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The Lake Breeze NOVEMBER


Lake Lucerne Club Company Annual Meeting Bainbridge Town Hall Sunday, December 9, 2012 7:00 p.m. All members in good standing are invited & encouraged to attend. COMPLETE AND MAIL THE ATTACHED PROXY CARD TODAY. EVEN IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND THE MEETING THE BOARD NEEDS YOUR PROXY; IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU AT THE MEETING.

Remembering Our Beautiful Autumn

The Community Newsletter of the Lake Lucerne Club Company


Lake Breeze O U R

6 9 T H

Dennis Heppner Editor

Inside this issue: Presi2 dent’s Message Editorial


Annual Meeting Agenda


New 4 Board and TrusAround the Lake


Trustee Reports


Around the Lake




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A Message from the President It’s been a pleasure serving with the Board of Trustees this year as President. We have a great, devoted group of Trustees and Officers, reflecting our diverse neighborhood, and always making for a dynamic monthly meeting. Volunteering to serve the community requires a bit of work, for sure. It is more than rewarded with new friendships, and an appreciation for how many talented and creative people we’ve assembled in such a small place! On your proxy card, you’ll see that the Board is bringing to your attention two projects for the benefit of the community that require significant capital expenditure. As a credit to how our community has been run over the years, we have more than sufficient capital available, and will not be proposing an increase in dues. Both of these capital items were first proposed by members of the community, and brought to the Board ready for our review. The Board strongly supports both projects. The first project is for essential road improvements. Periodically, the roads are completely redone, and the time has come to do so. Doug Heneghan (a former President and Roads Trustee) and Greg Randall took this project on at the conclusion of last year’s annual meeting, where the conditions of the roads were discussed. The second project involves improvement to our five entrances. The Beautification Committee, a grass roots group of residents, has spent significant time and energy on this project. The Committee will be providing a preview of the project prior to the Annual Meeting, and will have materials at the meeting also for your review. On another note, 2012 has featured some more than routine trouble, primarily centered near the lake. We increased police presence in the spring after outside teenagers (typically here as a “guest” of one of ours) made a nuisance of themselves nightly in our beach parking area. In addition, members of the community, myself included, got involved directly at times. The Board will not tolerate deterioration in our high standard of safety and comfort, and will take visible, directed action when required. We also had several serious incidents at the Independence Day celebration. I will be asking the Board to assess the goals of this event, and how we are currently operating it, working closely with the volunteers who are running things in 2013. If you are in the habit of hosting a very large affair centered at our Independence Day celebration, please be advised we may introduce significant new rules around security in general, the number of guests, and how they are identified and documented. I want to remind everyone that this is OUR community. We collectively own the common property and the lake. It is a private community, with beautiful facilities and several private events annually, which are for the use and enjoyment of members of Lake Lucerne Club Company and our guests. I look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting, as well as the upcoming Holiday Party.




