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Time extension granted for Quantum property plans

LITERATURE LOVERS — Best-selling author Amy Bloom (“Where the God of Love Hangs Out”) was the guest speaker at the Jan. 10 luncheon of the Rancho Santa Fe Literary Society. The event was held at the Grand Del Mar. (Above) Kirsten Black, Sophia Alsadek, Alyssa Brewster and Harriet Baker at the event. See more photos inside. Look for a story on the author in the next issue of the Review. Photos/Jon Clark

UCSD, Scripps executives Second former student files looking to the future See QUANTUM, page 22

lawsuit against La Jolla Country Day School By Joe Tash A former student of La Jolla Country Day School has filed a lawsuit against the prestigious private academy alleging she was bullied relentlessly by fellow students and that school officials failed to stop the abuse despite repeated complaints. Gizelle Studevent, whose lawsuit was filed Dec. 10 in San Diego Superior Court, is the second former student to file a lawsuit alleging bullying at the school in the past two years. Barbara Bagby also

alleged she was bullied at the school in a lawsuit filed in April 2009. Both young women are represented by San Diego attorney Patricia Lewis. According to the most recent lawsuit, Studevent, who is now 20, attended La Jolla Country Day from 2004 through 2007, when she transferred to Bishop’s school to escape the alleged harassment. At La Jolla Country Day, said the lawsuit, Studevent “was subjected to severe, pervasive See LAWSUIT, page 22

By Kathy Day Staff Writer If you get the sense there’s competition between UCSD Medical Center and Scripps Health, you’re right, although the CEOs won’t actually say it in as many words. Both of San Diego’s major medical providers are in the midst of major expansions and have CEOs who contend their facilities are the best around. Chris Van Gorder says Scripps is aiming to continue the legacy of Ellen Browning Scripps who donated money 86 years ago for Scripps Memorial Hospital and the Scripps Metabolic Clinic as a

“compassionate place of caring” for the ill and injured and as a place to “to research new and promising treatments.” His counterpart at UCSD, Tom Jackiewicz, says the goal at UCSD is to “hold ourselves out as the best on the planet.” One can just picture them walking through their neighboring sites off Genesee Avenue — each wondering what cutting-edge piece of equipment or patientfocused feature the other is including. There, adjacent to UCSD’s Thornton Hospital, work is set to start in 2012 on the UCSD Jacobs Medical

2010 RSF HOME SALES the Power of Experience

JANUARY 13, 2011

RSF: A decade in review, Part II

•RSF Association board voices concern over plans for senior housing By Karen Billing Plans for the Quantum property are still making Rancho Santa Fe Association board members nervous, as reservations were voiced when the board voted 5-2 on an extension for the property on the eastern edge of Rancho Santa Fe. Directors wanted it to be clear they approved the time extension but not the developer’s plans for the property on the south side of Del Dios Highway—the plans include constructing 38 age-restricted casitas for senior housing on 39 acres. Currently the land is entitled for seven single-family dwellings. “Make real sure the applicant doesn’t misinterpret the time extension as encouragement to proceed with this project,” said board director Dick Doughty. “Because what I’ve seen, 38 units on five lots rather than the seven that have been approved… it should be taken into account that the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant is a rather unique place and the one thing that makes it so unique is the factor of density and I think adding density is inappropriate.” With the vote, George McGill, president of Quantum Estates II Inc, was granted a time extension of six months for the covenant modification application. The modifica-


UP 45% FROM 2009!

Center with its three hospitals. Just to the north, at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla work is expected to start in June on a project that calls for three new hospital towers, two medical office buildings and an outpatient center work. Moving forward On top of building massive new main hospitals, both groups are moving forward with multi-million-dollar proton therapy centers for cancer treatment and research use, and both have new cardiovascular centers in the works. Each man waves the See SCRIPPS, page 21

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a two-part series. Below are years 2005-2009. By Karen Billing 2005 After a few tumultuous years, life on the Ranch seems to quiet down a bit. • The topic of incorporation for Rancho Santa Fe pops up again. The Association conducted studies and hosted a public meeting attended by nearly 200 people. (In 1987 voters had rejected Rancho Santa Fe becoming a city by a margin of 2 to 1.) • RSF Fire Chief Erwin Willis retires after 12 years. Chief Nick Pavone is sworn into the office in September. • The RSF School District bought the two-acre Lindsey property on Aliso Canyon and entered into an agreement for a neighboring five-acre parcel for a possible second site. An angry group of neighbors and other opponents were dissatisfied with the conducted EIR and two groups filed lawsuits against the district. •Bob Spears and Marie Addario join the RSF Association board. • Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife Laci Peterson and their unborn son Connor. Peterson attended Rancho Santa Fe School for middle school and was voted “friendliest” in the 1985-86 school yearbook. Former superintendent Roger Rowe was called as a character witness in the trial. Peterson was sentenced to death and remains at San Quentin State Prison. • Solana Beach School District fired superintendent Karen Walker less than one year after she was hired. The board said Walker just wasn’t a good fit for the district. Leslie See DECADE, page B10


-- DRE# 


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

BUZZ: Golf Club non-resident membership Del Mar Fairgrounds worth at least By Tom Lang, RSF A s s o c iation president Last year the RSF Golf Club Board o f Governors began the Tom Lang process of exploring the merits of offering some form of membership to existing Golf Club members that had sold their property within the covenant. The concept was to accommodate members — who had been dues-paying members for at least 10 years — that were selling their Association property, not renting within the covenant, yet desire to retain their Golf Club membership.

The goal was to offer the benefit yet not diminish value of the exclusivity to their members and the Association. After open discussion with their membership, the Golf Club Board of Governors is proposing that the club reinstate a non-resident associate membership. This category of membership was eliminated over 30 years ago. Under the terms of the proposed non-resident membership a person would have to have been a golf club member in good standing for at least 10 years, been a member in good standing with the Association, and pay a 10 percent premium on their dues, as well as pay the full amount of the debt service assessment. The non-resident membership category could be can-

celled at any time and for any reason by the Association or the Golf Club Board of Governors. Should the membership be cancelled existing members would be given a one-year notice of the effective date of the cancellation. The Golf Club board believes that the non-resident membership right would add value to existing memberships and add additional revenue in difficult economic times. The Association board will be considering the proposed non-resident membership proposal at their Jan. 20 meeting at 10 a.m. I would encourage anyone that has an interest in the proposal come to the meeting or send your comments to Pete Smith at the Association office.

Supervisors warn of tough times at swearing in ceremony By City News Service San Diego County Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts warned tough times were ahead, as they and other elected officials took their oaths of office Jan. 4. “We have a difficult future ahead of us,” said Horn, who was later named the chairman of the body. “I’m sure it will take more than one year to get out this, but the state of California has a big hole to climb out of.” Horn and Roberts were re-elected in November after becoming the first supervisor incumbents in 12 years to be forced into a runoff.

“We have a lot of challenges ahead of us, and we’re going to face those as we have the past 15 years,” Roberts said. He promised that pain for county residents would be kept to a minimum. San Diego County, like other governments, are battling budget shortfalls because of the poor economy and fiscal troubles with the state of California, which directs tax revenues to local agencies. The makeup of the board has been unchanged since 1995. In June, voters passed a term limits proposition that will limit supervisors to two terms, beginning now.

$250 million, according to preliminary valuation by CB Richard Ellis By Marlena Chavira-Medford Staff Writer According to a preliminary valuation by CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), the Del Mar Fairgrounds is worth at least $250 million — an amount that is $130 million more than the $120 million price tag the state put on it and what Del Mar will pay for the property, if the state senate OKs the deal. The state set that $120 million sales price based on valuation done by Integra Realty Resources. Thinking that dollar amount seemed extremely low, Del Mar Racetrack Authority President Russ Penniman hired CBRE to do its own assessment of the property. CBRE is currently conducting a full appraisal of the Del Mar Fairgrounds, which Penniman said he expects will come in significantly higher than the initial $250 million. The reason for the $130 million disparity between two appraisals of the same property boils down to how “fair market value” was defined, Penniman said. During a Jan. 11 report to the 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) board, Penniman went on to explain that CBRE defined “fair market value” as having a motivated buyer and seller — whereas Integra Realty Resources derived its definition from California’s eminent domain law, which is typically seen in cases where the state is seizing property it does not own. “It seems particularly unusual the state would direct an appraiser to use eminent domain law methodology in order to deter-

Racing at the Del Mar track. mine the value of a property it already owns, which, by extension, might lead to question of competence and/or motivation,” Penniman wrote in a Jan. 3 letter to several state representatives. At the time of press, there had been no response by the state to Penniman’s letter. In its appraisal, Integra Realty Resources said it did not use a sales-comparison approach because there were no similar properties, although Penniman points to the Orange County Fairgrounds 60 miles away, which is pending a $120 million sale by the state to a private company called Facilities Management West. Penniman also suggested that should Del Mar get the green light to buy the fairgrounds, the Race Track Authority retain a third party expert to independently evaluate the terms and conditions of the sale.



FULL REMODEL – WALK TO VILLAGE La Jolla - $3,495,000





Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011

The Michael Taylor Group The Power of Experience the Power of Experience

New Listing!

The Covenant Offered at $,,

Michael Taylor Executive Director Estates Division

Bring An Offer!

DRE # 


Fairbanks Ranch


Offered at $,,


Fairbanks Ranch

Fairbanks Highlands

The Covenant

offered at $,,

offered at $,,

offered at $,,

w Ne

ice Pr

858-756-5120 Hablamos Español

Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe


Offered at $,,

Offered at $,,

Offered at $,,

 La Granada Suite D, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

ow scr E In

Hacienda Santa Fe

The Covenant

Fairbanks Highlands

Offered at $,,

Offered at $,,

Offered at $,, Rita Lisa


Carol Bergen & Noelle Berkovitz

Debbie Lynn

Blake Evans

*Value Range Marketing: Seller will entertain offers within the listed range

Patti Gerke

Larry Russell

Daniel Beer

Susan Bartow

Norma Walter

Steve Hoff



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Environmentalist Geoffrey Smith moving on to greener pastures By Terry Rodgers Contributor Geoffrey Smith, one of San Diego County’s most active and effective advocates for preserving wild lands and open space over the past 30 years, is moving on to greener opportunities. Smith, 55, has pushed the “refresh” button on his life, moving last week (Sunday, Jan. 2) with his wife of a dozen years, Camille, to Santa Rosa north of San Francisco. Camille has a job as a nanny, but Geoffrey will be looking for work. Ten years ago, Smith set aside his well-paying career as a computer software engineer to devote his professional life to preserving the county’s remaining wild lands and native habitat. “There is nothing like pure wilderness to heal our wounds, preserve our sanity and relieve the stress of our complicated world, “ he said in an interview on the eve of his departure. “As a society, we need to have places like that.” Until a few months

ago, he was communications director for the Encinitas-based San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy. Before that, he was the executive director of The Escondido Creek Conservancy from 2005-07. He has also held staff positions with the Desert Protective Council, U.S.D.A. Forest Service, California Wild Heritage Campaign and the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. He’s also served on volunteer groups, including 20 years as chairman of the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Citizens Advisory Committee. He met his wife while working on one of his many campaigns to preserve pristine natural landscape. “I married my best volunteer,” he said. Camille, a career teacher, retired from the classroom and became education coordinator for the San Diego Audubon Society. The couple often worked as a team on environmental campaigns. Both also share a passion for cycling and ride a tandem bicycle.

Courtesy photo

Geoffrey Smith has devoted more than half of his life to the preservation of wild lands and open space. The son of a Presbyterian minister, Smith has been less confrontational than some of his environmentalist peers. He said he learned from his father that “it’s all about fellowship and community and people working together toward a common goal.” “I really relish the connections, the networking” he said. “I believe in the power of grassroots volun-

teerism as a means to promoting stewardship of our natural resources.” Tall, bearded and wearing silver-streaked hair longer than is currently fashionable, Smith would not look out of place in a sepia-toned photograph standing next to John Muir, the legendary founder of the Sierra Club. Using the same strategy as Muir did with presidents and tourists alike, Smith has

recruited hundreds of people to support his causes by taking them hiking, relying on a few words and the beauty of the landscape to inspire them. During these treks into the backcountry, Smith would wait until the group reached a scenic vista, then pull out a nylon zipper pouch filled with pens and stationery. He would ask them to write a letter to their congressional representative, state senator, etc. right there while sitting on a boulder next to the trail. “It was a very empowering thing because, for many of them, it was the first time they had ever done something like that,” he recalled. While his resume of accomplishments is as diverse as the natural habitats he sought to save, two achievements stand out. The first was his decade-long crusade on behalf of the California Desert Protection Act, which was approved by the U.S. Congress in October 1994.

The bill, which was championed by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein,, created 69 wilderness areas in California, along with two new national parks at Joshua Tree and Death Valley, and the Mojave National Preserve. He will also be remembered locally as one of a core group of local environmentalists who in 2000 launched an effort to establish a “coast to crest” park along the 52-mile length of the San Diego River, including the proposed wilderness headwaters. Looking over his shoulder as he departs, Smith said the biggest challenges facing the county’s numerous non-profit environmental groups are the need for funding and leadership from the board members that oversee them. “The major need is for philanthropic organizations and funders to embrace these organizations and bootstrap them,” he said. “There are a lot of really good mission-focused organizations that need the support.”

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Participate in RSF’s 6th annual ‘Valentines to the Military Drive’ RSF Kids Korps, R. Roger Rowe School, the RSF Community Center, and the RSF Association invite you to send a note of encouragement and/or gratitude to our overseas military. The letters will be part of a packing project for the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach on Feb. 1. Cards and letters can be mailed to the RSF Community Center (PO Box 1834), delivered to the Community Center, or brought to the RSF Post Office on Jan. 21, from 3-6 p.m. There will also be stationary available on Jan. 21 at the post office table. All letters must be received by Jan. 24. Thank you for sharing the love of our great country! Questions? Contact Diana Burdick at

Solana Santa Fe students honored Ten students from Solana Santa Fe Elementary School received an award on Jan. 7 for perfect attendance during the 2009/2010 school year. From left: Joseph Phillips, Jack Phillips, Luis Canales, Robin Ardjmand, Adam Aguirre, Philippe Hansen Estruch, Patricio Lopez, Mark Scherer, Annika Nordstrom and Jackson Van Vooren.

Community Concerts of Rancho Santa Fe’s Franc D’Ambrosio concert a near sell out Due to more

Enchanted Evening” from South Pacific, fol-

than 300 season

lowed by a winking “Be Italian” from Nine,



before launching into a legit rendition, in

tions, only a few

both English and Italian, of “Speak Softly

tickets remain for

Love” – the theme from Francis Ford

the 11th season

Coppola’s mafia trilogy where D’Ambrosio


sang in The Godfather III.


Franc D’Ambrosio, tenor

Doors to the Village Church Fellowship


Hall will open at 6:15 p.m. for the 7 p.m.

naire, to be held

concert. Catered appetizers prepared by The

Friday, Jan. 14.

Pantry and complimentary wine courtesy of

You can take the boy out of the Bronx, but fortunate-

Northern Trust Bank and Ron Phillips will Franc D’Ambrosio

ly there’s more than a little Bronx left in D’Ambrosio.

be available for the enjoyment of concertgoers.

Parking assistance will be provided by

the local Boy Scout troop.

He tells great stories on his

To purchase available tickets, call

family, his childhood, and his dream of

Sharon McDonald at (858) 922-4440 or

becoming a singer when the well-worn cul-

email your request to rsfcommunitycon-

tural path in his neighborhood was to the For additional informa-

rectory. With a nod to his mother’s idols

tion, see the Community Concerts of

Ezio Pinza and Mario Lanza, D’Ambrosio

Rancho Santa Fe website at www.communi-

offers up “Be My Love” and “Some



is tL



FAIRBANKS GEM! – $945,000 Located in the prestigious gated community of Senterra in the Village of Fairbanks, this 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home offers single-level living at its best. Features include mahogany wood floors, a/c, designer paint and a spacious landscaped backyard. This is what you have been waiting for! Call for a private showing! RICH WITH DESIGNER DETAILS! – $4,995,000 Situated on 2.95 beautifully manicured acres in the Covenant near the horse trails, this incredible estate includes 6 bedroom suites with the master bedroom on the lower level, a gourmet kitchen, a mahogany-paneled library, 6 fireplaces, guest house, pool, spa, and a 4-car garage. Call for a private showing!



S rt



COMFORTABLE ELEGANCE! $2,450,000 Spectacular Fairbanks Ranch home on 2.24 acres! 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, remodeled features, gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, family room with fireplace, wet bar and sliding doors to the wraparound balcony, pool and spa. The luxurious master suite has a sitting area, fireplace, remodeled bath and views of the mountains. Call for private showing.

In a coveted location at the end of a cul-de-sac, this spectacular home on 1.98 acres boasts 5 bedroom suites, 5.5 baths, a spacious and elegant living room, gourmet kitchen, family room with fireplace and bar, a woodpaneled library, a large master suite on the main level and a 4-car garage. Call for a private showing!

Becky & June

RSF GOP Women to hold Champagne Membership Tea The annual Champagne Membership Tea will be held Saturday, Jan. 15, from 2:30 to 4 p.m. at the home of Susan Woolley. All present members, prospective members, friends, neighbors will be warmly welcomed. Reservations: Jody Bray 858-756-1906 or

January 13, 2011

Becky 858.481.6750 DRE#00978031

We proudly support the San Diego affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

An independently owned and operated member of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Affiliates

Becky 858.756.3060 DRE#00969762



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

8-year-old Rancho Santa Fe Join the growing list of golfers at the RSFCC Annual Golf Classic poet is penning first book By Marlena ChaviraMedford Staff writer Aaron Benedek is a precocious third-grader with a constant thirst for knowledge. He hopes to one day to become a scientist so he can build a hydo-powered limousine — and he also wants to be an artist, an architect, and an author. He is, at the ripe age of 8, already well on his way to becoming the latter. Benedek is working on a book of poetry, which he hopes to get published soon. “When people read my poetry, I get more confident,” said the young writer. “I also feel happy knowing that people are appreciating my work.” The feat is fitting when considering just how verbally inclined he is: By age 2 he was correcting improper grammar, by age 4, he could rhyme complete sentences — and now, in third grade, he reads at a ninth-grade level. Writing, he said, makes him feel free and he calls poetry “a world of wonders that will be never be fully discovered.” Benedek started exploring that world of poetry a few years ago, but it was

only in recent months that he started compiling them for a book after some encouragement from his Diegueno Country School language arts teacher Janet Cole, who saw potential in him. He has found his most recent muse in trees, he said, because he feels a special connection to nature. Each poem in his book is about a tree that inspires him — and each poem is accompanied by scientific facts about that species of tree. Benedek said his hope is that his book will ultimately bring about more compassion for trees. “I think if more people cared about trees, they would stop bulldozing them down and start planting more,” he said. “I hope my poems can help make that happen.”

Aaron Benedek stands beneath a canary palm tree in his Rancho Santa Fe backyard. This tree was the subject of one his recent poems, in which he referred to it as being part of the ‘same family, different species’ because he has grown up with it. (Photo/MARLENA CHAVIRA-MEDFORD)

‘The Cry of the Old Plumeria Obtusa’ As I press my hand against the bark, I feel its heart beating restlessly. I feel its age like a soft wind that suddenly turns stronger. It makes me sad as the old bark rusts and the leaves start to drain, everything is falling apart in this feathery old tree. — Aaron Benedek

Tax-Free Income Long Beach CA Community College District General Obligation Bonds

5.25% = 8.89%

Tax Free yield to maturity ApproximateTaxable Equivalent yield*

Coupon 5.0% Price 96.981 Due 5/1/30 Book Entry Rated Aa2 by Moody’s, AA- by S & P Insured by Natl- Re - FGIC Dated 11/29/05 Callable 5/1/15 @ 100 Underlying ratings: Aa2 by Moody’s and AA - by S & P Tax - free bonds purchased at a discount may generate taxable gains upon sale, call or maturity – Check with your tax advisor.

Klindt Ginsberg, Linda Smith, Linda Wright, Rocky Carlson

*Assuming a 41.0% Combined Federal & State Tax Bracket Subject to prior sale and price change CALL:

Carlson/Ginsberg Team



Toll Free for Tax-Free

1-8888-4BONDS (1-888-842-6637)

1921 Palomar Oaks Way, Suite 102 Carlsbad, CA 92008

The California State income tax exemption on the above bonds is only available to California residents. Municipal bonds, like other fixed income instruments, are subject to change in market price based upon factors including the level of interest rates, market conditions and credit quality of the issuer. Investment product Not FDIC Insured–No Bank Guarantee–May Lose Value. Partners of Crowell, Weedon & Co. may have a position in this security.

On Monday, Jan. 31, the 18th Annual Golf Classic will take place at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, benefiting the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center. The event will include pre-tournament games and fun, on course games and food, an after party with a family BBQ and kids’ zone and a silent auction held throughout the day. It will be a day of fun for the entire family while bringing the community together. This annual event is the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center’s second largest fundraiser, accounting for over one third of the Center’s fundraising budget. Community support from individuals and businesses is critical to the success of the event each year. Honorary Committee Members for this years event include: Willy Ayyad, Jim Cimino, Michael Coit, Tim Fox, Jon Matty, Scott Stratton, Henny den Uijl, and Jim Wright. “Involving community members from all areas in the Ranch embraces the mission and spirit of the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center,” said Erin Leahey, executive director. “What makes the event spe-

cial is that participants don’t need to be members of the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club to participate. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a fun filled day and support a 40 year old local asset to our small knit community.” The tournament will begin at noon at the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. The cost to participate is $495 per player or $1,800 per foursome. All paid participants receive 18 holes of golf, on course food, opportunity to bid on great auction items and dinner at a fun filled after party plus one guest with their entrance fee. The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is located at 5827 Via de la Cumbre, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, please contact Erin Leahey, at (858) 756-2461 ext. 308 or email Thank you to current sponsors: Susan Magre, Wells Fargo – The Private Bank, Beckman Properties, Union Bank & RSF Insurance – Craig Edwards. For more information please visit

Learn about the USS Midway at forum in RSF Interested in learning more about the USS Midway? On Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 6 .m., join John “Mac” McLaughlin, president & CEO of the USS Midway Museum, for a fun and informational experience at Morgan Run Club & Resort. “Mac” was hired as the Chief Operating Officer in December of 2003, one month prior to the Midway’s arrival in San Diego, and has been the Chief throughout the building of the USS Midway Museum. The USS Midway, a prominent attraction in San Diego was the first of a three-ship class of 45,000-ton large aircraft carriers. It was built in Newport News, Virginia, and commissioned in September of 1945. Following shakedown, she began eight years' service with the Atlantic Fleet. To learn more about this complimentary event, RSVP to (858) 756-2471. Morgan Run is located at 5690 Cancha de Golf, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091.

