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L aila Najib Architecture Portfolio



D.O.B: 28.9.1993 Nationality: Syrian Spoken Languages: Arabic& English Current Residency : Sharjah - UAE


Bachelor of Architectural Engineering 2011--2016 With a cumulative average of 3.61 and raiting of Honors. Completion of Highschool with an average of 94%. 1999--2010 professional experience _ Internship in Arab And Turk International June 2015-July 2015 Jop Scope: Assisted the teams with the preparation of tender drawings (Plans,Elevations,Sections, etc.), Elevation concept design, 3D modeling as well as, liaising with clients. _ Participated in International Competition of TAIPEI 2014--2015 OCCUPATION-CHINA. _ Participated in Surveying and measurement for the 2012--2013 DIRECTORATE OF HERITAGE GOVERNMENT OF SHARJAH.

Softwares Skills Adobe Photoshop Adobe illustrator Adobe indesign Autodesk AutoCAD Autodesk Revit Autodesk 3DS Max Google Sketchup Pro Zbrush V-RAY keyshot Microsoft Office

Graphic Skills Technical drawings Diagrams Hand sketches Rendering Virtual Sculpture Modeling

Design interests Housing Landscape Design Interior Design Lighting Design visualization Graphic Design

In order to enhance the Art factor in Dubai, the proposal presents the commercial extension of the D3 design district, which was designed to complement the functions

District Exterior

of the D3 District, satisfying the need for a comfortable place and atmosphere for

In order to encourage the public to participate in outdoor activities, we tried to reduce the limitation of outdoor activities through: Creating a vital artistic landscape that would encourage people to participate in different events. Solving the issue of the hot weather through having a semiclosed design of the district and including special features such as the Artificial Clouds. Including outdoor landscape that enrich the natural feelings around the site.

artists and tourists as a place of leisure and inspiration.

District interior sketch

The fourth dimension along with the other three spatial dimensions are used to specify completely the location of any event. Based on this concept we used roots of LED strip lights that are growing from two main focal points in the landscape to light up the path leading to different events or activities performed at a specific time.

Tree of life

The tree of life is an artificial tree that’s designed to collect solar energy from the solar panels placed on top, and then use it to light up the roots that are growing through the landscape, therefore giving life to the district.


people to stop whatever thought process they have in their mind and for a moment, experience a deferent kind of reality while they are walking through the natural scenes in the landscape, where deferent picture frames were created with themes representing the 4 seasons changing as walking through the district.

Psychological feeling of time slowing down It’s this feeling you get when you see something beautiful or unusual as if time freezes or slows down for a moment.

project theme Al Mamzar peninsula is a commercial hub with a very diverse and vital urban fabric which stimulates different parts of the land in various times of the day and relates these urban functions with extended pathways and views to create a sense of connectivity in the eye of the walking residence and provide an eventful environment as they go through the area.

Laila Najib Architectural portfolio 2016 2017  
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