alice Sargent, 1998-1999 Vierl Bunnell, 1996-1997 Steve Cole, 1994-1995 Denny Strole, 1992-1993 Jerry Allen, 1990-1991 Arthur Melby, 1989 Cody Summers, 1988 Jerrold Engle, 1987 Erwin Heiman, 1985 Albert Rouse, 1984 Perry Thompson, 1983 James White, 1982 Bill Asper, 1981 David Rudick, 1980 Jay Linday, 1979 Henriette Phillps, 1978 J.C. Osburn, Jr., 1977 George Martin Finch, 1976 John Addison, 1975 Jay Atkins, 1974 Lewis Giffin, 1973 John Addison, 1972 Roland Jones, 1971 George Geyer, 1970 Jack Fagan, 1969 Jack McDonald, 1968 Betty Kuzell, 1967 Howard Hentershee, 1966 George Rice, 1964 Paul Carson, 1963 Don Lavore, 1962 Harry Giles, 1961 Judge Heaton, 1960 C.A. Weekley, 1959 Gus Gleason, 1958 Howard Gordon, 1957 Wallaz Eaton, 1956 Wallaz Eaton/General Hibs, 1955 Dr. Pennock/General Ratay


























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RUG CLEANING SATELITTE TV SCOOTERS SCHOOLS/ INSTITUTES SECURITY SHOES SOLAR SPAS (See also Beauty salons & Makeup) STORAGE TAX PREPARATION TAXI TRANSLATORS TRAVEL AGENCIES & TOURS TREE SERVICES UPHOLSTERY VETERINARY WATER COMMISSION/SIMAPA WATER EQUIPMENT/ FILTERS & ACCESSORIES WINES & LIQUORS ZOO Data was gathered from clients, previous annual LCS directories and the internet. We have done our best to ensure the integrity of the data, but take no responsibilities for any errors. To inform us of an error or omission please contact:

DIRECTORY 2021 ACCOUNTANTS Asesores Unidos S.C., Ajijic 333-343-9814 Duran, Aurturo,Chapala 331-014-9124 Escamilla y Asociados, Ajijic 376-766-0298 Chapala 376-765-6609 Rodolfo Rivera Ortigoza, Ajijic 376-766-1020 ADDICTION RECOVERY PROGRAM Al-Anon 376-106-1282 (See ad on page 32) Alcoholics Anonymous, (See ad on page 32) Adult Children of Alcoholic & Dysfunctional Families 376-766-4409 Hacienda del Lago Treatment Center, Villa Nova 800-713-7144 Overeaters Anonymous 376-106-1199 Rehabilitation Center Nueva Alegria, Ixtlahuacan 331-266-3427 ADULT NOVELTIES Wildes Dildoria, Ajijic 331-564-4669 ALARMS (See Security) ALTERATIONS Fiaga Boutique y Galeria, Ajijic 376-766-0387 Olga’s, Ajijic 376-766-1699 AMBULANCES Red Cross (Cruz Roja), Chapala Emergency 911 or 376-765-2308 (See ad on page 32) ANIMAL CARE & WELFARE (See also Pet Food, Supplies & Grooming, also Vets) Tails of Mexico, Jocotepec 387-761-0041 Lakeside Friends of the Animals AC, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5544 Lakeside Spay & Neuter Ranch & Adoptions 376-766-1141 Lakeside Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation 376-765-4916 Lucky Dog, Chapala 331-300-7144 (See ad on page 33) Operación Amor (See ad on page 33) APPLIANCE SALES & REPAIR El Tio Sam’s, Ajijic 376-766-5664 Electrodomenticos, Ajijic 376-766-2256 Electrodomesticos, Riberas del Pilar 333-153-9868 Electroventa, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2222 Refrigeracion Guzman, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0655 ART GALLERIES & ARTESANIAS (see also Gallery-Art & Gifts) Alfredo’s Galeria, Ajijic 376-766-2980 Arte Amanecer, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2090

42 ARTE STUDIO 376-766-0162 Belva & Enrique Velazquez Fine art in watercolors, oils, acrylics, pen & ink. Photography, calendars, note cards & art classes. 16 de Septiembre #7, Ajijic. Arte Mexicano, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1349 Casa Mexicana, Chapala 376-754-4383 CRISTI FER ART STUDIO& WORKSHOPS Las Salvias, Ajijic 322-153-1906 Open Studio Saturdays 11am-2pm Original paintings for home & businesses One Painting in One Day workshops Urban Sketching, acrylic painting clases. Efren Gonzalez Art Gallery, Ajijic 376-766-5381 Galeria di Paola, Ajijic 376-766-1010 Huizache, Ajijic 331-341-7836 (See ad on page 38) La Flor de la Laguna, Ajijic 376-766-1037 Penthouse Gallery, Ajijic 376-766-3543 Sol Mexicano, Ajijic 376-766-0734 Zaragoza Art Gallery, Ajijic 376-766-0573 ASSISTED LIVING (See also Medical Care/Services) Alicia’s Convalescent Home, Ajijic 376-766-1194 (See ad on page 58) Casa Anastasia Care Home, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5680 El Chante Assited Living 387-763-2555 La Casa Nostra, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-3824 La Pueblita, 375-688-1705 Chapala 332-728-5534 (See ad on page 14) La Valentina,West Ajijic 376-766-5179 Lakeside Care, Jaltepec 331-406-5253 Mi Casita, San Antonio Tlay. 376-106-2081 Nursing Home Lake Chapala, Riberas del Pilar 376-766-0404 Ohana Assisted Living, San Juan Cosala 387-761-0403 Shangri-La Retirement Living Facility, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1359 The Moon Adult Community, Ajijic 376-766-0939 The Penthouse, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4521 Vida Bella, Chapala 376-765-4000 (See ad on page 4) ATTORNEYS (See Legal Services) AUTO PARTS Auto Zone, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-5637 Mister Mofles, Riberas del Pilar, 376-765-3162 Orma Autopartes Chapala, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-1000 AUTO RENTAL Autotransportes Beboys, 376-765-6393 Chapala 333 -105-1698

