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Zakiya Howell! Winter2013 | Issue 2


Editor’s Note Hello there and welcome to our second issue of Reset Your Crown! When we launched our first issue in September, we couldn’t have anticipated how warmly we would be received, and we are grateful for your energy, kind words, constructive criticism, and support! A few things have changed since our inaugural issue, for me at least. In the interim, I became a proud mother to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, who we named Sabali. Since then I’ve developed a whole new

appreciation for the term “working mother!” Now, more than ever, I realize the importance of adopting and maintaining and healthy and positive lifestyle, not only for myself, but also as an example for my child. No pressure there though, right? Speaking of children, for our Winter issue of RYC, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Zakiya, a lovely young women who spends her free time working with kids in the community. As a society, we cannot

stress enough how hugely impactful role models are on all children, but particularly those who don’t see enough positivity in their homes. As the old African proverb states, “it takes a village to raise a child.” We are indebted to Zakiya and all other young adults who take it upon themselves to fill the needs they see in their communities. We are each other’s keepers. On behalf of the RYC team, best wishes to you and your families. ~ Dominique



Features from a to zakiya


Zakiya Gives Back


Q&A by Dominique Panganiban

Photo essay by Zakiya Howell MOVE OF THE MONTH Get into the groove and switch up your usual routine with Zumba toning. By Alana Patrick




Holiday Hair styels for locs


Walk this way! (& run, bike, lift, stretch too!) You CAN workout with natural hair! By Nneka Otim

Get some holiday hair inspiration. Stylist, Tatiana Nicole





Zakiya shares her healthy outlook and takes us back to the future to see her natural hair journey! By Dominique Panganiban What have you done for your hair lately? Loc in the moisture with 5 great ingredients! (pun intended) By Alana Patrick


We’re so excited we found a chic little vintage boutique to showcase this month.



LaKaye Mbah


Dominique Panganiban


Alana Patrick


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Get pretty in pink or red this holiday season with these versatile pieces. By Dominique Panganiban

You work hard for your money, so save a little with DIY Button earrings: A super-simple holiday gift idea!


Good news for you pack rats! 80’s fashion is back! Photography by LaKaye Mbah






Girls just wanna have fun - with make-up, that is. Try on these colorful looks. By Kishinna Fields Astral turned her home upside down and created a very special living space. By Astral Riles

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See more of Zakiya’s black and white asymmetrical jacket and other 80’s inspired gear in this issue. Make up by Kishinna Fields. Photography by LaKaye Mbah. Go behind the scenes of our shoot on page 56. 3


Accessorize it! Vintage jewelry & accessories at Coco Libre! pg. 34


Tatiana Nicole

Katherine Alvarado

Michele Conaway

Zumba Instructor


Tatiana Nicole is the owner and a stylist for Atelier 801 Natural Hair Salon in Towson, Maryland. Atelier, known as “art studio” in French, celebrates and embraces natural hair. They specialize in locs and natural hair care, but with overall concern for your hair. Stylists are dedicated to tending to natural tresses of all types.  The stylists believe that the “key to a great style, is in the products.”  Products set the tone for great hair results, and they strive for nothing but the best!

Katherine and Justine are both teachers in the Hampton Roads area and teach Zumba Toning at the Philippine Cultural Center. While coming from different backgrounds, they both share a love for fitness and incorporating fun into their workouts! Together, these women are working with participants, and encouraging them to get fit, while having fun. They love their ZPEEPS! Find their class schedules on the Zumba Chasers and Philippine Cultural Center Facebook pages.