Getting Involved; Carrying on Traditions

The 2011 Annual Meeting was bittersweet for me in a couple of ways. First, believe it or not, I look forward to the Annual Meeting. It is a chance to see and reconnect with some folks that I may have missed over the year, but it also feeds my desire to know what is happening in our community. And I am reminded of the tremendous work so many volunteers do for the rest of us. A hearty ‘Thank You’ to the Board, ARB, Garden Club, Event Chairs and volunteers, and anyone who contributes to our little slice of life. Secondly, I was ending my 3-year term on the ARB. It was a terrific opportunity to contribute and help neighbors that choose to improve their investment in Lake Lucerne. I learned a heck of a lot from the rest of the members too! But time to let others have some of the fun. Not to worry though, O Faithful Reader. We will soldier on with the Lake Breeze. Norm Weinberg and I enjoy putting our newsletter together but we do have a request. We need more involvement and contribution from the membership! Tell us what you want to hear about; better yet submit items of interest that you would like to share. The point I am attempting to make is that “Lake Lucerne Spirit” is like art – I know it when I see it. Even after 20+ years, I continue to be encouraged when I see new neighbors attend our traditional events (even better when they take charge); walkers that stop to pick up trash; young adults that move back to the lake with their families; kids that stay up all night to be extras in a movie; and a concert at the Town Hall turn into a fundraiser for a family dealing with a health challenge. There may be another place like Lake Lucerne somewhere (OZ? Whoville?), but I ain’t seen it yet. So my suggestion/advice/plea to everyone is GET INVOLVED. While that elusive spirit is alive, it needs to be feed with new blood. Consider leading Clean Up Day or the 4th. Join Garden Club or Book Club. Go to the Holiday Dance and bring a friend. And for Pete’s sake, attend the Annual Meeting and see what it takes to maintain our legacy. On to the main purpose of this issue of the Lake Breeze. This is the time of year that members of the Lake Lucerne Club Company meet, review the past year, and discuss the vision for the coming year. Our Annual Meeting is not only required in our bylaws, but is the opportunity to plan our future and recognize the efforts of our volunteer leadership. The meeting features reports by the Board, discussion of issues, and other topics brought to the floor. We look forward to traditions such as Clean-Up Day and our Independence Day celebration. But in order to make sure we have quality water, attractive common areas, maintained roads, and an overall quality neighborhood, we have an infrastructure of volunteers that commit countless hours to balance our finances and quality of life. This is the community work and spirit that sustains us and lays groundwork for generations. This issue of the Lake Breeze contains written reports and important meeting details (send in your proxy card right away!), as well as a message from the President. Each Lake Lucerne member should familiarize themselves with the reports, information, and budgets. Plan to attend and participate.


T H E L A K E L U C E R N E C L U B C O M PA N Y Annual Meeting Agenda December 9, 2012 Call to Order Pledge of Allegiance Opening Remarks – Dean Koch Review, discussion and acceptance of 2011 Annual Meeting minutes Treasurer’s Report – Maureen Graham Audit Committee Report - Chuck Mozingo and Bob Leon Trustee Reports Water – Jeff Wright & Terry Franklin Sports – Steve Stratton Roads – Bill Repke Parks – Greg Sharp Membership – Bettina Steinmetz Lakes – Pete Krause Beach – Trish Randall Architectural Review Board Report – Mike Hanson Nominating Committee Report Election of Officers, Trustees, Nominating and Audit Committees New Business  Capital project: Beautification  Capital project: Roads  Proposed Budget for 2013 

Proposed Dues Structure for the Year 2013

Adjournment 2012 Nominating Committee: Lisa Veerhoff, and Geniene Garrison The 2012 Nominating Committee is pleased to present the 2013 slate of nominations: Board of Trustees Parks:

Greg Sharp *

Officers Secretary:


Water: Terry Franklin *

Treasurer: Maureen Graham *





Pete Krause *



Steve Stratton

Membership: Beach:

Bettina Steinmetz

Trish Randall

* Sitting Trustees & Officers

Audit Committee Chuck Mozingo Bob Leon

Michael Hanson Dean Koch

Nominating Committee Geniene Garrison Lisa Veerhoff



Around the Lake

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! WE are so EXCITED to be announcing our HOLIDAY PARTY! We are lucky enough to have the super fun holiday music of the OHIO CITY SINGERS and we are thrilled to be ENTERTAINING at the NEWLY redecorated TANGLEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB!!!!! It is GORGEOUS! And the MUSIC IS SOME of the BEST IN THE WORLD!


the Date! DECEMBER 15! START SAVING THE $95/couple ($47.50/person) and reserve your BABYSITTERS! It is going to be a FANTASTIC EVENING! Remember to INVITE YOU FRIENDS!

Nominating Committee would like to know if you are interested in joining Lake Lucerne leadership in one of the following capacities: 

Board Secretary - vacated by Vicki Welling


Co-Sports Trustee - assisting Steve Stratton while his health improves


Roads Trustee – vacated by Bill Repke

Please express interest via email to Geniene Garrison or Lisa Purdy We will collect the names of those interested and make appropriate nominations prior to our Annual Meeting Sunday December 9, 2012 7pm.