Lake Chapala Golf Carts, Ajijic 376-766-1063 Linea Professional Rent a Car, Ajijic 376-766-2555 S & S Auto, 376-765-4800 Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4800/06 AUTO REPAIR Auto Repair by Ron, Chapala 376-765-6387 Car City, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2550 Fernandos Auto Detailing Service, Ajijic 376-766-3732 FRATS Auto Tech Solutions, Chapala 331-139-8539 Montoya Auto Parts, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-3242 Multiservicio Automotriz Escalera Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4424 Pablo’s Garage, West Ajijic 376-766-4347 Taller R. Francisco 376-765-5807 AUTO SALES Car Wash Moyoyo, Riberas del Pilar 331-269-2696 Subaru Spanish 33-8000-3000 Guadalajara English 333-191-5111 (See ad on page 38) AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOORS Antonio Leal, Ajijic 333-157-6536 Automatic Garage Door Openers, 376-766-4973 AWNINGS, BLINDS & CURTAINS S & S Auto, 376-765-4800 Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4800/06 Cortinas de la Riberas, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-2707 Cortinas y Lonas Mexico, Ajijic 376-766-0045 Hunter Douglas, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0026 Jazmin Cortinas, Ajijic, 376-766-1212 Quick Blinds, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-3091 BAKERIES & SWEETS Colibri Garden 376-765-4412 Lilifher Deli Bakery, Ajijic 376-766-2339 Marisa, Plaza Ajijic, 376-766-2824 Panaderia Scandinavia, Ajijic 376-766-0604 Pasteleria Francesa, Ajijic 376-766-3399 Philfer Deli/Bakery, Ajijic 333-124-0232 Rochatas Pasteries & Cafe, Ajijic 376-688-2734 The Bagel Place, Ajijic 376-766-0664

43 BANKS Actinver, Ajijic 376-766-3110 (See ad on inside back cover) Banamex, Chapala 376-765-2271 Banco Monex, Ajijic 376-766-3754 BBVA Bancomer, Ajijic 376-766-2028 Chapala 376-765-7701 CIBanco, Ajijic 376-766-1642 HSBC, Ajijic 376-766-1484 Intercam Banco, Ajijic 376-766-5978 (See ad on page 51) Multiva, Ajijic 376-766-2499 Santander. Chapala 376-765-2310 BAZAAR/CONSIGNMENT STORES Alfredos Galeria, Ajijic 376-766-2980 Barbara’s Bazaar, Ajijic 376-766-1824 (See ad on back cover) Kisch Bazaar, Ajijic 331-266-7617 Mia’s Boutique, Ajijic 333-722-8944 La Sala de Smokee, Ajijic 376-766-5946 Make It Cash, Ajijic 333-189-1271 Tepehua Treasures, Riberas del Pilar 755-763-5126 Todo bueno, Riberas del Pilar 331-016-0619 (See ad on page 33) Upscale Resale Bazar Riberas del Pilar 376-688-1160 BEAUTY SALONS & MAKEUP (See also SPAS) Christine’s, Ajijic, 376-106-0864 Edith’s Intl Salon, Ajijic 331-310-9372 Estetica Paty, Ajijic 376-766-1505 Estetica Yoly’s Unisex, Ajijic 376-766-2360 (See ad on page 50) Estilizame, San Antonio Tlay. 331- 440-9990 Gloriosa, Ajijic 376-766-3372 Gloss Nail Salon, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0375 Hair by Sasha, Chapala 376-765-2223 New Look Studio, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-6000 Panache, Ajijic, 376-766-2228 BED & BREAKFAST (See also Hotels/Resorts) Adobe Walls Inn, Ajijic 376-766-1296 Casa Flores, Ajijic 376-766-5493 Casa Tres Leones, Ajijic 331-350-6764 (See ad on page 16) Casa del Sol Inn, Ajijic 376-766-0050 Casita Montaña, Ajijic 376-766-5513 Estrellitas Inn, Ajijic 376-766-0917 Los Artistas B&B, Ajijic 376-766-1027 BOUTIQUES (See also Art Galleries) Ana R Boutique, Ajijic 376-766-3977 Arati Para Ti Boutique, Ajijic 376-766-0130 Fiaga Boutique y Galeria, Ajijic 376-766-1816 La Bella Vida, Ajijic 376-766-5131

La Flor de la Laguna, Ajijic 376-766-1037 La Sala de Smokee, Ajijic 376-766-5946 Mi Mexico Galleria/Boutique, Ajijic 376-766-0133 Mia’s Boutique, Ajijic 333-722-8944 BUILDING/ REMODELING MATERIALS SIKA Sealers & Waterproofing 376-766-5959 Teknoventanas, Chula Vista 376-766-0387 CHARITIES, CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS Ajijic Society of the Arts (ASA) 376-766-2249 American Legion Post # 7, Chapala 331-358-8944 American Legion Post # 9, 376-763-5126 Axixic Masonic Lodge, Ajijic 376-766-4100 Bingo Lago Riberas de Pilar 376-766-4830 (See ad on page 33) Casa Hogar/ Hope House, Ixtlahuacan 376-762-0032 Centro Amor en Accion (Love in Action), Chapala 376-766-7409 Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club, A.C. Chapala, Democrats Abroad Mexico, Lake Chapala Chapter (See ad on page 35) Escuela Para Niños Especiales, Jocotepec 387-763-0843 Feria Maestros del Arte 331-098-4850 Lake Chapala Shriners 331-017-1724 Los Niños de Chapala y Ajijic 376-765-7032 Have Hammers - Will Travel A.C. Riberas de Pilar 376-766-4830 (See ad on page 33) Niños Incapacitados de Lago (See ad on page 32) Rotary Club of Ajijic, A.C. Ajijic Royal Canadian Legion, 331-758-0676 Tepehua Centro Comunitario, Chapala 376-763-5126 Toastmasters 376-766-0920 UVA Scholarship Fund 376-766-2932 CHIROPRACTORS Chiropractic Center, Ajijic 376-766-1973 Lowell Birch, Ajijic 331-319-1799 (See ad on page 57) Phariss Chiropractic and Total Health Center 387-761-0507 CHURCHES / SYNAGOGUES Abundant Life Church, San Antonio Tlay. 441-417-7038 Christ Church Episcopal, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-2495 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-7067 Lake Chapala Baptist Church, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2925

