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Namibia showcases the very best of Africa’s raw and diverse landscapes. It features the world’s most ancient desert, the Namib Desert, which stretches over 1200 miles. Namibia is home to herds of rare desert-dwelling elephants, wild horses and massive colonies of seals, as well as proud tribes steeped in tradition. You can explore it all, from uninhabitable deserts and bush filled with wildlife, to a rocky coastline littered with shipwrecks. Namibia is a remote African destination for those who love adventure and enjoy the ‘road less traveled.’ It can be a destination itself, or combined with South Africa and/or Botswana. Lakani World Tours can create a travel itinerary best suited for you – depending on your time, interests, and budget. Because of the uniqueness of this country, one will have to fly from destination to destination. Here are the main sites we recommend: Windhoek – The capital and gateway to the rest of the country; while here see the colonial old and new city, and the white walled former Alte Feste fort, now a Namibian history museum. Sossusvlei - Magnificent desert scenery featuring some of the highest sand dunes in the world, some towering over 1,000 feet. It is gateway into the Namib Desert and Sesriem Canyon. Swakopmund - Located on the aptly named Skeleton Coast, this “Jewel of Namibia” is tucked between the desert and Atlantic Ocean. Wander the ancient canyons of Moon Valley; and take a catamaran on Walvis Bay to sea lions, dolphins and shipwrecks. Damaraland - Ruggedly spectacular with ancient landscapes, it is home to the small population of hardy desert elephants as well as other unique flora and fauna. Visit the Petrified Forest to see 280 million-year- old fossilized tree trunks, and explore Twyfelfontein with one of the largest concentrations of ancient rock engraving in southern Africa. Damaraland is also the ancestral home land of the enigmatic Damara people. Etosha National Park – Take safari drives to see large herds elephant, antelope, zebra, impala, and more. Okonjima Nature Reserve – This non-profit organization is committed to conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores. Walk the Bushman trails, to experience this wilderness environment, and look for the elusive leopard and cheetah.

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