John Sieber

A long time resident of Lake Lucerne, who with his wife Linda, raised four children in their Summit Drive home. John was very active in our community, serving as a Beach Trustee and as the July 4th Fireworks Coordinator. Also active in Bainbridge, he supported the Bainbridge Library, Friends of the Bainbridge Police and volunteered with the Kenston Athletic Association. John was a friend to all. He is fondly remembered for biking through the Lake with his cohorts and every July, carefully storing and guarding the Lake’s fireworks in his garage. John and Linda moved from the Lake in 2001 to a condo in Aurora. He died on October 18th at the Hospice of the Western Reserve and he will be missed. A service of celebration will be held on November 10, 2012 at 11am at Lord of Life Church.


Board Reports

Greg Sharp Trustee Happy End of Year! The typical term for a Parks Trustee is 3 years and I’m just finishing up year three. As you’ll see below, there is one specific reason why I’ve asked to have my term extended for one more year. In my traditional reports, I lovingly refer to my three primary responsibilities – mailboxes, fences and mowing. I’ll give an update on those momentarily, but I need to highlight another item that was more noticeable this year than usual (and the reason I’ve asked for one more year) – spring chipping. In 2010 and 2011, the bill for this annual service had been steadily increasing. And in 2011, when the previous service provider told me he would be substantively increasing his rate, I looked for a new company. After getting several estimates, I selected a new company. Everything appeared to be on track, but they didn’t show up on the first scheduled day. We got that ironed out, but the work wasn’t going to start until the following week. They showed up on that following Monday, only to have their machine break down in the first hour. Several more circumstances arose and, although the work eventually got done, it took much longer than anticipated. The moral of this story is: I’ll be looking for a new company yet again. I’ve asked for one more year because I don’t want to leave my replacement (volunteers anyone?) in a tough position as soon as he or she takes over. Assuming our 2013 service provider works out well, I will feel much more comfortable transitioning my role. A task about which I feel much better is the mowing contract. I recently signed an extension to the mowing contract with Wheeler Landscaping for three more years. I feel they’ve done a good job and the new deal locks in the current rate for the length of the contract. The plan to replace mailbox stands is still in place, but the pace has slowed to be mindful of my budget. I expect to continue chunking away at the existing mailbox stands, replacing those in the worst shape first, and hope to report steady progress as we get into next year. The fences. Oh, where to begin with the fences? Apparently we’ve installed moving fences. They seem to seem to be jumping in front of cars throughout the year. I will continue to bring in our service provider periodically to replace the fences as needed. Thankfully they have only jumped in front of cars, which can take the contact. I hope they don’t jump in front of anyone walking past them – I think bumpers can take the impact better than legs. Finally, I wanted to give my perspective on the proposal to beautify the entrances of our neighborhood. When a group of our neighbors approached the Board, I was excited to see the energy and enthusiasm of this volunteer committee. A lot of perspectives were considered and very thorough deliberations ensued. I think the team did a great job of being cost conscious while getting an outstanding plan put together. Please let me, or any of the committee members know if you have any questions about the proposal. Thanks and I look forward to another year as your Parks Trustee. - Greg Sharp



VP/ARB Liaison

Board Reports

The past 12 months have seen a flurry of building and remodeling activity in the Lake, including 5 major construction projects either finished or inprocess. This is encouraging as we come out of a recessive economy. It also means that families are choosing to stay and improve our community. Thank you to the Architectural Review Board for their hard work this year. This Michael R. Hanson group of individuals serves voluntarily to project the value of our homes, emTrustee brace the unique nature of each home, and seek beautification of our common areas. Homeowners should also be commended for working closely with the ARB to follow procedures and ensure that the appearance of their projects is in keeping with neighborhood themes, uniqueness, and deed restrictions. Changes to your home often involve emotional and personal choices. The ARB tries to balance individual needs, yet maintain neighborhood integrity and the upward trajectory of our collective home values. Our overall goal is to make Lake Lucerne an inviting neighborhood of first choice for those who consider Bainbridge and Geauga County a destination for their families. Please thank the members of the Beautification Committee and Roads Committee for their hard work as well. Both of these grass-roots teams took it upon themselves to present compelling arguments to the Board for continued enhancement to our beautiful community. Each team will present its proposals to the community for approval during our upcoming annual meeting. Great work by both teams! Finally, the Board will consider several proposals to improve security and event structure for our Independence Day and Halloween events. There were several extremely unfortunate, dangerous, and destructive behaviors exhibited by guests (and possibly residents) during our July 4th celebration. At the end of the day, these are OUR celebrations. It is up to ALL OF US as a Community to invite guests who will exhibit self-control and respect for others’ rights and property. The roads were plowed, patched, (slightly widened where patching allowed) and drainage was aided, all as could be done within my annual budget. I believe they are more safely drivable and better drained each year as situations arise.