DIRECTORY 2021 Lake Chapala Jewish Congregation, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2668 Lake Chapala Unitarian/Universalist Fellowship, Riberas del Pilar 376-766-1458 Lakeside Jewish Community Shiva Committee 376-766-3728 Lakeside Presbyterian Church, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-0853 Little Chapel by the Lake, Carretera Chapala/Ajijic no.10 Chula Vista, San Antonio Tlayacapan Sunday Service at 11 am Questions 376-766-2538 San Andres Catholic, Ajijic 376-766-0922 Seventh Day Adventists, Riberas del Pilar 376-766-5708 St. Andrews’s Anglican Church, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-3926 CLEANING SERVICES Alvarez Quick Clean, Riberas del Pilar 332-237-9587 Spring Clean, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2953 Steam Clean, Ajijic 332-385-0410 The Clean Spot 376-766-5444 CLOTHING (Also see Boutiques) Alma Gutierrez, San Antonio Tlay. 331-636-0099 Ana Rosa Gallery, Ajijic 376-766-3977 Bohemia 332-602-8487 La Flor de Laguna, Ajijic 376-766-1037 Terry’s Tianguis, Chapala 376-765-2601 Women’s Coop, Ajijic 376-766-1292 COMPUTER SERVICES AxixicNet, Ajijic 376-766-1816 Computerland, Riberas del Pilar 376-766-7595 Easy Tech, 333-598-3263 Lakeside Compu Shop + Repair 332-340-7501 Mike the Computer Guy, 376-765-4156 Samuel Kovac Computer Service, 376-765-4439 (See ad on page 34) CONSIGNMENT STORES (See Bazaars) CONSTRUCTION/ REMODELING Comfort Solutions 331-228-5377 General Home Services, 331-520-3054 Roberto Milan, Architect, 376-766-3771 Warwick Construction, Chapala 376-765-2224 COUNSELING In Touch Clinic 376-766-4522 Valerie Rhoda, M Ed, HEVA490627CT3 35+ years experience. Helping People live more effectively. Individuals, couples, care giving, divorce, grief, aging, retirement, cross-cultural adjustment.

DIRECTORY 2021 CURTAINS (see Awnings, Blinds & Curtains) DENTISTS Ajijic Dental Clinic, Ajijic 376-766-3682 (See ad on page 3) C.D. Maria Luia Luis Villa, Ajijic 376-766-2428 C.D. Sandro Anaya Mora, Chapala 376-108-0977 Chapala Dental Care, 376-765-5584 Dental Express, Ajijic 376-106-2080 (See ad on pages 9 and 57) Dental del Lago 376-766-4503 Martha Medina Corona 376-766-3897 Root Canal, Periodontics, Implants, Orthodontics. Constitución 27A, Ajijic, corner with Marcos Castellanos. Karen Mendieta 376-766-5633 (see ad on page 61) Lake Chapala Dental Group, Riberas del Pilar 376-108-1707 LEEND, Dentistry & Specialties, Ajijic 376-688-1027 (see ad on page 35) MC Dental, Riberas del Pilar 331-850-8664 Odonto Clinick, Ajijic 376-766-5050 Odontology Depot, Ajijic 376-766-4202 DOCTORS (See Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons/ also Medical Services) DRY CLEANING / LAUNDRY Expert Cleaners, Ajijic 376-766-4677 ELECTRIC CFE(Power Company) 376-765-2509 CFE Repair 071 ELECTRIC / PLUMBING / SEPTIC Carlos Ramirez 376-765-5597 Cel. 333-903-5891 ELECTRONICS/ TECHNOLOGY Coppel, Chapala 376-766-6233 Electronica Centro Pionero, Chapala 376-765-4294 Steren Electronic Solutions, Ajijic 376-766-0599 Teleservicio Calcario, San Juan Cosala 387-761-0379 EMBASSIES AND CONSULATES Consulate of Canada, Guadalajara 331-818-4200 Consulate of Germany 555-283-2200 Consulate of South Africa, Guadalajara 333-825-7570 Consulate of Sweden, Guadalajara 333-777-4412 Consulate of Switzerland, Guadalajara 333-833-4122 Consulate of United States, Guadalajara 333-268-2100 Embassy of Canada 555-724-7900

44 Embassy of United Arab Emirates 555-207-0025 Embassy of United Kingdom 551-670-3200 Lakeside UK Consular Agent, Ceri Dando BEM 333-139-4314 Embassy of United States 555-080-2000 Emergency 800-681-9374 Social Security From Mexico 001 883-772-1213 Embassy of Venezuela 555-203-4233 ENTERTAINMENT / FINE ARTS BRAVO! Theatre, 331-045-9627 Lakeside Little Theatre, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0954 FINANCIAL SERVICES Acesores Unidos, 333-343-9814 IAM, Lakeside 376-765-5273 O’Rourke Investment Funds, Ajijic 376-766-0152 Efficient Wealth Management, 376-766-4836 FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Department and Civil Rescue Emergency 911 Ajijic/Chapala 376-766-3615 Jocotepec 387-763-1804 FISH MARKETS Costa Alegre Fish Market, Ajijic 376-108-1087 Pescaderia Las Playas, Ajijic 376-755-5294 FITNESS / GYMS Aquatic Fitness, Riberas del Pilar 376-766-4254 Family Fitness Center, Ajijic 376-108-1557 Fit for Life, 331-546-0228 Zona Fitness, Riberas del Pilar, 333-829-5950 FUNERAL HOMES Casa Funeral Chapala, Chapala 376-765-4425 Funeraria San Francisco, Chapala 376-765-2053 (See ad on page 7) San Miguel Funeral Home, Guadalajara 333-825-1556 Moreh Funeral Services, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4546 Ramos Origel Jesus, Jocotepec 387-763-0287 FURNITURE/ INTERIOR DESIGN Alter Furniture, Ajijic 376-106-0590 Arden Muebles, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-3540 (See ad on page 40) Arte Amanecer, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2090 Calli Intra Muros, Ajijic 376-766-5922 Home Decor, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-0856