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011



Incredible attention to quality and detail throughout this custom residence ~ Single Level Sensation on flat acreage lot, Custom Courtyard Entry, Gorgeous Landscaping~ Spectacular Garden Setting~ En suite Bedrooms and Baths, Gourmet Kitchen, Soaring Ceilings, Streaming with Sunlight~ Huge Master Suite~ Formal Entry, Spacious family Room~ 3 car Garage... A Must See ~ This home is Exceptional and New on Market~ Quality from Top to Bottom~ Moments to the beach, shopping, theatre, Truly and Oasis Offered at $1,625,000


Wishing You And Yours A Happy New Year! The Ranch meets the Coast. Single level at Isla Verde. Quintessential Ranch style, Over ½ acre of Peace and Privacy. Custom flooring, Gourmet kitchen, soaring ceilings. Spacious Master Suite. Moments to Beach, Shopping and Extraordinary Schools. A one of a kind setting….Coveted Neighborhood. A must see.

Offered at $1,625,000



Planning To Sell Or Buy In 2011? Call Mary Heon Experience - Enthusiasm - Energy Get Results - Top 1% Nationally Mary Heon Sells Your Neighborhood! “Thank you to all my clients past and present. I appreciate your business and your friendship.”

Moments to Beach and the Village. Spectacular Views. Beautifully upgraded. Hardwood and Marble Flooring. Gourmet kitchen. Stainless Steel appliances. Beautifully landscaped with Sparkling Pool and Spa. Built in BBQ. No HOA’s and No Mello Roos Tax. Offered at $1,099,000


Spectacular Value in Aviara! 4 br 3 baths, 3 car garage, full bed and bath on first level, tropical landscaping, bubbling fountains, cul de sac street! New on Market Beauty. A great Opportunity! Offered at $695,000




Mary Heon Sells Your Neighborhood! Immaculate Plan 3 @ Torry Woods Estates. 5 Bedrooms + Office, 5.5 baths. Full bed and bath on first floor. Back country views.




st ju in eks ld e So 3 w

st ju in ys ld a So 7 d

Spectacular Setting~ A tropical Oasis 6 br 5 baths, 2 first floor bedrooms w/baths, approx 4400 sq ft, pool, spa, cul de sac street, Glorious Master Suite, Sensational Kitchen & Family Room. ..First Time on Market!

Single Level Super Tuscan! Panoramic Views ~ Incredible Value~ Courtyard Entry with Fireplace, Attached Casita with full bedroom/bath/kitchenette~ Soaring Ceilings, Tumbled Travertine Flooring, Gourmet Kitchen, Stunning Master Suite, 3 car gaage ~ Bubbling Spa & Fountains~ Gated Sophistication~ New on Market

Offered at $1,575,000

Offered at $1,925,000










New on Market! Sunset Point~ Dramatic Formal Entry, Bubbling Pool and Spa, Honed Travertine Flooring~ Custom Lighting~ Gourmet Kitchen with Slab Granite, Stone Backsplashes, Stainless Steel Appliances, Upgraded Cabinetry, 5 br + office 4.5 baths, Romantic Master Suite ~ Huge Master Bath~ 3 cozy fireplaces too



Gated Elegance~ Gorgeous Master Suite with Generous His and Hers Wardrobes, Spacious Secondary Rooms, Soaring Ceilings, Roomy Family Room & Wonderful Gourmet Kitchen, New Hardwood Floors~ Custom Lighting and Window Coverings~ Nearly an Acre of Tranquility~ Built in BBQ, 3 car garage, 3 cozy fireplaces.

Offered at 1,860,000





Amazing home in fantastic location! 4 bedrooms/ optional offi ce in main house, detached guest house too with full kitchen, bath & living room! Sprawling 1.2 acres of Gorgeous! Pool, Spa, Built in BBQ ~ Truly and Oasis~ Gated & Totally Private~ Views too~

Offered at $1,995,000

Pure Perfection! Main house boasts 5 Br/ 5.5 baths + All En Suite Bedrooms ~ Retreat and Library~ Over 7400 sq feet* Single Level~ HonedTravertine & Hardwoods, Artisan Lighting~ CustomWrought Iron, Boxed Beam Ceilings~ Culinary Kitchen is a Cook’s Dream! Spacious Family Room, 4 Cozy Fireplaces, 4 car garage ~ And Detached Guest House complete with living room, kitchen, spacious bedroom and bath! Pool & Spa, Built in BBQ .

Offered at $4,395,000


Better than a model home. Gated Elegance, ultra-glitz. Santos Mahogany Hardwood floors, Italian Travertine, Stone base boards, Custom Cabinetry & Artisan Lighting. Courtyard Entry. Spectacular Outdoor Entertaining. Sensational Master Suite. Designer Perfect in Every Way…A Must See! Gated, Tennis, Pool. Offered at $985,000

Top 1% Nationally Relocation Specialist Executive Sales Director #1 Area Agent


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Profile Clint McClellan Wanting to ‘do something’ after the tragedy of 9/11, local resident finds way to help alleviate suffering By Arthur Lightbourn For many Americans, 9/11 became a clarion call to “do something” to make this a better world. Clint McClellan is no exception. But the 45-year-old Qualcomm executive is exceptional in how he went about it. “In 2001, after 9/11,’ he recalled, “I decided I wanted to get involved with a charity. I was just working and that was it. I wanted to ‘do something’ on the side.” What he didn’t want to do was just blindly donate money. And at the time the Red Cross was in the midst of a $1 billion scandal for its ineffective “first responder” response to America’s most devastating terrorist that resulted it the firing of its CEO.

“It kind of frightened me,” McClellan said, “these big faceless organizations where I didn’t necessarily know someone — which is why I wanted to go to a local organization where I could see the work, know the people, and see the results. “A friend of mine told me about one of his friends, [Canadian-born] Betty Jones, [Dr. Elizabeth Jones], who had co-founded the Foundation of the Children of the Californias to help establish a unique outpatient pediatric medical specialty clinic, Hospital Infantil de las Californias, a half mile from the border in Mesa de Otay, Tijuana. “So I looked into it and found it was a fantastic organization, [a tri-national collaboration of the US, Canada, and Mexico], headquartered here

Quick Facts Name: Clint McClellan Distinction: Senior director of business development for Qualcomm’s health and life sciences group, McClellan is also chairman of the Foundation of the Children of the Californias, a unique San Diego-based tri-national philanthropy dedicated to helping and funding the state-of-the-art pediatric clinic, Hospital Infantil de las Californias, in Tijuana. Born: Denver, Colorado Education: De La Salle High School, Concord, Calif., 1983; B.S. degree in economics, University of California Berkeley, 1987. Family: He and his bride Jennifer Morrison just returned from a safari honeymoon in South Africa via an unplanned five-day stop-over in London when winter storms shut down Heathrow Airport and stranded thousands of travelers. Interests: Chairing a foundation dedicated to helping raise funds and services for the pediatric clinic, Hospital Infantil de las Californias, in Tijuana; skiing; ocean paddleboarding; and ocean fishing. Physical Regimen: Regular workouts, running and swimming. Current Reading: Capitol Reflections, a medical thriller, by Dr. Jonathan Javitt. Favorite Film: “Lawrence of Arabia” Favorite TV Shows: “The Office,” “30 Rock,” and “Mad Men.” Philosophies: “Treat others as you would have them treat you” and, “In business, try to create win-win situations.”

in San Diego, providing stateof-the-art medical care to mostly needy children in Mexico who have nowhere to turn. A lot of the operations were for club feet or cleft palates. “What you find in Mexico is if a kid has a deformity, he or she doesn’t leave the house,” McClellan said. “So a simple operation can absolutely transform these kids’ lives.” Over the past 16 years, the Baja California clinic has conducted more than 300,000 pediatric consultations, several thousand surgeries, serving approximately 2,500 patients per month. “In 2001, I went down to Mexico and visited Hospital Infantil,” McClellan said, “saw what they were doing, and immediately joined the board of the Foundation.” Today, McClellan is chairman of the Foundation of the Children of the Californias and is senior director of business development with Qualcomm’s health and life sciences group. We interviewed McClellan in his home which he bought 11 years ago and which he now shares with his bride of a few weeks, Jennifer Morrison, and their six-yearold Labradoodle Harry. McClellan, who is six feet tall and a compact 185 pounds, keeps in shape working out with a trainer, swimming, and ocean paddleboarding. He was born in Denver, Colorado. His father was a career salesman for KimberlyClark. The family moved to the Bay Area when McClellan was 10. He graduated from De La Salle High School in Concord in 1983 and from the University of California Berkeley with a degree in economics in 1987. After a brief stint working for an engineering firm and deciding he didn’t like it, McClellan, wanting to experience living abroad, traveled to Kobe, Japan, to learn Japanese. While there for two years, to support himself, he taught English, did marketing for a phone company and taught skiing to high school students. “It was a great experience,” he said. He can still order sushi and chat with the chefs in local Japanese restaurants. He returned to the States in 1993 and joined the Silicon Valley market research firm,

Dataquest, as a semi-conductor analyst, later becoming a cellular phone analyst. “I had to figure out how many cell phones were being sold every year and … and write reports on the differences between the technologies and which technology would win. It was great. I learned an awful lot and I was quoted in newspapers all the time. It was a lot of fun. “I was quoted once in The Wall Street Journal on the front page and,” he laughed to recall, “my mom said, ‘Who reads this newspaper?” While working for Dataquest, he also served as a technology news anchor on the Good Morning San Jose show on KNTV, an ABC affiliate. In December 1997, he joined Qualcomm as director of strategic marketing. 9/11 eventually led McClellan to join the Foundation and that sparked his interest in health, which subsequently led him to transfer to Qualcomm’s health and life sciences group pioneered and founded by his now boss Don Jones, whose mother, Dr. Elizabeth Jones, co-founded the Foundation of the Children of the Californias. At Qualcomm, he explained, “The health and life sciences group develops wireless health systems and devices using cellular networks and technology to help monitor health better and drive new clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.” Wanting to raise awareness for the foundation, McClellan enlisted two of his former De La Salle High School buddies: Manhattan Beach direct response marketer and graphic designer Roman Alemania who created graphics for the Foundation’s fundraising, and Cardiff-bythe-Sea filmmaker Tom Telfer who produced videos documenting the plight of the kids in need of medical care. Both Telfer and Alemania are now also members of the foundation’s board along with McClellan. Last October, McClellan and his buddies, on a committee, organized the foundation’s 2010 gala at the La Jolla estate of Joan Waitt with 13time Grammy winner Emmylou Harris as the guest entertainer. “We knew nothing about throwing events,” he admitted. “So we were kind of

Clint McClellan Photo/Jon Clark

thrown into throwing a gala and we were all racking our brains trying to figure out what to do. So we got a consultant to help us and decided to go pretty big. We wanted to expose people on this side of the border to the Hospital…and it was a pretty good year for us.” The Foundation raises approximately $300,000 annually to support the clinic. The 23,000-square-foot Hospital Infantil de las Californias treats children from both sides of the border at a fraction of the cost of U.S. hospitals for comparable care made possible mostly by physicians, medical personnel and trained volunteers who donate their services. Visiting American doctors also perform procedures at the clinic. The clinic has a memo of understanding (MOU), a joint agreement with Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, to share best practices information and, when necessary, to send patients to Rady for specialized care not available at the clinic. The Tijuana clinic includes a one-day surgery suite, a pharmacy, a dental clinic, and 10 examination rooms, in addition to a physi-

cal therapy and rehabilitation center, therapy pool, laboratory, radiology department, education center, library, administrative offices and two outpatient community sites. Currently, the clinic treats 2,500 patients per month. Patients pay what they can and those who can’t pay are subsidized. Currently, Hospital Infantil is in the midst of $10 million fundraising campaign in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, for an expansion to provide additional surgery suites, urgent and short-stay hospitalization that will increase its capability to serve 50,000 patients a year. The most moving moments for him, working on behalf of clinic, he said, is: “Seeing the joy in the faces of a family when they have a deformity fixed and a kid can smile and is happy. Here’s a kid who might not have left his home because he was humiliated and his family was humiliated. It’s just life-changing.” For more information on the foundation and its work, you are invited to visit its Website at:

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011

K. Ann Brizolis Executive Director, Estates Division


Call or Email today for your copy of 2010 Sales Statistics The Bridges - $1,995,000 - Priced for immediate sale! illa V t


ro mf


re St

The Bridges - $4,495,000

m sto u C

The Summit - $2,495,000 - $2,750,000

urt o is C n n Te

The Lakes - $1,645,000

Rancho Santa Fe Acres - $3,950,000 - $4,450,000

urt o is C n n Te

The Groves - $2,399,000

l eve L gle n i S

Bridgewalk - $579,000

Cielo - $3,645,000

iew V ean Oc

Santaluz - $2,295,000

l eve L gle n i S

Cielo - $950,000 Each

ots L m sto u 2C



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Canyon Crest Academy Foundation makes wishes come true at Tommy V’s in Del Mar on Jan. 19 The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation invites parents and the community to join principal Brian Kohn, administration, staff, and teachers from departments throughout the school for Raven Wishes Night at Tommy V’s Italian Chophouse on Wednesday, Jan. 19, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. This event is the third in a series of six fundraisers designed to benefit all disciplines at CCA. The first two Raven Wishes nights focused on humanities, counseling, math, science and “Quest.” More than $12,000 has been raised to date at these special events where parents have the opportunity to interact with teachers from all departments. Raise your glass with CCA parents, teachers and administrators and make their classroom wishes come true by funding muchneeded items in the areas of technology/computers, library/media center, career technology education, and special education. The most needed items are new computers, which positively affect every student at CCA, but “wishes” start as low as $15. Bring your checkbook, credit card, or cash. Complimentary appetizers will be served,

and if you stay for dinner, 15 percent of your bill will go directly to the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation. There will be a drawing for prizes and all CCA parents attending will receive a $25 gift certificate from Tommy V’s. Tommy V’s Italian Chophouse is located at 3790 Via de la Valle in Del Mar. The final two Raven Wishes nights will also be held at Tommy V’s. On Feb. 9 the event will focus on athletics and physical education, and on March 2 the money raised will benefit the Envision program. To learn more about the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, or to make a donation online, visit The Canyon Crest Academy Foundation is a nonprofit, parent volunteer organization dedicated to realizing CCA’s educational programs and priorities through financial, volunteer and community support. Canyon Crest Academy is part of the San Dieguito Union High School District and is located at 5951 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego, CA 92130,

Join RSF Democratic Club for annual meeting Jan. 19 Join the RSF Democratic Club on Wednesday, Jan. 19, for its annual meeting where they will be electing new officers and discussing various crucial issues to the Democratic Party. Topics will include the threatening repeal of the Health Bill, why the U.S. is still in Afghanistan when 90 percent of Americans want the U.S. out, what might the SALT treaty mean to the world and what happened to the Dream Act? Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at a private residence in Rancho Santa Fe. There is a $20 charge per person for food and beverage. Please RSVP at and directions will be sent to you via email or visit our website at:

Torrey Pines High School Winter Formal 2011 is Feb. 5 “Before The Clock Strikes Twelve” will be the theme for the upcoming Torrey Pines High School Winter Formal. The dance will be held on Saturday, Feb. 5, at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park from 811 p.m. Mark your calendars and join the party. DJ Extreme will be playing all of the top student requested songs. Request your favorite song at tphs. Photography for the formal will be provided by Keane Studios. New this year will be green screen photography for fun photos with your date and friends. Florals By Design of Del Mar will be providing beautiful corsages and boutonnieres available for order in red, white, or hot pink with a silver ribbon. Tickets sales will begin Wednesday, Jan. 19. Don’t miss out! Purchase your tickets the first day of sales to get your photo fast pass that takes you to the front of the line for pictures. During the first week of ticket sales, tickets will be $35 each with an ASB card and $40 without. After Jan. 21, tickets will be $40 each with an ASB card and $45 without. Corsages will be $28 each and boutonnieres will be $14 each. Tickets and flowers may be purchased individually or as a package. The ticket and flower package includes 2 tickets, 1 corsage and 1 boutonniere. During the first week of

ticket sales, the cost of the package will be $110 with an ASB card and $120 without. After Jan. 21, the cost of the package will be $120 with an ASB card and $130 without. A n y Torrey Pines High School student who wishes to bring a guest is welcome; however all guests must obtain a permission form signed by both schools in order to attend. Forms will be available on the TPHS website. The TPHS Winter Formal is the main fundraiser for the TPHS cheer teams. Parents of the cheerleaders have been planning this event for several months with input from the senior cheerleaders. The committee is led by co-chairs Melanie Turner and Terri Harbison. Look for more details to follow via the Torrey Pines High School website,

rt in Tow u g o Y t s e B n” “The SELF SERVE FROZEN YOGURT

Open until 11pm every Friday & Saturday

SERIOUS BUSINESS. For 20 years, college readiness has been serious business at The Grauer School. Over the past three years, our 46 seniors have been accepted to 87% of all colleges to which they applied. They have amassed $5.5 million in scholarship offers – an achievement unmatched in the region. Our students don’t prepare for college by rote. They prepare by continuous discovery, inspiration, and leadership experience. This is one reason we became the only unesco affiliate school in our area this year, distinguishing Grauer as a “Center for Innovation.” To learn more about Grauer, please visit our website, call us, or schedule a tour. Find out how we’ve made college readiness serious business for 20 years. 760-944-6777 | 1500 s. el camino real, encinitas, ca 92024

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


Winter happenings at the Rancho Santa Fe Local author helps readers Community Center – Don’t miss out! shed psychological baggage By Erin Leahey, executive director Girl’s Jr. Dunkers – Sign Up Now It's that time again to sign up for GJD! There is also a pre-season class that begins Jan. 10 that will be a great introduction into the season! The class will be taught by the same company who has Erin Leahey been running our boy's league and will be running our girl's league. It will focus on skills, drills, teamwork and fun! In addition, please note the GJD timeline for assessments, clinics and drafts! We are looking forward to another great season! League goes from March-May; Grades 1-6; Assessments Dates: Feb 7, Feb 8; Clinics: Feb 15 and Feb 22; Drafts: Feb 28, March 1, March 2 Winter I is Now Enrolling! Enrollment is underway for the Winter session, which starts Jan. 10! Check out our new classes in our Winter line up online now! Here are a few of the new classes at a glimpse… Girl’s Jr. Dunkers Pre-season Class kicks off the girls’ season January 10th. This class will be run by One on One Basketball, which will also be running the league. This class covers a lot of important skills and drills and is a great way to get your child ready and feeling comfortable for assessments this basketball season. ClubXcite is offering a pee-wee tennis class that is very popular all over North County. With a small ratio of 4:1 and with smaller nets and racquets, there is a real opportunity for skill improvement with the little ones! ClubXcite is also offering a Robotics and Mechanical Building class for Kinder to 5th grade (same 4:1 ratio grouped by age). This is a great class for children interested in building and engineering! There will be a number of

projects such as launching bottle rockets, solar powered cars, catapults, remote controlled robots and more! San Diego Jr. Theatre, with headquarters in Balboa Park, is coming to the RSFCC! This is a great acting class for the “serious about acting” child or for the child that just wants to have fun. There will be a lot of improvisation, group building activities, skits and more! Plus, a performance at the end of the session! In addition, we will be offering a Hip Hop/Jazz class. This class will include a recital at the end of the second session of winter! Moms and Tots Moms, gather your tots and get involved with the play dates happening right here in your community! The community center offers families an opportunity to get connected by arranging play dates around the community and within the homes of other moms and tots. This is a great time to join in on the neighborly fun happening this Winter. For more information please visit our website at or call the Community Center at 858-756-2461. Martin Luther King Day Camp: Jan. 17 Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Fee: Member $75 each day per child. $60 per additional siblings. Extended care: 8- 9 a.m.; 3-5 p.m., $7 member per hour. If you and your family will be spending the three-day weekend at home the Community Center will be offering a fun filled day for your children. We will be spending the day at Sky High Sports – The Trampoline Place in Costa Mesa, Calif. Spend two hours jumping, bouncing and playing dodge ball. This a CC first, so don’t miss out on this exciting field trip! Please bring a packed lunch and water bottle every day. All children must wear close-toed shoes and dress weather appropriate. Also note that if your child brings spending money they must be responsible for how they choose to spend it.

By Karen Billing Staff Writer Many New Year’s Resolutions involve getting healthy and losing weight. In his new book, local author Dr. Marc Muchnick suggests shedding weight of a different kind: the psychological baggage of regret. His new book, “No More Regrets!” was released just in time for the new year, on Monday, Jan. 10. “These are very simple things to do to create happiness and meaning in your life in 2011,” Muchnick said. Muchnick was inspired to write this book after the death of a close friend, Gary Gotlieb, who died of cancer at age 42 in 2009. During one of their last visits, the two spoke about their biggest regrets and Gotlieb said he understood more than anyone that life is short. “He told me to do my best to live my life without any more regrets,” Muchnick said. “He passed that gift on to me.” No one should be a prisoner to their regrets, Muchnick said, don’t let them keep you from reaching your full potential. Everyone will make mistakes, but nothing says you have to regret them. Muchnick is very excited

about the release of “No Regrets,” his third book to be published. “It’s unbelievable,” Muchnick said. “I’m so grateful and appreciative that I have a way to get a positive message out to a lot of people.” A St. L o u i s native, Marc Muchnick Muchnick has lived locally since 2001 with his wife Kim and children Jessica and Blake. Muchnick has his Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology and a master’s in clinical psychology and works as a keynote speaker, life coach and a professor for the online Capella University. His first book, “Naked Management,” was about motivating Generation X leaders and managers. His second, “The Leadership Pill,” was co-authored with Ken Blanchard, his mentor in graduate school. The book about effective leadership methods became a bestseller and has been printed in 17 different languages.


