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“ most advanced yacht charter marketing solution.


The Yacht charter reservation Solutions for joomla was designed to answer the needs of yacht charter companies. It provides extensive features not found in the competition. The Yacht Charter Reservation solution includes reservation requests and quotes management as well as online availability calendars. Also present, info request and reservation forms store all requests in tables accesssible through maintenance screens in the administration panel. The Yacht Charter Reservation solution is integrated with 15 social networks through APIs and generates high quality yacht PDF brochures and monthly magazines. We took great care of integrating our solutions with more than 15 social networks APIs in order to automatically distribute the listings information to your social networks accounts without extra work on your side. Nowadays, publishing yacht listings on your web site is not enough to reach potential buyers. A good marketing strategy is to reach propects where they are most likely to be.

Yacht listings management Extensive and powerful features are included in the Yacht Charter Reservation solution for joomla: Detailed yacht information, crew presentation, amenities, availabilities maintenance screens, High quality PDFs generation, Social networks posting, RSS and XML feeds syndication, Web Services synchronization, CRM area. The Yacht Charter Reservation solution allows a yacht charter company to manage and promote online a charter fleet.

The Yacht Charter Reservation solution already includes custom templates for motor yachts and sailboats. The Yacht Charter Reservation solution allows to present professionally the fleet while giving a very quick and easy management interface to the reservation agents and fleet managers. A request and quote management area gives the opportunity to reservation agents to manage quickly the requests while keeping an history. Administration: Front-End and Back end administration. Allows multiple

Features reservation agents to manage the fleet and reservation requests in the front end. Fleet Management: Pre-loaded templates for Sailboats, Power Yachts. Fields and tabs can be published or unpublished from the backend. Flexible layout. Validation tables: Over 110 validations pre-loaded: yacht make , engine make, electronic, electrical.... offering a turnkey solution. Charter Reservation Cycle: Built-in reservation cycle allowing to catego-

rizes the requests and reservations: pending, waiting for signed contract, waiting for deposit, reservation confirmed. Reservation Agents Contacts: reservation agetns and charter companies have an extended set of fields in order to enter all their contact information. Offices location and contacts management is included for charter companies with several locations. Requests Management: Different Online forms allow site visitors to request more information or reser-

vation. All the requests are saved in tables. email notifications are sent to reservation agents. They can process the requests accordingly. Forms Builder: All Online forms are linked to a data dictionary allowing to add or change fields for a specific forms. Bulk Images Upload: Images are uploaded through a flash utility allowing for the bulk upload and resizing of the listing images without timeout.

“ Integrated social media posting and marketing. � social media marketing Powerful and integrated APIs: Powerful & Integrated Syndication Services: Our Solution offers a very powerful synchronization tool in order to increase instantly the visibility of the listings in the Longitude 64 Yachting Network composed of over 40 web sites (and growing) targeting the yachting and luxury markets. The Yacht Charter Reservation Solution is integrated through APIs with several social networks in order

to maximize the exposure of the listings. A manual scheduler is accessible through the control panel maintenance screen in order to post manually to social network. However the recomended way is to use the application cronjob scripts in order to schedule automatic postings at regular intervals. This outstanding integration allows a charter company to update automatically major social networks as soon as an update is made to a yacht listing.

It brings constant updates to social networks accounts making them live and always brigning new content or images. Your social networks accounts will appear constantly maintained and will help to turn visitors into followers or fans extending once again the visibility of your charter fleet. if your agents had to manually update 15 social networks, they will spend a considerable amount of time to do a

repetitive work. Current integrations with Social networks APIs are: Facebook, Twitter, Scribd, Issuu, Slideshare, Flickr, Docstoc, Flickr, Picasa, Youtube. Automatic XML Feed Generation is integrated with: Olx Vast Oodle

Automatic yachting XML Feed Generation is integrated with: The Yacht Market Boat 24 Boatshop 24 Boats and outboards Jameslist... It uses the openmarine xml standard. (

listings syndication The Longitude 64 Yachting Network Syndication: The Longitude 64 Yachting Network is a syndication of web sites targeting specific users in the yachting market: sailboats, power boats, geographic locations, specific brands... At present 15 sites are part of this network. All the customers using our applications have the possibility to subscribe to the automatic syndication service in order to increase the exposure of their listings.

