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The Social

Margate House


The Isle of Thanet

Work Social Innovation




Play Independent Non-profit Public

Meaning & Purpose Freedom Social Integration

Learn Knowledge & Respect Compassion


Human Values

Margate House

Refugees Human being that scape from their countries because of political, economical or religious conflicts. They are going to be supported by Start-ups & Freelancers, by their bussiness. And Refugees are going to get integrated through learning in cooperation with the bussines.

Personal Development


Start-ups & Freelancers Young Generation that pursue to start new projects with a huge motivation & ambition. They support refugees through work experience, education, social development.


Toilets Waiting Room

Group Work

Counselling 1:1

Second Floor

Counselling Groups 5x people Yoga+meditation+Relaxation Staircase


Kitchen First Floor



Void - Library

English Classes


Toilets Brainstorming Room

Ground Floor

Room For 3 people Main Area Co-working

Social Inovation Steps

Place to work & socialize

Roof Floor

Second Floor Mental & Physical Health

First Floor Workshops

Ground Floor Workspace

Scale : 1:75

Margate House

The Social Hub

Brass ceiling

Group Councelling

First Floor Low Ceiling - Brass

Group Workshop - Kitchen

High Street 39-41 Entrance

Low Ceiling - Brass

Balustrade Brainstorming Room Staircase & Lattice

Ground Floor


Steps Down - Seatting & Socialize

Exploded Isometric

Ground Floor. Group work with its library, cafe & Staircase. At the back is located brainstorming Room, private room & Toilets

Ground Floor

Section A A’ 1:50

Steps. Located at the beginning at the right, ground floor. This was design to make people more networks, and socialize differently.Social Innovation

Ground Floor View at the back. Private room for private meetings & Brainstorming room (group work).

Section B B’ 1:50

Margarte House_Final exhibition  
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