This new book was fun for Muchnick because it doesn’t just deal with managers and leaders — it’s a book that can reach a wider audience. He presents 30 ways to achieve greater happiness, each with a story that brings the point to life. There are discussion and reflective questions, as well, to make the book more action-oriented. “It’s almost like an instructional guide, if you will,” Muchnick said. He breaks his method down in to five key points to avoid living with regret: •Get out of your rut •Take nothing for granted •Be authentic. “Focus on who you really are,” Muchnick said. ”Our uniqueness is a great gift.” •Stretch yourself; don’t be satisfied with being mediocre •Be a force of goodness in the world Muchnick hopes that “No More Regrets” will become a series, with books targeting not having regrets at work, in parenting and even a “No Regrets” cookbook. This first book is available now in local bookstores like Barnes and Noble. Learn more at



THE LAKES - Situated on a large lot, this two-story home offers every appointment you could desire, inside & out. High end finishes include: cherry cabinetry, stone floors, professional appliances, surround sound, outdoor summer kitchen and more! $998,000

SANTALUZ - Build your own custom estate! Plotted throughout Santaluz, these PREMIER HOMESITES range from .82 -1.95 acres and capture the most remarkable panoramic views. Phenomenal values & perfect opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. $825,000-$1,200,000

BEL ETAGE - Stunning single story home w/countless upgrades! This residence is located on a private cul-de-sac in the highly coveted gated community of Bel Etage. Enjoy beautiful mountain views from your backyard oasis complete w/ pool, BBQ & lush arbor. $1,295,000

SANTALUZ - Beautiful Tuscan inspired home situated on an ocean view lot, offers a meticulously finished & lushly landscaped residence! Appointed w/an opulent MB w/dual baths, 2 guest suites & casita, makes this an ideal retreat & exceptional value. $1,390,000

SANTALUZ - Exuding European flair, this refined hacienda custom estate masterfully blends a timeless architectural design w/a chic modern interior. Enjoy year-round relaxation & play in expansive rear yard or entertain w/outdoor kitchen & wood fired pizza oven. $2,295,000

SANTALUZ - Baywood Collection Plan 2 Model! This home captures the essence of Tuscan living & offers an array of appointments: huge MB on ground floor w/sizeable retreat, office/bonus room in featured tower & separate detached kitchen/dining area overlooking the pool. $2,475,000



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January 13, 2011

May 26, 2011


corp license # 1076961

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Rancho Santa Fe - The Bridges


& A S S O C I A T E

Rancho Santa Fe Real Estat

A Review of 2010

If anything differentiated the 2010 Rancho Santa Fe real estate market (defined for the the San Diego Multiple Listing Service for the 92067 and 92091 zip codes) from 2009, versus 211 in 2010. This 43% increase was largely responsible for reducing the exce overall median value which affected a 5% reduction in the number of home owners listin started with a listing price closer to their final sale price than 2009 sellers, shrinking the The below analyses segment the Rancho Santa Fe real estate market by original listing p their own behavior that often is quite different from what is expressed in overall statistic



6BR w/GH, His & Her Studies, Art Studio

5+BR, Wood Paneled Study, Tennis Ct

A coveted plan at three Villa with guest casita--designed with unerring style Offered and the highest quality upgrades and Offered $9,995,000 at $3,595,000 amenities. 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, living/dining room combination, professional grade kitchen with separate morning room, office, bonus/media/game room and luxurious master suite with spa bath. Everywhere you turn, doors open to gardens, courtyards, a sparkling spa, serene golf course vistas. Separate guest casita.

Original Listing Price: $5 million or more Of all three sub-populations, this was the only one that did not have an increase in th properties sold in eachFairbanks year. However, it didRanch take those 19 properties sold in 2010 on Totally Renovated 5+BR/6.5BA, Tennis Ct

Offered at $3,695,000


Fairbanks Ranch

Del Rayo Estates

6BR French Country, Very Private, 3.66 Acres

7BR w/Guest House, Theater, 4.79 Acres, Views

Offered at $6,900,000-$7,200,000

RSF-Covenant $6,995,000 to $7,995,000

Offered at $6,995,000

RSF-Covenant $5,950,000

RSF Farms Rd

properties in 2010, a 19% average inventory decline. Spacious 4BR, Study, Wet Bar, Soaring Ceilings, 2.05 Acres With accelerating sales volume, decreasing inventory, median sold value increased 6. Offered at $2,395,000 percentage for this group. The discount percentage represents the percentage differe discount percentage was a staggering 30%. In 2010, it dropped to 22%, most likely rep reduction in supply and increase in demand, properties sold 8% faster in 2010, shorte forward will be if valuation continues to strengthen in 2011, given the last time we saw

Original Listing Price: less than $3 million Generally, what can be said about this last group is that everything remained the sam dropped only slightly from 169 properties to 160. Average marketing time also remained $1,550,000. The only meaningful year-over-year change was a 43% increase in the n properties in 2009. This new demand consequently encouraged more home owners to for this group would be the lack of change in its average inventory level year-over-year

Del Rayo Estates

Del Mar


4+BR, 2BR GH, Panoramic Views, 3.37 Acres, Car Museum

In Town 3BR Beach Cottage, Huge Yard Offered at $1,399,000

5BR, Panoramic Mt. Views, Expansive Yard

Offered $8,995,000 RSFat–Covenant


RSF-The River Estates $5,900,000

Offered at $1,475,000


RSF-Covenant $5,695,000

2 Master Suites, 25 Ft Ocean Frontage, Panoramic Views

Offered at $6,995,000

With a master’s in accounting, a CPA, and CFO experie estate industry. She represented one of the largest re resident with nearly 16 years experience representing

RSF Farms

Rancho Santa Fe

RSF-Covenant $4,995,000

5BR, GH, Study, 5 Acres, Garden Walks Offered at $4,200,000 or $10,000/month

4BR, Vaulted Ceilings, Light & Bright, Golf Course Views Offered at $2,295,000

(858) 77

Rancho Santa Fe Review Rancho Santa Fe Review

May 26, 2011

corp license # 1076961

January 13, 2011




e purpose of this analysis as all attached and detached residential properties listed with it was an increase in the number of properties sold. In 2009, 148 properties were sold ess inventory created in 2009. Spurring this increase in demand was an 8% decline in ng their property for sale. However, those 2010 sellers, that did list their homes for sale, e long-standing perspective gap between buyers and sellers on valuation. price, creating 3 sub-populations. This is necessary because those sub-populations have cs like the analysis above.

he number of properties sold between 2009 and 2010. Sales activity was flat with 19 average 16% longer time to sell,Covenant bumping up average marketing time in 2010 to 424 6BR w/GH, & Her Studies, Art Studio days compared to 365 days inHis 2009. Offered Sensing this weak demand relative toat the$9,995,000 overall market, many potential sellers in this sub-population elected not to list their home for sale. New listings dropped 28% from 2009 to 2010, creating the largest year-over-year inventory percentage decline amongst all three sub-populations and thus driving average inventory from 100 properties to 70. Although median value remained flat between 2009 and 2010, it will be interesting to see what happens with median value in 2011, given the significant reduction in supply for this sub-population. Original Listing Price: $3 million - $5 million This sub-population exhibited the greatest overall positive change compared to all other groups. It not only sold substantially more properties in 2010, but sold them faster and for more. 65% more properties were sold in 2010 than 2009, 51 versus 31, respectively. This increase in sales volume, along with a 12% reduction in new listings, caused average inventory to drop from an average of 118 properties in 2009 to 95 Fairbanks Ranch

6BR French Country, Very Private, 3.66 Acres .5%. This firming in value can also be seen from the change in the median discount Offered at $6,900,000-$7,200,000 ence between the original listing price and the actual sold price. In 2009, the median presenting better original list pricing and stronger buyer demand. Additionally, due to the ening marketing time from 333 days to 303 days on average. Something to watch going inventory levels as low as this group’s current inventory level was back in 2006.

RSF-Covenant $3,995,000

RSF-The Bridges $3,395,000


Fairbanks Ranch

5+BR, Wood Paneled Study, Tennis Ct

Totally Renovated 5+BR/6.5BA, Tennis Ct

Offered at $3,595,000

RSF-The Bridges $3,295,000

Offered at $3,695,000

RSF-The Bridges $2,995,000 to $3,275,000

Del Rayo Estates

RSF Farms Rd

7BR w/Guest House, Theater, 4.79 Acres, Views

Spacious 4BR, Study, Wet Bar, Soaring Ceilings, 2.05 Acres

Offered at $6,995,000

Olivenhain-Double LL Ranch $2,995,000

Offered at $2,395,000

RSF-Covenant $1,995,000

me in 2010 as in 2009, except sales volume increased significantly. Average inventory d flat at about 200 days on market. Median sold value also remained flat at approximately number of properties sold, pushing sales volume in 2010 to 141 properties from 98 list their homes for sale, driving up new listings in 2010 by 8%. The only caveat in 2011 as well as the volatility it experiences in its inventory levels during the year.

Del Rayo Estates

Del Mar


4+BR, 2BR GH, Panoramic Views, 3.37 Acres, Car Museum

In Town 3BR Beach Cottage, Huge Yard Offered at $1,399,000

5BR, Panoramic Mt. Views, Expansive Yard

Offered at $8,995,000

ence for a prestigious architectural firm, Linda is a rarity in the real esidential sales in all of San Diego County. She is a Rancho Santa Fe g residential buyers/sellers. Del Mar Ocean Front DRE#01219378 2 Master Suites, 25 Ft Ocean Frontage, Panoramic Views


Offered at $6,995,000

RSF-The Bridges $1,895,000

RSF Farms

RSF-Cielo $750,000

4BR, Vaulted Ceilings, Light & Bright, Golf Course Views Offered at $2,295,000

Offered at $1,475,000 RSF-Covenant


Rancho Santa Fe

RSF-Covenant Rental $25,000

5BR, GH, Study, 5 Acres, Garden Walks Offered at $4,200,000 or $10,000/month

17 13


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Local pediatrician steps up in fight against childhood obesity Christine Wood’s book titled ‘How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It!’ By Marlena ChaviraMedford Staff Writer Most parents know that getting a preschooler to eat his leafy greens is no small feat. In fact, only a staggering 1 percent of kids ages 2 to 19 meet the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) food pyramid recommendations, according to National Health Examination Surveys. There are some tips to getting tots to eat well and, in fact, local resident and pediatrician Christine Wood has written the book on it: “How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It!” “I wanted to write this

Dr. Christine Wood

book because time and time again, parents would come into my office saying that the dinner table was becoming a battlefield,” Wood said, who is a mother and has been a pediatrician for 25 years. “Parents get into this ‘three-morebites’ battle and they end up micro-managing their kids’ eating habits. Most of us were taught to clean our plates, but the days of ‘clean plate club’ are over.” That’s because for most growing youngsters, dinner tends to be the lightest meal of the day, Wood said. “But if a parent pushes a child to finish that dinner, it can sometimes cause obesity down the road.

Kids need to learn to respect their body’s signals when they are full, and that won’t happen if someone is making them eat more.” Childhood obesity has recently taken front and center stage after First Lady Michelle Obama launched “Let’s Move,” a national campaign to help kids be healthier. According to the Center for Disease Control, over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled — and today, nearly one in three children in this nation are overweight or obese. Wood is doing her part to fight that epidemic locally, serving as co-chair of the San Diego Childhood Obesity Initiative, which aims to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in San Diego County through advocacy, education, policy development, and environmental change. Part of that has included reaching out to neighborhood schools and

FAST FACTS • The average American now eats fifteen more pounds of sugar a year than in 1970 Let’s Move, 2010 • American children are getting 40% of their calories from extra fat and added sugars National Health Examination Surveys, 2007 • More children are being diagnosed with diseases linked to overweight and obesity previously seen only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease The Obesity Society, 2009 • In California, there are four times the number of fast food restaurants and convenience stores as grocery stores and produce vendors California Center for Public Health Advocacy, 2007 youth centers, asking them to cut out the sugary drinks and snacks. “Look at your typical athletic event: There are donuts on the sidelines. But what if there was some fresh fruit? Small differences like that can have a big impact,” Wood said. “And it’s important that schools get on board to reinforce the healthy choices Mom and Dad are making at home. “The bottom line is that adults, especially parents, need to realize they have a big role in the health of their kids. If parents can realize that, and do their part, they can give their kids one of life’s best gifts: good health.” Wood’s book, “How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It!” is available via her website or at Wood is currently practicing general pediatrics at El Camino Pediatrics. For more information about her, or to subscribe to her free newsletter for parents, visit


Cocktails, Food Stations & Silent Auction Live Auction, Performance, Dessert & Dancing

SPACE IS LIMITED. FOR BEST SEATS CALL 858.414.6296 NOW! Individual Tickets $500, $750 & $1,000. Meet & Greet Packages starting at $15,000 Sponsorship opportunities available.

Special thanks to our Sponsors:

Just down the road, there’s a vibrant, energetic community of students and world-class teachers – exploring, inventing, and learning together – on a stunningly beautiful campus. Take a LOOK INSIDE and learn more about Country Day at a Come-On-In Open House. RSVP REQUIRED. 1 THURSDAY January 20 8:15am-10:15am Age 3 & Jr. Kindergarten

2 THURSDAY January 20 6:00pm-8:00pm Grade 5 - Grade 12

3 FRIDAY January 21 8:15am-10:15am Kindergarten – Grade 4

A portion of your ticket will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


Bridge, day trip and arts & Ranch Clubhouse Connection: New crafts at the RSF Garden Club menus and the 3rd Annual Wine Festival By Ginger Bord Two spades, five diamonds, trump, no trump, grand slam! Come to the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club on Saturday, Jan. 15, for an afternoon of Duplicate Bridge with Paul Foster and other bridge enthusiasts. The afternoon starts at 1 p.m. at the Garden Club, with an introduction by Paul Foster, and the cost is only $10 per person. Call Linda Hahn at 858-756-8271 or go to Looking ahead to February, the Garden Club is planning a day trip to The Huntington Library and Gardens on Saturday, Feb. 12. Leaving The Garden Club at 9 a.m., traveling in a comfortable motor coach and returning home by 5 p.m., making for an enlightening day. In The Huntington Library there are over five million manuscripts, some as old as eight centuries, and over a half a million volumes of rare books, including The Gutenberg Bible The Art Gallery in the mansion is composed of seven small galleries and 15 larger galleries. The acres of formal and informal gardens on the estate include a desert garden, two Japanese gardens, a large rose garden, a circular Shakespearean Garden with a bust of the poet, and the newly completed Chinese Gardens. Throughout the grounds there are many varieties of horticultural specimens from all over the world and, of course, indigenous plants of California. The cost is

$55 for Garden Club members and $65 for non-members, and includes admission. Call Ginger Bord at 760-761-0989 or go to There are two arts and crafts classes coming to the Garden Club, Friday, Jan. 29, and Wednesday Feb. 9. On Jan. 29, the class will be American Native Basket Weaving and Story Journeys with Jacque Tahuka Nunez. On Wednesday, Feb. 9, Diane Uke will be demonstrating teaching decoupage. Diane Uke is well known for her wide spectrum of artistic and teaching skills. The number of participants for each class is limited, making an early reservation is suggested. The cost is $35 for members and $45 for nonmembers, all materials are provided. For more information on Garden Club events go to or call The Club at 858-756-1554. Reservations can be made on rsfgardenclub@gmail , checks may be sent to PO Box 483, Rancho Santa Fe.


The RSF Golf Club’s new lunch and dinner menus offer a wide range of choices that appeal to almost every member of the family. The recent addition of a pizza oven adds another dimension to the many choices the clubhouse brings to the covenant. Also, Chef Larry has created five new house-made desserts, including Apple Fritters and a Banana Split that is big enough to feed a family of four or more. Reservations are highly recommended for lunch and dinner. The club’s 3rd annual Wine Festival is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 19. This is one of the events that members look forward to each year as more than 200 wines will be presented

during the evening. In addition to wine tasting, a full range of gourmet appetizers will be offered. The Wine Festival is a great opportunity to purchase some fine wines. The event is open to covenant members and their guests. The clubhouse is open from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, for lunch, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for dinner from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., and a la carte Sunday brunch from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All menu items are available for “take-out.” For more information on the Wine Festival and other social events at the club, please call 858-756-1182 or visit the website at

Expert to speak on off-shore and foreign investing at next ‘Coffee and Conversation’ event in RSF Tax attorney Bill Hartsock will speak on off-shore and foreign investing at the next “Coffee and Conversation” event, which will be held Thursday, Jan. 20, from 8-9 a.m. at The Inn at RSF. Hartsock holds the highest designation available to a tax attorney, “Certified Tax Law Specialist.” He earned a master’s in taxation at the University of San Diego School of Law after completing his Juris Doctorate and an undergraduate degree in accounting. There have been many new tax law changes, one of the bigger ones in the area of off-shore and foreign investment taxation. Careful audit planning and a full analysis of the problem areas are necessary to prevail against the IRS during audit international. The IRS is currently auditing and prosecuting holders of offshore credit cards, offshore bank accounts, foreign trusts, and international business companies for tax evasion and failure to report transfers. Hartsock will discuss ways to to reduce or eliminate IRS debts associated with audit services international; such as offshore credit cards, foreign trusts, offshore bank accounts, and international business companies. Come listen to Hatsock speak. Contact Deana Carter at (858) 756-1566 or The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is located at 5951 Linea Del Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe.

Listed and Sold!

Susan Kazmarek & Associates


DRE# 01077155


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

RSF Little League pre-season clinics and evaluations scheduled Rancho Santa Fe Little League is offering free pre-season clinics for all players registered for the 2011 season. A Fielding Clinic will be held at Richardson Field on Saturday, Jan. 15. The clinic will run from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. for all players 8 years old and younger and from 3-5 p.m. for 9 to 12 year olds. A Batting Clinic will be held at Frozen Ropes on Friday, Jan. 21. Times are to be determined and will be posted on the league’s website: Player evaluations will be held the weekend of Jan. 22 -23. All players, age 7 and above (as of April 20, 2011), should attend the evaluations, which will allow coaches to place players in the appropriate league and to make the

teams equitable. You may attend either day. There are no evaluations for players under 7 years old. Evaluation times are as follows: 9-10 a.m. for 11 and 12 year olds, 10:15 to 11:15 a.m. for 10 year olds, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for 9 year olds; 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. for 8 year olds; 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. for 7 year olds. Makeups will take place Wednesday Jan. 26 at 4 p.m. for all ages. Please remember to bring your glove and wear cleats. You may still register for Spring Baseball or T-ball through Jan. 21. Register online at

RSF resident honored at Las Madrinas Ball During the holiday season, Las Madrinas honored 40 California families and their daughters for their service to the Southern California community and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at the annual Las Madrinas Ball on Dec. 21, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. More than 975 guests from the greater Los Angeles area, including the debutantes, their families and friends, gathered to celebrate with the members of Las Madrinas. RSF’s Ava Ralphs Balfour (left), daughter of Mr. Alan Damon Balfour and the late Mrs. Balfour, was among the debutantes at the event.

Join professional athletes for RSF Little League’s Texas Hold 'Em Celebrity Poker Tournament Fundraiser Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, Martin Katz Jewels and JetSuite invite you to join professional athletes on Saturday, Jan. 29, from 6-10 p.m. for Rancho Santa Fe Little League’s Texas Hold 'Em Celebrity Poker Tournament Fundraiser. The event will be held at the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa. Professional baseball players Kirk McCaskill, Jim Abbot, Charles Nagy, Mike Sweeney, Trevor Hoffman, Bret Boone, Bud Black, Bruce Bochy, Mart Kotsay, Mark

Loretta and Mark Grudzielanik, as well as NFL great Rick Mirer, tennis champion Mark Philippoussis, and other favorite sports celebrities, along with professional poker star Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari will participate in the event. All players, guests, and spectators have opportunities to win fabulous prizes including jewelry, golf, casinos, dining, travel, spa packages, and more. All guests will also receive a swag bag, customized playing cards, and a

$500 gift card to use as you wish at Martin Katz Jewels. The top 12 finishers will also receive a chocolate leather Martin Katz roll-up travel jewelry case valued at $150. Play roulette for your chance to win more prizes. Seating is limited. To purchase tickets, or for sponsorship information please email: or visit for more information.

Kids Korps members help spruce up Encinitas School of Music Thank you to Andrea Carrier and the Kids Korps USA for volunteering to help give the Encinitas School of Music a much-needed facelift. The kids spent a day in December helping director Steve Rollins paint the school at 775 Orpheus Ave in Leucadia. Pictured at right is Hannah Lichtenberger swinging a paint brush.

I owe everything I have to hard work. Now I want to share the wisdom I have gained, so my family can build on my experience.


I need someone who knows


what it’s like to be me.

UC San Diego Health System’s Center for the Treatment of Obesity announces the partnership of bariatric and metabolic surgeons Dr. Horgan and Dr. Wittgrove. Together, these leading experts offer a range of innovative, minimally invasive, weight-loss approaches, including revisional obesity surgery and endoscopic techniques. Attend a free seminar and learn how to lose weight and gain health. ‹ZSLL]LNHZ[YLJ[VT` ‹NHZ[YPJI`WHZZ ‹HKQ\Z[HISLNHZ[YPJIHUKPUN Call 800-342-3944 or visit

With you when LW¢VWLPHWRWUDQVLWLRQPRUHWKDQZHDOWK Every family deserves a unique legacy. As your family story evolves, we’ll work closely with your trusted advisors, offering objective guidance to help bring your vision to fruition. Generations have built, preserved, and transitioned their wealth with the help of Wells Fargo. So no matter what your story is, you can rely on our strength, stability and teamwork to help you move forward with confidence. To learn more about our distinctive solutions, contact: Pete Morimoto Senior Vice President (858) 756-5728

Mary Murray Vice President (858) 756-3014

Wells Fargo Private Bank provides financial services and products through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and its affiliates. Deposit and loan products offered through Wells Fargo Bank. N.A. Member FDIC. Insurance products are available through Insurance subsidiaries of Wells Fargo & Company and underwritten by non-affiliated Insurance Companies. Not available in all states. © 2010 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved.