Automatic Synchronization: The synchronization is automatic between our client site and the Longitude 64 Yachting Network when the subscription starts. Every 24 hours, New listings and updates will be synchronized with the Yachting Network automatically. This feature adds to the exposure of the yacht listings by syndicating them to multiple websites. It increases the visibility to our clients while increasing as well the search engines rank-

Features ings and multiple links. Yacht Listings are as well distributed in RSS feed format to different subscribers and feedburner. XML feeds are syndicated to generic third party web sites like Olx, Vast, Oodle. It helps in increasing backlinks to the client’s website.

“ Printed or electronic magazine version�

magazines publishing The Yacht Charter Reservation solution for joomla generates high quality PDF magazines. All PDF magazine listings include a qrcode generated in order to offer a quick access to the listing from mobile phones. Companies using the Yacht Brokerage solution can now present high quality corporate magazines to clients and prospects. We can generate every month a monthly corporate magazine with current listings. We can create custom design for the magazines

matching the company’s graphic chart for an additional cost.

The Yacht Charter Reservation solution for joomla generates high quality magazines. Magazines are generated by our platform as a special service to clients using our yachting solution.

matically the PDF magazines to scribd. com,,,, The Social Media Posting Scheduler is accessed through a maintenance screen. (useful when you make frequent changes and need a revised copy immediately), or the tasks scheduled can be run at regular intervals through an automated task (cronjob).

The integration with social networks is done through the Social Media Posting Scheduler. It allows to upload auto-

A monthly magazine (electronic or printed version) allows to establish your brand by providing to potential

High quality PDF Generation

clients a document they can read offline with all your listings and contacts. Adobe inDesign Workflow integration We are able to generate monthly magazines in Adobe Indesign through the generation of an xml file compatible with the Indesign workflow. This integration provides the best solution to create and generate a magazine including articles and current yacht listings. It allows brokerage companies to provide on a regualr basis news and events as well as the current yachts available for sale. PDF magazines generated can be accessed through an online viewer directly on a client’s website. And at the same time, it is posted in all the online documents sites maximizing the visibility and exposure. By distributing electronic versions in PDF format, you decrease dramatically production and printing costs while giving to potential customers a format suitable to read offline.

We generate several magazines in our standard foramt every month in order to maximize the exposure. We can as well design a specific format for customers who want to create their own corporate magazine while including all the yachts currently for sale.

yacht brochures The Yacht Charter Reservation solution for joomla generates high quality PDF flyers and Brochures. All flyers and brochures include a qrcode generated in order to offer a quick access to the listing from mobile phones. Companies using the Yacht Charter Reservation solution can now present high quality yacht brochures to poten-

(useful when you make frequent changes and need a revised copy immediately), or through an automated task (cronjob). The integration with social networks is done through the Social Media Posting Scheduler. It allows to upload the PDF

tial clients. We can create custom design for the PDFs and brochures matching the company’s graphic chart for an additional cost. The Yacht Brokerage solution for joomla generates high quality PDF flyers and Brochures. PDF flyers and Brochures can be generated manually through a maintenance screen.

brochures and Flyers to,,, slideshare. net, The Social Media Posting Scheduler is accessed through a maintenance screen. (useful when you make frequent changes and need a revised

copy immediately), or the uploads can be run at regular intervals through an automated task (cronjob).

custom brochures design Our advanced PDF generation allows us to create custom design templates to match your company’s graphic chart. Our high quality PDF generation uses a set of templates and 80 parameters in order to adjust the format of the temIt allows to add additional articles or advertisement brochures as well as news, events . The PDFs are generated directly on the applicaOnce a listing is created, a maintenance to generate immediately PDF flyers and listing. Or it can be generated autointervals through an automated Templates can be modified required by a client for an our application and architecappealing PDF documents. This tions’s solutions. It is available in

over plates. in the tion’s server. screen allows brochures for the matically at regular task. to match exactly the format additional cost. The flexibility of ture allows to create high quality feature is not available in the competistandard in all our solutions.