Michele is a photographer in Baltimore, MD specializing in Boudoir Photography, Event Photography and her favorite, Creative Portraiture. She has been shooting for over 5 years and enjoys melding creativity, photography and technology. Michele is inspired by three words: life, surreal, and beauty. She makes sure her images are saturated and familiar. You can visit her website at www.micheleconaway. com or contact her to schedule a sitting at

Atelier 801 Natural Hair


From A to



Photography by LaKaye Mbah Words & Styling by Dominique Panganiban Make Up by Kishinna Fields



or many, the holiday season represents a period of giving. Whether it’s giving gifts to loved ones, or giving back to the community, many people see this as a time to exhibit the “holiday spirit” of selflessness. So it was only right that for the Holiday issue of RYC, we showcase someone who embodies the essence of the holiday spirit. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Zakiya Howell, a beautiful and dynamic self-starter, who spends her time giving back to the community not just during the holiday season, but all year round! We were excited to meet with Zakiya and discover how working with others has impacted her natural growth.

Tell us about how you started giving back to the community.

In the past, I’ve worked as a sponsor for the Excellence Girls Club [in the Hampton Roads Area]. The club helps girls deal with all aspects pertaining to life. We have discussions about everything from career development, reducing [defensive] behavior, community service, exploration, pretty much anything you can think of that would enhance the life of a young girl in middle school or high school. And the club is open to everyone, whether they’re at risk girls, or just wanting an outlet. Besides the discussion groups, we also participate in different types of events such as ‘Light the


(continued on page 8)

Night’ walks, holiday gift wrappings, food drives, etc. And every year we pick a different causes to advocate. Some causes we’ve supported in the past have been Women Veterans, and Lupus Awareness. How did you become involved with this program?

I actually started as a member when I was in high school. I was very shy and reserved, 8 WWW.RESETYOURCROWN.COM

and one day my mother was up at my school. She spoke to [Excellence Girls Club founder] Vicki Madison, who worked in the guidance department. At the time, the club had just really started at my school under a real name. So Vicki was explaining the club to my mother, and my mom pretty much told me, “Oh you’re going to come to these meetings!” The club brought out a lot of my abilities and my talents. The founder, Vicki Madison, is one of those people who’s always

looking for opportunities for you. And after my first year of college, I started sponsoring. What are you doing now?

Right now I’ve taken a break from sponsoring because I’m finishing my year of volunteer service with AmeriCorps (which is a division of Peace Corps). Actually, tomorrow I will have finished 1,700 hours to complete my year of service. The organization I volunteered with is called Community Housing

partners –a non-profit that specializes in finding affordable low-income housing. I work in their Resident Services department. So on a day to day basis I work with kids. I also help residents use computers, job search, and access their benefits. You became very involved in volunteering at a young age. What’s your motivation?

There’s’ just something that’s in my heart that makes me want to give. And I believe that 9


when you sign up for something, I you have to give it your all and do it wholeheartedly. And I just like helping people, especially young people. Anytime I have an opportunity to connect with a young person [it’s motivating]. I may not resonate with them at the time, but later on [they’ll remember that]: “Miss Zakiya said that to me!” Sometimes the kids will call me mean, later on they see that I was mean for a reason. Seeing that, the jokes [we] share, and the happy moments, it’s my reward. What’s your secret?

Being a doer and not a sayer. Action is far greater than words. My secret is my dedication. Like I said before, I believe that if you sign

on to something, you have to see it through. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew then?

The importance of making connections and networking. When I was younger I was very shy and introverted. I still have those ways, but I’ve learned to be able to get outside of myself. Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something that I’m always learning. I also wish I knew the importance of speaking up, because you never know where it could lead you. And most importantly, that it’s OK to be yourself – that’s a message that I’m trying to teach the kids.



Zakiya Gives Back Zakiya regularly participated in programs, service projects and activities with children and young women through her volunteer efforts with Excellence Girls’ Club, Inc., www. and the AmeriCorps w w w. n a t i o n a l w e r v i c e . g o v / p r o g r a m s / AmeriCorps. Visit both of their websites to find out how you can become a volunteer. Photography provided by Zakiya Howell.