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


Athletes take unusual training steps for ‘The Death Race’ By Karen Billing Staff Writer Few might sign up for a race called “The Death Race,� a race that comes with a website titled Only 19 people finished the ultimate endurance race in Vermont last year out of 135 who started it. Local trainer Joe Decker beat death and won the event in his first time racing the event in 2009—lasting through 42 miles of obstacles from hauling manure for seven miles to crawling under barbed wire for three miles to eating 10 pounds of onions right in the middle of the race. Decker, who runs the popular Gut Check Fitness boot camp at several local parks, has signed up to do it all over again and this time he’s bringing along some fellow fitness warriors. He will compete in the June 25 race with Roger Bernstein, Vu Tran, Sentry Marks and Jeff Bales, a local teacher. These men swear they aren’t crazy—just up for a challenge, getting the most


Jeff Bales, Roger Bernstein, Joe Decker, Sentry Marks and Vu Tran are in training for Death Race 2011. out of life. Decker relates it to Gut Check Fitness’ mission. “My primary goal is to motivate people to take care of and enjoy their bodies and get out there and try

fun, cool or even unthought of events like Death Race,� Decker said. Decker understands more than anyone how important a healthy lifestyle can be—fifteen

years ago he was 80 pounds overweight and depressed and he credits fitness with getting him out of that hole. Now he smiles as he jogs, tugging a 75-pound Hummer tire behind him

no problem. The guys started training a couple of months ago for the not-so-average race. Nearly every aspect is unpredictable—the race organizers decide how long the event lasts and when it begins. In 2009, Decker said the race started four hours before it was supposed to and lasted 28 hours. In 2008, the race was 14 hours. “You could be out there 15 hours or 28 hours, there’s no official race time, you’re done when they tell you you’re done,� Decker said. The race aims to take people out by throwing challenges in their way that they cannot handle. Not Decker’s guys. While only 19 participants finished last year, Decker said his group will all finish this year. “We don’t have a choice,� said Tran. “Joe’s quote is, ‘Don’t think about it, just do it,’� said Bales. Decker nods and affirms, “Quitting is not an option.� They team trains five to

seven days a week by hauling...well, everything. Heavy buckets of sand, rocks, those aforementioned Hummer tires. They’ll do a grueling set of pushups and run along with the rest of Decker’s boot camp participants, then they run and crawl and carry some more. The grossest thing they have done is swim in sewage. After it rained they trained in a sewage pit in the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve—Decker threw a brick in the “water� and the guys had to get in and retrieve it. “We’re trying to get used to agony,� Decker explains. “The race is all about trying to get you to tap out. You just can’t think about it because the brain will be screaming ‘Don’t do it!’� “It’s easy for us to shut off the thinking switch,� said Marks. “It’s not a very big switch,� cracked Tran. To learn more about Gut Check Fitness, visit

4/22%90) . %3 ^ *!. 5!29   777&!2-%23) .35 2 !.#%/0%.#/-^'/,&



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

San Diego Opera offers the community free lectures

The panel will explore Faust’s contract with Méphistophélès to give insight into how individuals and communities, even nations, make “deals with the devil” in order to cope with daily life. 2. “A Collision of Old and New: Rococo, Art Nouveau and the World of Der Rosenkavalier,” 7 p.m. March 1, San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park.

San Diego Opera will present “Community Conversations,” a free, citywide lecture series that will explore aspects of its upcoming season (four operas: “Turandot,” “Der Rosenkavalier,” “Faust” and “Carmen”) pairing Dr. Nicolas Reveles, San Diego Opera’s Geisel Director of Education and Outreach, with speakers who are experts in their fields. A poster from the San Diego Opera performance The remaining lectures will of ‘Carmen.’ Courtesy: San Diego Opera be held at St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, San Diego Museum of Art, Torrey Pines Christian Church, Carlsbad Public Library and the Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla. All events are free and open to the public, but an RSVP is required. For more information and to reserve a seat, visit

Lecture Schedule

“ I

Faust’s Pact with the Devil: An Interfaith Dialogue on the Concept of Evil,” 2 p.m. Feb. 27, St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, 7776 Eads Avenue, La Jolla.

n a roundtable discussion anchored by Dr. Reveles, leaders from the Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist communities will discuss how each of their faiths understands evil within the context of contemporary society, using the classic story of Faust as a starting point.

Dr. John Marciari, Ph.D., curator of European art at the museum and Dr. Reveles will discuss the two worlds represented in Richard Strauss’s “Der Rosenkavalier,” — 18th century Vienna (the era of the opera’s setting) and early 20th century Vienna (the era and culture of the opera’s creation). From the opera’s lavish sets and costumes to the world of Freud, Klimt and Mucha, the explosion of diverse styles that the opera represents will be followed through generous examples of the art and music of the times. 3. “Der Rosenkavalier: The Role of Sacrifice in Relationships,” 7 p.m. March 8 at Torrey Pines Christian Church, 8320 La Jolla Scenic Drive North, La Jolla. The touching moment at the end of Der Rosenkavalier when the Marschallin gives up her relationship with the young Octavian becomes a jumping off point for a discussion between Rev. Dr. Michael Spitters, lead pastor of Torrey Pines Christian Church and Dr. Reveles. Does sacrifice in relationships mean a complete negation of self? Is there a place for selflessness in a world that surrounds us with examples of looking after one’s own needs to the expense of others? 4. “Carmen on the Couch: A Study in Dysfunctional Relationships,” 7 p.m. April 25, Carlsbad Public Library, Schulman Auditorium, 1775 Dove Lane. Psychotherapist Gita Morena, coordinator of the Sandplay Therapy Studies Program at UCSD Extension and a doctor of Transpersonal Psychology, joins Dr. Reveles to look at the dysfunctional relationship of the two main characters in Bizet’s Carmen — Don José and the gypsy seductress. What happens when a classic obsessive personality meets a free spirit? Through the application of myth and Jungian analysis guests will get a closer look at what goes wrong in a popular opera that ends badly for everybody.

Cabrillo park to host whale welcome festival this weekend The 24th annual Whale Watch and Intertidal Life Festival will run 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Jan. 15-16 at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego’s National Park. This educational, family-oriented event celebrates the return of an estimated 20,000 Pacific gray whales to Point Loma as part of their annual, round-trip migration from Baja California to Alaska. It also touts the intertidal life found in the tidepool area on the monument’s western shore. There will be guest speakers sharing their knowledge of gray whales and other cetaceans, as well as intertidal habitat and ecology, plus films and activities for children. Also on tap will be exhibitors providing activities and information about whales, tidepools and their organizations both days in the visitor center breezeway and “View Building” from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These include Cabrillo National Monument Foundation, San Diego Maritime Museum, I Love a Clean San Diego, Chula Vista Nature Center, San Diego Oceans Foundation, Pacific Crest Trail Association,

H&M Landing, Sierra Club, Birch Aquarium, Friends of La Jolla Seals, Sea World, Sail San Diego, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, San Diego Natural History Museum, and Cabrillo National Monument. Park rangers, Volunteers-In- Parks (VIPs), and volunteers from the San Diego Natural History Museum will assist visitors in spotting whales and exploring the monument’s tidepool area. The best locations to watch for whales are on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so bring binoculars and dress warmly. Low tides of 0.0’ will take place at 12:51 p.m. Saturday and 0.6’ will take place at 1:27 p.m. Sunday. Parking at the tidepools will be limited to visitors with disabilities. Free shuttles will run between the visitor center and tidepool parking lots between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. each day. All events are included with the park entrance fee of $5 per vehicle and $3 for motorcyclists, bicyclists and walk-ins (valid for 7 days from date of purchase). Cabrillo National Monument is on Point Loma at the south


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San Diego Skyline as seen from the Cabrillo National Monument. Photo taken by Chuck Szmurlo/wikimedia end of Catalina Blvd. It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call (619) 557-5450 or visit

Rancho Santa Fe Review

(Left and right) Florence Raft

RSF couple’s quilts featured in ‘Islands of Color: Polynesian Quilts’ exhibit RSF couple Edward and Mina Smith have given unique Polynesian quilts to the Oceanside Museum of Art. They will be on exhibit at the museum from Feb. 12May 1. The exhibit is titled “Islands of Color: Polynesian Quilts.” Elaborate and vibrant quilts have been produced in Polynesia since the introduction of woven cloth to the Pacific in the early 19th century. Used for more than just decoration, quilts are part of their cultural fabric and play a major role in ceremonial traditions in Polynesia. Amongst their diverse social utilizations, they are given as gifts at weddings and baptisms, presented to important visitors, and used as funerary shrouds. Exhibit curator Kristine Herman will present an illustrated lecture on the subject at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 12. The talk is free with museum admission and free for OMA members, students and military. For more information, call 760-435-3720 or visit the museums website at The museum is located at 704 Pier View Way in downtown Oceanside, within walking distance from the Oceanside transit center with Amtrak, Coaster, Sprinter and Metrolink stops.

To better serve you



Readers’ Choice

“Best of”

Voted Best Dentist & Best Cosmetic Dentist

Periodontal care and maintenance visits are also provided. Dr. Cooke's office is located just to the rear of The Pantry on Paseo Delicias in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe.

(858) 756-5888 "We look forward to serving you"


In Memoriam Florence H. Raft Former RSF resident Florence H. Raft passed away Jan. 6, 2011. Florence and her late husband, Clem, were longtime RSF residents. They were members of the Church of the Nativity and St. James Catholic Church. Florence was a charter member of the RSF Historical Society, volunteering and working on the Historical Society's projects while serving on its board for many years. She was also a member of the RSF Library Guild, volunteering in the library's Book Cellar, and a member of the RSF Garden Club.

In their younger years, Florence and Clem were avid outdoor people, driving and camping throughout the nation's national parks. Rancho Santa Fe's rural atmosphere offered a special appeal to them. In recent years, Florence moved back to her home in Morton Grove, Ill., to be among family members. She continued to live in her childhood home there until her last illness. Florence was also the dear sister of Irene (Bernard) Stellar, Fred N., (Doris) Huscher and Carl (the late Jeanne) Huscher; loving aunt of Carlynn Carey, Michael Stellar, Fred T. Huscher and Steve Huscher; devoted great-aunt and great great aunt of many. Sign online guestbook at


has an office right here in the Village Dr. Cooke's expertise is in restorative and reconstructive dentistry, including crowns, bridges, implants and dentures, with special emphasis on function and esthetics.

January 13, 2011



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Education Matters

Leaving a legacy of unfair advantage By Marsha Sutton Essays are written, letters of recommendation completed, transcripts mailed, and college applications are in. Now, Part Two, the waiting, Marsha begins. As high Sutton school seniors ponder their future academic careers, a new study just

released indicates it’s not quite a level playing field out there in College Admissions Land. No one will call this earthshaking news; any student with functioning brain cells knows that some of their peers will have unfair advantage based on all kinds of factors having nothing to do with academic ability. But the study is compelling, nevertheless, in its exhaustive examination of the effect of legacies and family ties on college admissions, which – if you believe the evi-

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dence – have more impact than previously thought. Conducted by Michael Hurwitz, a doctoral student in quantitative policy analysis at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the study shows that an applicant whose parents attended the college as an undergraduate had a 45.1 percent increased chance of being admitted. This “primary legacy” connection weighed much higher than “secondary legacy” family members, including siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles. A secondary legacy connection did, though, increase chances somewhat, by 13.7 percent, according to the Harvard study. Hurwitz examined data from 30 highly selective U.S. universities, none of whom the author identified, since access to private information was provided on the condition that the universities would remain anonymous. But, to guess, one would expect the list to include the big four: Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford. After that, there are the other Ivy League colleges, and then other elite schools like Duke, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Washington University, Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Rice, Emory, Georgetown, USC, Carnegie Mellon ... to name a few. The University of California colleges – notably UCLA and Berkeley – are commonly listed among the top U.S. colleges but famously do not grant favoritism to legacy students, to the UC system’s credit. An article on the study in the Jan. 8 New York Times speculated on the anonymous colleges, stating, “It seemed apparent that they are the members of the Consortium on Financing Higher Education, a group made up of the Ivy Leagues and two dozen other private research universities and liberal arts colleges.” Charitable giving as an admissions factor According to Hurwitz’s abstract, “Unlike other quantitative studies addressing this topic, I use conditional logistic regression with fixed effects for colleges to draw conclusions about the impact of legacy status on admissions odds. By doing so, I eliminate most sources of outcome bias by controlling for applicant characteristics that are constant across colleges and college characteristics that are constant across applicants.” In other words, he controlled for varying factors – a comment sure to infuriate researchers for my over-simplicity. In the New York Times Jan. 8 story, Hurwitz explained, “I was able to take into account all the applicant’s characteristics, because they were the same at every school they applied to. About the only thing that would be different was their legacy status.” Hurwitz calculated that the odds of admission are multiplied by a factor of 3.13 due to legacy status. He also concluded traditional analytic techniques underestimate the true impact of legacy status and that the legacy admissions advantage is further enhanced through early admissions programs. Hurwitz did not address how much money legacy families had contributed to their alma maters, as a potential factor in acceptance of offspring. But a common explanation for favoring legacy students is that their admission would increase donations to the university’s endowment fund and ensure continued donations for years to come. “I don’t know whether the legacy admissions advantage is related to charitable giving … [but] this seems like a plausible hypothesis,” Hurwitz said in an e-mail to the Stanford Daily, in a Jan. 10 story, which noted that Stanford raised $640 million in 2009, more than any other college or university. In the Jan. 10 story, Stanford’s dean of undergraduate admission Richard Shaw said the proof that legacy status does not guarantee admission is “that the majority of students that are legacies do not get in.” But he went on to say that legacies are very strong candidates. “In looking at our quantitative measures, our legacy enrollees or admits tend to be stronger than the median of the admitted class,” Shaw said in the Stanford Daily story. “It shatters another perception that unqualified or less qualified students are getting into Stanford because they are sons or daughters of parents who have come before them.” Shaw then said, “Stanford has a proud and long tradition of access and opportunity to all sorts of populations from its founding. One of the populations that we certainly celebrate is the sons and daughters of those who have come before.” I’m not picking on Stanford (well, maybe a little). But it’s

exasperating that students with higher academic success are often denied access to elite colleges when peers whose parents attended an elite university are seen to buy their children’s way in. Even the Stanford Daily blasted the practice. “Such blind and even selfish interests are ultimately preserving elements of blue-blooded practices that have traditionally (and rightly) given selective universities a bad name, and are doing the further injustice of making some of the remarkable students at Stanford who are the children of alumni (including many who would get in and soar, anyway) feel that their admission is seen as suspect,” wrote Aysha Bagchi on Oct. 5, 2010 for the Stanford Daily. “They are helping to preclude deserving students who don’t have a family history at elite American universities from changing that fact. And they are reinforcing public views of top schools as private clubs, views Stanford in particular should take a lead in dispelling. It is time for legacy preferencing in admissions to go.” The value of academic merit Harvard students also questioned the practice of legacy favoritism and argued in favor of conducting an impartial study to determine if these preferences actually pay off. In the Oct. 7, 2010 Harvard Crimson, the editorial staff wrote, “Harvard has long argued that supporting the legacy tradition helps maintain an active alumni base and encourages donations. However, the administration needs to do more to back up its argument and should launch a new study to reevaluate whether this practice actually benefits Harvard’s relationship with alumni.” “… Harvard should admit students based on academic merit and other forms of recognizable achievement. Since legacy status does not fit within either of those categories, it should not add to a student’s candidacy unless perpetuating this policy actually benefits the university as a whole. … We hope that the college reevaluates its stance toward admissions by studying the realities of legacy preference and acting accordingly.” If students and parents of qualified applicants are incensed over the unfair advantages money can provide in this highly competitive college admissions environment, they can take comfort knowing that others in positions of authority believe legacy favoritism may be grounds for legal action. “At a time when admission to elite colleges has become increasingly competitive, critics say the legacy admissions advantage stands as an undemocratic obstacle to social mobility,” reported the New York Times. In the Jan. 8 story, Richard Kahlenberg, a senior fellow at the nonprofit research organization Century Foundation, said, “It’s fundamentally unfair because it’s a preference that advantages the already advantaged. It has nothing to do with the individual merit of the applicant.” Kahlenberg predicted a legal challenge to legacy preferences for public universities, which he said could be attacked as unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection, “while private universities might be vulnerable under an 1866 civil rights statute prohibiting discrimination based on ‘ancestry,’” according to the story. In the Jan. 6 Chronicle of Higher Education, Kahlenberg wrote, “For years, colleges and universities have justified legacy preferences as a ‘tiebreaker’ in close admissions calls.” The ostensible purpose of this preferential treatment is that admitting legacy children increases alumni giving. “But in an otherwise heavily documented study, Hurwitz cites no research evidence to support the hypothesis (long advanced by universities) that the presence of legacy preferences increases alumni giving,” Kahlenberg wrote. Kahlenberg cited a previous study showing that alumni giving did not decline at seven universities that dropped legacy preferences. He concluded that research indicates that “legacy preferences are more significant than previously believed, yet their fundamental rationale (raising money) is flawed. Study by study, the case for eliminating ancestry discrimination in college admissions continues to grow.” Even if legacy preferences increase donations to universities, that doesn’t justify the unfair practice. Legacy favoritism amounts to nothing more than social injustice and undemocratic principles that reward the wealthy and punish the poor and middle class. Preferential treatment of legacy children also insults the truly qualified whose parents may just happen to be alumni. High school seniors who have pinned their hopes on the fairness of the system and the virtue of academic excellence should not have to suffer shattered idealism and dashed faith in the benefits of hard work. Kids need to know that what matters most is not which family one is lucky enough to be born into. Marsha Sutton can be reached at:

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


Actor Richard Dreyfuss hosts bi-coastal event A partnership of organizations, led by American activist and Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, is hosting live simultaneous events on the East and West coasts to open a National Conversation in cyberspace regarding America’s civics crisis on Monday, Jan. 17. Titled, “It’s Time for a Talk; The National Conversation on Revitalizing America’s Civic Culture,” the discussion will address the unprecedented anxiety felt by U.S. citizens regarding our nation’s future accompanied by the lack of comprehension surrounding the cultural meaning and heritage of America. The East coast event will be held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington D.C. from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The West coast event will take place from 10 a.m. to noon at the University of San Diego. Panelists will include Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Romer, John Fund, Diane Ravitch, Richard Shenkman, and Admiral Bruce Boland. The public is encouraged to participate by attending the events in person or log-

SCRIPPS continued from page 1 banner of being award-winning medical complexes with a broad expanse of specialties, and each renders an opinion on his center’s role in the healthcare landscape. Jackiewicz put it this way: “We provide really good healthcare and are focused on how we can get better. … We want to be as good as we can be and raise our game. Scripps wants to be as good as us. …. If we both succeed, it’s a win-win for the community.” Van Gorder’s take is of Scripps as a “healthcare community” that aims to deliver high quality care and “meet unmet needs.” He added: “It’s not just a hospital, it’s a mindset.” Building on philanthropy Because Scripps depends so much on philanthropy for support, it must be a “highquality provider” and must run as a good business, he added, noting that UCSD can lean on government support because it is a state institution. Jackiewicz also sees costs and efficiencies as a critical factor in the medical center’s operations and notes that investments like those made by Irwin and Joan Jacobs are critical to its future success. Van Gorder said that as Scripps officials considered the future — which includes a need to meet state seismic requirements that make it more practical to rebuild than retrofit — “we’ve taken a long, 25-year view of what we will build and need, in terms of technology and making it more green.” Coupled with limited land and California Coastal Commission regulations that limit the ability to raise the

ging onto; observers may watch the realtime simulcast covered by C-SPAN. To learn more about TDI or reserve complimentary tickets to attend the events, visit or call (212) 2222916. The Dreyfuss Richard Dreyfuss Initiative (TDI) works as a non-partisan, nonprofit entity whose mission and vision is a nationwide effort to revive an enhanced study of the prepartisan tools of civic expertise necessary to comprehend and maintain U.S. democracy. TDI encourages participation from all groups throughout the country and welcomes tax deductible charitable contributions to advance its mission.

height Scripps Green Hospital on Torrey Pines Road, it “made sense to be more visionary about the replacement,” he added. Meeting San Diegans’ needs Scripps’ master plan for its $2 billion, 43-acre regional medical center will emphasize greater collaboration between Memorial and Green hospitals. Three new office hospital towers to replace the existing Memorial facility, two medical office buildings, research and graduate education facilities, an outpatient center and more parking are planned. Meanwhile, Green will shift to more outpatient services. A press release describes the project: “Patients will have all of their healthcare needs met in one location, from wellness, prevention and advanced diagnostics … to the latest medical and surgical treatments …” At UCSD, seemingly a stone’s throw away, construction on the 10-story, 457,000-square-foot addition is expected to begin in 2012. It includes a new cancer hospital, a hospital for women and infants, and one for advanced surgery, complementing the existing Thornton Hospital. Jackiewicz says by being a “center for innovation” the university medical center should also be able to “attract patients from beyond San Diego … with programs only we can really bring.” Collaborate or not? While he said he has does not confer with Van Gorder, he notes there are opportunities to explore coordinated care. “We don’t always need to duplicate,” Jackiewicz said. Today UCSD is in a

partnership with Sharp Healthcare for bone marrow transplants and Scripps, the largest provider of cardiac services in the state, recently expanded its cardiovascular services agreement with Kaiser for 30 years. He points to what he calls a “pyramid of healthcare” that includes academic medical centers like Johns Hopkins, Harvard and Duke that bring research and clinical efforts together at the highest levels, adding that’s where UCSD fits in. Scripps fits into the “community hospital” slot, he said, adding, “We don’t look at Scripps as competition.” Van Gorder disputes the “academic” exclusivity Jackiewicz claims for UCSD, noting that Scripps too provides graduate post-graduate training programs and internships even though it is not a medical school. “We were here before anyone else … we’re not going away,” he said. While there’s disagreement about how to serve San Diego’s health needs — and little conversation between the two that has roots in the decision to locate UCSD’s medical center near Scripps Memorial — they concur that nobody should have to leave San Diego to get the care they need. And they agree that as the local population grows older, the community’s medical needs are changing and influencing the direction healthcare institutions are taking. “San Diego is blessed to have very good healthcare,” Van Gorder said. “I don’t think the people know how good they have it.” Jackiewicz echoed his Scripps counterpart: “San Diego is very blessed to have good providers.”