Muebles Nomad, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-6602 Muebles San Francisco, Chapala 376-765-5771 Tao Muebles y Decoracion, Chapala 376-765-7078 Uou Furniture, Ajijic 376-106-1618 GALLERY - ART & GIFTS (See Art Galleries & Artesanias) Arte Para Ti, Ajijic 376-766-1153 Cathy Chalvinag (See ad on page 38) Di Paola, Ajijic 376-766-1010 La Bella Vida, Ajijic 376-766-5131 La Flor de la Laguna, Ajijic 376-766-1037 Sol Mexicano, Ajijic 376-766-0734 Studio 18 Art Gallery, Ajijic 376-766-3745 Huizache, Ajijic 331-341-7836 (See ad on page 38) Zen Seed 376-766-0360 GARDENS/ WATER/LANDSCAPING Chapala Tree service 376-762-0602 (see ad on page 36) Garden Center, Ajijic 376-765-5973 Garden Store, Landscaping design, Ajijic 376-766-1192 Garden Things, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2398 Las plantas de Emilia, 333-196-7910 Ajijic 333-955-3440 Rain Forest 376-766-4534 Vivero Wabisabi, Ajijic 332-801-7499 Vida verde 376-106-0884 Riberas del Pilar (see ad on page 36) GLASS Aimar Vitrales, 331-741-3515 Aluminio y Cristales, Chapala 376-765-5326 Vidrieria Viluma, Ajijic 376-766-0064 GOLF Atlas Country Club, Guadalajara 332-257-1919 Chula Vista Country Club, 376-766-2515 Country Club de Chapala, 376-763-5136 Guadalajara Country Club, Guadalajara 333-817-2858 GOVERNMENT Chamber of Commerce, Ajijic 376-766-3528 City Hall, Ajijic 376-766-1760 Chapala 376-765-5600 Jocotepec 387-763-0784 San Juan Cosala 387-761-0358 Civil Protection, Ajijic 376-766-3651 Chapala 376-765-2851 Jocotepec 387-763-1804 Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) 800-903-1300 Customs, Guadalajara 333-688-5587 DIF (Social Services) Ajijic 376-766-0680 Chapala 376-765-3349 Health Department, Chapala 376-765-2623

45 IMSS Chapala 376-765-2240/4900 Jocotepec 387-763-0386 Immigration, Chapala 376-765-7645 Police, Ajijic 376-766-1760 Chapala (Main Office) 376-765-4444 Post Office Ajijic 376-766-1888 Chapala 376-765-2083 SIMAPA (Water), Ajijic 376-766-0423 Chapala 376-765-2926 Transito (Traffic Police) Chapala 376-763-4747 Jocotepec 387-763-0324 GRILLS Napolean, Ajijic 376-766-6153 GROCERY STORES El Granero, Ajijic 376-766-3862 Pancho’s, Riveras del Pilar 331-868-6476 Supermarket el Torito, Ajijic 376-766-2202 Superlake, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0174 HARDWARE Aceros y Materiales Hmos. Lopez, Ajijic 376-766-0172 Amutio, Ajijic 376-766-3521 Casa Inarq, Riberas 376-766-5397 Construrama Galvez, Ajijic 376-766-0880 Joco 387-763-0341 Ferreteria y Tlapaleria Galvez, Ajijic 376-766-2440 Ferreterías Calzada, Chapala 376-765-3840 La Casa del Plomero, Ajijic 376-766-1546 Materiales Jara, Ajijic 376-766-0918 HEARING AIDS Lakeside Hearing Services, Ajijic 331 511-4088 (See ad on page 6) Oticon OPN 376-766-4435


Green Angels 078 Tow Truck (Gruas) 376-765-4280 376-765-3058 HOME SERVICES / MAINTENANCE Handyman Services, 331-520-3054 Home Services, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1569 JP Services, San Antonio Tlay. 333-968-2938 Zaragoza’s Best Maintenance, Ajijic 376-766-1480 HOMEOPATHY Farmacia Unica, La Floresta 333-190-0010 Gabriel Garcia, M.D., Ajijic 333-841-0553 Martini, Patricia 333-474-5538

