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hypothetical questions

December 2012 Vol.1

Although hypothetical questions could be a risky investment, it reminds me that the essence of life is probability, rather than destiny And that is part of why I am doing this

Voyage to the fasinating possibilities

Hypothetical Question 1

What would I do if I wasn't doing it ?

Hypothetical Question 2

Where would you go if you had a magic boat ?

Hypothetical Question 3

What if you found commiting suicide could be romantic ?

Hypothetical Question 4

What if a rabbit's soul was trapped in a cat's body?


What if we could

Question 5

view in 360째?

Hypothetical Question 6

What would the doors do if they have hands?

Hypothetical Question 7

What would angels do when they feel bored ?

What would you ask if you hadn't imagination

Photographed & Created by Lai Yuechao If you like to share your thoughts, contact me by

Hypothetical Questions #1  
Hypothetical Questions #1  

Hypothetical Questions #1