Move of the Month:

Zumba Toning


umba Toning is different from a regular Zumba Fitness class, because it specifically targets and isolates a few muscle groups with each routine. Zumba Toning participants use lightweights (no more than 3 pounds), and focus contracting the target muscle group during their work out. While dance is incorporated into the routines, the toning part of the class typically focuses on slower

and more controlled movements. Along with the cardiovascular benefits of regular Zumba Fitness Classes, Zumba Toning increases bone density, balance, and overall muscular development. Like Zumba, the same Latin fun flavor type of music is used: Latin Disco, Reggaeton-Cumbia, Conga Hip-hop, Merengue Hip-Hop, Reggaeton-Belly Dance, Techno and Salsa.  The variety of style of music creates the same party atmosphere which allows ev-

ery single individual to come back and participate with this program. Preparing for Zumba, whether traditional or a specialty class, begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down and stretch. Songs are chosen to help get the group active and ready for a session, typically lasting 60 minutes.   Instructors typically choose the muscle groups they want to target, and choose specific movements (continued on page 16)

“The part I enjoy the most is the feeling afterwards, the endorphins, the energy, and the benefits of being in shape. When your workout is over, you really feel so good.” ~ZH



designated to work out those areas. Selecting the music is always exciting; the variety of international rhythms is endless!       Unlike Zumba, weights are usually brought to class.  You can either use small hand weights, no more that 3 pounds or you can purchase Zumba toning sticks.  The difference is that hand weights are considered “dead” weight and participants should not shake them during the Zumba toning sessions, the toning sticks have weights that move within the vessel and are safe to shake along with the music. Although, the recommendation is to make sure one has a physician approval for any weighted workouts especially for those who have a history of joint problems, tendinitis, bursitis or other orthopedic limitations, hypertension or increased risk for stroke. The class isn’t rigorous, but ensuring your safety is always the first step to a fun and exciting class.          There are many factors that impact a person’s ability to see results. Toning is just one part of a balanced fitness routine. A person who maintains a consistent toning and cardiovascular regimen while maintaining proper nutrition will see the best results. Results vary person to person.   Although weights that are 1 to 3 pounds does not seem like a lot, you really focus and contract your

muscles, remaining consistent, which will generate results. Starting with a 1 pound weight and working your way up is always essential. The key to a toning class is to be intentional about the muscle group you are working and really contract your muscles while working. You get what you put in. Katherine became a licensed Zumba and Zumba toning instructor within nine months of taking of her first class, and hasn’t looked back! She loves watching students transform before her eyes, and is honored to work with so many different people.   Justine became a licensed instructor in 2010, incorporating her background as a professional cheerleader for the New Jersey Nets and Cardiovascular Nurse in the Navy.  She enjoys being able to use her background as a way to help students lose wight properly and efficiently, and reach their goals.


BENEFITS OF ZUMBA TONING: • Improved muscle tone, definition & strength • Improved muscle balance and posture • Influence metabolic function • Altered lean body/fat mass ratio • Increased fiber recruitment through training • Improved neuromuscular function



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Hair Ask A Stylist

Holiday Hair Q&A w/Zakiya Product Roundup


Ask a Stylist! By Nneka Otim

Q. How can I

maintain my hair while working out? Too often I have clients ask me how can they maintain their beautiful tresses and still get a great workout. They always feel like they need to make a choice- great hair or a great workout. Why can’t you have it all? Well, you can and I will tell you how. 1. Loose Hair: With so many style options these days, we often forget about the simplicity of a wash and go. When you work out on a consistent basis, it’s great to have the option of loose hair. That’s the beauty in being natural, when all else fails, rock your twa (teeny weeny afro)! It’s easy and it’s a great way to give your hair a rest from combing and styling. 2. Locs: Locs are pretty easy to maintain with a work out but I find it’s those individuals

with long locs that run into issues while working out. Try using Loc Socs or put your hair in a top-bun or ponytail. This prevents your locs from getting in your way. Another great style option for locs is setting them on pipe cleaners. With pipe cleaners you get two styles in one and you can leave the pipe cleaners in for two to three weeks. When you take them out you have beautiful spiral curls. 3. Twist and Pin-Up Styles: Twist and pin-up styles are great for working out. It’s a great way to have your hair styled while working out and when your ready to take it out you have pretty crinkles, curls and waves. Try not to manipulate your hair while it’s wet from your workout, if you do, it will frizz. Cool off and let your hair dry. Your twist out style will still be amazing after your intense work out. 4. Extension Styles & Protective Styles: Sew-in’s,