ROADS Bill Repke Trustee

The collection of so many individual, non-standard driveway culvert placements over the years makes planned drainage nearly impossible. So often people, even with good intentions, redo THEIR driveways and/or ditches to improve THEIR home's drainage or appearance without awareness of the effects on their neighbors or the roads. In my YEARS of overseeing roads, ONLY ONCE (Ross Keen-thank you) did anyone call me to say "they were thinking about doing something like a new driveway or filling in their ditch" and what should be considered for the overall function. Changing anything within the easement of a Dedicated Public Road requires a permit, approved design; and if done without such, risks tear-out and restoration at the property owners' expense. I'm only saying that our private roads are a collection of individual efforts-even mine-to solve current problems without an engineered, long term plan. That ship sailed! If the community wants to be more aggressive in strengthening more edges, the roads budget will need to be considerably increased. Possible options should be discussed at the annual meeting. We moved here 43 years ago and discovered THE most wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy a TRUE COMMUNITY. It gets better when more are involved and invested in the overall function. It's been a joy and an honor to have been either on the board or rebuilding the water system for 28 of my years here. We love this place and I will gladly help, unofficially, for as long as I am here. God bless!


Board Reports

The 2012 season at Lake Lucerne Beach was a very successful one as we had a very responsible crew of lifeguards headed by Chelsea Hood. No major incidents Trish Randall occurred and no rescues were reported. With the hot, dry weather the bacteria Trustee counts and water conditions remained at a safe level throughout the summer, thus keeping our beach open for swimming. Vandalism was at a minimum, though security became an issue during the first few weeks of the summer season, as we had many cars parked at the beach after closing. A vigilant schedule to lock the gate and help from the Bainbridge Police curbed the desire for individuals to use the beach parking lot after hours. A big “thank you” to all of the family’s who volunteered to lock the gate and patrol the beach area on a nightly basis. We had an exciting event occur this summer as our lake and beach became the backdrop for the independent film “Toy’s House”. Thanks to all of our residents for their patience during any inconveniences as our wonderful community and some of our residents got their “fifteen minutes of fame”. What an exciting experience for all of us to witness. Our very own Lake Lucerne Swim Team had another fun an exciting season . Many thanks to Linda Nichols for all of her hard work and effort and also to our coaches Sean Nichols and Taylor Heppner. The swim team provides friendly competition, exercise, and friendships that last beyond the summer. Please consider joining the team next season for some fun summer memories. Certain costs projected for the 2013 beach season:  The framing and decking of the floating docks will be assessed and repaired as needed;  Repair of lifeguard chair;  Repair/replace pump in the guard shed in order to get the foot-wash up and running for the next beach season;  Replacement of 2 trash cans. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the 2013 beach season, please contact Trish Randall 567-5017. Four years ago the engineering study of our dam was submitted to the ODNR Dam Safety for approval, in order to comply with ODNR requirements. We still have not received a response from the ODNR. In June, 2009, an ODNR engineer came to Lake Lucerne to inspect the dam. We have not yet received the report. We will continue to wait. Upkeep and maintenance on the lakes this year included installing new pulleys on the #1 gate of the primary spillway. The gates have been working well throughout the year, although it was a year of light rainfall.