Monica Flores, Ajijic 376-766-4534 Prasad Health Foods, Ajijic 376-766-0006 HOSPITAL (See Medical Clinics/ Hospitals) HOTELS & RESORTS(See also B&Bs) Adobe Walls Inn, Ajijic 376-766-1296 Ajijic Guest House, Ajijic 376-766-2149 Ajijic Plaza Suites, Ajijic 376-766-0383 Ajijic Suites, Ajijic 376-766-1920 Balneario San Juan Cosala, 387-762-0302 Cabo Blanco, Barra de Navidad 315-355-6495 Casa Blanca Hotel, Ajijic 376-766-3842 Casa Mis Amores, Ajijic 376-766-4640 Cosala Grand, San Juan Cosala 387-761-0202 (See ad on page 39) Danza del Sol, Ajijic 376-766-0220 El Chante Spa Hotel 387-763-2606 El Pequeno Hotel, Chapala 331-353-3857 Hacienda del Lago, Ajijic 376-766-0907 Hotel Casita Montaña 376-766-5313 Hotel and Suites (918) 985-4089 Hotel El Perico,Chapala 333-142-0012 Hotel Italo, Ajijic 376-766-2589/2221 Lake Chapala Inn, Chapala 376-765-4786 La Nueva Posada, Ajijic 376-766-1444 Quinta Quetzalcoatl Hotel, Chapala 376-765-3653 Real de Chapala, Ajijic 376-766-0007 Hotsson Hotel, Chapala 376-765-8120 (See ad on page 5) Villa Montecarlo, Chapala 376-765-2120/2014 Villa San Francisco, Chapala 376-765-3676 IMMIGRATION SERVICES (See also Legal Services) Verónica Muñoz, Ajijic 333-157-9472 (See ad on page 6) Alvaro Becerra Sanchez, 333-201-3123 (see ad on page 36) INDEPENDENT LIVING Casa Anastasia Care Home, Riberas del Pilar 333-452-5864 Shangri-La Retirement Living Facility, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1359 The Moon Adult Community, Ajijic 376-766-0939 INSURANCE Bellon Insurance, San Antonio Tlay 333-662-6915 (See ad on page 49) Blue Angel Solutions, Ajijic 376-766-0547 Lakeside Insurance, 333-106-6982 (See ad on page 59) Parker Insurance, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4070

DIRECTORY 2021 Protex Intl. 800-681-6730 S & S Auto, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4800 TioCorp Inc., San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-3975 (See ad on page 40) Lakeside Medical 376-766-0395 IRONWORK El Tempisque Herreria, Ajijic 376-766-2322 Herreria Artistica Nunez, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-3777 Herreria y Aluminio Unzueta, Ajijic 376-766-0041 Nuevo Ajijic Herreria 331-120-5126 LABORATORIES - MEDICAL CHOPO/CARE Labs, Riberas del Pilar/GDL 376-765-4805 Go Lab, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-0881 Hospital Ajijic, Ajijic 376-766-0500 isi Lab, Ajijic 376-766-1164 Laboratorio de Analisis Clinicos y Bacteriologicos, Ajijc 376-766-1563 Laboratorio Clinico, Ajijic 376-766-0398 Undima Diagnostic Imaging, Chapala 376-765-3431 LANDSCAPING, GARDEN & WATER Chapala Tree Service (see ad on page 36) Garden Center, Ajijic 376-765-5973 Rain Forest Jardineria Integral, Ajijic 376-766-4534 Simply Gardens, Ajijic 376-766-3843 LEGAL SERVICES (see also Notaria Publica) ABC Legal, Ajijic 376-766-1654 Ajijic Legal and retirement services, San Juan Cosala 331-172-1724 Albez Law Firm, Guad. 333-613-8195 Alvaro Becerra Sanchez, 333-201-3123 (see ad on page 36) Chapala Law, Chapala 376-765-7553 Felipe González 331-862-6230 Attorney at Law 33 1073 8553 (see ad on page 60) Legalize Cars Remote Online Notary in Florida Selecia Young-Jones 904-333-7311 (see ad on page 54) Solbes & Solbes Abogados, Riberas del Pilar 331-520-5529 LIGHTING Home Decor, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-0856 Ilumina & Decora, San Antonio Tlay. 376-765-5067 JWL Lighting, Ajijic 376-766-1064


Armando Cardenas, Ajijic 376-766-3003 Cerrajeria Aragon, Chapala 376-765-3252 Cerrajeria Casillas, San Antonio Tlay. 331-021-6637

DIRECTORY 2021 LUMBER Madera y Triplay, Ajijic 331-292-5134 Jocotepec. 331-862-9016 Real Ortega & Sons, Chapala 376-765-2404 MAILING SERVICES Handy Mail, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1569 Ishop Mail, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1933 (See ad on page 12) Sol y Luna Logistics, Ajijic 376-766-5850 MEAT & CHEESES Ajijic Meat Market, Ajijic 376-766-4554 Carnicerias Mr Bull, Ajijic 376-766-3083 Los 3 Butchery, Ajijic 333-171-1897 Philfer Deli/Bakery, Ajijic 333-724-0232 Tony’s 376-766-1614 MEDICAL CARE & SERVICES (See also Assisted Living & also Physicians) Cardiovascular Solutions 376-766-1870 Casita Montaña Medical Center, Ajijic 376-766-5513 Lake Med Center, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Ajijic 376-766-2088 Lakeside Health Specialists 376-766-4800 Mdee 552-141-3451 (See ad on page 10) OxiReyes Oxigeno Medicinal, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5040 Red Cross (Cruz Roja), Chapala 376-765-2308 (See ad on page 32) SkyMed 333-661-3402 (See ad on page 15) MEDICAL CLINICS/HOSPITALS LOCAL Chapala Med Center 376-766-4435 (See ad on pages 52 & 53) Hospital Ajijic, Ajijic 376-766-0662 Hospital General Regional de Jocotepec, El Chante 387-763-1234 Hospital San Antonio 376-689-0911 (See ad on page 13) Ribera Medical Center 376-765-8200 (see ad onpage 55) MOTORCYCLE TOURS - RENTALS Riders of the Sierra Madre, 331-604-5701 MOVING SERVICES Barbara’s Bazaar, Ajijic 376-766-1824 Truck & men available for your local moving needs. Experienced workmen – Reasonable rates. Stop in: Independencia #7, Ajijic (See ad on back cover) Best Mexico Movers US/CAN 915-235-1951 (See ad on page 9) Lake Chapala Moving 376-766-5008 (See ad on page 9)