yacht charter marketing Platform The most costly decision a marketing or sales manager will take when implementing a marketing strategy will be to rely entirely on third party websites (like yachtworld, boat24...) to acquire new contacts and promote the yacht listings. This decision is mostly taken due to the apparent easy setup and maintenance third party listing sites seem to provide. However, when analyzing carefully the features provided, as well as the possibility to create inbound traffic to the company’s

website or expand the reach to social networks, it does not appear anymore as a cost effective solution in a long term strategy. All third party listings sites rely on traffic to their sites in order to be able to charge yacht charter firms. Thus, they will most of the time prevent this traffic to leave their site unless it goes to a paid advertisement. The data flow of the listings between the company’s website and the outside world must be carefully evaluated. The success in establishing a

long term approach is to consider, as the central point, the company’s website. ie the single point of entry for all listings should be your website. Then, syndication to third party listings websites specializing in the yachting and to social network will take place. This data flow will allow you to generate inbound traffic back to your site and not to other sites. You will have the control over the data provided to the external sites. Contacts and leads coming to your site once will most likely come back to your site on

a regular basis. A powerful outbound strategy for the listings is to target all available social network and document or images sharing sites. Through APIs, you can automate the posting of listings information and brochure to a large array of sites which are not used by third party listings websites to avoid loosing traffic. Nowadays, you can maximize your exposure on social networks relatively easily by selecting a yachting solution already integrating the APIs to post automatically. Furthermore, third party listings websites will not have any incentives to integrate your listings with social networks or other sites in order to keep the traffic on their site. You must put in place a well thought-out strategy which will syndicate listings to generic listings sites. (Olx, Oddle, Vast...), third party listings sites specializing in yachting through the openmarine. org initiative for example: It allows you to generate a standard xml feed and post it to several sites through a subscription. Then, post the listings to your facebook and twitter account. We went further in the integration of our yachting solutions with a large array of APIs. Clients using our yachting solutions

have their listings posted automatically to Flickr, Picasa, Wordpress, Blogger, Olx, Oddle, Vast, Openmarine. Then, PDF brochures generated are posted to Issuu, Scribd, Slideshare, Docstoc expanding the reach and search engines indexing. And a new service launched this month is through the magazines listing all the yachts from our clients and generated in 3 versions: print on demand version, electronic version and ipad version. The goal in creating your marketing strategy is not to get linked to a single third party listings website where they

will dictate their marketing strategy to you and make it very difficult for you to reach potentials clients through all available social medias. In a long term strategy, all inbound traffic must go back to your site. This way, if you decide to stop listing on a particular third party listings website, most of the traffic will still flow to your site through the other channels. On the other hand, if you stricly list on third party sites, the day you stop paying them, you “disappear“ from the internet world...

Iphone App - coming soon The mobile access is becoming more and more the first mode of access to information and content. We could not ignore this fact in the roadmap and development strategy of our solutions. Scheduled for the end of the year 2011, Our yachting solutions (executive and corporate versions ) will include an iphone app and an ipad app in order to reach your potential clients wherever they are.

During the summer 2011, we will be prototyping the iphone and ipad apps, The development will be conducted during the last quarter of 2011 with a scheduled release date of december 2011. This app will close the circle of our 360 architecture where you will be able to reach your potential clients through all available channels and media.

iPad version - coming soon The Ipad app version has a scheduled release date of december 2011. The ipad app will include as well the access to the full versions of the monthly magazines.

The ipad version will allow to provide a new experience to potential clients looking for a yacht. Videos and extensive listing information will be presented in a magazine

like format. Once our apps are released, all prior clients will receive the apps versions as part as the yearly upgrade plan.

yacht charter charter - social networks - Syndication - magazines - brochures - marketing

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Yacht Charter Reservation for Joomla by Latitude 26  
Yacht Charter Reservation for Joomla by Latitude 26  

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