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The story behind the photo


TEACHER: Lais D. B端ttner

Kevin silva

One of my favourite photos is this one of myslef with the Argentinian flag. My mother took the photo on 16th, November in 2013 when I was at a tae-kwon-do tournament in CuruzĂş CuatiĂĄ. It was a honor to carry the flag on 10th tournament in my city. We were over 300 competitors from different provinces. I was with my sister and my parents, too. The three last world champions were also there. This is my favourite photo because it was the first time that I carried the flag and I won in my second fight.


One of my favourite photos is this one in Jujuy. I took this photo in November, 2011 when I was on holiday with friends in Cerro de los Siete Colores. In this place, there were wonderful hills in the middle of the mountain chain. It looked like a paint palette and it offered us a fantastic view. While I was looking at the hills, I thought about native people who lived there many years ago. I like this photo because the place had a special atmosphere and it reminds me about unforgettable moments.

Mirtha fernรกndez ocampo

One of my favourite photos is this one of myslef in Spain. My husband took the photo in May, 2014 when we were on holiday. It was a famous place at the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid. There is a statue of the Greek mythology from the 18th century. We were walking and looking at that wonderful place and the rest of the buildings from the same century. Although we were tired, we could finish walking. I love this photo because I liked the place and it reminds me of a lovely holiday. I keep the photo on my computer with other photos of Spain.

Josefina pascual One of my favorite photos is this one of my grandfather Francisco. My mother took the photo in 2003, when it was Easter. I was with my family. We went to Bariloche, my grandfather was driving his car and I was talking to my grandmother about the life and projects. He was listening to us when my mother took the photo. He was wearing his travelling cap and his glasses. The journey with my grandparents was very funny and unforgettable. I remember that when he was driving I had to speak in his left ear because he was deaf with the right ear. I love this photo because it makes me remember how my grandfather was. He was wise and a dreamer. He was a calm person, every time he knew what to say. I have the photo on my phone and on my computer with other photos with my family.

The story behind the photo  

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