LAKES Pete Krause Trustee

Once again, we had many problems with unsecured watercraft on the lake getting stuck in the gates. Please lock your watercraft to the cable provided in the marina. Remember that Lake Lucerne Club Company is not responsible for any watercraft left in the marina. It is also not responsible for retrieving any watercraft that has washed over the dam, or repairing any watercraft that has gotten stuck in the gates. I would like to thank Mark Kleis for running the fishing tournament. In addition, thanks to Mark Kleis and Ed Speck for their continued efforts to rid our lake of geese.




Board Reports

Terry Franklin Trustee Jeff Wright System Operator

Although it was hot and very dry summer, 2012 has been a relatively good year with the Lake Lucerne Water System. Thanks to everyone for your cooperation in conserving and minimizing water usage whenever possible, and especially during the dry summer season. We continued to focus on working to improve the quality and consistency of our water while maintaining the system to avoid outages. The two backup natural gas powered electric generators that were installed several years ago (one at the East Summit station and the other at the Maple pump station) have performed well in the past during power outages. We do have the ability to turn valves in order to redirect water from one station to another thereby providing a continuous supply of water to all residents on the Lake Lucerne Water system, if a major power outage should occur for more than a short period of time. Most of the activity this year has been dedicated to normal maintenance of the existing pump stations, wells and distribution lines. We did clean two of the reservoirs and are continuing with the schedule we set up two years ago, for periodic cleaning of wells in order to maintain water output and quality. This summer we concentrated on the wells at the Maple and Westhill pump stations. We relocated the water main on Eastview Drive and provided a “Tap-In” for the new home that was built on Eastview. We replaced the roofs on the Lucerne Pump Station and Maple Drive Storage shed late last year, as we had planned. We still need to replace the roof on the Maple Pump Station and reservoir. We continue to test the quality of our water on a monthly basis in addition to other specific tests required by EPA for all public water system. Test results are reported in the Annual “Consumer Confidence Report” that is available on the Lake Lucerne website. We have not had any major violations and our EPA representative has commented that we are doing a good job in running our water system. We monitor the system on a daily basis and conduct daily testing of chlorine levels as required by EPA. These daily checks at each pump station, allow us to monitor usage and to isolate and repair leaks when water usage increases at any of the stations. This is an ongoing challenge and frequently consumes a great deal of time in isolating a leak. We appreciate your understanding when you experience low water pressure for a day or two when it is necessary to adjust main line water valves in locating an underground leak or leak in a home. We also appreciate you letting us know if you see or suspect a possible leak.

Each home on the Lake Lucerne Water system has a curb stop valve. This valve is normally located in the front of your home near the street but could be in the back if the water main runs behind your home. This valve is the responsibility of the homeowner, so please be sure that your curb stop valve is kept clear and is visible in case it is necessary to turn this valve. If you can not locate your curb stop valve, let us know. Please remember to immediately repair any leaks or running toilets in your home in order to avoid extra stress on the water system and avoid potential water outages. If you identify a leak in your water service line or suspect a leak in a water main, please contact Jeff Wright at 543-5750.



Around the Lake

News from the Garden Club/Spirit Committee “Share the Spirit", a slogan we hope to continue and encourage throughout our community. Our spirit committee has doubled since our last Breeze blurb. And that's a good thing because‌ Our Halloween happening at the beach was a "huge" success with a most impressive turnout. The kids sure seemed to be having fun and turned out some pretty awesomely decorated pumpkins. It was a grand afternoon in Lake Lucerne. Christmas caroling will be our next event. Each year the crowd grows and we're hoping to add musical accompaniment this time around. Watch out for mailbox flyers and e-mail blasts!



Our Community Lake Lucerne is a family community an atmosphere conducive to raising children and caring for each other.

Attend the Annual Meeting !

We operate under two basic social principles – respect for the rights of individuals and responsibility to the community as a whole. We encourage, and rely upon, participation and volunteerism to make our community operate. If you have an item for the Breeze, email or contact me anytime. Dennis Heppner, Editor 8314 Summit • 543.9262 The Lake Breeze 8314 Summit Dr. Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

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Here is theAnnual Meeting edition of our Lake Breeze.

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