braids, Havana twist and kinky-twist are great protective styles that work great with intense workouts. Protective styles are a great option for maintaining the health of your hair. I suggest keeping protective styles for six to eight weeks. 5. Cute and Trendy Hair Pieces: There are so many cute ways to wrap your hair these days. Whether it’s a cute headband, bandana, scarf or head wrap. Each of them are a trendy way to cover your hair while working out. Planning is also a big part of maintaining your hair while working out. Make sure your work out plan goes along with your hair styles. For the days that you do a lighter workout you can have more fun with your hair! Whether it’s yoga, dance or weight-lifting, exercise is major part of your well being. Never sacrifice your health for your hair. With a little planning, you can have it all.

Nneka Otim’s hands have been working magic on her client’s hair for over ten years. Because of her transition and journey from relaxed to natural hair, Nneka believes that it’s her calling to assist others on their journey. Nneka accepts appointments in Atlanta by appointment only. 404-587-3002 20 WWW.RESETYOURCROWN.COM

ot o




ph rto u iob

m rpp g o ot

Nneka Otim



oliday Hair

Hair Styles by Tatiana Cutchember Photography by Michele Conaway


Step out in style this holiday season and try something new with your locs. Here are some style that are sure to get you inspired. Visit for more inspired holiday styles.


zakiya Howell


Q&A Interview: Dominique Panganiban / Photography: LaKaye Mbah / Makeup: Kishinna Fields

It was only right that for the Holiday issue of RYC, we showcase someone who embodies the essence of the holiday spirit. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Zakiya Howell, a beautiful and dynamic self-starter, who spends her time giving back to the community - not just during the holiday season, but all year round! Let’s talk hair! Has having locs presented any challenges for you, and, if so, how did you overcome them.

I don’t really think I’ve had any challenges. My philosophy is that my hair doesn’t define who I am. I realize that, for a lot of people, hair can be intimidating, but I don’t purposely try to hide my hair, or be extra conservative so someone else can feel comfortable. Fortunately, I’ve always worked at jobs where hair wasn’t a big issue. How did you begin your natural hair journey?

I started going natural in the 6th grade. I decided I didn’t want to put a relaxer in it anymore and let it grow out. So I went through that awkward stage where I had straight 24 WWW.RESETYOURCROWN.COM

ends. But my mom was natural and knew how to braid, so she knew how to manage it. Before I had locs I went through days where I didn’t comb my hair! But I’ve been braiding hair since I was in middle school, so, I wore a lot of braids. In college, I had a style that where I braided it all up in the middle and pinned it on top. I loved that hairstyle! I still haven’t gotten really creative with my [locs] yet. If you could give any advice to anyone going natural, what would it be?

Have patience and be flexible, because it doesn’t always go the way you want. It can (continued on page 27)

Instagram: @zhowell



go left. There have been many times when [I had a style planned that didn’t work] and I would just have to pin it up! I’ve tried everything, but I never broke down and went back to the “creamy crack.” Because I know that my hair wasn’t meant for a relaxer, to be broken down like that. I would also say to be creative, and accessorize! Whether it be a hat, or scarf, you have to be able to accessorize.

better choices]. What part of your fitness regime do you enjoy the most? What part do you most dread?

The part I enjoy the most is the feeling afterwards, the endorphins, the energy, and the benefits of being in shape. When your workout is over, you really feel so good. The part I dread the most is going to do it. Trying to start a new healthy routine is difficult.

What hair products do you use?

What brings you the most joy?

I really like the Garnier Fructisse products. I don’t like to use anything sticky or heavy to twist my locs, and Garnier Fructisse actually has this triple nutrition conditioner spray that I really like. I’m not saying it works for everyone, but it really works for me. Other than that I do use natural oils, like coconut oil. I like how light coconut oil is.

