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LAKE LEVEL On Lake Avalon we have a Court Mandated Lake Level which is controlled at the outlet. Some years we see variations at the shore which tell us that we are not having much precipitation and other times that we are having a lot but primarily the level remains consistent. A recent unpublished case in the Court of Appeals reflects why this is so important. DGM Land Co. v. Downey & Downey was fought over a situation where the shoreline had gone out 30 or more feet over many, many years. One party felt the lot line separating the respective properties should simply be extended to the new shoreline while the other felt it should be extended to the old shoreline and then along a line from that intersection to the actual center of the lake. Technically the dispute was over the location of the original shoreline but as is often the case the nugget is buried. The Court agreed with the second opinion based on an old Supreme Court case. Believe it or not to find the correct line, the shape of the Lake (round, oblong, etc) is a determining factor. Due to various factors many lakes experience severe lake level changes. Thankfully we don’t have that problem at this point in time.

Avalon Lake level 2007  

Lake Level finding