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January 13, 2011

QUANTUM continued from page 1 tion hopes to change the use class from “A” single family residential to “B,” which includes house courts, flats and dwellings. The extension is needed to gather signatures of approval from property owners within 500 feet of the parcel. Ali Shapouri, representing Quantum Estates, said for two years they have been working on getting signatures from the 26 neighbors, a process made challenging by vacationing or unavailable landowners. Sixty-six percent of the neighbors have to give their approval for the project to move forward. Director Jack Queen said he was “shocked” when he saw the plan to put 38 units in the low-density area

Rancho Santa Fe Review and along with Anne Feighner was among the two votes against the extension. Queen said he understood that time extensions were routine, but said that the developer already had the time to gather signatures. Director Jack Dorsee wasn’t as concerned as the others that a vote in favor of the extension might be construed as a vote in favor for the project. “Every time a retirement facility comes up in the area everyone seems to be down on them,” Dorsee said, noting the aging population might want to stay close to Rancho Santa Fe when they need to downsize. “I respect everyone’s opinions but we’re going to need some senior facilities around here.”

Woodward Pet of the Week “Lily” is a 9-and-a-half-year old, spayed, female, domestic shorthaired feline. As sweet as the flowers that bloom in spring! “Lily” is sophisticated, gentle and an extraordinarily loving kitty. Her white and orange marmalade coat makes her a spectacular beauty with a personality to match! “Lily” has recently retired from the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work force and simply wants to retire in your lap! “Lily” is blooming over with affection and ready to be picked at Helen Woodward Animal Center! Helen Woodward Animal Center, located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call 858-756-4117, option #1 or log on to

LAWSUIT continued from page 1 and offensive sex and ethnicity harassment, bullying and retaliation by her peers…” The lawsuit alleges that Roderick Jemison, upper school director, and other school officials were informed of the bullying, but that the complaints “fell on deaf ears. No one at Country Day tried to stop the bullying.” When contacted, Lewis declined to comment on the lawsuits. Studevent now attends college out of state and could not be reached. Chris Levin, director of communications at La Jolla Country Day, said, “We deny vehemently that Ms. Bagby was ever bullied. And whatever problems Ms. Studevent had during her two years at the school were fully, immediately and aggressively addressed.” The school, said Levin, has an “aggressive program of character development. I can assure you that what these two families allege is not what life is like for the students who attend this institution. And the court proceedings will show that.” “We see it as two families working in unison with the same attorney for the same monetary gains,” Levin said. Studevent’s lawsuit alleges intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and violation of Studevent’s civil rights, and seeks unspecified damages. La Jolla Country Day School is located in San Diego’s Golden Triangle area,

and has a student population of more than 1,100, ranging from pre-school through high school. According to the school website, tuition ranges from $22,000 for grades K-4, to $25,000 for grades 5 and up. As a freshman, Studevent traveled with Country Day’s girls’ basketball team to Oakland for a tournament. When she arrived, she found a letter on top of her clothes addressed to “señorita,” and filled with racial slurs, including the statement that she should go to Mexico, according to the lawsuit. Other incidents alleged in the lawsuit include profane notes taped to her locker, another letter mailed to her which included numerous racial slurs, plots to plant drugs in her backpack and a plot to poison her drink. Someone also put her name and facial likeness on pornographic photos on Internet websites, according to the lawsuit. Studevent first went public with her allegations in a 2008 Los Angeles Times article. School officials told the newspaper that efforts to identify the perpetrators, including handwriting analysis of notes sent to Studevent and two other students, proved inconclusive. Law enforcement was also notified about the online bullying. Levin confirmed the steps taken by the school to identify the students responsible for harassing Studevent. Bagby’s lawsuit — which is scheduled for trial on March

18 before San Diego Superior Court Judge William Nevitt Jr. — also alleges a pattern of harassment by fellow students, and charges that school officials failed to address the problem. Among Bagby’s allegations are that students vandalized her car, drove a car straight at her in a school parking lot, made threats against her over the Internet and put a dead rat in her locker. In an interview shortly after Bagby’s lawsuit was filed in 2009, Schuck, La Jolla Country Day head of school, denied any wrongdoing by the school or its officials, although he declined to address Bagby’s specific allegations due to the lawsuit. “The school stands strongly behind our actions in this matter. In no way were the steps that we took inappropriate,” Schuck said at the time. According to court

records, a motion for summary judgment filed by attorneys for the school — seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit — is scheduled for a Feb. 18 hearing before Judge Nevitt. The motion filed by the school’s attorneys states that Bagby had a number of discipline issues during her time at the school, including stealing beer and drinking it during a school-sponsored trip to Ecuador, cheating on a chemistry test and yelling an obscenity at a parent from the opposing side during a school soccer game. Following the alleged incident at the soccer game, the school asked Bagby to withdraw from attendance at Country Day, which she later did, according to the court document. Bagby is now 18 and a college student. Through her family, she declined a request to be interviewed for this story.

Publishers & Writers to host literary agent at next meeting Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD) will hold its monthly meeting on Saturday, Jan. 29, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Encinitas County Library, 540 Cornish Drive. The topic will be “Morning Coffee with a Literary Agent.” Claire Gerus, a top literary agent, will offer her assessment of the publishing industry and how it’s changing. Gerus was editor of two publishing houses and has worked for eight major publishers. Anyone interested or involved in writing, editing, publishing, designing, or anything related to books is welcome to attend. Members cost $10, non members $15. Visit for more information and to register for the meeting.

When you or your loved one needs help maintaining safety and comfort at home, let us be your solution. AT HOME CARE SOLUTIONS Affordable & Trustworthy Home Care We are a certified provider of home care services including: • Medication Reminders • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care • Respite Care • Light Housekeeping • Recuperative Services • Meal Preparation • Transportation and Errand Services • Companionship

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January 13, 2011

LEUCADIA $3,950,000

17963 Camino De La Mitra Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. 92067 MLS# 100058465 Privacy awaits in this residence nestled in a canyon setting of the Rancho Santa Fe gated community of Cielo on over 1.9 approximate acres. Conveniently located close to neighborhood amenities including a pool, clubhouse, parks, & workout facilities. The main house offers four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms with 3,719 approximate square feet of living space. There is an area built-in for use as a computer workstation and an additional bonus room. Downstairs features a music room, living and family room with a large open kitchen. Backyard with pool and spa. Located in the Rancho Santa Fe school district. Also available for rent at $7,000 a month.

Waterfront 3 br, 2.5 ba home with breathtaking architecture & outrageous lagoon & ocean views. Sited above & flowing down to the Batiquitos Lagoon. Old growth redwood ceilings. 100018170


POWAY $2,999,000




858.775.6173 •

Marie Osburn has been a real estate agent for over 20 years with an emphasis on the Rancho Santa Fe area for the last 14 years. Marie was born and raised in New Zealand and lived in France for many years, allowing her the opportunity to work with and understand the needs of different cultures. Her in-depth knowledge has rewarded Marie with a long list of repeat clients, many of whom have become close friends. Marie’s goal of finding her clients the home they love creates a personal and successful transaction that leaves everyone smiling. Marie can be reached at 858.775.6173. RANCHO SANTA FE $1,749,000

RANCHO SANTA FE $1,845,000

4 br, 4.5 ba, 6,532 appx sf home with updated lighting & electronics, outside theatre and entertainment areas, putting course. Granite countertops in kitchen. Finished garage. 100058475 858.756.4481

RANCHO SANTA FE $3,199,000

Authentic 5 br, 7 ba Tuscan farm house w/great curb appeal. Vaulted formal entry, lrg great rm w/Montecito wood burning stove. Panoramic views from pool/spa deck (beach entry).

Carefully researched and crafted 4 br California adobe hideaway in Fairbanks Ranch. Office, terra cotta flrs, covered veranda, skylights, vaulted ceilings, pool, spa, cook island.

Custom 4 br, 5 ba hilltop estate w/ocean & mountain views. Venetian stone archways, large media room, upstairs tech nook & oversized 3-car gar. Hdwd flrs & upgraded carpeting.





RANCHO SANTA FE $3,875,000




SOLANA BEACH $1,575,000

Sprawling appx 4+ acre gated Covenant 4 br, 6.5 ba estate w/indr/outdr living spaces. Guest quarters, surreal walkways, waterfalls, wine cellar, pool/spa, long private driveway.

Located in American Viticulture area. Ramona Valley “Appellation”. Beautiful appx 216 acre parcel. One of the largest parcels available. Electric & telephone on property.

4 br, 3 ba home w/top upgrades. Chef’s delight kitchen, resortstyle master bath & huge deck. Owner has architechtural plans for future expansion/remodel.





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January 13, 2011


Rancho Santa Fe Review


MAGNIFICENT CRAFTSMAN in Olde Del Mar Sweeping whitewater views of the coastline abound both north and south from this spectacular residence. Designed by renowned architect Dean Meredith to the exacting standards of an authentic Greene & Greene Craftsman, this home was constructed with the highest of quality and most extreme attention to detail. Versatile floor plan offers 4 – 5 bedrooms with gracious and open living areas. Exquisite landscaping, romantic decks, stone patios, sparkling pool and spa add to the endless list of amenities in this one of a kind masterpiece. Offered at $5,250,000

Deb Weir


Exquisite Covenant Property Rare 6.2 acre parcel on one of the Covenant’s most popular streets. Plans for house, guest house, pool, tennis & barn have gone through work shop & story pole phases by known RSF Architect. Offered at $3,950,000

Solana Beach Ocean and racetrack views from this completely updated 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom condominium. Offered at $3500 - $4000 / mo A complimentary staging consultation is included with all of my listings “Expert Real Estate Assistance”

Melissa Russell 619-850-4061

Rancho Santa Fe Covenant

Uber modern design with panoramic views and privacy galore! 4 bedrooms plus art

One-of-a-kind RSF village home located steps to the village. Private & spacious SINGLE-level adobe with raised beam ceilings. Fantastic low-maintenance backyard with lawn & specimen trees. GOLF available w/ the potential for two since lot is 1 of only 3 zoned R-2 for future 2-condo redevelopment. GREAT value & opportunity to live in or landbank.

studio with bath. Stunning design elements. Heated floors in the master suite and family room. Temperature controlled Wine cellar. Pool, spa, flume, putting green, solar. Appliances and audio/video components included. Over 2 acres of views and privacy. Family fruit orchard. Owner may carry First Trust Deed. MOTIVATED! If you are looking for a quality contemporary home, THIS IS IT!

Contact Michael Citrin for an appointment to view this fine residence.

Michael Citrin 858 688 6277

Offered at $1,275,000

Cutter & Chaco



DRE# 0936083

Section B


Cathy Polk, Harriet Baker

January 13, 2011

Gayle Gillies Mize and Joe Mize

RSF Literary Society Luncheon Anne Feighner, Candace Humber, Mary Lou Humber

Best-selling author Amy Bloom (“Where the God of Love Hangs Out”) was the guest speaker at the Jan. 10 luncheon of the Rancho Santa Fe Literary Society. The event was held at the Grand Del Mar. Look for a story on the author in the next issue of the Review. Photos/Jon Clark

(Above) Jacque Fitzpatrick, Ann Rible; (Right) Sandy Rhatigan, Jere Oren, Katie Andrew

Sharon McDonald

Linda Howard, Jan Clark Jane Crane, Laura Robbins Marie Bradley, Linda Sarnowsky, Kathy Terhune

Bob Bauchman, Sue Weber, Bill Weber

Fran Johnson, Alchera Ayyad

Author Amy Bloom with her novel “Where the God of Love Hangs Out”

Ron Phillips, Sylvia Lampitt


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review


Stars. With an edge.

Greg Merino Photography

An Evening with Lindsay Deutsch

Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin (west coast premiere)

FUN-raising Nova Style!

Porgy and Bess Medley George Gershwin

All proceeds support Orchestra Nova.

Suite Populaire Manuel de Falla

One of America’s most exciting violinists

Scherzo Johannes Brahms

Saturday, January 22 6:00 p.m. reception/silent auction 7:30 p.m. live auction/music

Beatles Medley Various composers

Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall, Sorrento Valley Generously sponsored by

Pre-concert reception, silent and live auctions, premium wine raffle ... and music, music, music! “ class.” Los Angeles Times

Post-concert party for VIP ticket holders at Official airline sponsor.

“...simply one of the most exciting violinists alive today!” Jung-Ho Pak

We’re back in the Ranch!

Nova Classics Nova Intimately


February 25, 26, 27, 28

• Downtown, St. Paul’s Cathedral

Celebrating San Diego’s KPBS

• La Jolla, Sherwood Auditorium

April 1, 2, 3, 4

Victory through Peace Featuring Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony May 13, 14, 15, 16

Join us on February 27 for our first concert back in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe at the fantastic new Performing Arts Center.

• Rancho Santa Fe Performing Arts Center at the Rancho Santa Fe School

Pops! At the Center California Center for the Arts, Escondido

Around the World April 30

• Sorrento Valley, Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall Orchestra Nova’s newest concert hall... nestled in the beautiful village of Rancho Santa Fe • 858-350-0290

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


North Coast Rep: The little theater that could ... and is

ur yo ns e k tio Ma erva AY! res TOD

street from this theatre for years and never set foot inside this place, which is a shame. “Our world has become so electric, everyone’s plugged into a Bluetooth or iPhone. We’ve become so separated from each other. Live theatre is a great way to reconnect. It’s a chance to breathe the same air, watch the same story unfold before your eyes, and share that experience of live performance. It’s important for that outlet to exist in a community, and we have it right here. So to anyone who hasn’t stepped inside this place, I’d say come check us out: We’re right here in your back yard, and we’re performing some really great theatre.” North Coast Repertory Theatre is located at 987 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., # D. For more information, please call (858) 4812155 or visit


2 Pianos 4 Hands "A crescendo of pleasure." By: Ted Dykstra and Richard Greenblatt Directed by: Bruce Sevy When: Jan. 15 - Feb. 6, 2011 Previews: Jan. 12 - 14, 2011 Get ready for an interlude of riotous laughter as Mark Anders and Carl Danielsen, representing the show's creators, take us on a musical semi-autobiographical journey about their would-be careers as concert pianists. The talented duo trade stories about piano lessons, parents, teachers, and exams while playing everything from Bach to Billy Joel. “2 Pianos, 4 Hands” has had audiences cheering around the globe.

Whale Watching Adventures Now through April 10 9:45 am–1:15 pm & 1:30–5 pm


La Jolla Cultural Partners

By Marlena Chavira-Medford “We have outgrown this Staff Writer space,” he said of the building The North Coast that only has one dressing Repertory Theatre, now its room for all its actors. “The 29th season, has a longstandquality of art we create is hining tradition of raising the perdered by our lack of space,” he forming arts bar locally and explained and then added that throughout the region. In fact, the limited square footage this season features a whopmeans larger-scale performancping seven San Diego premiers, es with two-story sets or trap like the current show “2 Pianos doors are out of the question. American Assets Inc., 4 Hands,” a comic recital about which owns the shopping centhe would-be careers of two ter, has offered the theatre a concert pianists. ground lease on which to build The theatre’s continued a new home as part of a major success is thanks in large part renovation of the entire plaza. to its artist director David The vision for that new theatre Ellenstein, who has been at the includes an approximately helm for eight years. David Ellenstein takes the stage alongside Amy Biedel in North 30,000-square-foot complex “The whole reason I got with two theatres and multiple into theatre was to use this art Coast Repertory’s Production of ‘Talley’s Folly.’ classrooms for its acting classes, to have a positive impact on Courtesy/AARON RUMLEY workshops and children’s sumaudiences,” said Ellenstein, who has been on the stage since he mer camps. Those plans, however, are on hold indefinitely until was 4 and is the son of the late Robert Ellenstein, a well-respectthe economy picks up. ed director, teacher and artistic director. In the meantime, Ellenstein is pushing forward artistically, Because he began working as a paid actor by 17, one of continuing to find ways to do more with less. He’s got big plans Ellenstein’s first goals was to see to it that the North Coast for the theatre’s upcoming 30th season, and though he couldn’t Repertory Theatre become a professional-grade operation, offer- reveal the details just yet, he encouraged everyone to “stay tuned ing fair pay, working conditions and benefits — something that for some exciting announcements.” is not a given in this industry. No doubt, the small theatre continues to make a big name “My other goal was to build a new home, but that one is for itself, attracting more than 40,000 people per year with its still on the horizon,” he said. year-round performances — but Ellenstein said he’d like to see North Coast Repertory Theatre is currently housed in a 194- more of that audience be Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Del seat venue at Lomas Santa Fe Shopping Plaza, which Ellenstein Mar and Carmel Valley residents. described as “great for watching live theatre in because it’s so “I think because we’re hidden back in the corner we tend to intimate that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, but less than be out of sight, out of mind,” he said. “It’s not uncommon for ideal for performing in.” me to bump into people who have lived or worked down the

ADULT FARE · UP TO 6 RSVP & Boarding: 1050 N. Harbor Dr. Flagship - San Diego Harbor Excursion 619.234.4111 ·

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the ocean experts at Birch Aquarium at Scripps! Join aquarium naturalists for twice-daily cruises to locate gray whales on their round-trip migration from their Alaska breeding grounds to Baja California. Don’t forget your camera! Reg. Cost: $30 weekdays $35 weekends Youth: $15 daily To received the $5 discount, mention this coupon when you RSVP by phone or bring it to the Flagship ticket booth. Exp. 4/10/11

CHECK OUT WHAT’S HAPPENING Miró Quartet with Joyce Yang, piano Saturday, January 22 at 8 p.m. MCASD Sherwood Auditorium Tickets: $75, $55, $25 Joyce Yang has been hailed as “the most gifted young pianist of her generation” with a “million-volt stage presence”. (858) 459-3728

Art History Lecture Series

The Seventeenth Century: Splendor & Silence Art historian Linda Blair leads an exploration of the artistic splendor of two opposing schools of art: pan-European Baroque versus seventeenth century Dutch art. More information online at Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m., through Feb. 8 Single lecture: $12 member/$17 nonmember

(858) 454-5872

Collection Applied Design: A Kim MacConnel Retrospective

World Premiere Musical Little Miss Sunshine

FINAL WEEKS! Closes January 23

Hop on the bus with the Hoover family as they embark on a cross-country trek chasing the title of "Little Miss Sunshine" in this outrageously funny new musical based on the Academy Award-winning film.

Experience the first full-career retrospective to be presented in San Diego of this influential, local artist who draws inspiration from global textile arts, found graphic images, and Henri Matisse. MCASD La Jolla (858) 454-3541

Playing February 15 - March 27

Buy your tickets early for the best seats! (858) 550-1010


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Using older siblings to help with the younger ones By Dr. Keith Kanner Using your child? If it's for something good for all, why not? And, if it actually makes them a better person, then even better. In fact, if we reward them through money or treats and it works, we may be onto something here: multiple rewards , inside and out, for being a "healthy" person. M u c h has been written a b o u t the difficult, yet common and normal con-

Dr. Keith Kanner

have guidance on how to best utilize age and developmental differences to optimize both the sibling relationships and also calm the waters at home during conflicts. When parents are informed of such important criteria, this not only helps reduce sibling rivalry, but is also assists in the development and personalities of each child. Even more impressive is that the older child gains both self-confidence and takes in the benefits from helping to guide a younger sibling through critical developmental periods. Obviously, the age difference between the siblings is an important consideration and will impact

Your Family Matters sequences of sibling rivalry, but relatively little has been mentioned about how an older sibling can be both helpful and also benefit from having a younger brother or sister. Most wellintended parents do their best to promote fairness, equal amounts of attention, and try to help siblings best negotiate, but few parents

the degree to which the older child can grasp how he or she is different and more mature than the younger brother or sister. The greater the space difference, the better it is to both reduce the effects of sibling rivalry and also allows for greater maturity on behalf of the older child. As I have

written in previous segments, if parents can space children apart by three years or more, this truly helps both children for having this time difference allows for the children to be at different developmental stages. This then reduces competition, has allowed the older child to feel independently "special," and by this time, the child is usually desiring more independence from their parents. In other words, by three, most boys and girls are invested in being "bigger" and look forward to more advanced items, such as the "big" boy or "big" girl bed from sleeping in a crib. This investment in maturity then can be very useful when a new baby arrives for the older sibling feels as though he or she are no longer "the baby" and do not have the same needs as their smaller brother or sister. Once there is this developmental difference, the parents can then capitalize on promoting the special differences between the children and communicate such to the older sibling. Communicating to the older sibling that they are older, more mature, smarter,

stronger, and that the younger sibling "wishes" they could be like them, serves to make the older child feel proud and strong, and often then outweighs the envy that they feel as their smaller sibling receives significant attention and love that the older one has weaned from over the previous years. In other words, when parents make each child feel "special" in their own right, this reduces the competition between the children and allows for each of them to feel independent of one another. Many parents refrain from having the older child "discipline" a younger sibling for they want to reserve the right of parenting to the parents, which is important, but on the other hand, when an older sibling "helps" to guide a younger one in areas such as selfcontrol, learning right from wrong, sharing, taking turns, and using words to express their feelings, this becomes mutually beneficial for both children. Here, the younger child is hearing important guidance from not only their parents, but also a sibling, who is closer to their age and the older

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child benefits from learning from what they are teaching their sibling. In other words, what they teach their sibling furthers their taking in of the concepts, a term that as Child Psychoanalysts we refer to as a "parallel process". Furthermore, when the older sibling takes such a mature stance with their younger counterpart, it builds respect of the younger child towards their older brother or sister. This will then lead to greater toleration of the older sibling's management of the younger child's periods of immaturity. Although many parents cannot space their children three years apart, the concepts of making each child feel special and different is essential and needs to continue throughout their adolescence. Having consistent rules and holding all children accountable for their actions is another must in good parenting as younger siblings will also copy what they learn from watching their older brother or sister. These concepts are further integrated when parents make sure they spend alone time with each child aside from family time where there is more concentrated time to have fun, guide, and learn together . However, a child under three years of age will be limited on the degree to which they can model and promote more mature behavior and attitude to their younger sibling based on the fact they they too are still in the process learning to better manage themselves are are still quite dependent on mom and dad to manage everyday endeavors. It helps however when parents stay consistent in their conveyance of rules, expectations, and values expressed within the entire

family environment. Here, as the younger child observes their older brother or sister following such guidelines, they too will want to follow in their footsteps which can then lead to less havoc in the household. In conclusion, older siblings can be wonderfully helpful in helping a younger sibling learn the ropes of development. If promoted well by the parents, this can have beneficial effects on not only the children, but also make the family environment a more enjoyable place for all. Key Points: 1. Older siblings can help in the development of their siblings. 2. Teaching of an older to a younger sibling is beneficial to both. 3. The older the sibling, the more influential 4. Making each child feel special reduces sibling rivalry. 5. Staying consistent with all children is essential irrespective of age. Dr. Kanner is a certified and licensed clinical child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst with a private practice in Rancho Santa Fe. In addition, he is the host of San Diego 6 Television’s award- winning show Your Family Matters, which airs weekly as part of the morning news and also on the San Diego Living Show. Recently, he has joined EXTRA Hollywood as a host of “Life Changers” where he is among the “Top 25 American Doctors” giving advice to a national audience. Dr. Kanner and Your Family Matters can also be heard on National Radio on Wednesday mornings @ 11 a.m. PST on His focus is on child, adolescent and parenting mental health.