Peace and quiet really brings me joy. There are times when I don’t have to have the TV on, or when I’m driving and don’t turn on the radio. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m an only child, so I didn’t grow up in a loud house. I can get lost in little tasks and really be detached from the world. Quiet just brings me joy.

Besides your hair, how else are you living a natural and/or healthy lifestyle?

If you could be anywhere for the day, where would it be and why?

In my mind I could stand to lose a few pounds. I have a gym membership, and when I’m doing good and behaving, I go about four times per week. I do Zumba, it’s my most consistent form of exercise that I enjoy. I also have the Black Girls Workout 2 dvd, which is a little bit of cardio and weights, and different exercises. It also comes with a meal plan as well. I’ve completed the first two phases of it. So far, I haven’t seen any difference in terms of weight, but I know my body type and, when I work out, I get muscular. But I have seen changes in my body and I feel better. So I’m trying to be more regular with working out. As far as diet, I’m not a picky eater, I don’t eat pork. Even when I was younger, I never felt good after eating pork so I stopped. But the meal plan [from the Black Girls Workout 2 dvd] had me eating lettuce instead of bread, and I had no idea how good that could be! It actually is really good! So, it’s all a mind thing. You may think you’re missing out, but then you realize how good food tastes [when you make

Jamaica! I just love Jamaica, I’ve been there twice, to Negril and Montego Bay. I love the water, the people, and the food. Every time I go, I always connect with the local people. People here think I’m crazy for doing that, but I believe that people are the same everywhere. And I’ve always met nice people. I’ve been over people’s homes and they cooked for me. It’s beautiful how they live [in Jamaica]. They kind of live in shanties, but it’s so peaceful. They keep their doors open and you can hear the crickets outside and the water and sounds of nature. It’s peaceful the way they live. What are your Hobbies?

I’m a thriftier – I love thrift stores! Goodwill? I’m there! I look for clothing that’s bright and unique. A couple of weeks ago I picked up some vintage fabric from the thrift store that I would love to sew into something someday. I also made some earrings from these vintage button covers I’ve found at the thrift store. (continued on page 28)


Favorite recipes?

Chicken curry, I love it. Favorite songs & Artists?

Queen Ifrica - Lioness on the rise Erykah Badu Damian Marley Musiq Soulchild - So Beautiful, there’s something about that song, I love it! Define your personal style.

Do I have one? I’m so random! But I like whatever is comfortable, and whatever makes me happy. I’m not a fancy dress type of girl. I like pants. I like prints, accents of color, and neons. But I also like black. I’m not a classy, dressy girl, I just want to feel 28 WWW.RESETYOURCROWN.COM

comfortable and good in my clothes. So I like loose, oversized shirts and large earrings. I avoid jeans like the plague though. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Junk food, stuff you’re not supposed to eat. For instance, today I had some Raisinets. I know they are not the worst candy ever , but I didn’t need to eat them. And I will go out of my way for Rum Raisin Ice Cream from Haagen Das. I won’t eat it all in one sitting, but I love my Rum Raisin ice cream. Who’s your “natural role model?”

Chescaleigh on Youtube. She does AMAZING things with her locs. She’s an inspiration to me.

“When I was younger I was very shy and introverted. I still have those ways, but I’ve learned to be able to get outside of myself.”

Clockwise from top right: Zakiya’s hair journey through from her 8th grade yearbook to her last semester in college in 2009.


Product Roundup By Alana Patrick

Keeping your hair moisturized during the winter months is essential; the moment your hair becomes too dry, even for a little, it starts to break causing damage. It’s important to remember the L.O.C. method (leave in conditioner, oil, and a cream based product), which is the base of keeping natural hair in a healthy state during these freezing temperatures.   These products are essential in this weather: 1. Kandy Kurls Peppermint Co-Wash Like shampoo, this product cleanses the scalp, but serves as a moisturizer and conditioner for the hair.   While some women choose not to use shampoo, co-washes are the alternatives on “wash days,”