46 Strom-White Movers, Ajijic 376-766-8153 NOTARIA PUBLICA(see also Legal Services) Adriana Villaseñor Pujol, Villa Nova 376-766-2689 Antonio Basulto Ruiz (#1), Chapala 376-765-2111 Luis Enrique Ramos Bustillos (#2), San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0190 Jorge Luis Ramos Uriarte (#115 GDL), Chapala 376-765-4166 Juan Jose Rodriguez Aviles (#4), Chapala 376-765-4768 Sergio Ernesto Macias Avila (#5), Chapala 376-765-4510 Juan Carlos Lopez Jara (#1), Jocotepec 387-763-0282 NURSERIES, PLANTS Flora Exotica, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1633 Las Palmas, San Antonio Tlay. 333-170-1776 Las plantas de Emila, 333-955-3440 Ajijic 333-196-7910 Vivero Azucena, Ajijic 376-766-4289 Vivero Plaza, Riberas del Pilar 044-484-4974 Vivero San Antonio, San Antonio Tlay 376-766-2191 NURSING HOMES (See Assisted Living) NURSING SERVICES Lake Med Center, Ajijic 376-766-2088 NUTRITION & SUPPLEMENTS DAC Natural Pharmacy, Chapala 376-765-3058 La Abejita, Ajijic 376-766-4588 Prasad Health Foods, Ajijic 376-766-0006 Rosario Bedoya Berg 331-928-3438 Unica Farmacia Alternative, La Floresta 376-766-0523 OFFICE & ART SUPPLIES Copy Ribera, Ajijic 376-766-1727 Papeleria Hidalgo, Ajijic 376-766-0501 Papeleria Trinidad, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-2400 OPTOMETRISTS Claravision/Luz Maria Zepeda, OD, Ajijic 331-411-1178 (See ad on page 7) OPTHALMOLOGIST Camacho Choza, Dra. Claudia, Chapala 333-403-3857 Alta Retina, Mirasol 376-766-1521 (See ad on page 8) PAINT/ TOOL STORE Casther, Chapala 376-766-0918 Riberas del Pilar 376-688-1156 Ajijic 376-766-0918 San Nicolas de Ibarra 376-106-2290 Jocotepec 387-763-0947 Jocotepec 387-763-0253 (See ad on page 62)

Pinturas Berel, Ajijic 376-766-2311 Pinturas Prisa, Ajijic 376-766-4145 Quiroz Waterproofings & Paints, La Floresta 376-766-2311 PEST CONTROL Exterminio, 376-765-3237 Fumi-Tech, Ajijic 376-766-1946 Mosquito Control, 331-398-7699 PET FOOD, SUPPLIES & GROOMING (See also Animal Care/Welfare, also Vets) DanVet, Chapala 376-765-7060 Dee’s Pet Hotel, 331-765-7074 Furry Friends, 376-765-5431 Lakeside Friends of the Animals, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5544 Maskota’s Lake Veterinaria, Ajijic 376-766-0287 (See ad on page 35) Maskottchen, Chapala 376-765-7060 Memo’s, Ajijic 376-766-0885 Pet Care Store & Vet, Riberas del Pilar 376-106-0897 Pet Food & Grooming, Ajijic 376-766-3062 PHARMACIES (Farmacias) Farmacia Cristina, Ajijic 376-766-1501 Farmacia Express, Chula Vista 376-766-0656 Farmacia Express II, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0656 Farmacia Guadalajara Ajijic 376-766-2156 Chapala 376-765-3010 Jocotepec 387-763-1412 San Juan Cosala 387-763-2861 Farmacia Maskaras, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5827 Farmex, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5004 PHONE SERVICE Telmex, Ajijic 376-766-2331, 376-766- 2132 Repair 050 PHYSICAL THERAPY Gaitan, Maria Dolores 333-451-6022 PHYSICIANS / DOCTORS ANGIOLOGIST Torres González David 331-839-9022 376-689-0911 Moreno Gutiérrez Francisco 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 COSMETIC/ PLASTIC SURGEONS Bimbeza, Dr. Sergio Aquila, Plastica-Lift, Chula Vista 376-108-0595 Hernandez, Santiago R. 376-766-4435 Villaran, Dr. Ben, Ajijic 376-766-4871 Rojas Macedo Antonio 332-835-2189 DERMATOLOGIST Bañuelos Díaz Daniela 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 Dermika Centro Dermatological, Ajijic 376-766-2500

47 Reyes, Dr. Raul, Chapala 376-766-2400 EAR-NOSE-THROAT (Otolaryngologist) Ochoa, Dr. Alberto, Ajijic 376-766-2428 Chan Valle Guadalupe 333-105-4232 376-689-0911 García Noguera Luis 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 GASTROENTEROLOGY Briseño Garcia Daniel 376-766-1870 González Ramírez Gilberto (Surgeon) 376-689-0911, 332-184-2148 (See ad on page 4) GENERAL/FAMILY MEDICINE Aceves M, Dr. Juan M., Ajijic 376-766-1244 González, Dra. Karen, Ajijic 331-158-4236 Hernandez, Dr. Santiago, Chapala Med, Plaza Interlago 376-766-4435 Mora Barragan, Dra. Amelia Teresa, Chapala 376-765-3657 Morales Rivera, Dr. Teresa, Jocotepec 387-763-1088 Rodriguez, Dr. Alfredo, Hospital Ajijic 376-766-0662 GYNECOLOGY Portillo Osorio Emma Gabriela 376-689-0911 Ramos Iliana 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 INTERNIST Garcia, Dr. Carlos, 376-765-4805 Flores Paytuví Ana Gabriela 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 HEMATOLOGIST González Moncada, Ana Isabel 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 NEPHROLOGY Sanchez Macias Lucio 376-689-0911 Chavez Chavez Hugo Enrique 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 NEUROLOGIST Grimaldo Urrutia, Dr. Ernesto, Ajijic 376-766-2428 Varela Rizo, Dr. Gabriel, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-6666 Cardenas Rubén 376-689-0911 NEUROSURGEON González González José Manuel 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 PSYCHOLOGIST/ PSYCHIATRIST Boudreau, Michele M.A. Speech Therapist,Riberas del Pilar 376-765-4227 Briana Horwitz Ph.D, 376-766-5077 Jaramillo Chavez, Dr. 376-765-4806 Jose Raul Ruis Sanchez, 333-814 9293 Lake Psychology Group, Riberas del Pilar 376-108-1707 Hernández Sánchez Ana Paulina 376-766-1870, 376-766-5425 ONCOLOGIST Herrera Pérez Diego 376-766-1870 376-766-5425