Wa n t e d l a at te models E x o t i c • L u x u r y cl assic• Muscle

WANTED: Aston Martin • Audi • Bentley • BMW • Corvette • Ferrari • Jaguar • Lamborghini • Lexus • Maserati • Mercedes • Motorcycles • Mustang • Porsche • Range Rover • Rolls Royce • And others • Also Classic Cars 1920-1980

760-781-1473• San n Diego classic c & muscle cars ca 1155 Industrial ave. Escondido•

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011

Spotlight Series 2011 Austrian Wine Celebration

P R E M I E R C H A M B E R M U S I C I A N S F R O M A R O U N D T H E G LO B E February 11 - 13 Stefan Jackiw (violin) Max Levinson (piano) Mozart | Copland Chopin | R. Strauss

February 25 - 27 The Mandelring Quartet (Germany) Mozart | Beethoven

March 11 - 13 Robert Levin (piano) Mozart

March 25 - 27 Steven Copes (violin) Peter Wiley (cello) Anna Polonsky (piano) Mozart | Beethoven Mendelssohn

Painting by Gerrit Greve

w Ne

t! a rm Fo

April 29 - May 1 Ani Kavafian (violin) Ida Kavafian (violin) Richard Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill (viola) Robert deMaine (cello) Anne-Marie McDermott (piano) Mozart | Beethoven | Beach



The Neurosciences Institute

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

TICKETS: (619) 239-0100, ext. 2 |



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

CCA fest highlights artists’ range


anyon Crest Academy Envision, the Arts at CCA and the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation showcased students’ art Jan. 8 during the school’s third annual Festival of the Arts.

(Photos/Jon Clark)

Above, Mariana Zenteno, Juliana Welch and Kristina Batha. Right, Daniel Feldman, Griffin Boyd and Daniel Oldham. Above, Alex Allen and Jaz Allen-Collins. Below, Alexis Newmann and Jessica Brennan.

Above, Galina and Elena Eroshkin. Right, Sarah and Morgan King. Chris, Jenny and Kirsten Chaplin

Above, CCA Foundation VP for fundraising Loraine Dyson with Festival of the Arts Chairman Jennifer McDowell. Below, Ivanna Patton, Amanda Ghosh and Alex Guefen.

Above, Haley Carlbg, Hunter Schwarz, Connor Murphy, Maia Ferdman Left, student artwork. Left, student ceramics.

Right, Jenna Lampe and Mimi Edwarts.

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011



Icy, Dramatic & Stunning

January 29, February 1, 4, 6 (m), 2011


Timeless, Romantic & Opulent April 3 (m), 6, 9, 12, 2011


Magnificent, Epic & Sinister

April 23, 26, 29, May 1 (m), 2011


Sizzling, Passionate & Deadly

May 14, 17, 20, 22 (m), 2011

Visit: Call: (619) 533-7000 Tickets start at $35. All performances at the San Diego Civic Theatre. Code 10377



January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Week in Sports

Canyon Crest Academy defeats Southwest el Centro By Gideon Rubin Boys basketball: Canyon Crest Academy rebounding sensation Cory Osetkowski’s low-post dominance helped lead the Ravens cruise to an easy win. Osetkowski scored 17 points and had 16 rebounds to lead the Ravens to a 71-46 victory over Southwest of El Centro in a nonleague game on Jan. 8. Osetkowski, who’s averaging 18.7 points and 16 rebounds, recorded his 13th double-double in 15 games, and has had double digits in rebounding in every game. J.P. Chenevey led the Ravens with 19 points and Riley Adams added 10 points. The Ravens improved

their overall record for the season to 10-5. ***** Cathedral Catholic opened Western League play with a 91-51 loss to Lincoln of San Diego on Jan 7. Juan Martinez scored 16 points in defeat for the Dons, and Corey Garcia added seven points. The Dons fell to 9-5 overall for the season. ***** Torrey Pines lost to La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad 51-50 in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Nick Kerr scored 15 points in defeat for the Falcons. Joe Rahon contributed 13 points and Max Heller added 11 points.

***** San Diego Jewish Academy had its five-game winning streak snapped when the Lions lost to Milken Community of Los Angeles 73-69 in a nonleague game on Jan. 6. The Lions defeated San Pasqual Academy of Escondido 59-27 on Jan. 4 and St. Joseph’s Academy of San Marcos 61-16 the next day. Jacob Katz scored 26 points had 14 rebounds in defeat for the Lions and Bruno Garcia added 21. Katz led the Lions with 20 points in the SPA game, and Jordan Sharf added 14 points. Katz scored 23 points

Last Chance to Register for Spring Baseball and T-Ball! Registration for the 2011 season ends January 21st. Register on-line at: or Register in person at the Rancho Santa Fe School Gym Saturday, January 15th, 9 – 11 a.m. Registration questions: email

and Adam Sloane added 10 in the SJA game. The Lions overall record for the season fell to 8-2. ***** Santa Fe Christian lost to Mater Dei of Chula Vista 6462 in a nonleague game on Jan. 4. Grant Corsi scored 26 points to lead the Eagles, and Cole Needham added 12 points. The loss dropped the Eagles overall record for the season to 7-6. Girls basketball: Cathedral Catholic snapped its three-game losing streak with a vengeance, trouncing Lincoln of San Diego 74-38 in a Western League opener for the Dons. Christina Kime scored 17 points to lead the Dons and Wendy Anae added 13 points. The Dons took a 36-22 lead into halftime and then broke the game open in the third quarter, when they outscored Lincoln 20-6. The Dons improved their overall record for the season to 6-8. **** Torrey Pines lost to La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad 90-53 in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Megan McClurg scored 21 points in defeat for the Falcons, and Megan Fennessy added 11 points.

The loss dropped the Falcons’ overall record for the season to 5-8. Boys soccer: Torrey Pines played to a 1-1 deadlock with Granite Hills in a nonleague game on Jan. 8. Colin McAtee scored the Falcons lone goal off an assist from Austin Freel. Falcons goalies Dean Meltz and Andreas Kipert had five and two saves, respectively. The loss dropped the Falcons overall record for the season to 5-2-3. ***** Canyon Crest Academy played to a 1-1 tie with Cathedral Catholic in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Collin Seitz scored CCA’s only goal off an assist from Brady Seitz. Ravens goalie Greg Sander recorded 10 saves. The Ravens improved their overall record for the season to 4-6-1. Girls soccer: Torrey Pines rallied from a second half defecit to defeat La Costa Canyon of Carlsbad 3-2 in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Katie Trees scored one goal and had one assist, and Alexandria Bailey and Olivia Buechler each contributed one goal for the Falcons, who trailed 2-1 in the second half. Falcons goalie Hunter

Rittgers had six saves. The victory followed a 50 nonleague win against Mission Hills on Jan. 5. Trees scored one goal and had two assists to lead the Falcons, and Rittgers had five saves. The Falcons improved their overall record for the season to 8-1-2. ***** Cathedral Catholic defeated Francis Parker 3-1 in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Kendall Kraus, Christina Eichinger and Danielle Brito each scored one goal to lead the Dons. Dons goalie Hanna Macaulay had five saves. The victory followed a 31 win against Canyon Crest Academy on Jan. 3. Courtney Brown, Krauss and Brito each scored on goal for the Dons. The Dons improved their overall record for the season to 3-2. Water polo: Torrey Pines defeated Valley Center 9-1 in a nonleague game on Jan. 7. Anique Hermann scored four goals to lead the Falcons and Rachel Aurwater added two goals.

n 1878, John Wanamaker of Philadelphia department store fame decreed January to be the time for a “white sale.” Bed linens, which were available in white only, were sold at a discount. It’s believed he might have done so to keep linen makers in business during a slow time of year.

I Free Pre-season Clinics for All Registered Players FIELDING, Saturday, January 15 at Richardson Field 8 years and younger 1:00-3:00, 9-12 year olds 3:00-5:00 BATTING, Friday, January 21 at Frozen Ropes Time TBD - check website Evaluation Dates (for child’s age as of April 30, 2011) January 22nd and 23rd at Richardson Field 11 and 12 year olds: 9:00 - 10:00 10 year olds: 10:15 - 11-:15 9 year olds: 11:30-12:30 8 year olds: 1:30 - 2:30 7 year olds: 2:45 - 3:45 Makeups Wednesday January 26th at 4:00

It wasn’t until the late 1950s that prints, as well as colored sheets, were also included in January white sales. White sales also include blankets, bedspreads, sheets, towels and washcloths, kitchen towels, etc.

Up to 60% OFF through January

Everett Stunz

Established 1963

7616 Girard Avenue · 800.883.3305 ·

Rancho Santa Fe Review

St. James Volleyball team takes second

Above, The St. James Academy Varsity Volleyball team recently participated in the annual St. Patricks 8th Grade Holiday Classic. The SJA Varsity team assembled a highly competitive group of nine seventh-graders and one eighth-grader — Carly Bizzack, Colleen Brady, Alyssa Carroll, Shannon Link, Rebecca Maloney, Makaela Nagy, Caitlin Ryder, Marisa Sacco, Taryn Tastad and Amanda Wright — for the classic. The team played six matches, a total of 13 games, losing only in the finals to an all eighth-grade team.

North Shore learns from the best What does the 2010 NCAA Champion UCLA Bruin Softball Team have in common with girls from the North Shore Girls Softball League? In addition to their love of the game, most of the UCLA players also started their softball careers in recreational leagues, just like North Shore. It was a message that UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez, wanted to share. According to InouyePerez, if you want to be the best, you have to start somewhere. On Jan. 8, Torrey Hills Park was a great place to start when North Shore hosted the National Champions and coaching staff as they conducted a softball clinic. One hundred and forty North Shore girls turned out for the day-long event. The morning focused on hitting, bunting, live pitching, Twork, and agility training. The afternoon consisted of defensive play, throwing and catching, and specific drills for each position on the field. At the end of the day, the Bruins took the field and demonstrated their defensive skills. This was followed by an autograph-signing session and a competition to see who could say the UCLA cheer the loudest. “It was an awesome day,” says Kent Zapata, North Shore president. “We can’t thank UCLA enough for putting on this clinic. Just as important, we want to thank the Fischer-

Wong Family for helping to make this happen.” Beth Fischer and Jamie Wong are North Shore parents, who also are UCLA alumni. It was through their association with UCLA that North Shore was able to offer this unique opportunity for the second year in a row, according to Zapata. “We appreciate the support we’ve gotten from the Fischer-Wong family, who sponsored last year’s event,” says Zapata. “In addition, we’d like to thank Skin Authority, Subway, Il Fornaio Restaurant, as well as the Fischer-Wong family for sponsoring this year’s clinic.” After the past two clinics,

Above, UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez addresses the players. Photo/ Jon Clark Left, (l-r), Jamie Wong, UCLA head coach Kelly Inouye-Perez and Beth Fischer. the bond between the North Shore girls and the UCLA team has been sealed, according to Kelli Kaelber, North Shore player agent. In fact, planning has already begun for next year’s clinic. “Our girls look up to the UCLA players and staff as mentors,” says Kaelber. “The North Shore girls are excited by all that the UCLA team has accomplished and that motivates them to want to do the same.” Girls, from five to 14 years old, can still register for North Shore’s Spring 2011 recreational season at

January 13, 2011



January 13, 2011

DECADE continued from page 1 Fausset was hired as Walker’s replacement in August. • The third and final Lincoln Financial Battle of the Bridges was held in July, played by golfers such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and John Daly. • Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in August and the community showed an outpouring of support through the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation. • The $86 million San Dieguito Lagoon restoration kicked off. • U.S. Rep. Randall “Duke” Cunningham, a RSF resident, pled guilty to conspiracy and tax charges involving the sale of his home in Del Mar to a defense contractor at an inflated price. In 2006, he was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison. • The Country Friends holds its 50th annual fashion show on the lawn in front of The Inn. More than just fun and fashion, the event raises thousands for local charities every year. 2006 • Rancho Days takes a hiatus. • The Association purchases the Osuna property for $12 million. Located in the heart of the covenant outside the village, it is home to a functioning horse ranch and the historic Osuna adobe. • The incorporation debate continues; an opposition group called Save RSF Committee forms. •Residents get a first look at Flower Hill Promenade’s expansion plans and some neighbors have concern with its bulk and scale. • The RSF School District put a $44.5 million bond, Prop H, on the June ballot to build the new school on Aliso Canyon. Opposition continued in the form of two lawsuits and emotions ran high on both sides of the issue. The bond would fail, garnering 52 percent of the vote when it needed 55 percent. A Superintendent’s Advisory Forum was set up to help the district tackle the overcrowding issue and campus inadequacies, aiming to find a bond measure that could pass. • Scot Cheatham and Carlie Headapohl are elected to the RSF School board in November. • The Review lost three of its longtime contributors: “Hoof Beats” columnist Mary Flave Pisciotta died at age 71 after a three-year battle with breast cancer. RSF Library Guild member Bob Gumport and “Love that Library” columnist died at age 83.

Rancho Santa Fe Review Longtime sportswriter John Strey died at age 87. • Kim Pinkerton becomes elementary school principal at Rowe. • The Spa at Rancho Valencia opens, Innfusion opens at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe and Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” comes for a visit. • Canyon Crest Academy celebrates its dedication after the 225,891- square-foot campus is finally complete. • Two-hour parking is created in the village on Paseo Delicias to help give visitors more time to shop and dine. One-hour timed stalls remain to help open up spaces for visitors to places such as Caffe Positano and RSF Sandwich Shop. • Lois Jones and Steve Shillington won seats on the Association board, they help create the “Village Master Plan: A Vision to Guide the Future.” It included plans to beautify the village streetscapes and improve the parks in front of The Inn. • Brett Killeen is named the new principal of Torrey Pines High School. 2007 2007 will always be remembered as the year of the fire. The Witch Creek Fire would blaze through the Covenant and take with it 21 homes (and more throughout the RSF area). In the Zumaque and Las Colinas areas of the ranch, houses that had burned to the ground faced houses that were entirely unblemished. Rancho Santa Fe was completely evacuated by Oct. 22 and the area took on a “post-apocalyptic air, aided by the ever-presence of odiferous smoke and orange-gray skies.” Through its website, the Review kept people informed, alerting residents of the latest news and when they could return to their homes, which did not happen until midday Oct. 25. Residents helped each other, giving up guest houses for temporary housing for those who were displaced and generous donation drives were held for fire victims. • After discussing plans to sell a home on the Osuna property to help pay down a $4.5 million loan, the Association decides to keep the entire 22.49-acre Osuna Ranch. The debt would be completely paid off in three years. • Bobbie Schwarz, owner of the Village stationary shop Parrot Press, decided to sell after 30 years. A Rowe graduate, Courtney Macdonald took over and opened under the new name of Plume. • The RSF School District looked seriously at the 25-acre Calzada del Bosque site for its

new district school, even having plans drawn up. The property was sold out from under them in August when Larry and Berry Mabee bought the site. With the loss of Calzada, the board turned its attention toward renovating the Rowe campus instead. A $34 million bond was planned for February 2008—could this finally be the one to build a new school and forever rid the campus of its 17 portable classrooms? • Longtime Rowe middle school Principal Blake Issac stepped down and Dr. Suzanne Roy is selected as his replacement. • Kim Higgins, Bill Beckman and Tim Sullivan won seats on the Association board. • In July, the 26th annual Fourth of July parade rolled through town and, as tradition, Richard Scuba, one of the parade’s founding fathers, dressed up as Uncle Sam. “We always show up and at 11 a.m. everything is so quiet. We wonder if everybody is going to come and they always do.” Scuba would say. Scuba died that November after suffering a heart attack during a soccer game at age 64. • Solana Santa Fe teacher Vicki Pilling is named a San Diego County Teacher of the Year out of a field of 25,000 teachers. • Story poles go up for the Lilian, a controversial mixeduse residential and retail project planned (at the time) for the corner of El Tordo and Avenida de Acacias. • The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club dedicates its new clubhouse after an $11.8 million renovation project. 2008 Rancho Santa Fe’s 80th birthday! •Incorporation again: The Citizens to Protect the Ranch filed an application with LAFCO to kick up the cityhood effort. A petition was circulated in January and had to be signed by 25 percent of the voters to begin the process. An anti-incorporation group called The Committee to Preserve Country Living formed to fight RSF becoming a city. The attempt for cityhood failed, as the group did not gather enough petition signatures. • After two failed bonds and dozens of potential school sites, the RSF School finally gets Prop E passed in February with 71.6 percent of the vote. Construction on an interim Rowe campus is slated for 2009 with the new school opening in fall 2010. • Tom Lang and Deb Plummer joined the Association board. • The first updates of the Village Master Plan are completed in May: new brick-

paved crosswalks and an extended landscape median on Paseo Delicias. •Ranch homes begin to rebuild from Witch Creek’s wrath and the Association works on fire preparedness • San Dieguito high school district superintendent Peggy Lynch retires, Ken Noah is named as her replacement. Rowe teacher Barbara Brown also retires after 39 years in education, 37 of them at Rowe. • A revision of Flower Hill Promenade’s expansion plans reveal the UltraStar Cinema will be replaced with a Whole Foods Market. • RSF’s own piano man Randy Beecher celebrates 15 years at Mille Fleurs, entertaining diners and guests such as Joan Kroc, Gerald and Betty Ford, Mel Brooks, Junior Seau, Trevor Hoffman and even John Ratezenberger, “Cliff” from the TV show “Cheers.” • Cielo Village shopping center off Del Dios Highway opens, with three vendors moving into the gorgeous Italian-villa style center. Several businesses and restaurants have come and gone and, in 2010, the center still remains mostly empty. • The Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center celebrates its 20th anniversary. • Canyon Crest Academy graduates its first senior class in June. • The Royce family marks 50 years of ownership of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated his birthday at a private home in Fairbanks Ranch. • Construction begins on the Village Church’s longawaited renovation, Nativity Catholic Church breaks ground on its Holy Family Activity Center. •The draft EIR is released for the Paseo Delicias roundabout project. The Association and many residents question how the three proposed roundabouts will help improve area traffic and raise safety issues. 2009 • The community is shaken by two fatal car accidents involving teenagers on Rancho Santa Fe roads. On Oct. 4, Torrey Pines senior Alex Capozza, 17, was killed in a single-car accident on La Granada, near Rambla de las Flores. Alcohol played a role in the crash and the 17-yearold driver pled guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and was sentenced to 547 days at a youth correctional center in December. In October, Alex’s classmates named him Homecoming King, an honor accepted by his younger sister

The Forest Health Task Force was revived in the last few years to help deal with the loss of eucalyptus forest in the Ranch. Anika. school district for use for parkOnly 21 days after Alex’s ing and play fields. A member death, Santa Fe Christian junvote on the sale passes at a ior William Wardrip was margin of 1,044 to 164. It later killed in a single car accident becomes the temporary home on San Dieguito Road near of the Rancho Santa Fe Patrol. Fairbanks Ranch. Since • Jack Queen and Dick October, a rotation of flowers Doughty join the Association has marked the site of the board. tragic accident, attributed to • Mandatory water speeding. restrictions are placed on resi• Large crowds turn out dents due to a prolonged for public meetings on the drought. controversial mixed-use • Santa Fe Christian Lilian project that included lacrosse player Tommy five residences, 4,070 square Mallon suffers a broken neck feet of commercial space and during a game. By 2010, he no a parking garage, whose excalonger needed use of his neck vation project was compared halo, is enrolled at the to Boston’s “Big Dig.” Nearly University of San Diego and 100 residents were in attenbecame an advocate for athdance at the Garden Club letes who suffer from spinal when the project got a 5-2 and neck injuries, concussions approval from the and heat illness through his Association board in Advocates for Injured Athletes February. By 2010, the Lilian foundation. project was dead in the water • The Forest Health Task and the property was sold to Force revives to help deal with an investment firm. the loss of eucalyptus forest in • Helen Woodward the Ranch. They publish a Animal Center breaks ground selected tree list to help on the first phase of its renoreplenish the Ranch forest, vation project in February. paving the way for an • Rancho Santa Fe Association arboretum of trees Rotary celebrates 50 years of that would be dedicated in “service above self” helping early 2010. charities locally and all the • The Church of the way to Sudan, where they Nativity and Nativity School have a project drilling water opens its new Holy Family wells. The first female memActivity Center, which bers of the club were Glenda includes a gym, stage, science Sumida and Gayle Gilles. Past lab and fine arts study area. presidents are like a “Who’s • The community weighs Who” of Rancho Santa Fe, in on the Association’s plans including Roger Woolley, Reg to revamp the parks in front Clotflelter, Roger Rowe, of The Inn, options to add Chuck Badger, Dale Nelson, sidewalks, benches, trash Sumida, Pete Smith, Ken receptacles and trees. The King, Patrick Galvin and Don Association broke ground on Meredith. the project in 2010. • The Association sells the Dacus property to the

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


SPOTLIGHT on LOCAL Edward BUSINESS Jones financial advisor

Massage Heights offers healing touch By Marlena Chavira-Medford Staff Writer Fourteen-hour days and high stress were the norm for Deon Goldschmidt when he worked as an attorney in his native South Africa— but he soon discovered respite in massage. “Every Wednesday at lunch, that was my time,” he said of his massage ritual. But that ritual and life as he knew it hit a pivotal point in 2007 when his children were carjacked at gunpoint in Johannesburg. "My 5-year-old son had a gun put to his head,” he said. “My kids come first, so for the safety of my family, I decided to move.” Goldschmidt brought his family to Carmel Valley, and though he passed the bar exam, he decided he’d rather launch a business that would let him spend more time with his kids. “I also wanted to do something that would help people — and speaking from experience, I know that massage can help improve quality of life. I figured I could help others unwind and be more pleasant spouses, parents,

employees and bosses.” So he reached out to longtime fellow South African associate, Michael Aron, who co-founded a bank and has many years of experience in real estate. After researching several franchises, they picked Massage Heights because it delivers “luxury quality at an affordable price,” Aron said. The pair bought development rights for the San Diego market, and so far they’ve opened franchises in Carmel Valley and Carlsbad, with Encinitas and La Jolla locations in the works. The plan is to have 19 locations within three years. “The company is also family-owned, which is very important to us because that’s what we’re about: We don’t built businesses, we build families. We see our clients and employees as part of our extended families.” Case in point: employees here get benefits and perks that are rare in the industry, Aron said, because “we know that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients. We even have padded floors because they are standing on their feet all day.”