and are the key to getting a clean, happy, nappy fro! 2. Alikay Naturals Essential Growth Oil Although any oil is moisturizing to the scalp, the essential growth oil is a compilation of various oils that, together, deeply penetrate the scalp and lock in moisture. Oil is necessary for all hair types and is the second step of the L.O.C. method. 3. Pantene “Truly Natural Hair” Curling Custard This product is not only light, but when applied from roots to ends, it leaves hair feeling bouncy, and, of course moisturized.  Use it when preparing your hair for a twist out, and you’ll love the results! 4. Jane Carter Revitaliz-

ing Shampoo With no parabens, sulfates, etc, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, without stripping the hair of all natural oils. It leaves hair fresh and, well, revitalized! 5. Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque Whether you’re using shampoo or a co-wash, deep conditioning during the winter months is essential.   This treatment mask helps repair damaged curls.   Applied with a little (or no) heat, the mask penetrates the scalp, leaving hair bouncy and moisturized. Remember to deep condition at least once every other week, or do hot oil treatments to keep the curls happy, nappy, and refreshed!

Alana Patrick is a self-proclaimed Natural Hair PJ (Product Junkie), and proud! Check out her personal blog at for her latest product reviews styles and learn about her wild life.


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5702 Baltimore Ave Hyattsville, MD 20781 240-343-5702

Michele Conaway creative Potraiture





The Courtyard by Marriott, 12521 Prosperity Drive Silver Spring, MD For more information go to


Style Boutique Spotlight / Holiday Style / DIY / Let it Whip Get The Look Ask an Interior Designer


Boutique Spotlight:

Coco Libre


Want a way to infuse some old school fashion but misplaced your time machine? Then pay a visit to Coco Libre in Hyattsville, Maryland. They have lots of vintiage clothing and accesories. They specialize in fair-trade good and handmade goods, which are good for the environment and the community.Visit them online at, email or call 240-343-5702. 35

Holiday Style Models: Ilia Vukas & Kishinna Fields Words by Dominique Panganiban Photos by LaKaye Mbah


ith the multitude of holiday events taking place this time of year, the dilemma for many social butterflies is that of what to wear! Yet, with just a little ingenuity and creative use of accessories, you can create a new look for each event in your active social calendar – without wearing something new each time. Here’s how the RYC team put together 6 different looks using just two vintage pieces from Coco Libre: the hot pink jumpsuit, and classic red wool pencil skirt. Vintage pink jumpsuit, left to right: Go 80’s glam by belting the jumpsuit and adding a vintage gold necklace (vintage “Love” necklace by Coco Libre, perforated metallic pumps by Jessica Simpson); Layer a gold sweater to create a more classic look (sweater by H&M, accessories by Coco Libre); Contrasting a silk camisole underneath adds an element of fun (all accessories provided by Coco Libre). Vintage red wool pencil skirt, left to right: A classic pencil skirt becomes both festive and work appropriate with a gold sweater and basic black belt (sweater by H&M, accessories by Coco Libre); Pair with a silk peplum shirt to add a bit of elegance (jeweled silk peplum shirt by Bebe, accessories by Coco Libre); Wear with a form fitting vest and string of pearls for a sexier holiday look (all accessories provided by Coco Libre, except for vest and pearls, which are model’s own).



V i ntag e

button earrin



DIY Vintage Button Earrings Level of Difficulty: Super Easy!!

Just in time for gift-giving! These vintage button earrings make the perfect gift for your stylish sister, wonderful wife or marvelous mother! And if you’re craft-challenged, this is a super easy project to get your DIY mojo flowing.


• Two Buttons (whether or not they match is up to you!) • Earring Posts: We used the flat 8mm ones • Earring Backs: Metal or rubber • Instant bond glue or gel: We used High Performance Future Glue Gel


Use enough glue to cover the back of the earring post. Not so much tat it spills over the edge. Attach with the earrings face side down. Allow at least 30 minutes to dry before wearing.


L Let It Whip!