SURGEONS CARDIOLOGISTS Briseno Garcia, Dr Hector A, 376-766-1870 Quality Care 376-766-5425 Dante Lara, Lakeside Cardiology Group, Riberas del Pilar 331-517-4044 Garcia Garcia, Dr. Ramon, ICMI, La Cristina 333-157-4741 Hernandez , Santiago R. 376-766-4435 Moya Villasenor, Dr. Salvador, Jocotepec 387-763-0665 Ortiz Munoz, Dr Julio Alberto, Cardio Health, Ajijic, 376-766-5224 SURGEON Valenzuela Alpuche Héctor Ali 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 TRAUMATOLOGY Gonzalez Úrzua Alvaro 376-689-0911 Gonzalez Ross Alvaro (back specialist) 376-689-0911, 333-814-7420 UROLOGIST Garcia Espinosa Francisco 376-689-0911 García Buenrostro Fabián 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 OPHTHALMOLOGY Diaz Robles Daniela 331-845-9562 Díaz Salazar Mariana Xacil 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 ORTHOPEDIST Martínez Sandoval Gabriel 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 RHEUMATOLOGY García Valladares Ignacio 376-766-1870 376-766-5425 PLUMBING (see Electric/Plumbing /Septic) POLICE Local Emergency 911 Ajijic 376-766-1760 Chapala 376-765-4444 Ixtlahuacan dlm 376-762-0002/0444 Jocotepec 387-763-0006 State Police (Emergencies) 080 Ministerio Publico 376-766-2415 Transito 376-765-4747 POOLS & SERVICE Albercas del Lago, Riberas del Pilar 376-108-0396 El Mundo del Agua, Ajijic 376-766-0060 Home Services, General Contractor, Ajijic 376-766-1192 POST OFFICE Chapala 376-766-6809 Jocotepec 387-763-0322 PRINTING Ai Soluciones Gráficas 376-108-0405 Chula Vista PROPANE GAS Gas Licuado Zeta Gas 376-766-0790

DIRECTORY 2021 PUBLICATIONS El Ojo del Lago, Chapala 376-765-3676 Guadalajara Reporter, Ajijic 376-766-3338 La Pagina, 766-765-3535 REAL ESTATE AGENCIES/ REALTORS Ajijic Homes 4 Rent 376-766-1562 All-in-1 México Real Estate Carr. Chapala-Jocotepec #139, San Antonio Tlayacapan 376-766-1161 cel. 333-814-7795 (See ad on page 9) Alicia Gomez 331-466-9839 BienCom 376-766-1186 Century 21, Access Mex Chula Vista 376-766- 2612 /13/14 Chapala Realtors, 376-766-7000 Ajijic 331-311-7806 Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty 376-765-3676 Continental Realty, Ajijic 376-766-1994 (See ad on page 10) Duncan, Emily 331-094-3275 Fenix Real Estate, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1776 (See ad on inside front cover) Four Seasons Homes 376-766-5931 Lake Chapala Real Estate, Ajijic 376-766-4530 RESORTS (See Hotels, B&Bs) RESTAURANTS/ BARS/ CAFES Adelita Bar & Grill, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0097 Alex’s Pasta Bar, Ajijic 376-766-2084 Angelina’s 333-150-6940 (see ad on page 38) El Ancla, Ajijic 331-361-5044 Armando’s Hideaway, Ajijic 376-766-2229 Bobby’s La Terraza Gourmet Ajijic 376-108-2309 Brew House, Ajijic 376-766-5657 Bruno’s Restaurant, Ajijic 376-766-1674 Casa Domenech, Ajijic 332-203-9928 Casa lInda Restaurant Ajijic 376 108 0887 Ces Charracate Wine Bar 331-497-3620 Chac Lan Restaurant & Bar, San Juan Cosala 387-761-0326 China Inn, Jocotepec 387-763-3155 CocinArt, Ajijic 331-395-3810 Deli B, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1569 Delicias, Chapala 376-765-5021 El Barco, Ajijic 376-766-0452 El Fogon de Charlotte, Ajijic 376-766-9764 Emma’s Deli, Ajijic 333-399-3202 Emilias, Ajijic 331-097-3133 El Jardin de Ninette, Ajijic 376-766-4905 Fonda Dona Lola, Ajijic 376-766-4455 Food Lake Container, Riberas del Pilar 376-107-1760