From left are Deon Goldschmidt, massage therapist Morgan Mitchell, retreat director Gabrielle Pangilinan and Michael Aron. And, of course, that same attention to detail is extended to clients, in the form of 700-thread count linens and all-natural hypoallergenic skincare products. “We offer facials here, and we don’t use anything we haven’t tried ourselves,” Aron said. “We are the test market. We are not absentee owners, we are very much involved in every aspect of this business.” The pair plans to be equally involved in the community, and they are committed to giving 10 percent of the bottom line to charity, which they hope will be a grassroots effort of some sort. Massage Heights offers an introductory one-hour massage for $49.99. After that, memberships range from $59 to $89, and there are also a la carte services. Massage Heights is located at 3810 Valley Centre, Suite 901. For more information, call 858-794-4962 or visit


helps people achieve long-term goals Johanna Weltzin is an Edward Jones financial advisor in Del Mar. Her branch office is located at 1401 Camino Del Mar, Suite 102, Del Mar. “I entered the financial-serviced industry because I like helping people achieve their long-term financial goals,” Weltzin said. “Building relationships with my clients and in my community is key.” Edward Jones’ financial advisors meet face-to-face with clients to build strong relationships. Johanna Weltzin “And we do so by offering Financial Advisor excellent client service through our convenient branch locations in the communities where our clients live and work,” Weltzin said. Edward Jones provides financial services for individual investors in the U.S. and, through its affiliate, in Canada. Edward Jones embraces the importance of building longterm, face-to-face relationships with clients, helping them to understand and make sense of the investment options available today. Edward Jones, which ranked No. 2 on FORTUNE magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2010, is headquartered in St. Louis. The Edward Jones web site is located at and its recruiting web site is Member SIPC. You can contact Johanna Weltzin in the Del Mar office at 858-755-8789.

Delicias restaurant proudly presents:


January 16–29 (Extended to two weeks!), 5 to 10 p.m. $30 per person* Reserve your table now to experience our special three-course menu during San Diego Restaurant Week. Enjoy Cabot Butter Maine Lobster Tail, Crispy Skin Arctic Char and Charbroiled Angus Flat Iron Steak entrée options, and much more.

Sip & Savor

Complimentary wine tasting starting January 13 at 6:00 - 7:30

Friday & Saturday, 5 to 10 p.m. $30 per person, $45 with wine pairing* Indulge in a three-course tasting menu featuring perfectly paired wines. Through January 15, enjoy our Lobster Tasting menu and in February enjoy a Chocolate Tasting menu featuring chocolate in every course.

Valentine's Weekend Getaway Package Enjoy the best in beachfront hospitality this Valentine's Weekend. Indulge in this romantic package for two, which includes overnight accommodations at the La Jolla Shores Hotel in a Beachfront Room on Saturday, February 12, champagne with chocolate-covered strawberries in the room upon arrival, three-course Chocolate Sip & Savor dinner menu and breakfast the next morning for $349. Call 877.855.7048 for reservations.**

Valentine's Day Dinner

Women’s Empowerment Lunch Series A series of lunch events for the ladies consisting of · Local book Authors · Spa Services · Health · Fashion · Fitness · Cooking Class · Champagne Tasting with Sommelier Gino Campbell

Private Wine Dinners and Wine Education classes are available with Cellar Master/ General Manager/ Sommelier – Gino Campbell

Monday, February 14, 5 to 10 p.m. $58 per person, $73 with wine pairing*

Live Music every Saturday night : Gregory Michaels Band • Keni Yarbrough

Treat your sweetheart to a romantic oceanfront dinner on Valentine’s Day. This gourmet three-course menu features Midwestern Filet Mignon, Caribbean Lobster Tail, Godiva Chocolate Crème Brulee, and much more.

Private party rooms available for dinner parties and corporate events. Courtyard & patio perfect for showers and cocktail parties. Main dining area available for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners.


Located next to Kellogg Park at La Jolla Shores Hotel 888.691.3040 |



6106 Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe Make reservations online at

New 5,000 bottle wine cellar!


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January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Torrey Pines High grapplers finish 2010 with bang Enjoying lazy mornings and chocolate-filled stockings wasn't in the stars for TPHS wrestlers this winter holiday. While many of their peers were sleeping in, TPHS wrestlers were working out in preparation for the El Cajon Invitational, one of the toughest multi-school two-day tournaments on the West Coast. Hosted by Valhalla High School at San Diego Community College and drawing over 30 teams nationwide, the El Cajon Invitational is considered a solid predictor to how well a

team will do throughout the second half of the season. New head coach Malachi Walker and his Falcon varsity grapplers showed that they are a team to watch with two top 10 placers and two semi-finalists. Junior Luke Maffett (152 lbs) posted a 3-2 tournament record and placed seventh in his weight class while fellow classmate Colin Durkin finished with a 4-2 record and 8th place in his weight class. Maffett came back after a Round 3 loss to Chris Romero from Carlsbad High

tune-in The Financial Advisors Radio Series Every Saturday at 8am On AM 600 KOGO

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School - the eventual TMI MVP upper weight tournament winner - with a 9-6 decision over Chett Prince of Shadow Ridge High School. In the Medal Round, Maffett earned a 6-4 decision for 7th Place. Durkin started day 2 of wrestling with a 9-3 decision over Brian Diaz of Over Felt High School and a second round fall over Chris Alcala from Chula Vista High. In the Medal Round Durkin lost a tough match by fall in the second round to finish eighth place in the tournament. Parker Sullivan, a 125-pound sophomore, came out of a first round loss to


Dustin Vanriel from Shadow Ridge High School to win his next two matches and advanced to the semi-finals where he was stopped. Sophomore Kyle O'Neal Gross (145 lbs), making a comeback after an early-season back injury, dominated his first two opponents with a first round fall in his first match and a second round Above, fall in his next match. Taking Luke the number 2 seed in the secMaffett ond day of wrestling, Kyle gets the job done. went all the way to the third round with a score of 3-0 before giving up a fall. Left, Coach Walker was proud Parker of the results. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Overall, this Sullivan was great learning experience shows for the Torrey Pines wrestlers. winning It was nice to see that we have style. guys who can be competitive in a 2-day tournament. Competing against some of the best wrestlers in the state and on the West Coast was a great experience for the team.â&#x20AC;? The Falcons are on the road the next two weeks with dual matches against Rancho Bernardo High School on Jan. 13 and Mount Carmel on Jan. 20. Come out and rumble with the TPHS Falcons! Check out all the latest TPSH wrestling news, events, and photos at w w w. t o r r e y p i n e s w r e s t l i n g . com

Your Apple Experts

Planning Your Retirement Income Take 2 with: Aubrey Morrow, Certified Financial Planner â&#x201E;˘ Forrest Padilla, Certified Financial Plannerâ&#x201E;˘ David Elhoff, Registered Principal

in tune


AM 600 KOGO News & Talk Radio visit

Financial Designs, Ltd. Personal Financial Advisors Since 1981

5075 Shoreham Place, Suite 200 San Diego, CA. 92122 Phone (858) 597-1980 ¡ Fax (858) 546-1106 Topics discussed on the radio show are not meant to be interpreted as individual advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisors for information on how the topics may apply to your particular situation. Neither the material on the radio broadcast constitutes an offer to sell or purchase any security. Securities offered through Independent Financial Group, LLC, member FINRA and SIPC. OSJ: 12636 High Bluff Dr., Ste 100, San Diego, CA. 92130. CA Insurance Lic. 0529290. Advisory services offered through Financial Designs, Ltd., a CA State Registered Investment Advisor. IFG is not affiliated with FDL.


1201 Camino Del Mar Del Mar, CA 92014



Torrey Pines High School varsity soccer captain

TPHS soccer captain commits to Trinity Torrey Pines High School Varsity soccer team captain Robert Matsuura has announced he has verbally committed to attend and play soccer for Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Robert also plays club soccer for the CV Manchester BU19 Premier Elite team. Trinity is one of the nation's top ranked NCAA Division III soccer programs. In the past 20 years, Trinity Tigers soccer teams have won 9 consecutive conference titles, gone to the NCAA tournament 14 times, reached the NCAA Final Four three times, been a NCAA championship runner up once and won the NCAA title once. The university is also ranked the #1 Regional University in the West by US News. Robert was recruited by over 15 soccer programs all over the US, but he said "What attracted me to Trinity was the balance between a super competitive soccer program and a really strong academic program. I've visited over 30 colleges and met with over 20 coaches since my freshman year. When Trinity contacted me I didn't know much about the school or soccer program, but once I did some research, had my official visit with the soccer team and coaches, and met the admissions officer, I knew it would be a great fit for me. Now the icing on the cake for me would be to help Torrey Pines win another CIF title before I graduate."

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Description: Information about pets, including pet product and service vendors. More information: San Diego Sockers game â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 29 Description: Professional indoor soccer league play. More information: or

Canyon Crest Academyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Envision Theater to present â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Anon(ymous)â&#x20AC;&#x2122; The award-winning Canyon Crest Academy Theater Program will perform â&#x20AC;&#x153;Anon(ymous),â&#x20AC;? an inventive modern day adaptation of Homerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s The Odyssey that explores ideas of immigration, identity, and home. The production runs Jan. 14-22 at the Proscenium Theater, Canyon Crest Academy, 5951 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego, CA 92130. Tickets run from $8-19 and can be purchased at

TPHS grads named to Bucknell University deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s list Bucknell University has released the deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s list for outstanding academic achievement during the fall semester of the 2010-11 academic year. A student must earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a scale of 4.0 to receive deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s list recognition. The following local students were named to the deanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s list: Catherine M. Danola, daughter of William and Janet Danola, and a 2010 graduate of Torrey Pines High School. Johnna M. Simoes, daughter of Octavio and Jill Simoes, and a 2007 graduate of Torrey Pines High School.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I realized acting

on center stage is as great as kicking off in center circle.â&#x20AC;? Defining moments happen here.

Now Enrolling K-8

Open Houses Sunday, January 30th 8:30am - 11:30am

DeďŹ ning moments change lives. The power of deďŹ ning moments shared within a community of supportive teachers and eager students has created as educational culture unique to PaciďŹ c Ridge School. Young people discover their passions and deďŹ ne their place in the world.

Consider a life-changing education for your middle or high schooler: www.paciďŹ V 760-448-9844 $0--&(&13&1"3"503:$0&%6$"5*0/'03(3"%&4t$"3-4#"% $"

Thursday, January 20th 9am-11am Wednesday, February 9th 9am-11am Wednesday, March 10th 9am-11am


See Us in Action

W eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;r Se Co e e me G W RO h Wy IN G

The following events will be held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in January: National Baseball Expo â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 15-16 Description: The National Baseball Expo will have vendors selling all sorts of baseball-related merchandise, from gear to memorabilia to baseball tours. Professional baseball players will be on hand for autograph opportunities. More information: or www.nationalbaseballexpo.c om San Diego Derby Dolls â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 15 Description: Women's roller derby bout. More information: or The Del Mar Antique Show â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 21-23 Description: Antiques and collectibles. More information: or National Franchise & Business Opportunities Expo â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 22-23 Description: Seminars and speakers about choosing and evaluating a franchise, and how to franchise your own business. M o r e calendar or Home Decorating and Remodeling Show â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 28-30 Description: This show features home improvement products and services offered by local businesses. More information: San Diego Pet Expo â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Jan. 28-30


Horizon Prep

Preschool - 8th Grade 623 S. Nardo Avenue, Solana Beach 858.755.1777 â&#x20AC;˘

OPEN HOUSE - 1/27, 3/3, 4/14  Christ-Centered, Classically Based Education  National Test Scores - 97th Percentile Nationwide!  Low Student/Teacher Ratio & Competitive Athletics

Pacific Ridge School, Carlsbad, CA 92009 6259 El Fuerte St ¡ 760-448-9844 ¡ College Preparatory Co-education for grades 7-12. Defining moments happen here. Consider a life-changing education for your middle or high schooler. Horizon Prep, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 6233 El Apajo Road â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 858-756-5599 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Christ-centered, Preschool â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8th grade, Small class sizes, Nurturing environment Classically-based education, National test scores 97th percentile nationwide Open Houses: 9 a.m.: Nov. 18, Jan. 6 & 27, 2011, March 3, April 14 St. James Academy, Solana Beach, CA 92075 623 S. Nardo Avenue, 858-755-1777, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Challenge the Mind, Nurture the Spiritâ&#x20AC;? A K-8 community of faith built on values, beliefs, and traditions of Catholic education. Please call to schedule a meeting and see us in action.

 Latin  Spanish  Bible  Art  Music  Library  Technology  Physical Education 858-756-5599 6365 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

PaciďŹ c Ridge School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

Antique, remodeling shows among events coming to DM Fairgrounds

January 13, 2011


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

CCA rookie robotics team wins contest, qualifies for nationals Canyon Crest Academy’s rookie robotics team took first place in the first regional competition of the year, held Dec. 11 in Pasadena, qualifying the team for the national competition in St. Louis in April. CCA’s rookie team – named “De-Evolution” because the robot travelled backwards when the team first moved it – is one of only a handful of other high school teams nationwide that qualified for nationals to date. There are two more regional competitions, to be held in San Diego on Jan. 15 and Las Vegas on Jan. 29, the winners of which will also qualify for nationals. De-Evolution is composed of 11 students in ninth and 10th grades, most of whom have never competed in a robotics tournament. Many of their competitors were older high school students who have participated in robotics competitions in past years. Team members are: Jill Farinsky, Meg Farinsky, Maia Kuspa, Ryan Lee, Annabelle Mercer, Tristan


Canyon Crest Academy's rookie robotics team, made up of ninth- and 10th-graders, took first place at the first regional competition in Pasadena. Team members are: Jill Farinsky, Meg Farinsky, Maia Kuspa, Ryan Lee, Annabelle Mercer, Tristan Murphy, Eric Nicolas, Claudia See, Yousuf Soliman, Nic Stone and Noah Sutton-Smolin. Murphy, Eric Nicolas, Claudia See, Yousuf Soliman, Nic Stone and Noah Sutton-Smolin. “We were just hoping to be in the top ten,” said De-Evolution team member Annabelle Mercer, a 10thgrade CCA student. “We were never even hoping to win. But we did better than we thought. It was amazing.”

She added that the win was a team effort, with every member contributing to the victory and pitching in wherever help was needed. “Everyone did something important,” she said. De-Evolution is one of two Canyon Crest teams to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The other FTC team is composed of 11thand 12th-grade students

and is not considered a rookie team because team members competed last year. Canyon Crest also has a third robotics team, with about 60 members from all four grade levels, which competes in February in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). FRC is different from the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). The FTC game this year is called “Get Over It!” and is played on a 12-foot by 12foot square field, with two periods of play. The first period, when teams program their robots to move

independently, is called an “autonomous” period, which lasts 40 seconds. The second period is driver-controlled and last two minutes. The robots are about 18 inches by 18 inches and resemble mini, open-air tanks. The object of the game is to move robots to baton dispensers positioned around the field, retrieve the batons which are made of six-inch PVC tubes, and place the batons into stationary and rolling goals. Bridges, cliffs and a “mountain” challenge the robots to “get over” the obstacles to reach their goal. Points are awarded for various moves, depending upon difficulty. A total of 25 teams competed Dec. 11 in Pasadena, seven of which were from San Diego County, including two from Canyon Crest Academy (the De-Evolution and Domo Arigato teams), one from the Grauer School in Encinitas (the Shockwave Robotics team) and one from La Jolla Country Day (the Torrey Techies team). Besides earning the top Winning Alliance Award, De-Evolution also won the PTC Design Award which is given to inspire teams to incorporate simplicity of design into their robots.

Awarding De-Evolution the PTC Award, judges said, “This team was consistent with perfect accuracy and an evolutionary design. They ran laps around ‘de’ other bots. When other robots failed, they were the fittest survivors.” Judges also said of DeEvolution, “Judges were very impressed with the performance of the robot and the simplicity of the design. The ability to balance on the bridge in autonomous mode and score points consecutively was impressive. The robot was exciting to watch perform and one of the best on the field.” The second of three regional competitions will be held Jan. 15 in San Diego, where 40 teams will compete. “This will be twice as competitive, but we are hoping to win again,” Annabelle Mercer said. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by inventor Dean Kamen in 1989. A non-profit organization, FIRST [] sponsors FTC and FRC competitions nationwide to motivate young students to pursue careers in science, technology and engineering.

Celebrity violinist to entertain at Orchestra Nova San Diego’s concert-fundraiser TIRED OF WATCHING FROM THE SIDELINES? FREE SEMINAR ON ARTHRITIS SURGICAL SOLUTIONS TUESDAY, JANUARY 18 FROM 6 P.M. TO 7:30 P.M.

If joint pain from arthritis is keeping you out of the game, attend a seminar with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Francis Gonzales to learn whether you might be a candidate for joint replacement surgery. He will discuss the latest surgical solutions for knee and hip pain, and how these techniques allow for faster recovery and improved function. UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Goldberg Room 3855 Health Sciences Drive La Jolla, CA 92093 To register, call 800-926-8273 or visit

Nationally acclaimed violinist Lindsay Deutsch will perform at Orchestra Nova San Diego’s benefit concert on Jan. 22 at the Irwin M. Jacobs Qualcomm Hall in Sorrento Valley. The evening will include silent and live auctions, a raffle for a case of premier wine, the concert and a VIP post-concert party at the renowned WineSellar & Brasserie. The event will be sponsored by American Airlines and Valenti International. Deutsch, a former child protégée known for her expressive and lively performances, will play selections from the works of George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue, Porgy and Bess Medley), Manuel de Falla (Suite Populaire), Johannes Brahms (Scherzo), and a Beatles medley from various composers. She has been described as “vibrant, mesmerizing…a definitive musical force” by Oakville (Canada) Today and “one of the most interesting, imaginative and downright thrilling young violinists in America today” by Jeffrey Kehane, music director, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. This benefit event celebrates Orchestra Nova’s fourth season under the leadership of artistic director and conductor Jung-Ho Pak, renowned for his creativity and passion for providing an unforgettable show and a welcoming aura that permeates the entire organization. Orchestra Nova aims to reach a much wider

audience than the traditional classical music enthusiasts. “We want to reach the 98% [of the population] who don’t know anything about classical music or who don’t think they like classical music and give them such a wonderful experience through live performance, video and personal connections that they can’t wait to come back for more,” says Pak about the orchestra’s Nova Classics and POPS! concerts. Lindsay Deutsch is donating her performance for this event to help raise funds for Orchestra Nova and their acclaimed music education programs in schools throughout San Diego County. Lindsay, like Pak, is dedicated to supporting music education and to finding new and exciting ways to present classical music. The night of “fun-raising” will begin with a pre-concert reception for all ticket holders at 6 p.m., giving them a chance to mingle while they enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and bid on silent auction items. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. The post-concert party at the WineSellar & Brasserie in their exclusive “wine cave” is for guests purchasing the Connoisseurlevel tickets. Lindsay will join the post-concert festivities. Ticket packages range from $75 to $250. Tickets are available online: or by calling 858-3500290.