Photography by LaKaye Mbah Styling by Dominique Panganiban Make Up by Kishinna Fields Words by Dominique Panganiban











Get the Look








Brighten up your current make-up routine with these items: 1. Mac Lip Pencil “Magenta” $15.00, | 2. Mac Eyeshadow “Aquadisiac”  $15.00 | 3. Ka’oir Cosmetics Lipstick “Banana Milkshake” $17.99, | 4. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural $30.00 | 5. Mac lipstick “Girl About Town” $15.00 | 6.  NYX blush “Desert Rose”  $3.00, | Items compiled by Kishinna Fields 51

Ask an Interior Designer! Zakiya loves vintage clothing with bright colors and strong lines. We think drawing inspiration from your clothing to create a living space is a great way to go. Turns out our favorite designer, Astral Riles, completed a colorful project in her own home not too long ago. She has always been interested in interior decorating, but after purchasing a “fixer-upper” single family home about five years ago and doing a complete renovation, she knew immediately that design was going to be her new “Love”! See more of her before and afters on Words & Images by Astral Riles

Recently, I redesigned my dining room. I really did not want to spend a ton of money on this project, so I decided to challenge myself and use only items that I could refurbish and/or re-purpose, instead of purchasing brand new items and paying retail price. My personal style is Contemporary/Rustic-Chic. I really like blending different styles together…mixing the old with the new. I liked my dining space before, but after over 5 years of starring at the same thing, it was definitely time for a change. My absolute favorite item in the dining room is the turquoise dresser that I have painted and re-purposed to use as a buffet. Trying to shop on a tight budget is very hard, but after a few months

of searching, I finally came across this vintage / mid-century modern wood dresser at the thrift store. It was in excellent condition and only cost me $70. The average price for a credenza or buffet is over $600. This piece is gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE the style of the drawer pulls. Since the walls were painted white, I wanted to go bold and bright on the color for the dresser. I was really anxious to try out chalk paint, so I decided to paint the dresser turquoise. I used  Behr’s Bali Bliss  to mix up a batch of my own DIY chalk paint. To seal the paint, I used Minwax Finishing Paste in natural. I also spray painted the drawer pulls a metallic gold finish. I am very pleased at


how this low-budget project turned out. Overall, this DIY project yielded a custom furniture piece for under $100. The turquoise buffet is now the perfect bold accent piece for my Contemporary/Rustic-Chic dining room. Before:




Behind the Scenes



hen I was growing up, dressing up in 70’s gear was an old school way to have fun and dress in crazy-looking, over-the-top outfits. I scoured the thrift stores searching for bell bottoms, afro wigs and platform shoes so could look super-fly for the throwback party. The fact that 80’s is the new latest fashion trend is mind-blowing to me. I LIVED the 80’s and trust me, the new generation is doing it better than we did it. Missing from these shoots are the biker shorts and crimped hair. Oh yes, I had crimps. And I also had the double bangs. You know, one half of my bangs flipped up, the other half flipped down. There was tons of hair spray involved to create these gravity-defying styles of the 80’s. We tried to bring out the best of the 80’s with Zakiya’s styling. We emphasized the color-blocking and added some fun digital effects. I’m super thankful to the team for making the vision come to life. I hope you enjoyed this issue! -LaKaye Mbah y


Matters of the Mane Baltimore / 11.16.13

Matters of the Mane is a joint project between Hairologie and Reset Your Crown. Here are a few scenes from our first event in Baltimore featuring a hair showcase by Atelier801 Natural Hair Studio, expert beauty advice from aesthetician Constance Glow and get glam advice by Sylk Cosmetics Glam Studio. The event was hosted by Caprece Jackson-Garrett and photographed by Michele Conaway.




Coming This Spring!

In our next issue, we’ll be featuring the super-buff newlyweds, Megan & James in our first wedding issue!!! In the meantime, visit Megan’s website, and subscribe to get the most up-to-date info about Reset Your Crown!


There is no passion to be found in playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living -Nelson Mandela

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Reset Your Crown - Winter 2013 - Issue 2  

Our Winter 2013 issue features the dynamic Zakiya Howell. Read this issue to find out about her good deeds.

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