DIRECTORY 2021 Go Bistro, Ajijic 333-502 6555 Gosha, Ajijic 376-766-2121 Gossip’s, Ajijic 376-766-0217 Hot Rod Burrito Grill, Ajijic 376-766-5890 Huerto Cafe 376-108-0843 Janelle’s Garden, Ajijic 376-766-1616 Jitomate Gourmet, Ajijic 333-597-3076 Kamellos, Ajijic 331-892-7735 La Antigua 331-329-8748 La Bodega, Ajijic 376-766-1002 La Casa del Cafe, Ajijic 376-766-2876 La Casa del Waffle, Ajijic 376-766-1946 (See ad on page 63) La Pacena, San Antonio Tlay. 333-157-8943 La Taverna del Quattro Mori, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-2848 Lobo del Mar, Ajijic 376-766-6053 Los Molletes, Ajijic 376-766-4296 Los Telares, Ajijic 376-766-0428 Manix, Ajijic 376-766-0061 Maria Isabel, Ajijic 376-766-5157 Masayume, Ajijic 376-766-0452 Min Wah, Ajijic 376-766-0686 Mom’s Restaurant Deli, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5719 Pale, Ajijic 333-570-6084 Panino Deli & Restaurant 376-766-3822 Patisserie Francais, Ajijic 376-766-3399 Pasta Trenta, Ajijic 376-766-1121 Perry’s Pizza, Ajijic 376-766-2841 Pizzeria Toscana, Ajijic 376-754-6996 Pranzo Bistro, La Floresta 376-766-1668 Punto Verde, San Antiono Tlay. 376-106-2401 Purple Garlic, Ajijic 376-766-2636 Restaurant Tio Domingo Ajijic 376-766-2453 Richards, Chapala 376-108-0180 Roberto’s Restaurant, Ajijic 376-766-1616 Scalion Bistro, Ajijic 376-766-2301 Simply Thai, Ajijic 333-393-2770 Ajijic Tango, Ajijic 376-766-2458 Tacos Arandas, Ajijic 376-688-4171 Teocintle, Ajijic 331-547-8968 Tepetate Thai Food, Ajijic 376-766-2020 The Peacock Garden, Ajijic 376-766-1381 Tony’s, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-1614 Viva Mexico, San Juan Cosala 387-761-1058 Yves Restaurant, Ajijic 376-766-3565 RUG CLEANING A service of Barbara’s Bazar We offer complete hand washing & repairs, hand knotted rugs only, pick up and delivery. Independencia #7, Ajijic (See ad on back cover) Oriental Carpet Cleaning 376-766-1824

48 SATELITTE TV Ajijic Electronics, Ajijic 376-766-1117 Shaw Satellite Services, 331-402-4223 SKY La Ribera, Jocotepec 387-763-2909 SCOOTERS Seat & Move 333-201-3601 (See ad on page 37) SCHOOLS/ INSTITUTES Chapala Learning Center, Chapala 376-765-5498 Instituto Loyola de Chapala, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0676 Instituto Technologico Superior 376-766-4785 Instituto Terranova, Ajijic 376-766-3033/2401 SECURITY Antonio Leal, Ajijic 376-766-6536 SOSE Security, Chapala 376-765-4921 Smart Home Inc., 376-766-0075 Steren, Centro Laguna 376-766-0599 SHOES Plazapato, Ajijic 376-766-4956 Mi Mexico, Ajijic 376-766-0133 SOLAR Opiere Solar 376-766-6148 Francisco Villa 31 Ajijic, Mexico Facebook: Opiere Solar Ajijic Confort, Climas & Solar 331-180-8581 Riberas del pilar 331-549-5369 SPAS (See also Beauty salons & Makeup) Balneario San Juan Cosala, 387-761-0302 Cosala Grand, San Juan Cosala 387-761-0202 (See ad on page 39) El Chante Spa Hotel 387-763-2606 Frau Spa. Ajijic 376-766-4393 Ganesha Spa, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-5653 (See ad on page 50) La Bella Vida, Ajijic 376-766-5131 Total Body Care, Ajijic 376-766-3379 (See ad on page 56) STORAGE Bodegas Chapala Self-Storage, Ajijic 376-766-0661 (See ad on page 11) Strom-White Movers, Ajijic 376-766-4049 TAX PREPARATION Lakeside Tax Service, 376-766-3557 (See ad on page 57) Taxes in Mexico Inc., Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5273 (See ad on page 34) TAXI Ajijic 376-766-0674 Chapala 376-765-3511 Arturo Fernandez, 333-954-3813 Luis Miramontes, 331-307-8289

Miguel Miramontes 331-095-2185 Hugo Medrano Soto 333-390-8909 TRANSLATORS Martha Curiel 333-101-3519 Robert Castellanos 331-71- 5105 TRAVEL AGENCIES & TOURS Agencia - Charter Club Tours 376-766-1777 Ajijic (See ad on page 1) Agency Ajijic Travel, Ajijic 376-766-0575 Go Mexico Way, 376-766-4626 Lydia’s Tours, 376-765-4742 SkyMed Travel 376-766-0781 (See ad on page 15) Tequila Express, 333-880-9080/9099 Viajes Ajijic S.A. de C.V. 376-766-0903 TREE SERVICES Chapala Tree Service, 376-762-0602 (See ad on page 36) UPHOLSTERY Tapiceria Automotriz, Chapala 376-765-6526 Tapiceria Las Vegas, Ajijic 331-041-0641 Tapiceria Oscar, Chapala 376-765-2366 Tapiceria San Jose, Ajijic 376-766-1487 VETERINARY Axixic Salud Care (Medeles), Ajijic 376-766-1009 Ladron de Guevara Animal Hospital, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-5940 (See ad on page 64) Maskota’s Lake, Ajijic 376-766-0287 (See ad on page 35) Memo’s Veterinarian, Ajijic 376-766-0886 Pet Place, Plaza Interlago, 333-196-4150 Jose “Pepe” Magana, Riberas del Pilar 376-765-2717 Delfine Hernandez 376-766-0808 Veterinaria Zavala, Ajijic 376-766-1604 WATER COMMISSION/SIMAPA Ajijic 376-766-0423 Chapala 376-765-8010 San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-5838 WATER EQUIPMENT/ FILTERS & ACCESSORIES El Mundo del Agua, Ajijic 376-766-0060 H2Ole, Ajijic 376-766-5999 Home Solutions, Ajijic 376-766-0133 Nikken 331-411-5708 Tecno Aqua, Ajiic 376-766-3731 WINES & LIQUORS Beto’s Wine & Liquors, Ajijic 333-507-3024 Licores Paz, San Antonio Tlay. 376-766-0292 (See ad on page 50) Purely Canadian Intl. Wines, Ajijic, 376-766-0699 Super La Playa, Ajijic 376-766-3817 ZOO Zoologico Guadalajara, 333-674-4488