Rancho Santa Fe Review

January 13, 2011


Tickets on sale for Kids Korps Super Star Gala Serving at Bread of Life By Arielle Sanford, 3rd grader at the Roger Rowe School On Tuesday, Nov. 30, several families from the Rancho Santa Fe Kids Korps chapter joined together to provide a delicious dinner for the Bread of Life homeless shelter in Oceanside. Our families donated all the meal items, including drinks, fruit, green salad, several entree items and many delicious desserts. The parents and children prepared meals in the kitchen and the children served them to approximately 100 homeless people I was happy to help people less fortunate than myself. I saw many smiles on their faces and they were very grateful for a healthy, warm meal. I'm glad we were able to make a difference to so many lives! Sycamore Ridge Kids Korps Hosts Holiday Party at Family Recovery Center The Sycamore Ridge Kids Korps chapter hosted a holiday party at the Family Recovery Center in Oceanside, in December. The Family Recovery Center supports women and families in treatment, helping them to recovery from various abuse and addiction issues. The Sycamore Ridge volunteers interacted with the residents and families to make Christmas ornaments, decorate holiday cookies, and start the holiday season on an uplifting note. Tickets Now on Sale for Super Star Gala â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Red Haute Tango 2011 Kids Korps USAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Annual Super Star Gala is heating up San Diego as it brings to life one of the most sensual evenings inspired by the dance, flavor and spirit of the Latin culture. From the dramatic tango, to the sexy Lambada and the smooth footwork of the Cha-Cha-Cha this evening will infuse all of your senses to create the Red Haute Tango Gala on April 29th, under a blanket of stars at the romantic Grand Del Mar Hotel. For ticket purchase or table sponsorship call 760-452-2676 or email Visit our website

The Sempra Energy Foundation recently concluded its second Environmental Champions Awards, an initiative to make grants to organizations making a difference in the environmental arena in the Southwest and Gulf Regions. The Sempra Energy Foundation awarded $1,000,000 in grants to 501(c)(3) public charities for its environmental education programs for grades K-12. Kids Korps Green Korps(tm) thanks the Sempra Energy Foundation for their selection of Kids Korps USA in support in our creation of a Green Korps Youth Council. Teen Korps Youth Leadership Council Council members have completed an online leadership evaluation as we begin the year with an assessment of team strengths and individual roles and responsibilities. Our speaker, Don Sando from Strategic Results will speak about â&#x20AC;&#x153;Team Building & Management.â&#x20AC;? He will then lead the council through an Kids Korps Teen Leadership Council: Back Row: Coleman Baker, Laurence Li, Taimur Rehan, McLaren Martin, Sajan Sanghri, Ashley Howard, exercise designed to help each of our teens develChandler Lowe; Front Row: Dakota Scoppettuolo, Alexa Mikalaski,Jen op their team focus and long term better understand their abilities to work with others. Campbell,Valerie Lowe, Kiana Aryan. Not Pictured: Arriana Daniels, Anna Ultimately, the exercise will help each of our teens Swette, Taimur Rehan, Dustin Skousen, Yaritza Hernandez. understand and hone their individual strengths. Join Chapter Leader Teresa Miller in Her Run for Kids UPCOMING EVENTS Korps! On Jan. 23, Sage Canyon chapter leader, Teresa Miller will WHAT: San Dieguito River Habitat Restoration run in the Carlsbad Marathon. For six years, Teresa has been a WHEN: Sat. Jan. 15 (8 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 11 a.m.) leader with Kids Korps, organizing and participating in projects WHERE: Escondido with her children and serving on the Board of Directors. Teresa has pledged to raise $5,000 for Kids Korps through WHAT: Club Excite her marathon run. You can help make her effort successful by WHEN: Sun. Jan 16 (12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3:30 p.m.) making a tax-deductible donation. Any amount will be greatly WHERE: San Diego appreciated in helping Teresa reach her goal to maintain and grow our programs throughout the year. To support Teresaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s WHAT: Casa De La Esperanza fundraising efforts for Kids Korps call 760-452-2676 or email WHEN: Sat. Jan. 22 (8:30 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 p.m.) Visit our website WHERE: Tijuana Sempra Energy 2nd Annual Environmental Champions Awards

Jane Austenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; at Old Globe While British author Jane Austenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s many fans have enjoyed her romance novels since the 1800s, even she would probably find it hard to believe her stories are still relevant and being adapted as musicals for the stage. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jane Austenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedyâ&#x20AC;? comes to the Old Globe Theatre Jan. 15-Feb. 27. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Emmaâ&#x20AC;? is a timeless and charming love story about a matchmaker whose lack of romantic experience eventually makes her unsuitable to handle the situations that arise. Tony Award-nominated composer Paul Gordon (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jane Eyre,â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Daddy Long Legsâ&#x20AC;?) created the book, lyrics and music for this adaptation. Said director and Tony Award-nominee Jeff Calhoun of the production, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Paul has a gift for creating just the right music for his shows and he captures the feel of the era of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Emmaâ&#x20AC;? without making it feel old-fashioned.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Diana Saenger

IF YOU GO What: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jane Austenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Emma: A Musical Romantic Comedyâ&#x20AC;? Previews: 8 p.m. Jan. 15, 20-22; 7 p.m. Jan. 16, 18, 19 Performances: 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays; 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays and 2 and 7 p.m. Sundays to Feb. 27 Where: Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre, 1363 Old Globe Way, Balboa Park Tickets: $39-$94 (619) 23-GLOBE or Free post-show forums: Jan. 25, Feb. 1 and 9, discuss the play with cast and crew Free insight reception: 6:30 p.m. Jan. 18

OBITUARIES Crematoriams #$% & '&         

   ! "

For a free Obituary brochure and rates please call Cathy Kay at 858-218-7237 or email: InMemory@


January 13, 2011


by Ruth Godley

Rancho Santa Fe Review FRAGRANT CARROTS So simple, easy and delicious. Here's all you need: 4 large carrots (1 lb), peeled and cut into matchstick strips. One quarter cup slivered almonds 1 tsp ground cumin One quarter cup your favorite Italian Dressing One quarter cup fresh cilantro Cook carrots in boiling water 5 to 8 minutes until crisp-tender. Meanwhile stir and cook nuts and cumin in large skillet on medium heat, 5 minutes, or until

nuts are toasted. Drain carrots Add to skillet with dressing. Simmer on medium low heat for two minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove skillet and stir in cilantro. Serve! IF YOUR ROASTED CHICKEN emerges from your oven dry as a bone, remember this. Just stuff an apple inside the bird before putting it in the roasting pan. When it's done cooking, toss the apple in the trash and get ready for a juicy and delicious chicken dinner. TENDERIZE YOUR MEAT if you happen to

have inadvertently picked out a rough cut. Soften it up by giving it a rubdown in baking soda. Put it in the refrigerator for about five hours, then rinse it off well and cook. Presto! Tender! SPATTERS ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR MICROWAVE? Just dissolve two tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water and cook on high for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the container, then wipe down the moist interior of your microwave with a damp paper towel. Spotless once again! BERRY BASKETS HAVE LOTS OF USES. I'm talking

about the small ones that hold raspberries and blueberries. Don't throw them away! They are great for the smaller items you place in your dishwasher (baby bottle caps, jar lids, food processor accessories that won't stay put). Put the items inside one basket, cover with a second basket. Fasten them together with a thick rubber band and place on your dishwasher's upper rack. LOVE CABBAGE OR BROCCOLI but hate the odor while it's cooking? Try putting a piece of white bread on top of the pot when cooking up a bunch of

“smelly” vegetables. It will absorb most of the odor. STORE STRING. Tangled string is so frustrating, and there's a simple solution! Just take a toilet paper tube and cut a notch into each end. Secure one end of the string in one notch, wrap the string tightly around the tube, and then secure the other end in the other notch. STOP MUSTY ODORS. Get rid of that annoying musty smell when you open the closet door. Just put a shallow box filled with cat litter in each musty closet (or room). Cat litter works great as a deodorant!


...When You Think Real Estate

EXPERIENCE YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST! Call for an expert analysis of your housing needs. LA JOLLA See Virtual tour at - $2,495,000 Rare opportunity to purchase a 3BR/3BA oceanfront home. Private end unit location has fireplace & crown molding. Floor to ceiling views of ocean and tide pools. BBQ area overlooking sandy beach. HOA fees include all utilities! Beach access,

(858) 454-8846 | MARY MCGONIGLE 858-361-2556

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Rancho Santa Fe Review

Rancho Santa Fe


January 13, 2011


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Solana Beach 92075 Del Mar 92014

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distributed in Rancho Santa Fe and online at www.SDSClassiďŹ 125

Local jobs for local people In print and online

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JC Electric and Lighting Services


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Tree Pruning & Removal

Home Improvements/ Repairs

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Walt 760-271-9493 SCHNAPP ENTERPRISES All Phase Tile & Stone. Floors, Counter Tops, Remodel. Free Estimates. 951-552-3261 LIC# 952323

Painting Transform Your Home! Interior/Exterior Painting. Call Swiss Painting 858259-7774

Expert Tree Care Water Wise Irrigation

Houses For Rent Furn/Unfurn

(858) 259-4000 DEL MAR White Water View $5,750/ month DEL MAR Ocean Front Condo $3,100/ Month DEL MAR Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Auberge, Furnished $2,800 / $3,700 Month SOLANA BEACH Condo/ Furnished $3,000/ Month

Earth Friendly Landscaping

DEL MAR Furnished/ Beach $3,000/ Month

30 years in RSF area

DEL MAR Studio $1,500/ Month

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DEL MAR Furnished $7,995/ Month

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California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor and/or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license number on all advertising. You can check the status of your licensed contractor at www.cslb. or 800-321-2752

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Office Rentals OFFICE SPACE Now Available Rancho Santa Fe/Encinitas area. Call 760-436-6463 All Real Estate and Rental advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise â&#x20AC;&#x153;any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.â&#x20AC;? This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate or rentals which is in violation of the law. Dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.

services Caregiver/Nurse Registered Nurse seeking private duty/ case management position. 15+ years experience Refs upon request.


OLDE DEL MAR Cottage $3,100/ Month

Classes, Instruction & Schools

CARMEL VALLEY 3BR/ 2.5BA $2,500/ Mo.

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Property Management

Joe Jelley joejelley@

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Food Services Sweet Treats Dessert & Ice Cream Trucks- Cater your next corporate or private event! Call us today 858-603-8965! Employment ads in ClassiďŹ eds will help you ďŹ ll your vacant positions. Find someone who lives near your business and is involved in their community. You will ClassiďŹ eds have selling reach them with an ad today. power! Call 800-914-6434 Call 858-218-7200

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Health & Beauty Services Art of Health Mobile Wellness provides whole body care, including Massage, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic in the comfort of your own home or oďŹ&#x192;ce.

employment Help Wanted

Help Wanted

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Come to us or we come to you!

Corodata, in Poway, is looking for a few folks with the perfect attitude and a willingness to learn. We need you to phone businesses and set appointments full or part time. No calls to homes or hard closing. We pay hourly plus a bonus.

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Please call Chris at 748-1100, ext 1259.

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Clothing & Accessories WEDDING GOWN, Med., new, white, cost $500, sell for $100. 858-459-8901

Food-Groceries-Meat Souplantation Express- The great food you expect, in a NEW, quick & convenient way! 2681 Gateway Rd, Carlsbad (760) 602-7800

Furniture-Accessories Chest: 3 drawers, 4 shelves 41â&#x20AC;?x60â&#x20AC;? white, like new $35. Electric blanket, gold king, dual controls $10. 760-789-1566 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, black w/gold trim, 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122; highx49â&#x20AC;? wide, excellent condition. asking $75. Contact Ray 760-787-0283, or leave message.

Gift Ideas


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merchandise Clothing & Accessories COAT, Hunter Green, large, full length, like new. $99. 858-459-8901 Ladies complete ski outfit. Size 8-10 for someone 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;6â&#x20AC;? 130 pds. Like new. $110. 760-634-1567 Help Wanted Caregivers and C.N.A.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wanted, all shifts. Must have clean background/ driving record. We oďŹ&#x20AC;er training and bonuses. Ask for Chelsea at 760-634-8000 Service professionals! Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss out! Get your message to our over 101,000 readers in classiďŹ ed. Call 858-218-7236

Rancho Sante Fe

It is a violation for a help wanted advertisement of any kind to indicate any preference, limitation or discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, medical condition or physical handicap. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for employment which is in violation of the law.

CLASSIFIEDS Bringing Local Buyers & Sellers Together!

FREE WOOD CHIPS Full truckloads only 858-756-2769

Miscellaneous For Sale CLOTHES RACK, chrome, half circle, adjustable. $55. 858-459-8901 DISPLAY FORMS for dress/clothing $45; BABY GUARD GATE $30. 858717-5058


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January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

serviceDIRECTORY                #$ %$&' ((((('% %$$' 



')%   )* +,-*.)# #/0,1234





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Veronica Raggio CertiďŹ ed Massage Therapist Relieve stress and muscle tension. Enjoy a professional combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular/Trigger Point technique in the convenience of your home. s9EARS%XPERIENCE s0REGNANCY-ASSAGE!VAILABLE s3PECIALIZINGINMASSAGEFORWOMEN

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w w w. s w i s s p a i n t i n g . c o m

Rancho Santa Fe Classifieds Auto For Sale

Auto For Sale

Certified Pre-Loved 2008 VW EOS conv, Automatic, 24k, Beautiful, VW Certified, VIN # 036837, stock # 3664, only $21395 Herman Cook VW 760.753.6256

Certified Pre-Loved 2008 VW Jetta SE sedan, Automatic, 15k, Immaculate, VW Certified, VIN # 030908, stock # 3662, only $16395 Herman Cook VW 760.753.6256

Certified Pre-Loved 2009 VW CC Lux sedan, Automatic, 13k, MINT, VW Certified, VIN # 554409, stock # 3668, only $25995 Herman Cook VW 760.753.6256

Certified Pre-Loved 2010 VW Routan SE/RSE, Automatic, 10k, Beautiful, VW Certified, VIN #227302, stock #3667, only $23995 Herman Cook VW 760.753.6256 ClassiďŹ ed ads get results! Call today! 858-218-7200

Pet Connection FCIA Adoption Event Jan. 15th 10:30am-2pm Petco, 2749 Via de la Valle, Del Mar www.fcia.petďŹ

Have a pet related event? Email your event info and photos to Katy.Hoke@ or call 858-218-7234

Auto For Sale Certified Pre-Loved 2006 VW Passat 2.0 sedan, Automatic, 37k, Beautiful, VW Certified, VIN # 114082, stock # 3663, only $13995 Herman Cook VW 760.753.6256

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Pets & Supplies

legal notices FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2010-033617 The name of the business: Relatives located at: 4864 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107 San Diego County, mailing address: 3653 Hyacinth Drive, San Diego, CA 92106. is hereby registered by the following: Bekah Bowdler 3653 Hyacinth Drive, San Diego, CA 92106 Cecilia Wolfe 16162 Los Arboles, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. This business is conducted by: Co-Partners. The transaction of business began on: n/a. This statement was filed with the Recorder/ County Clerk of San Diego County on DEC. 17, 2010 Cecilia R. Wolfe, Partner RSF146 Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27, 2011 ClassiďŹ eds are where the serious shop and save. Make sure they see your message. 800-914-6434



Adoption Event every Sat. 10:30-2p 858-481-6970

Pet of the Week Lily is a 9 ½ year old, spayed, female, Domestic Shorthaired Feline. Lily is sophisticated, gentle and an extraordinarily loving kitty. Lilyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adoption fee is $75 (+ microchip registration fee). Each adoptee will be given a CertiďŹ cate for a free night stay at our Club Pet Boarding! Helen Woodward Animal Center kennels are located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. For more information call 858-756-4117, option #1 or log on to




Answers 1/6/11

Have a pet that needs a new home? Place an ad in Pet Connection! Call Katy today!




3 line ad with photo, 4 weeks, 1 zone

Answers 11/11/10

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Gellenses gallop to finish line Maxine & Marti Gellens, mother and daughter team, have been long recognized for their outstanding sales performance as Realtors. Particularly momentous is their recent top ranking through the third quarter of 2010 among their Prudential California colleagues. For Prudential California Realty, La Jolla, Maxine & Marti have earned the position of #1 in sales through the third quarter of the year, and #2 in San Diego County for Prudential California Realty. “To have such a successful year during a periMaxine & Marti Gellens od of time dominated by a dismal economy and most difficult escrows is an achievement that we share with our buyers and sellers,” Maxine said. “To speak in the vernacular, they kept their cool and went with the flow,” she added. Marti concluded by stating, “We hope that 2011 will be stronger and better for all”!

Coldwell Banker Carmel Valley welcomes new sales associates Tasha Manzano, branch manager of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Carmel Valley, is pleased to welcome some exceptional REALTORS® to the Carmel Valley Office – Dana Worsham, Jim Nelson, and Robin Gaines. Manzano states, “These agents are all dedicated sales associates with a breadth of experience in all phases of business. I am

proud of their knowledge, extraordinary client service, enthusiasm for real estate and in particular, their desire to help families and individuals in the community they call home – Carmel Valley. These individuals are a welcome addition to our team.” Please feel free to contact the CarmelValley office at 858-259-0555 for exceptional service.

Chris Gorno earns prestigious designation to help homeowners in danger of foreclosure Chris Gorno, Windermere Exclusive Properties in Solana Beach, has earned the prestigious Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) designation, having completed extensive training in foreclosure avoidance, emphasis on short sales. At a time when millions of homeowners are struggling with the possibility of foreclosure, the skills and education accumulated by Chris Gorno will help benefit San Diego-

area residents and communities. “The CDPE designation has been invaluable as I work with homeowners and lenders on complicated short sales,” said Gorno. “It is so rewarding to be able to help families save their homes from foreclosure.” Contact Gorno in the Solana Beach office ( (858-523-9252) for help with your real estate transaction.

January 13, 2011



3652 Carmel View Road Faith Wise, Coldwell Banker

Sat 1:00-4:00 858-717-8777

$675,000 3BR/2BA

3967 Ambervale Terrace Maria Weiss, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-248-0863

$675,000 3BR/2BA

3967 Ambervale Terrace Maria Weiss, Coldwell Banker

Sat 11:00-2:00 619-402-3170

$999,999 BR/3.5BA

12855 Ralston Circle Sally McNeely, Coldwell Banker

Sat 2:00-4:30 858-232-6070

$1,079,000 5BR/3BA

0982 Cloverhurst Way Charles Moore, Coldwell Banker

Sat 1:00-4:00 858-395-7525

$1,224,900 5BR/4.5BA

4490 Philbrook Sq. Farryl Moore, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-395-5813

$1,749,000 5BR/5.5BA

13254 Lansdale Ct. Charles Moore, Coldwell Banker

Sat 1:00-4:00 858-395-7525

DEL MAR $529,900 2BR/2.5BA

922 Intrepid Court Carol Little, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-922-8978

$1,099,000 4BR/3BA

14249 Mango Drive Mary Heon, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 619-888-7653


205 Via Osuna Shannon Biszantz, Coldwell Banker

Sat 11:00-3:00 619-417-4655

$689,000 3BR/2.5BA

3784 Paseo Vista Famosa Shannon Biszantz, Coldwell Banker

Sat 1:00-4:00 619-417-4655

$717,500 3BR/2.5BA

3653 Paseo Vista Famosa Shannon Biszantz, Coldwell Banker

Sat 1:00-4:00 619-417-4655

$795,000-$835,000 4BR/3.5BA

7579 Crescendo Lane Blaine Ostrander, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-527-8289

$1,275,000 3BR/3BA

6209 Paseo Delicias Chaco Clotfelter, Willis Allen Real Estate

Sat 1:00-4:00 858-342-3050

$6,495,000 6BR/7BA

15406 El Camino Real Michael Taylor, Michael Taylor Group/Prudential

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-756-5120

SOLANA BEACH $1,395,000 2BR/2BA

740 Solana Circle East Cathy Worster, Coldwell Banker

Sun 1:00-4:00 858-395-3622

Contact Sharon Swanson TODAY to Receive

YOUR FREE* open house listing! Pardee employees and associates filled their shopping carts to the brim with holiday gifts for three local families. (L - R), Rachel Collins, Trisha Humphrey, Courtney Collins, Mary-Ellen Robinson Danielle Wright and Lisa Harden.

Pardee Homes delivers gifts and good cheer to area families “Giving back to the communities in which it builds is an enduring tradition at Pardee Homes, especially during the holidays,” said Mike McGee, president and chief executive officer of Pardee Homes. “This year we [continued] a tradition we started seven years ago of bypassing the corporate holiday party and making an extra special effort to reach out to those who need some extra good cheer.” Combining financial and volunteer resources, the eighth consecutive Holiday Giving benefits the temporarily homeless, physically or mentally challenged children, needy families, senior citizens and others identified by each of Pardee’s regional offices. Visit

858.756.1403 x 112 Deadline for the print Open House Directory is 10:30am on Tuesday *Free to current advertisers with agreements, $25 per listing without a current agreement.


January 13, 2011

Rancho Santa Fe Review

Replace your old, leaky, unsightly windows and doors. Andersen, America’s #1 window & door company has the answer:  Replacement windows  Gliding doors  French doors  Entry doors  Interior doors

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Your home and yard thoroughly cleaned up when we leave.

70% more energy-efficient in summer as compared to ordinary dual pane glass.

Restrictions apply. Not valid with any other offer or previous purchase. Renewal by Andersen of NE LA, Inland Empire, and San Diego is brought to you by Designer Sash and Door Systems Inc. This offer is good only with a purchase of 5 windows or more. *50% off Installation is part of the First Visit Instant Product Rewards Program, all home owners must be present and must be purchased on the initial visit to qualify. **–Restrictions apply On Approved Credit, and is not valid with other offers or on prior purchases. Minimum payments are required, but no Finance Charges will be assessed if (1) promo balance is paid in full in 60 months, and (2) all minimum monthly payments on account paid when due. Financing available locally with approved credit only. Financing subject to change without notice. · License #870641

Hurry, this offer ends 1/31/11

1-13-2011 Rancho Santa Fe Review  

THEMICHAELTAYLORGROUP.COM -- •RSFAssociation board voices concern over plans for senior housing VOLUME 30 NUMBER 19 Boxholder Ranc...

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